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Swartwood Cemetery
Section 32, Chapman Twp.
Clay Co., Kansas

Swartwood Cemetery, located in Section 32 of Chapman Twp., and approximately three miles south and 1/2 mile west of Longford, was surveyed March 14, 2004 by Sheryl McClure. Samuel M. Swartwood donated the land for the cemetery from his homestead. This cemetery, just across the road from Dickinson Co., is small but well-kept. There appear to be a few broken-off stones and unmarked graves; some stones were weather-worn and difficult to read. "[ ]" denotes info from other sources. The transcriber apologizes for any errors. If you know of any omissions or errors please contact me. This material is copyrighted and may not be used for any commercial venture or be copied in whole or part to another site without the expressed permission of the copyright holder; it may be freely linked, however.

SurnameGiven NameBorn DiedAgeComments
Sims Harold Dean 11-9-1925      
Sims Roger J. 1-8-1928 11-10-1994    
          GAR stone-unreadable
Osberg Ford R. 9-26-1890 11-8-1914    
George Eli   5-6-1893 68 years "How many hopes lie buried here"; [married Elizabeth Parkin 12-30-1848]
George Elizabeth   1-22-1899 70 years "Our mother, who is gone but not forgotten"; [born Silkstone, Yorkshire, Eng. to Robert Parkin and Ann Wright]
George Charles   6-5-1891 86 years "Thy trials ended, thy rest begun"; [father of Eli]
Rozell Mary Lou 1916 1979   "In God's care"
Warner Ansel E. "Pop" 1886 1971   SS as Mable E.
Warner Mable E. 1892 1988   "Parents of Eugene, Jack, Mary Lou"
Hauserman Eugenia Katherine 9-28-1913 2-5-1961    
Hauserman Charles T. 3-11-1907 7-7-1992   SS as Eugenia Katherine
Hauserman Infant   6-9-1940   "Infant son of C. T. and E."; "Twin brother of George"  
Hauserman George W. 1874 1930   "In memory of our father"
Sims Wayne L. 9-23-1926 9-2-2002   "In Loving Memory"
Sims Nelson 12-30-1898 10-16-1983   SS as Eda L.;"Married 8-4-1921"
Sims Eda L. 9-10-1895 9-2-1973   "Parents of Norman, Marjorie, Wayne, Walter, Robert, Ruth"
Renspease Martin 10-19-1844 4-2-1934   "Father"; SS as Rosalie
Renspease Rosalie5-24-1853 10-19-1921   "Mother"
Renspeas Albert 9-30-1878 11-6-1942   [large marked plot between "Renspease" and "Renspeas" stones but no tombstones in it];[note difference in spelling from above; this name also spelled "Renspis" in early county records]
Benfer Andrew Charles 3-5-1985 2-18-1989   "Son of Kevin and Karen"; "Brother of Matthew, Mark and Adam"; [picture on stone]
Benfer Letha Irene (Plock) 10-19-1919     SS as John Benton; "Married 2-16-1941"
Benfer John Denton 7-11-1918 10-12-1999   "Parents of Phyllis, Phillip, Edwin, Joyce, Dwight, Kevin"
Plummer John H. 10-26-1860 1-26-1900    
Beach Abner 1820 1905   SS as Hariet A.  
Beach Hariet A. 1823 1899    
Ackley Fannie   1-25-1885 5y2m13d SS as Mattie O.
Ackley Mattie O.   1-25-1885 7y2d "Children of William S. and Mary N.";"They are safe in the arms of Jesus"
Kilgore Scott E.   3-3-1887 4y11m "Son of Fred and Ann"
Smith Louisa 6-9-1888 4-29-1889   SS as Maude A.
Smith Maude A. 3-3-1880 3-31-1892   "Daughters of Thomas and T. W."  
Hauserman Ivy   2-22-1931 31y5m21d "Wife of A. F."; "We shall meet again"
Hauserman Albert F.   1-7-1937 56y1m Star of David on stone
Hauserman Maude A.   5-19-1920 27y4d "Wife of A. F."
Hauserman Harriet M.   8-7-1912 37y10m "Wife of A. F."
Hauserman Caroline K. 12-7-1855 12-16-1926   SS as Ludwig J.;"Mother"
Hauserman Ludwig J. 2-21-1840 7-22-1918   "Father"  
Hauserman Joyce L. 7-3-1942     SS as Wesley M.
Hauserman Wesley M. 8-21-1927 9-30-2000   "Parents of James, Mary and Avid"; "Son of Albert and Ivy (Myers)"
Hauserman August Martin 11-11-1831 6-6-1904    SS as Sophie;"May he rest in peace"  
Hauserman Sophie   4-17-1907 62y5m3d "Wife of A. M."; "She is not dead but sleeping"
Turner Rhoda E. 6-15-1851 12-20-1918    
Turner Samuel P. 8-17-1851 11-14-1912    
Turner Samuel L.   8-11-1884 13m3d "Son of S. P. and R. E."
Kessler Mildred M. 1906 1996    
Kessler Frederich 1904 1942    
Wilson George Washington 7-6-1889 9-1-1889   "Infant son of Charles and Lizzie"
Wilson Infant 7-24-1888 7-25-1888   "Infant son of Charles and Lizzie" 
Wilson Samuel Beitzel 7-15-1893 2-13-1894   "Infant son of Charles and Lizzie"
Wilson Charles F. 7-16-1856 5-28-1928    
Norris   Lizzie Alice 1868 1949   [wife of C. F. Wilson; daughter of Samuel and Catherine Swartwood]]
Wilson Charles Dewey 5-10-1898 6-10-1920   "Member of US Navy Band"
Swartwood Arthur Calvin 3-14-1880 7-8-1880    
Swartwood Catherine M. 5-10-1841 7-31-1887   {nee Faux; married S. M. Swartwood 6-14-1862 in Wilkes-Barre, PA]
Swartwood Samuel [Michael] 11-28-1829 3-13-1915   [born in Monroe Co., PA, son of Daniel and Susanna Custard Swartwood;
Swartwood Elmer F. 3-15-1881 8-21-1918    
Swartwood Harriett Emma 4-2-1881 8-10-1939   [nee Wolf; wife of M. G. Swartwood]  
Swartwood Michael Grant 10-5-1878 8-8-1939    
Swartwood Harold G. 11-6-1904 11-25-1968   "KS Maj. US Air Force Reserve"

(c) 2004 Sheryl McClure