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Cloud County Directories
1894 Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk & Co., Detroit

AMES. On Republican river and on the M. P. Ry, in Cloud county, 12 miles east of Concordia, the county seat, and 3 miles west of Clyde, the nearest bank location. Pogulation, 200. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W.U. Sarah E. Manley, postmaster.

Barlow J A, feed and meats.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Cognac J, livery.
Graves N . hotel.
Headley Bros, hardware.
Headley G E, druggist.
Hooper J W, general store. p
Jacobs S T. railroad, exp and tel agt.
Lecompte & Chartier, grain.
Manley Sarah E, notions.
Michand Ephraim, blacksmith.
Moore G W, physician.
Perry, justice of peace.
Roach Bros, grain elevator.
Wade J E, live stock.

CARMEL. A country postoffice in Cloud county, 15 miles southeast of Concordia, the county seat, and 4 from Sulphur Springs, its shipping point. Mail, tri-weekly. A. C. Matson, postmaster and farmer.

CLYDE. A prosperous place on the Republican river, in the northeastern part of Cloud county, and originally called Elk Creek, but laid out as Clyde in 1868. It is a thriving incorporated city on the C. B. div. M. P. Ry, on the J. O. & Ft. K. br. U. P. Ry,and on the Main line of Rock Island R. R., 140 miles from Atchison, 15 from Concordia, the county seat, and 193 from Kansas City, Mo. It is in the center of a splendid stock raising and farming country, with abundance of timber for fuel, fgood water, brick and potters’ clay of the best quality. Coal is abundant within 16 miles, and there is an extensive salt marsh about the same distance from the city. It contains 3 elevators, 3 banks, 2 hotels, a public library and an opera house seating 600. Three weekly newspapers, the Herald, Farmers’ Voice and the Argus, are published. Five churches are sustained, of the Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Christian and Presbyterian sects, and a graded school. Ships grain, flour, live stock, stoneware, etc. Population, 1,700. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific and U. S. Mail, daily. J. J. McFarlane, postmaster.

Ahlstedt Peter A, shoemaker.
Allen Rev Thomas (Baptist).
Anderson F M, justice of peace.
Angevine Charles H, druggist.
Armstrong Charles F, creamery.
Arpin Joseph, flour and feed.
Bagley George W, flour and feed.
Baltzer Gregoire, billiards.
Beachtel Joseph D, general store.
Bechard E, blacksmith.
Bobbitt Rev Wm M (Christian).
Boling Louis B, barber.
Bonjour Charles A, livery.
Borton Baker, insurance.
Boudro Simon J, harness.
Boyer Andrew, city marshal.
Brandon Willis, photographer.
Brown Wm, painter.
Brown & Brandon (Sidney N Brown, Wm L Brandon), lumber.
Butler Frank H, music teacher.
Cannon Wm S, lawyer.
Catudal F & J (Frank and James), wood workers.
Clark Rev James (Presbyterian).
Clyde Argus, C A Morley propr.
Clyde Cornet Band, E E Ransopher leader.
Clyde Exchange Bank (capital, $17,000), Frank A Griffin propr.
Clyde Herald, J B & M L Rupe proprs.
Clyde Water Works Co (owned by city), J Archibald Patterson city clerk.
Commercial House, George H Wilkes Propr; $2 per Day; House Heated by Steam; Modern Improvements.
Cornforth Miss Harriet K, milliner.
Cowell Wm F, City Treasurer and Cash State Bank of Clyde ; Insurance Placed in Best Companies.
Crump Charles O, agt U S and Pacific Express Cos.
Day E B, live stock breeder.
De Long John A, tailor.
De Long Mrs J A, dressmaker.
Denneau & Son (Joseph and Emile), veterinary surgeons.
Derse Anthony G, general store.
Dewey Bros (Joseph E and John L), grocers.
Dillie H H, bridge builder.
Doran Samuel, justice of peace.
Farmers’ Voice, J J Henley propr.
Frederick & Davidson (John Frederick, John M Davidson), blacksmiths.
Gaylord Henry, carpenter.
Girard Joseph N, shoes.
Gregg S E, meat market.
Griffin Frank A, propr Exchange Bank.
Griffith Nathan L, agt Mo Pacific Ry.
Groff Wm D, jeweler.
Hakes Emery A, livery.
Hancock Mary B & A C, physicians.
Haynes Lemuel B, harness.
Haas & Howell (George Hays, Wm Howell), lumber.
Heger John F, restaurant.
Henley J J, propr Farmers’ Voice.
Hermon R F, clothing.
Hermon & Randolph (Robinson F Hermon, John F Randolph), real estate.
Iowa House, L W Reid propr.
Jackson John M, milkman.
Jeannotte Joseph A, physician.
Jones Wm, apiarist.
Kinch John W, police judge.
King Joseph R, photographer.
Knapp Mrs M E, books and stationery.
Lake Danforth Ice Co.
Lamb Elias W, hardware.
Laughlin David F, physician.
L’Ecuyer & Boudreau (Joseph N L’Ecuyer, Joseph Boudreau), grocers
Leslie Charles F., physician.
Lidell August H, live stock.
Lockhart Gilbert A, carriage painter.
Logan H S, agt O, R I & P Ry.
Longton Philip, bill poster.
McDonald Pardon, druggist.
McFarlan John J, lawyer.
Maddan George, taxidermist.
Malo Napoleon, flour and feed.
Markley Rev A J (Methodist).
Morley Charles A, propr Argus.
Neal James, barber.
Opera House, Longton & Derse mngrs.
Parker Joseph, dray.
Parker & Otto (Henry M Parker, Robert W Otto), meats.
Parkes Joseph E, barber.
Patterson J A, farm Impts.
Payette Nazaire, Notions, Crockery, General Stock, Dry Goods and Tinware.
Pence Henry H, Practical Blacksmith and Wagonmaker; Repairing of all Kinds Done Promptly.
Peters Ralph A, agt Union Pac Ry.
Ralston H M, carpenter.
Randolph John F, dry goods.
Reid Lafayette W, propr Iowa House.
Reid Wm A, barber.
Riggs S B & Son (Stephen B and Charles N), hardware.
Roach Edward G, grain elevator.
Roach Stanley, mayor and grain elevator.
Romick Bros (Samuel V and Philip H), hardware.
Rupe J B & M L (John B and Mary L), proprs Clyde Herald.
Sargent Henry, marble.
Schroeder Bros (Lewis M and Sherman), general store.
Sexton Albert G, druggist.
Simpson Lionel D, grocer.
Smith Wm, cistern builder.
State Bank of Clyde (Capital,$50,000; Surplus, $4,000), Edward S Marsh Pres, Edward D Thayer Vice-Pres, Wm F Cowell Cash ; Collections Promptly Remitted; Insurance.
Stevens Milo, druggist.
Stevens Miss Minnie, mllliner.
Toot Emery, live stock.
Tucker Wm S, clothing.
Turner James, furniture.
Van De Mark Charles W, lawyer.
Wilkes George H, Propr Commercial House; $2.00 per Day.
Wright Wm M, jeweler.

CONCORDIA. A prosperous and enterprising city, the judicial seat of Cloud county, is on the C. B. div. of the M. P. Ry., the Concordia br. of the B. & M. R. R. Ry., and on the J. C. and Ft. K. br. of the U. P. Ry, 70 miles northwest of Junction City, and 208 from Kansas City, Mo. It is picturesquely situated on the right bank of the Republican river, at a point which will allow an indefinite extension along the level bottom land. The southwestern part is undulating and high, aflording magnificent building sites, and giving a fine view of the surrounding country. The business streets are 100 and 120 feet wide. The city is easily drained, thereby insuring a healthy condition at a moderate cost. Concordia was first settled in 1870, was incorporated as a city a iyear later, and now contains Method st Episcopal, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic and Swedish Baptist churches, 3 graded public schools, employing 15 teachers and having an enrollment of 1,200 pupils, a select library of 500 volumes, a Catholic convent and school, numerous handsome, substantial and commodious business blocks and elegant residences, an opera house, 4 banks, good hotels, 8 elevators, a large flouring mill, a handsome court house, and 8 newspapers, the Blade, the Republican Enpire and the Daylight, issued weekly. Coal, and stone for building purposes, are found in abundance in the vicinity. The river at this point has been securely dammed, and will furnish unlimited water power. There is no city in the State which has better advantages for manufacturing, and the certainty of a ready market for its products, its ocation in the midst of one of the richest agricultural districts in the world, an a undant supply of coal, unexcelled water power, and railroads radiating to all points of the compass, with intermediate lines in process of construction and in contemplation, make the city a most inviting field for capital. The business men are energetic and enterprising, and the supremacy of the city is assured, and with all its advantages of position and commercial and social conditions is destined to become one of the largest cities in the State. It is lighted by electricity, has an excellent system of water works, a well equiéiped and efficient fire department, an all the facilities and appointments of a prosperous commercial centre. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific and W., F. & Co. Population, 8,000. W. H. L. Pepperel, postmaster.

Alliant The, Ferd Prince propr.
Aldrich Miss C E, mngr W U Tel Co;
Anderson Benjamin R, lawyer.
Anglemire John, shoes.
Archer Cornelius, sheriff.
Atteberry Robert F, harness.
Avery Charles D jr, photographer.
Bailey John, live stock.
Barcelo Alphonse, meats.
Barons House, S H Barons propr.
Barons Samuel H, propr Barons House.
Bartlett John, agt M P Ry.
Bates Mrs A L, county school supt.
Beach John S, hardware.
Beauchamp & Jarvis (Gustave A Beauchamp, Joseph H Jarvis), drugs.
Bech Henry E, barber.
Betournay Camille A, grocer.
Betournay Peter, grocer.
Blade Publishing Co, J E Hagaman mngr, publrs Concordia Blade.
Bolinger Abraham H, clothing.
Boshnell Rev (Presbyterian).
Bowman W W, city treasurer.
Brown H L, propr Pacific House.
Brown N B & Co (N B Brown), loans.
Caldwell & Ellis (Wm W Caldwell, Ernest S Ellis), lawyers.
Caldwell Wm W, mayor.
Carbutt Benjamin, contractor.
Chicago Lumber, E H Fullerton mngr.
Citizens’ National Bank (capital, $10,000; surplus, $4,000), W W Caldwell pres, B H McEckron vice-pres, John Kelly cash.
Citizens’ Savings Bank (capital, $50,000), John W Peterson pres, J F St Clair cash.
Clethero James C, grocer.
Cloud County Bank (capital, $100,000; surplus, $28,000), Theron B Smith pres, Wm M Peck cash.
Cobb & Lamb (Frank E Cobb, John Lamb), clothing.
Coffay George W, physician.
Colson Alfred C, hotel.
Concordia Band, Walter Ross leader.
Concordia Daylight, Edward Marshall propr.
Concordia Electric Light Co.
Concordia Grocery Co.
Concordia Library, Mrs C H Dudley librarian.
Concordia Water Works.
Connahy John, livery.
Darlington Walter. loans.
Daugherty Frank W, stenographer.
Davies John T, tailor.
Demers Samuel, register of deeds.
Dudley Lumber Co, H C Dudley pres, C G Dudlely sec.
Duelos Camille, grocer.
Dumas Frederick, carpenter.
Dunning Danforth T, grocer.
Dykes Sherman, well borer.
Empire The, T A Sawhill propr.
Exchange Hotel, Celestin Guilbert propr.
Farmer Henry J, carpenter.
Farmer & Neitzel(Henry J Farmer,Wm Neitzel), coal.
Ferguson J W, barber.
First National Bank (capital. $100,000), F J Atwood pres, m W Bowman cash.
Fish & Son (James H and Henry H), flour and feed.
Freeman Charles C, jeweler.
Gay Antoine, druggist.
Geiger John H, photographer.
Gennette Isaac, propr Iowa House.
Grigsby Colly, physician.
Grosbeck & elisle (Wm F Grosbeck, Edward A Belisle), hardware.
Grunwald Frederick A, cigar mnfr.
Guilbert Celestin, propr Exchange Hotel.
Hagaman James E. mngr Blade.
Hagaman Wm H H, restaurant.
Hanson Hans N , general store.
Harker Edwin J. meat market.
Harkness John, dry goods.
Hearn Miss Beatrice, dressmaker.
Herwick & Co (Joseph S Herwick, Edwin E Faunce), grocers.
Hillis Howard, lawyer.
Hinman Columbus, dry goods.
Hodges James H, grocer.
Holcomb Frank, hardware.
Horkman Joseph I, barber.
Hubert Peter J, billiards.
Hull P W & Co (Philo W and Charles L), plow mnfrs.
Jackson John, agt B & M R R R.
Jones John W, harness.
Judy David H, milliner.
Kennett, Peck & Matson (Homer Kennett, Charles N Peck, Wm A Matson), lawyers.
Kemp W A, barber.
Kindel George W, blacksmith.
Laing Theodore, lawyer.
Lake Benjamin, Saddle and Harnessmaker.
Lake Benjamin, stenographer.
Lamay Thomas, county clerk and harness.
Lasnier Bros (A1fred E and Charles A), dry goods.
Le Comte Oliver P, Grain.
Le Gannon Alberti, 2d-hand goods.
Lesage & Son (Joseph and Frank), furn.
Lewis & O'Hara (Sherburn A Lewis, Charles T O'Hara), livery.
Lindblom Alex, flour and feed.
Lingle & Cline, flour mill.
Lucier Philip 0, tailor.
McCall A R, general store.
McCasey W G, veterinary surgeon.
McEckron B H & Son (Boyd H and George M), drugs.
McGuire Frank A, notions.
Maddox Samuel, live stock.
Mallory David C, barber.
Marcotte T L, physician.
Marshall Charles H, shoes.
Marshall Edward, propr Daylight.
Martin Theodore, 2d hand goods.
Mayo Rev (Methodist).
Messel Robert, cider mnfr.
Misell Robert, lawyer.
Mohr George, shoes.
Mosher J A, county treas.
Moseley John A, barber.
Nazareth Convent, Sister Stanislaus mother superior.
Opera House, Richard Wood mngr.
Paradis & Cartney (James C Paradis, Washington G Cartney), meats.
Parker Peter, chief police.
Pelpperel Bros (Wm H L and Thomas), books.
Pepperel Wm H L, postmaster.
Pigman S C, physician.
Pratt Samuel H, live stock.
Priest Wm R, physician.
Prince Ferd, propr Alliant.
Pulsifer & Alexander (Pat B Pulsifer, Hugh Alexander), lawyers.
Rains Taylor E, physician.
Redwine M J, gunsmith.
Rigby Isaac A, lawyer.
Rigby John A, brick mnfr.
Rigby & Wilson (George W Rigby, Albert A Wilson), furn ture.
Roberts & Wilson, dressmakers.
Roberts W R, insurance.
Robinson & McCrary (Wm H Robinson, Robert S McCrary), hardware.
Rose Charles F, clerk of District Court.
Sage Albert 0, dentist.
Savery Wm H, county attorney.
Sawhill Wm F, physician.
Schille & Beasier (Nicholas Schille, Frank Bessier), tailors.
Scott Isaiah J, flour and feed.
Sheafor M V B, justice.
Shelley Wm, agt A, T & S Fe R R.
Smith George M, coal.
Sorgatz Francis F, books and stationery.
Spurlock Wm, painter.
Stewart John, produce.
Stackhouse & Troup (David M Stackhouse, Thomas D Troup), real estate.
Stone Robert, lawyer.
Stover Charles C. probate judge.
Strapp Wm, bridge builder.
Sturges Frederick,judge District Court
Tarr Rev L M (Free Will Baptist).
Taylor & Neitzel (Wm H Taylor, Wm F Neitzel), druggists.
Taylor, Neitzel & Co (Wm H Taylor, Frederick W, Herman A and Wm F Neitzel), shoes.
Therien Alexander, restaurant.
Tyner J H, city clerk.
Weaver Asa J, physician.
Whipp W C & Co (Wm O Whipp, E C Whitcher), abstracts.
White & Bean (Lewis W White, Wm O Bean), restaurant.
Wiard Bros (Myron W and Byron M), jewelers.
Wilfong J E, sgt Union Pac Ry.
Williams Burton S, billiards.
Wilmoth & Ackley, lawyers.
Wilson John D., auctioneer.
Wones Simon, boots and shoes.
Wood Mrs E C, dressmaker.
Wood Richard, bill poster.

GLASCO. An incorporated city on Solomon river and on the Solomon br. Kansas div. U. P. Ry, in Cloud county, 24 miles southwest of Concordia, the judicial seat, and 145 from Topeka. It has 5 churches, a bank and a live and ably-edited weekly newspaper, the Sun. Population, 450. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. Owen Day, postmaster.

Ainsworth Bank, F L Ainsworth cash.
Beers George W, sorghum mnfr.
Boynton C H, harness.
Brierly J H, Physician.
Burnett L C, grocer.
Chicago Lumber Co, C Katje agt.
Clark C C, milliner.
Cleaver W D, shoemaker.
Courtney D H, physician.
Curtis L R, mngr Spaulding House.
Day 0wen, Hardware.
Day & Vanlandingham, hardware.
Droite Frederick, blacksmith.
Emich F J, prin public schools.
Frankforther L E, Publr Glasco Sun.
Frankforther L 0, tinsmith.
Giger & Co, hardware.
Glasco Sun, L E Frankforther Publr.
Godley C A, meat market.
Grant George, livery.
Grimm W, grocer.
Hare M L, druggist.
Harris R W, physician.
Haynes E R, railroad, exp and tel agt
Hillhouse & Co, grain.
Hoffman E T, blacksmith.
McKinster Wm, Furniture.
Mackey C, barber.
Noel & Rogers, grain.
Ott A & Bro, grocers.
Palmer W W, real estate.
Porter E H, blacksmith.
Smith Rev G S (Christian).
Spaulding House, L R Curtis mngr.
Stackhouse Rev A (Methodist).
Stahley S C General Store.
Studt, J W & Bro, general store.
Sutton John W, meat market.
Thompson Mrs J C, milliner.
White Mrs O M, music teacher.
Winters A H, restaurant.
Woodward, restaurant.
Wright G A, tinsmith.

GRAVES. In Cloud county, 10 miles southwest of Concordia, the county seat, nearest bank and present shipping point. Population 30. I. D. Critton, postmaster.

Bonner Wm, grocer.
Chritton I D, general store.

HALF WAY. In Cloud county, 18 miles southwest of Concordia, the judicial seat and 7 miles southeast of Scottsville, on the U. P. Ry, its shipping point. Mail, tri-weekly. J. S. Abbey, postmaster and farmer.

JAMESTOWN. Dating its settlement from 1878, and incorporated in 1883, is a flourishing city in Cloud county, on the M. P. Ry, 11 miles west of Concordia, the county seat, and 166 from Atchison. It contains 4 churches, a graded school, and a newspaper, the Kansan. A flour mill, driven by the water of Buffalo creek, is located here. Fine farming and grazing lands may be had at reasonable prices. Stone for building purposes is abundant. and the city is improving rapidly. Grain and live stock are shipped. Population, 600. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. Mail. daily. John E. Lundblade, postmaster.

Ansdell Arthur H, harness.
Axelsson Carl E, shoemaker.
Banker Benjamin F, farm impts.
Barton Mrs Adelaide S, milliner.
Boles E E, railroad agt and gen store.
Brown County Investment Co, F A Lane pres, J E Lane cash.
Bryant Rev H I (Christian).
Burton James, justice of peace.
Burton James, apiarist.
Burton Mary L, books and stationery.
Carpenter Frank, cistern builder.
Chapman Edward E, general store.
Commercial Hotel, George McBride propr.
De Wade Charles H, grain.
Fitzgerald Julius E, lumber.
Gertson Gert, blacksmith.
Hanson John O, furniture.
Hartwell George N, druggist.
Hedges Mrs E N, carpet weaver.
Hoover Jacob, express and dray.
Jamestown Band, C W McClellan ldr.
Jenkins Wm, carpenter.
Kansan The, M D Sutherlin Propr.
Ladd Oliver D, livery.
Lundblade John E, postmaster.
Lundblade & Mercey (John Lundblade, John Mercey), general store.
McBride George W, Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware and Spectacles.
McKeller Duncan, real estate.
Monks Rev W A (Presbyterian).
Montgomery Carrie, general store.
Myers Mrs J I, dressmaker.
Nelson A P, wagonmaker.
Peck Elwin, livery.
Peck & Barton, live stock.
Peck & Barton (Elwin Peck, Wm Barton), meat market.
Robinson E F, carpenter.
Romine James S, restaurant.
Smith, Prince & Co (George M Smith, Emory H and Emory L Prince), grain.
Stavik Rev B A (Lutheran).
Strain John O, hardware.
Sutherlin M D, Propr Kansan.
Vandervort Rev (Methodist).
Van Stralen Frank, flour mill.
White Miss 0 L, music teacher.
Wilcox Otto. barber.
Wolfe Miss Jennie, dressmaker.

LAWRENCEBURGH. A postoffice on the U.P. Ry, in Cloud county, 7 miles northeast of Concordia, the seat of justice and usual banking point. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. Population, 20.

MACYVILLE. Formerly called Ten Mile, is in Cloud county, 14 southwest of Concordia, the county seat and bank location, and 9 from Glasco, the nearest rail approach. It is on the tri-weekly stage route from Scottsville to Concordia. Population, 100. G. W. Macy, postmaster.

Amspacher C W, general store.
Beesley John, blacksmith.
Lacerte Dr G A, druggist.
Macy George W, patent medicines.

MEREDITH. A postoffice in Cloud county, 17 miles south of Concordia, the county seat, and 10 from Delphos, its usual banking and shipping station. C. C. Burress, postmaster.

Burress & Rector, general store.
Carver Frank, blacksmith.
Carver G W, carpenter and wagonmaker.
Fitzgerald C G, barber.
Moonick H, hotel.
Murphy Thomas, justice of peace.
Shea J P, live stock.

MILTONVALE. First settled in 1880, and incorporated as a city in 1883, is a thriving place in the southeastern part of Cloud county, 28 miles south- east of Concordia, the county seat. It is on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R. and on the K. C. hr. U. P. Ry. It has United Presbyterian, Christian, Methodist and Baptist churches, a public school, 1 bank, an opera house seating 600, and a weekly newspaper, the Farmers’ Tribune, is published. Ships grain, live stock and produce. Has stages triweekly to Minneapolis and Concordia, and twice a week to Glasco. Tel., W. U. Exp, Pacific. Population, 600. L. 0. S. Clary, postmaster.

Adams Mrs D E, carpet weaver.
Babbitt & Johnson (Wm L Babbitt, James B Johnson), hardware.
Ball C P, sorghum mnfr.
Bank of Miltouvale(capita1, $11,300), C E McDaniel pres, T C Bord vice-pres, J B Morris cash.
Bardrick Alexander R, druggist.
Bond Wm T, general store.
Bright & Frizell (Arthur H Bright, John W Frizell).
Buche G C, harnessmaker.
Buche & Domoney (Gustave C Buche, Henry Domoney), shoes.
Buck I J, restaurant.
Chicago Lumber Co, H J Prentiss mgr.
Clary L O S, dog breeder.
Dodge Wm W, fruit grower.
Fairchilds S V, physician.
Farmers’ Tribune, Stewart & Miller Proprs.
Gilchrist Matthew, carpenter.
Gordon James, live stock breeder.
Hall James, physician.
Hanson Wm, live stock.
Hays W J, grain.
Hollandsworth Richard H, blacksmith.
Hubbell B E, general store.
Hush J I, milk.
Koster Frederick, live stock.
Kuhnle Gotlieb, Mngr Miltonvale Cash Store and Opera House.
Lacey Wm, well borer.
Laird Rev J H (Methodist).
Lathrop Amos, live stock breeder.
Lowery Wm A, vinegar mnfr.
Lowery Mrs W A, dressmaker.
Lyons David, live stock.
McAllister James, mason.
McArthur James, lawyer.
McDaniel C E, general store.
McDonald J G, Wagonrnaker.
Matthews George W, grocer.
Matthews James W, hardware.
Matthews W C, grain.
Matthews W T, live stock.
Matthews & Kuhnle (Arthur Matthews, Frederick Kuhnle), meats.
Miller Miss Cora & Co (Miss Cora Miller, Miss Nellie Noland), millmers
Miller Jacob, lawyer.
Miltonvale Brass Band, W T Bond leader
Miltonvale Cash Store, Gotlieb Kuhnle Mngr, General Store
Mitchell J F, tailor.
Moore Wm H, apiarist.
Myers Austin L, broommaker.
Newburry L M, live stock.
Plant Bros (Jay and Spencer), dairymen
Rittenour Edward, mason.
Robinoldt Miss Belle, milliner.
Schuttler David, dry goods.
Sharp Wm, live stock.
Simmons Mrs H P, music teacher
Squires John, farm impts.
Stewart H C, Agent U P Ry
Stewart & Miller (H C Stewart, B F Miller), Proprs Farmers Tribune.
Stochs Charles, loans.
Trusdell L M, livery.
Wade C S L, live stock.
Wideman Mary, grocer.
Willey John, barber.
Winters Walter H, fruits.
Wyman Albert, painter.
Young Philip, furniture.
Zohn Wm, live stock breeder.

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