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Left: Hackney Harvest Crew. 
Center: Mr. Ray's Prize Parsnip.  
Right: Wilmore 1954 Methodist-Christian Butchering Bee

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  • John ADAMS
    Surnames: Adams.

  • Lena May (Harville) ADCOCK
    Surnames: Adcock, Dickenson & Hansen.

  • Oliver Judson ADCOCK
    Surnames: Adcock, Dickenson & Hansen.

  • Ralph ADKINS
    "Fatal Shooting of H. E. Myers on Tuesday", The Western Star, May 30, 1924.
    Surnames: Adkins, Allderdice, Coles, Chadwick, Dickson, Gossett, Holland, Holmes, Johnston, Kemp, McLaughlin, Murray, Myers, Pennington, Silsby & Von Schriltz.

  • Andrew AITKEN
    Surnames: Aitken & Landes.

  • Pfc. Aletha ALDER, U.S. Army
    Surnames: Alder, Fry, Lenertz, Loucks, Nichols, Nielson, Parks, Seaman, Smith & Taylor.

  • John Baldwin ALDER
    Surnames: Alder.

  • Lloyd Lewis ALDER, Sr.
    Surnames: Alder, Alley, Burchett, Burnette, Cole, Downing, Evans, Ferrin, Lawrence, Lohman, McCray, Moberley, O'Dell, Pepperd, Ridge, Roberts, Scherich, Smith, Trummel, Weddell & York.

  • Sgt. Lloyd Lewis ALDER, Jr
    Surnames: Alder, Barber, Barlow, Burnette, Butcher, Callaway, Chartrey, Coles, Cummings, Deewall, Dial, Emerson, Evans, Ferrin, Hackney, Harris, Hubbard, Keesee, Maxfield, McIntyre, Moberly, O'Dell, Parsons, Pepperd, Rader, Richardson, Ridge, Smith, Snyder, Trummel, Uhl, Unruh, White, Woods, York & Ziegler.

  • Margaret Mae "Maggie" (Baldwin) ALDER
    Surnames: Alder, Booth, Baldwin, Burnette, Cary, Dellinger, Downing, Evans, Ferrin, Gregg, Hackney, Haslam, Herd, Moberley, O'Dell, Pepperd, Richardson, Ridge, Scherich, Seaman, Smith, Snyder, Watters & Wempen.

  • Ronald Lewis ALDER
    Surnames: Alder, Baker, Barber, Bramlett, Cole, Coles, Evans, Fry, Keller, Moberley, Myers & Wood.

  • Harriet ALLDERDICE
    Surnames: Allderdice, Brumbaugh, Cummings, & Stewart.

  • Floyd ALLEN
    "Old Letter Describes Details Of Opening Of Cherokee Strip", The Wilmore News, April 9, 1937.
    Surnames: Allen, Bond, Riggs & Webbs.

  • The ALLENDER Ancestors & Relatives of Nellie May (Barnett) Ferrin
    Surnames: Allender, Barnett, Bartholomew, Burt, Craft, Ferrin, Moreton, Martin, Noonan, Phelps, Roderick, Wright.

  • James Marion ALEXANDER
    Surnames: Alexander, Faber, Farney, Freeman, Gray, Harris, Irwin, Nelson, Ruff, Seaman, Snyder, Spellmeyer, Turner, Whitman & Williams.

  • Marguerite F. (Ruff) ALEXANDER
    Surnames: Alexander.

  • Samuel B. & Ester L. (Marsh) ALLEN
    Surnames: Allen, Belcher, Cook & Marsh.

  • Evaline ALLEY
    Surnames: Alley, Biddle & Ward.

  • Paris Clyde & Minnie (Ellis) ALLEY
    Surnames: Alley , Brown, Cary, Davis, Ellis, Gregg, Hadley, Kerr, Marsh, Martin, McMillin, Metzker, Pope, Robinson, Schenk, Staley, Thomas, Trummel, Underhill, Wedel, White, Yost, York & Zeigler.

  • James Luther ALLEY
    Surnames: Alley, Brown, Brumbaugh, Gates, Gregg, Hadley, Hinkle, Kerr, Lemon, Parker, Thompson & White.

  • John R. AMBROSE
    Surnames: Ambrose, Shields & Umberger.

  • Eva (Ricketts) AMES
    Surnames: Ames & Ricketts.

  • Andrew Henry ANDERSON
    Surnames: Anderson, Jarnagin, Uhl & Williams.

  • Charles L. ANDERSON
    Surnames: Anderson.

  • John Wesley & Nancy Lee (Stewart) ANDERSON
    Surnames: Anderson, Austin, Booth, Cook, Foster, Griffin, Masterson, Pepperd, Preston, Sedgheer, Shearer, Tarble, Unangst, & Wyatt.

  • Clarenda E. (Hayes) Ridge ANDREWS
    Surnames: Andrews, Boles, Burkhall, Cline, Gooch, Greer, Hayes, Kurisko, Ridge, Riggs, Roll & Smith.

  • Benjamin Franklin ARNOLD
    County Commissioner, Clerk of the District Court, father of the Albert Pike Highway
    Surnames: Allderdice, Arnold, Brown, Butcher, Collins, Cooper, Corkhill, Currier, Dodson, Elrich, Ferrin, Fulton, Gates, Gilchrist, Guseman, Gregg, Kopke, Landess, McMillen, Rich, Rowland, Scholle & Shelley.

    Surnames: Arrington, Callahan & Parmenter.

  • Francis Joseph ASHCRAFT
    "Francis Ashcraft Killed In Aviation Accident"
    Surnames: Ashcraft, Crum, MacClatchie, Martin, Murphy, Ragle, Sooter, Steele, Waltz & Webb.

  • John Wesley ASHCRAFT, Sr.
    Surnames: Ashcraft, Crum, Easterday, Gould, Lewis, Schultz & Webb.

  • Sgt. John W. ASHCRAFT, Jr., U.S. Army, WWI
    Auto, motorcycle and aircraft racer; stunt pilot; nationally-known aviator.
    Surnames: Ashcraft, Brooks, Churchill, Earhart, Gates, Gentry, Hellinger, Hutsell, Mason, McKinney, Peacock, Searcy, Scott, Steel, Stultz, Ulbrich, Waltz, Webb & Woodard.

  • George ATHERTON
    Surnames: Atherton.

  • Reatha E. (Snapp) ATKENSON
    Surnames: Atkenson, Brumley, Mawdsley & Snapp.

  • Alice Grace (McMillen) ATTEBERRY
    Surnames: Allen, Atteberry, Clark, Fry, Gill, Hart, Hopkins, Kennedy, Kittell, Long, McFall, McMurray, Trummel, Wilson & Wright.

  • Effie Maude (Highfill) ATTEBERRY
    Surnames: Alford, Atteberry, Bird, Booth, Burditt, Clinesmith, Colter, Haun, Highfill, McGee, McMurray, McVey, Messer, Pavlik, Powell, Royse & Turnbull.

  • Charles Thomas AVERY
    Surnames: Avery, Fisher, Hough & Roberts.


  • Earl Otterbein BACON
    Surnames: Bacon & Woodward.

  • Moritz G. BAESSLER
    Surnames: Baessler, Bount, Gard, Hadley, Harness, Meyer, Oller & Parker.

  • Theodore Carl BAESSLER
    Surnames: Baessler, Burt, Deewall, Dunn, Griffith, Hadley, Hall, Karrer, Kessler, Lohrding, Marley, McMillen, Neumann, Plank, Robinson, Sherman, Smith, Swarner, Thornburg, Wilson & Wolf

  • Rev. Joseph S. BAILEY
    Surnames: Bailey, Harlan, McMurtrey, Mulkey, Shipman, Stark, Tanksley & Thompson.

  • Margaret Mae BAILEY
    Surnames: Alder, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Bigbee, Chandler, Coverdale, Evans, Hinkle, Moberley, Moore, Neuman, Seaman, Spence & Wood.

  • George Henry BAIN
    Surnames: Bain, Fitzgerald, Nicholas, Russell, Shimer & Winkler.

  • George J. BAIN
    Surnames: Bain, Dargel, Shimer & Wheeler.

  • Erma Florence (Doll) BAIRD of Livermore, CA   WWII Veteran
    Surnames: Baird, Doll, McKinney & Pfeiffer.

  • Alzina (Burditt) BAKER
    Surnames: Allender, Baker, Bond, Burditt, Chance, Ferrin, Fry, Huffaker, Pendergraft, Roderick, Schiff, Thorpe, Wright.

  • Andrew H. BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Bailey, Broadie, Cook, Coople, Craig, Eads, Keltner, King, McDaniel & White.

  • Armond BAKER
    Surnames: Baker & Cosby.

  • Charles Edgar BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Boyd, Broadie, Cook, Copple, Craig, Hadley, Harrison, Hewett, Keltner, King, McDaniel, Parker, Stinnett, Thompson, Thornton, Whelpley & White.

  • C. Gayle BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Cole, Harper & Top.

  • Harry Powell BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Booth, Grace, Pepperd, Riggs, Smith, Snyder, Trummel, Wall, Wright, York & Zeigler.

  • Helen M. (Hollenbeck) BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Hollenbeck, Kehl & Wilkinson.

  • Huldah BAKER
    Surnames: Baker & Ross.

  • Irvie BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Franklin & Hill.

  • Memories of Lew BAKER: The Baker & Powell Families
    Surnames: Baker, Buckingham, Cox, Ferrin, McMillon, Pepperd, Powell, Wilmore, Wright,

  • Llewellyn Edward "Lew" & Catherine Elizabeth (Roderick) BAKER
    Surnames: Allderdice, Baker, Booth, Cooper, Farney, Ferrin, Grace, Helbert, Hooley, Lawrence, Barcelo, Parcel, Pepperd, Phillips, Powell, Redfield, Rich, Roderick, Schmidt, Six, Smith, Trummel, Wall, White, Wood, Woods, Wright & Zeigler.

  • Llewellyn Edward "Ed" BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Little, Roderick, Smith & Wood.

  • Lillie (York) BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Barber, Bigbee, Coats, Ferrin, Hubbard, Hucklebridge, Ireland, Isenbart, Jordon, Martin, Masterson, McCay, Wall, Wood & York.

  • Nicholas BAKER
    Surnames: Baker & Smith.

  • Ruth Mae (Wood) BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Booth, Pendergraft, Smith & Trummel.

  • Roderick Henry BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Burditt, Roderick, Schmidt, Smith & Swindler.

  • Stella Inez (Rogers) BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Blasdel, Carter, Eubanks, Hendrix, Kerstetter, Loesch, Moore, Mundell, Petty, Phillips, Rogers & Williams.

  • Susan Rillar (Woodes) BAKER
    Surnames: Alder, Baker, Hackney, Hall, Kennedy, Masterson, Profitt, Richardson, Rillar, Robinson, Stout & Woodes.

  • Verna (Thomasson) BAKER
    Surnames: Baker, Cowan, Fox, Griffith, Guizlo, Jarnagin, King, Lewis, Thomasson, Thompson, Whittier & Zerby.

  • Wayne Franklin BAKER
    Surnames: Baker & Mawdsley.

  • Anna Christiana (Rush) Sohns BALDWIN
    Surnames: Bemis, Ray, Redfield, Rush & Sohns.

  • Henry C. BALDWIN
    Surnames: Alder, Archibald, Baker, Baldwin, Bell, Bigbee, Brown, Foree, Franklin, Jonson & Sohns.

  • Ermine Katherine BARBER
    Surnames: Barber & Smith.

  • Floyd BARBER
    Surnames: Barber.

  • Lena Mary (Barber) BARBER
    Surnames: Barber, Drake, Herr, Hull, Patterson, Pauls & Poland.

  • Perry Arthur BARBER
    Surnames: Barber, Bigbee, Bergen, Richardson, Stafford, Taylor & Woods.

  • Volney BARBER
    Surnames: Barber, Carson, Holsclaw, Huff, Rugg & Todd.

  • Wayne "Glen" BARD
    Surnames: Bard.

  • Clarence & Nellie (German) BARDOT
    Surnames: Bardot, Booth, Bowles, Canape, Christian, Cox, Eck, Fisher, Franklin, Freeman, German, Haltom, Helmuth, Holler, Love, McGinnis, Miller, Ruth, Schenk, Smalley, Watkins & Winn.

  • Frank & Mary (Krestine) BARDOT
    Surnames: Bardot, Deezelski, Krestine, Oller & Winn.

  • Irene BARDOT
    Surnames: Bardot.

  • Rachel (Powell) BARLOW
    Surnames: Barlow, Ericsson, Hodgetts & Powell.

  • William BARLOW
    Surnames: Barlow, Burt, Cole, Connaughton, Harbaugh, Janson, Kimple, Leonard, McIntire, Powell & Wright.

  • William H. "Billie" BARLOW
    Surnames: Barlow, Ericson, Hodgetts, Johnson, Tilbury & White.

  • Cora (Clark) BARNES
    Surnames: Allen, Barnes, Baugh, Bird, Clark, Downing, Fish, Gard, Gillet, Hadley, Jellison, Maris, McMurray, Rich, Robbins, Unruh, Wall, Watt & Weber.

  • Elizabeth (Downs) Steadman BARNES
    Surnames: Barnes, Downs, Leonard, Morter & Steadman.

  • Melvin Ernest BARNES
    Surnames: Barnes & Roberts.

  • Mrs. Orla BARNES
    Surnames: Barnes & Morton.

  • Thomas Edward BARNES
    Surnames: Barnes & Fisher.

  • The BARNETT Ancestors & Relatives of Nellie May (Barnett) Ferrin
    Surnames: Allender, Austan, Austin, Baker, Barnett, Bartholomew, Brewer, Case, Cobb, Dillinger, Ferrin, Flory, Fry, Kennedy, Lawrence, Masterson, Mayfield, Moberley, Moreton, Pepperd, Pendergraft, Pennington, Preston, Richardson, Ridge, Riggs, Roderick, Seaman, Smith, Thompson, Wood, Wright & Ziegler.

  • Anna Aurelia (Allender) BARNETT
    Surnames: Allender, Austin, Barnett, Bartholomew, Cobb, Dellinger, Ferrin, Flory, Fry, Kennedy, Lawrence, Moberley, Moreton, Pendergraft, Pepperd, Richardson, Riggs, Seaman, Smith, Wood, Wright & Ziegler.

  • Geneva BARNETT
    Surnames: Allender, Barnett, Ferrin & Moreton.

  • John Franklin BARNHART
    Surnames: Barnhardt & Young.

  • B.C. BARRON   Principal of Wilmore High School
    Surnames: Austin, Baker, Barron, Boles, Finn, Pitman, Sawyer, Snare & Wall.

  • Lt. Louis Truett BARRON, USAAF, KIA 26 June 1943.
    Surnames: Barber, Barron, Blumberg, Campbell, Fuller, Howell, Julian, Kustanborder, Langley, Lansdown, Miles, Newmeyer, Nichols, Niebel, Oberling, Osborne, Pierce, Tucker, Vernon, Wall, Waters, Weigand, Wood & York.

  • Clyde BARROW
    Surnames: Barrow, Giles, Parker & Trummel.

  • Ed BASEY
    "Ed Basey Victim Of Fatal Shot", The Western Star, April 13, 1923.
    Surnames: Alley, Baker, Basey, Bond, Botts, Burnette, Carlen, Chapman, Crawford, Curry, Elzen, Emerson, Fitzwater, Flohr, Ford, Funkhouser, Garten, Gregg, Griffin, Harbaugh, Jordan, Murphey, O'Connell, Ramey, Roberts, Row, Sibbit, Silsby, Smith, Taylor, Watseka, Williams & York.

  • Elizabeth Jane BAUER
    Surnames: Bauer.

  • Marble Lane & Lillie (Lowrey) BAXTER
    Surnames: Baxter, Bedinger, Lowrey, McKinley & Myers, .

  • Charles M. BEAN
    Surnames: Bean & Cooper.

  • Lucile Thelma BEAN
    Surnames: Bean & Cummings.

  • Nancy M. (Cooper) BEAN
    Surnames: Bean & Cooper.

  • William Cooper BEAN
    Surnames: Bean, Decker, Downing, Edmonston, Ellison, Grove, Harden, Hullet, Isenbart, Large, Lynch, McDaniel, Rayborn, Schauble, Shoemaker, Waters & Younker.

  • Mary (Williams) BEARD
    Surnames: Beard, Cline, Figg, Firestone, Jordan, Large, Thomson & Williams.

  • Francis Laverne BEARLY
    Surnames: Bearly & Martin.

  • Pearl (Baxter) BEDDINGER
    Surnames: Baxter & Beddinger.

  • Nancy Margaret (Cooper) BEAN
    Surnames: Bean, Cooper & Isenbart.

  • Bernice Anita BECK
    Surnames: Beck & McKee.

  • John D. BECK
    Surnames: Beck & Carthrae.

  • Quita BECK
    Surnames: Beck, Duncan, Halliday, Kern, McKee, Sims & Wright.

  • J.O. "Jake" BECKER
    Surnames: Ashcraft, Becker & Yauk.

  • Willis Allen & Mary Alice (Wunderlin) BEEBE
    Surnames: Beebe, Booth, Hooper, Johnston, Mason & Wunderlin.


  • Dorothy Dean (Parker) BEELEY
    Surnames:Beeley, Kurz, Little & Parker.

  • John Lynn BEELEY
    Surnames: Allen, Beeley, Betzer, Cook, Cooper, Deewall, Emerson, Ferrin, Hadley, Hilt, Kopke, Lees, McKinney, McMillen, Parker, Richardson & Webster.

  • Ralph Hudson BEELEY
    Surnames:Allen, Beeley, Burkhall, Carthrae, Clark, Doherty, Reed, Strum, Thurman & Young.

  • Richard L. Beeley, USMC   Vietnam veteran
    Surnames:Beeley & Speck.

  • Lt. (j.g.) Ronald L. BEELEY, USN   Vietnam veteran
    Surnames:Beeley, Brass & Cobb.

  • Ross Portland BEELEY
    Surnames: Allen, Anderson, Beagley, Beeley, Bennett, Betzer, Butterfield, Carthrae, Clopton, Current, Day, Denney, Einsel, Emerson, Gray, Griffith, Haas, Hadley, Herd, Kerstetter, Lewis, Link, Loewen, Mark, McKinney, McMurray, Merrihew, Moores, Mucklow, Nelson, Orr, Overocker, Parker, Rich, Ring, Sherman, Swearington, Thompson, Thornhill, Trummel, Van Vranken, Veatch, Vermillion, Wagnon, Wasinger, Willard & Wood.

  • William Ellsworth & Mary Ellen (Webster) BEELEY
    Surnames: Beeley, Carrier, Cline, Cook, Dodson, Ferrin, Guizlo, Palier, Pounds, Stewart, Webster & Zerby.

  • Alwilda Olders (Royce) BEHLER
    Surnames: Baker, Barber, Behler, Bigbee, Day, DeMoss, Foree, Hearldson, Hoge, Larimer, Lott, McCay, Pepperd, Richardson, Skinner, Snare & Woods.

  • John Roger BEHLER
    Surnames: Behler & Burrill.

  • Maybell Anna (Daggett) Hager BEHLER
    Surnames: Behler, Brown, Daggett & Hagar.

  • Christian John BEITLER
    Surnames: Batchman, Beitler, Francis, Kuske, Seeley, Wasson & Winebright.

  • Jessie Flo (Dotson) BELCHER
    Surnames: Belcher, Cowman, Dotson, Hannah & McKittrick.

  • Marvin Mason BELCHER
    Surnames: Beard, Belcher, Cowman, Denney, Dotson, Gaylord, Heitmann, Jessup & McKittrick.

  • Nora Nettie (Gaylord) BELCHER
    Surnames: Anderson, Ball, Beard, Belcher, Bigbee, Denney, Fear, Gaylord, German, Heaton, Hubbard, Jordan, Lindsey, McCay, Petty, Roetker, Schenk, Smith, Vincent, Wilmont & Woodring.

  • BELL Infant
    Surnames: Bell.

  • John and Martha Ann (Bird) BELL
    Surnames: Armstrong, Adler, Austin, Barber, Bell, Bigbee, Bird, Booth, Botts, Fausett, Foree, Griffin, Helbert, Howard, Larimer, Lott, Masterson, McCay, Oller, Overocker, Pepperd, Phillips, Rich, Richardson, Ridge, Terry, Wall & Woods.

  • Robert and Mildred (Adams) BELL
    Surnames: Adams, Alexander, Armstrong, Baker, Bell, Bigbee, Booth, Davis, Hubbard, Lott, Pepperd, Richardson, Wall, Woods.

    A Few Reminiscences of "Cowboy Days", The Western Star, April 22, 1927.
    Surnames: Barbee, Barby, Beals, Bennett, Bidwell, Borland, Bowers, Brown, Dalton, Crews, Gardner, Gorham, Half, Hall, Knecht, Mussett, Overocker, Trummel, Webster & Wilson.

  • Mrs. H.S. BENNETT
    Surnames: Avery, Bennett, Covert, Darnell, Davis, Knecht, Marvel, Smith, Trummel & Wallis.

  • Alice Lorene (Norton) BERGEMAN
    Surnames: Ashlock, Bergeman, Ferrin, Fought, Grauberger, Norton & Waters.

  • Sarah BERRY
    Surnames: Berry & McWilliams.

  • Thomas Raymond & Rowena Dale (McDaniel) BERREY
    Surnames: Armentrout, Bailey, Barger, Bennett, Berrey, Bigger, Billings, Booth, Brown, Cline, Cobb, Dorsey, Ferrin, Fisher, Flory, Fry, Heintz, Kennedy, Masterson, McDaniel, Moberley, Moss, Nichols, Schill, Seaman, Smith, Swisher, Trummel, Uhl, Woods & Zeigler.

    Surnames: Betschart & Franklin.

  • Elmer BETZEL
    Surnames: Betzel & Killilay.

  • Donald Frank BETZER, WWII Pilot Instructor
    Surnames: Alguire, Anderson, Barr, Betzer, Blount, Brewer, Brumbaugh, Gilchrist, Grandy, Jackson, Nicholas, Park, Parker, Pepperd, Proctor, Root, Utz, Vermillion, White & Wilkins.

  • Lizzie (Johnson) BETZER
    Surnames: Betzer, Fisher, Holden, Johnson, Mullen & Wheeler.

  • Thomas & Gertie (Duran) BIBB
    Surnames: Bibb, Brown, Briggs, Coles, Daniel, Dorsey, Duncan, Dunn,Evans, Gregg, Griffith, Hackney, Harbaugh, Haun, Lemon, Magera, Martin, Mills, McMinimy, Meyers, Rathbun, Richardson, Robertson, Shipp, Six, Smith, Westerguard, York & Zerby.

  • Memories of Charles Daniel BICKFORD
    An illustrated history of the man who named Coldwater, Kansas.
    Surnames: Aldrich, Baehr, Bickford, Burnham, Clark, Cleveland, Cooper, Craig, Cramer, Dixon, Droke, Fredrick, Hutchinson, Kane, Kerry, Knecht, Lee, Moss, Murphy, Nelson, Peas, Purdy, Sawyer, Shell, Shields, Singer, Soule, Sweetland, Trum, Walcott, Watrous & Whitehead.

    Surnames: Alley, Biddle, Gregg, Metzker & Temple.

  • Albert V. & Annie M. BIGBEE
    Surnames: Bigbee & Ferrin.

  • Esther Irene (Ferrin) BIGBEE
    Surnames: Baker, Barber, Belcher, Bigbee, Ely, Ferrin, Hecht, Lott, Moberly, Richardson, Seaman, Trummel, Watkins & York.

  • Richard Duane BIGBEE
    Surnames: Bigbee.

  • Zola Ruth (Keck) BILYEU
    Surnames: Bain, Bilyeu, Gehringer, Keck, Lust, McGinnis, McMurray, Purcell, White & Young.

  • Cora A. (Heisey) BIRD
    Surnames: Bird, Brumbaugh, Callahan, Deewall, Hadley & Heisey.

  • Paul Wayne BIRD
    Surnames: Bird, Brown, Coverdale & Tanner.

    Surnames: Blackard, Blount, Deewall & Hackney.

  • Verner Knight BLACKARD
    Surnames: Allderdice, Avery, Bean, Blackard, Blount, Brown, Burnette, Crane, Finney, Griffith, Hadley, Hewett, Hoffman, Jarnagin, Kessler, Kopke, Parsons, Plank, Robbins, Shelley, Swisher, Thornburg & Younker.

    Surnames: Allen, Baker, Blackman, English, Evans, Foley, Fleming, Hamilton, Keenan, Manchester, Mays, Milliam, Moon, Porter, Thomas, Tucker, Wood & Wurtz.

  • Donald G. BLAIR
    Surnames: Blair.

  • Louis BLAIR
    Surnames: Blair & Smith.

  • C.O. BLAKE
    Surnames: Blake, Cade, Goddard, Green.

  • Donald Monroe BLISS   WWII Veteran
    Surnames: Bliss, Broome, Brown, Carr, Cashwell, Ditton, Knabe, Lamb, Louthan, Malone, Neukirch, Peterson & Province.

  • Pfc. Lorin BLISS
    The Western Star, March 29, 1946.
    Extreme Bravery in Taking Strong Fortification Recognized.
    Surnames: Bliss, Brown, Cashwell, Johnson, Malone & Neukirch.

  • Virginia Mary (Annett) BLISS
    Surnames: Annett, Bliss, Davis, Friend, Haun, Hill, Knabe, Mills, Neukirch, Robertson, Smith, Southworth & Squire.

  • Thelma Pearl BLODGETT
    Surnames: Blodgett, Snodgrass & White.

  • James Spencer BLOUNT
    Surnames: Bird, Blount, Dryden, Hamilton, Holoday, Lyons, Olmstead & Wright.

  • Vanita (White) BLUNDELL
    Author of the "Country Gal" humor column in The Western Star and emcee of The Wilmore Opry.

  • Mrs. Edward BOBBETTE
    Surnames: Bobbette, Brewer, Emerson, Moberley, Robbins & Sooter.

  • Ivy No (Nations) BOLES
    Surnames: Boles, Goff, Harvey, Nations, Richardson, Test & Utley.

  • Walter Edwin BOLES
    Surnames: Boles & Wilmore.

  • Mamie Elizabeth (Giles) BONHAM
    Surnames: Bonham, Franklin & Giles.

  • The BOOTH Descendants of The Bairds of Lanarkshire in Comanche and Kiowa Counties, Kansas.
    Surnames: Baird, Bell, Booth, Bradsby, Cottle, Dwyer, Easton, Eubank, Gardener, Griffin, Hall, Hunter, Kluttz, Lee, McIlearney, Milnes, Murphy, Newlin, Payden, Rockefeller, Stapleton, Wallace, Will, Wilson, Wood & Wright.

  • Georgia Pauline "Polly" (Booth) BOND
    Surnames: Bond, Booth, Cottle & Swindler.

  • Jack BOND
    Surnames: Bond, Booth, Harris, Hickok & Swindler.

  • Bessie Jane (Bell) BOOTH
    Surnames: Alder, Bell, Bennett, Bigbee, Booth, Brown, Guyer, Lott, Masterson, Moberley, Pepperd, Richardson & Snare.

  • Charles Henry "Chuck" BOOTH
    Surnames: Booth, Metzger, Palmer, Ravenstein & Swindler.

  • Charles Robert BOOTH
    Surnames: Booth, Maltby & Snyder.

  • Emma (Cottle) BOOTH
    Surnames: Baker, Bigbee, Bond, Booth, Cantrel, Cobb, Cottle, Flory, Garrison, Hadley, Haviland, Horner, Hubert, Lewis, Miller, Pendergraft, Smith & Wright.

  • Fred Stanley BOOTH   WWII veteran
    Surnames: Booth, Klutz, Lawler, Little, Prater, Richardson & Vardaman.

  • George Wayne BOOTH
    Surnames: Booth, Brown, Hadley, Lott, Pepperd & Wood.

  • Harold H. BOOTH
    Surnames: Booth, Carleton, McCorkle, McCrary & Roberts.

  • Henry BOOTH
    Surnames: Baird, Bell, Booth, Griffith, Metzger, Olson, Riggs, Ring, Smith, Wright & Wood.

  • Joseph & Addabel (Eubank) BOOTH
    Surnames: Bauer, Booth, Elwell, Eubank, Lawrence, Ridge & Smith.

  • Lester & Grace Elaina (Thompson) BOOTH
    Surnames: Booth, Dirks, Evans, Hale, Hall, Lambert, Mizer & Thompson.

  • Lillie May (Kluttz) BOOTH
    Surnames: Anderson, Booth, Bramlett, Cline, Cole, Frazier, Griffin, Kluttz, Lawler, Oller, Preston, Richardson, Ridge, Shelden, Swayze, Vandeman, Vardaman, Watters, Wood & Wright.

  • Ricky Lynn BOOTH
    Surnames: Booth, Davis, Ferrin, Hackney, Helm, Hogan, Hubbard, Keck, Lawless, Martens, Metzger, Nielsen, Peaster, Ranney, Smith, Snyder, Uhl, Unruh, Wedel, Yost, Zeigler.

  • Robert & Effie Jane (Maltby) Booth
    Surnames: Adamson, Booth, Cline, Hadley, Howard, Maltby, Plumb, Price, Ridge, Ring, Snyder, Swindler, Uhl & Wood.

  • Corporal Robert BOOTH, Jr., U.S. Army, KIA July 9, 1944.
    Surnames: Booth, Hadley, Ring & Snyder.

  • Samuel & Christina (Baird) BOOTH
    Parents of 13 children; ancestors of many people in Comanche & Kiowa counties in Kansas.
    Surnames: Bailey, Baird, Barber, Bennett, Booth, Cattle, Eubank, Griffin, Hall, Maltby, Murphy, Vardaman, Wilks, Wood & Wright.

  • Samuel BOOTH, Jr.
    Surnames: Baker, Bond, Booth, Cottle, Griffith, Hooley, Lawrence, Moberley, Smith, Wood, Wright & Zeigler.

  • Travis BOOTH
    Surnames: Bigbee, Booth, Brown, Carter, Cheatum, Cottle, Crawford, Davis, DeLair, Dellinger, Large, McCorkle, McIntyre, Smith, Trummel, Wood.

  • Walter Allison BOOTH
    Surnames: Beebe, Booth, Lawrence, Patton, Ray, Ridge, Roux & Wor_man.

  • William Baird BOOTH
    Surnames: Baker, Bauer, Booth, Burnett, Cobb, Coles, Dorsey, Downing, Elzea, Ferrin, Fry, Griffin, Healan, Kennedy, Kluttz, Lawler, Lawrence, Lytle, Masterson, Moberley, Pendergraft, Pepperd, Richardson, Ridge, Riggs, Rush, Seaman, Smith, Swayze, Thornberry, Trummel, Vardaman, Wood, Wright & York.

  • Miss BOND, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.P. BOND
    Surnames: Bond & McWilliams.

  • Robert BOTHWELL
    Surnames: Bothwell, Taylor & Ward.

  • Isaac BOTTS
    Surnames: Botts, Halliday, McCune, Meers, Price, Roberts & VonSchiltz.

  • John R. BOTTS
    Surnames: Beeley, Botts, Dryden, Gard, Kropf, Landes, McMurray, Pepperd, Thompson, & Wilson.

  • Ruth BOTTS   WWII veteran
    Surnames: Botts, Ferrin, Heitmann, Messick, Sloan, Thurman & Troxell.

  • Emil "Joe" BOWERS
    Comanche Pool Cowboy, Comanche County Sheriff, killed by a tornado on 9 May 1899.
    Surnames: Bowers & Patterson.

  • BOWERS Infant Daughter
    Surnames: Bowers.

  • William W. & Judah (Darroch) BRAND
    Surnames: Brand, Darroch, Harris & Shanks.

  • Newton Warren BRANSOM
    Surnames: Bransom, Carter, Henderson, Jenkins, Johnson, Nanninga & Winward.

  • Robert "Bob" Winter BRASS
    Surnames: Bewley, Brass, Corliss, Goforth, Henkles, Sweeney & Winter.

  • Harve BRATCHER
    Surnames: Bratcher & McLaughlin.

  • Minner (Millem) BRATCHER
    Surnames: Alexander, Bratcher, Brite, Butts, Deck, Edmonston, Ellison, Eubank, Frantz, Hale, Herbord, Herron, Keltner, Millem, Monticue, Morton, Pearson, Rowland, Schumacher, Sigars, Thornhill, Vanwey & Vincent.

    Surnames: Bratcher, Dellinger, Ragsdale & Thornhill.

  • Robert & John BRATCHER
    Surnames: Bradshaw, Bratcher, Haydock, Maris, Oller & Williams.

  • Warren BRATCHER
    Surnames: Bratcher & Johnson.

  • Creta BREWER
    Surnames: Brewer, Umberger & Zimmerman.

  • Gertie (Teter) BREWER
    Surnames: Brewer & Teter.

  • R.S. and Sarah (Funk) BREWER
    Surnames: Berry, Blanchard, Brewer, Fay, Funk, Hand, Jones, Patrick, Patterson, Payne, Sprague, Tincher & Wheeler.

  • Emma (Mullen) BRIGGS
    Surnames: Allderdice, Botts, Briggs, Coate, Coles, Christopher, Davis, Glenn, Harden, Helman, Hensley, Hughes, Maris, Lindsay, Lindsey, Mullen, Parkin, Robey, Rowland, Shoemaker & Vaughan.

  • Edward Hollis BROWN
    Surnames: Baker, Brown, Hairburn, Hochstatter & Leathers.

  • Mark & Esther (Libbey) BROWN
    Surnames: Brown, Lewis, Libbey & Matthews.

  • Michael Lynn BROWN
    Surnames: Brown, Clark & Thompson.

  • Nellie (Villers) BROWN
    Surnames: Brown, Hunt, Leonard, Tubbs & Villers.

  • Vossie Lee BROWN
    Surnames: Brown, Cook, Davenport, Jesseph, Summerville & Williams.

  • Mira A. BRUNER
    Surnames: Bruner & Carnifax.

  • Della E. BUCKLES
    Surnames: Buckles.

  • John Forest BURDITT
    Surnames: Burditt, Grant, Henderson, Roberts & Williams.

  • Private Edward L. BURGHARDT, U.S. Army
    Killed in Action 01 November 1918 near Bois de Bantheville, France, in World War I.
    Surnames: Bond, Boyd, Burghardt & Urban.

  • Josephine Celia (Crowe) BURKHALL
    Surnames: Burkhall, Crowe & Robbins.

  • Roy Cecil & Frances Georgia (Cline) BURKHALL
    Surnames: Allen, Baessler, Blount, Bratcher, Brown, Bumgarner, Brumbaugh, Burkhall, Cline, Coughlin, Crowe, Griffith, Haynes, Hoffman, Hoofer, Jenkins, Martin, Metzker, Meyer, Pounds, Robertson, Rush, Snook, Stewart, Thompson, Unruh, White, Wingate.

  • FP3 Wayne Francis BURKHALL, U.S. Navy
    Surnames: Allen, Atkins Burkhall, Burt, Butcher, Field, Gates, Hadley, Heath, Plank, Robbins, Robinson, Smith, Timmons, Thompson & Wolf.

  • Ewing R. "Roy" BURNETT
    Surnames: Burnett, Coles, Hackney, Jenkins, McGaully, McGaulty, Popp, Schenk, Seyfrit, Taylor & Templeton.

  • Howard R. BURNETT, died 1899.
    Surnames: Burnett & Jordan.

  • Howard Reynolds BURNETT, died 1960.
    Surnames: Barnes, Beeley, Booth, Burnett, Dryden, Einsel, Gregg, Hackney, Lenertz, McCay, McLain, McMillen, Patterson, Perry, Platt, Rhodes, Richardson, Smith, Thomison, Thompson, White, Wilkerson, Williams & York.

  • Lt. Howard R. BURNETT, USN, MIA August 4, 1944.
    Awards and Medals: Air Medal, Gold Star in lieu of second Air Medal, Presidential Unit Citation (U. S. S. Enterprise) Presidential Unit Citation (1st Marine Division, Reinforced), Purple Heart, American Defense Service Medal and Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal.
    Surnames: Burnett, Carlow, Irvine, Forrestal, Gaylord, Johnson, Jordan, Lee, Lott, Mitscher, O'Hare, Rickenbacker, Simms, Strong, Thomison, Williams & Winters.

  • Cpl. Robert BURNETT, U.S. Army, Missing In Action, December 1, 1950.
    Surnames: Burnett, Kuster & Witsell.

  • Reverend A. BURRILL
    Surnames: Austin, Barber, Bigbee, Boles, Bradshaw, Burrill, Crawford, Foree, Gorman, Holladay, Hubbard, King, Lansing, Livengood, McPheaters, Moore, Schooley & Stead.

  • Captain C.W. BURT
    Civil War Veteran of the U.S. Army and Navy; served under General Custer in 1867; in 1874 was Captain of Company D., Texas Frontier battalion, and served through the last Comanche war. He received in all six arrow and gunshot wounds, resigning his command in 1875. He then became a Trail Driver and Pioneer Rancher in Oklahoma and Kansas.
    Surnames: Avery, Burt, Cummings, Custer, Edmonds, Fisk, French, Griffith, Hambelton, Johnson, King, Leonard, Porter, Richmond, Sprinkler, Stewart, Thompson, Walker & White.

  • Maria (Neill) BURT
    Surnames: Blair, Burt, Jackson, Neill & Robertson.

    Surnames: Burton, Hays & Sheldon.

  • Victor BURTON
    Surnames: Atwood, Barlow, Brewer, Branson, Burton, Hatfield, Haun, Herd, Herrington, Hodges, Jackson, Jones, Kuhns, McCoy, McIntyre, McMillen, Moberley, Oeser & Thornhill.

  • Frances (Parker) BUTCHER   Lt., WWII, U.S. Army Nurse Corps
    Surnames: Butcher, Parker & Schenk.

    Surnames: Butcher.

  • Leona (Liggett) BUTCHER
    Surnames: Allen, Barcelo, Bransom, Butcher, Deewall, Herd, Liggett, McFall, McMillen, Miller, Proctor, Rice & Timmons.

  • Samuel Jones BUTTS of Mulvane, Kansas.
    Surnames: Brunner, Butts, Gardiner, Parker & Waters.



  • Delbert DALE
    Surnames: . Dale, Herd & Waterbury.

  • Frank Douglas DALE   U.S. Army veteran
    Surnames: . Dale.

  • James Torrey DALE
    Surnames: Bigbee & Dale.

  • W.L. DALE
    Surnames: Daily, Dale, Shannon & Tinkler.

  • James W. DAPPERT
    "Reminiscences of Early Days in Comanche-co.", The Western Star, January 15, 1926.
    Surnames: Andrews, Armstrong, Baker, Barnhill, Barry, Bartlett, Bartleson, Battles, Baxter, Bevil, Black, Blackwell, Blaine, Bolar, Bowman, Boyd, Brandon, Bratcher, Broadwell, Brayman, Brewer, Brown, Brotts, Burton, Bush, Bussard, Butts, Cain, Carey, Chapman, Charles, Chrissman, Christman, Circle, Coe, Cole, Colley, Cornwell, Cosby, Coughlin, Cox, Craig, Curran, Dappert, Darrow, Dickey, Dixon, Dodson, Draper, Duncan, Durkee, DuTisne, Eads, Ehrle, Estill, Evans, Fogler, Fraley, Fuller, Gatshall, Gaylord, Gibson, Gooch, Gouch, Grant, Green, Gregory, Griffith, Grinsdale, Hadley, Hale, Hall, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Haskett, Hatcher, Haven, Heaton, Heflin, Henry, Heston, Hitchcock, Hichock, Hodges, Holland, Holmes, Hopkins, Horn, Howery, Hudson, Hungerford, Isbell, Jackson, James, Jarnagin, Jarrett, Jennings, Joseph, Kell, Keys, King, Kingston, Knecht, Laffoon, Lamport, Lappin, Latham, Lee, Leachman, Lightner, Lindsey, Logan, Louder, Mansfield, Martin, McCoy, McCrary, McFadden, McIntire, McPoland, Mecker, Meeker, Mensing, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morton, Munsun, Myers, Nelson, Nighswonger, Norton, Norville, Oller, Orr, Ott, Overstreet, Painter, Parcel, Parzette, Pearson, Piper, Platt, Perry, Poppleton, Powell, Powellson, Puckett, Rader, Randall, Ray, Rayl, Read, Renfrow, Rice, Roberson, Rodgers, Rohnvilt, Rookstool, Rorick, Rudisell, Ruttman, Schaeffer, Schapp, Schneider, Scoville, Seltzer, Shakespeare, Sheffield, Sheldan, Sheldon, Shelly, Shidler, Smith, Spicer, Snyder, Stark, Stoneman, Stothard, Stokes, Strawn, Stubbs, Tade, Taylor, Tesh, Teter, Tingler, Todd, Tourilett, Trip, Triplett, Tweedale, Vance, Vanwey, Veatch, Ward, Watson, Webb, West, Widmer, White, Wilcox, Wilson, Wise, Woche, Woodruff, Woodward, Wright, Wuchter, Yardley, Yocum & Young.

  • Edward Elmer DARNELL
    Surnames: Darnell & Rolston.

  • Ora & Vida (Gates) DARNELL
    Surnames: Darnell, Fose, & Gates.

  • Wanda Belle (Hoffman) DARNELL
    Surnames: Bliss, Darnell, Ellis, Gates, Guizlo, Hoffman, Mahoney, Rayborn, Ring, Smith & Zerby.

  • Charles H. DARROW
    Surnames: Darrow, Gorham, Mussett, Payne & Watson.

  • DARROW Infant
    Surnames: Darrow.

  • Nettie (Parsons) DARROW
    Surnames: Darrow, Herd, Jarnagin, Jellison, Kuster, McGinnis, McMurray, Parsons, Purcell, Schenk, Whitmore & Wilson.

  • Bennie DAVIDSON
    Surnames: Davidson, Halliday & Wihebyrner.

  • Infant DAVIDSON
    Surnames: Davidson.

  • Carl C. DAVIS
    Surnames: Andrews, Baker, Cosby, Davis, Haydock, Holcomb, Ireland, Lewis & Moffett.

  • J.E. DAVIS
    Surnames: Davis, Gilbert, Hull, Isreal & Ray.

  • Mary DAVIS
    Surnames: Davis & McWilliams.

  • Lena Annetta (Elzea) DAY
    Surnames: Clark, Day, Elzea, Gore, McNamara, Phillips & Wingate.

  • Warren Wilson DAY
    Surnames: Baker, Booth, Day, Dellinger, Dillinger, Elzea, Lawrence, Masterson, Moberley, Nielson, Pendergraft, Pepperd, Ridge, Rostine, Smith, Watters, York & Yost.

  • Pearl Vesta (Alexander) Nickel DECK
    Surnames: Alexander, Deck, Foster, Krenz & Nickell.

  • Robert L. DECK
    Surnames: Baker, Barnhart, Bean, Christopher, Condra, Deck, Harbaugh, Hopkins, Keasling, Long, McLean, Rhodes, Sherman, Sommerfeld, Thornhill, Williams & Windus.

  • Edward & Ella DEEWALL
    Surnames: Deewall, Hackney, Lohrding & Sheperd.

  • Ernest DEEWALL
    Surnames: Atteberry, Deewall, Fish, Hackney, Kindsvatter & Loesch.

  • H. Paul DEEWALL
    Surnames: Atteberry, Bates, Bennett, Blount, Coles, Deewall, Gilchrist, Hackney, Harnes, Hass, Hawes, Herd, Lohrding, Lytle, Miller, Oller, Overocker, Paul, Poltera, Sheperd & Stith.

  • Roy Edward DEEWALL
    Surnames: Adams, Allderdice, Beeley, Blount, Booth, Dale, Darroch, Deewall, Duncan, Einsel, Gregg, Hall, Harter, Herd, Jackson, Lohrding, Lyon, Mahan, McCoy, Oller, Overocker, Parcel, Parker, Patterson, Poltera, Rich, Robinson & Shepherd.

  • Sidney Ambrose DELAIR
    Surnames: DeLair, Fretz, Gregg, Newby, Patton, Stitch & Thomas.

  • Silas A. and Grace (Fretz) DELAIR
    Surnames: DeLair, Fretz, Newby.

  • Edna Ethel (Spurgeon) DELLINGER
    Surnames: Dellinger, Kemp & Spurgeon.

  • Maxine DELLINGER
    Surnames: Booth, Casper, Dellinger, Deyoe, Dunn, Herrington, Kapp, Wedel & York.

  • Charles Allen DEMOSS
    Surnames: Alley, DeMoss, Heidiman, Holler, Hopkins, Hoskins, Hull, James, Maris, Pack, Smutz & Wright.

  • Mary Christina (Davenport) DENNEY
    Surnames: Davenport, Denney, Martin & Towner.

  • Arminda (Baker) DENNY
    Surnames: Austin, Baker, Denny & McDonald.

  • Naomi Ruth DENNY
    Surnames: Abernethy & Denny.

  • D.B. DENNEY   Civil War veteran
    Surnames: Baker, Dellinger, Denney. Hughs, Moore, Morton & Zane.

  • Johanna DEPPINK
    Surnames: Deppink, Rusche & Sickler.

  • Ethel Grace (Holinberg) DESPAIN
    Surnames: Bailey, DeSpain & Holinberg.

  • Madge DESPAIN
    Surnames: Bailey & DeSpain.

  • William G. DEUBLER
    Surnames: Deubler, Estill, Keyes & Scott.

  • Otis Talmage DEYOE
    Surnames: Brumfield, Crow, Deyoe, Ellis, Gee, Grubbs, Robinson & Williams.

  • Eva C. (Stringer) DICKSON
    Surnames: Ashley, Burnett, Craine, Dickson, Herd, Long, Reger, Slade, Stringer, Weaver, Webb & Woolfolk.

    An account of life in Missouri during the Civil War.
    Surnames: Carpenter & Dickinson.

    Surnames: Dickinson.

    Surnames: Babbs & Dickinson.

  • Carrie Belle DILLINGER
    Surnames: Baker, Booth, Boyle, Dillinger, Ferrin, Lawrence, Moberley, Nickelson, Pendergraft, Ridge, Salsberry, Smith, Uhl & York.

  • Esther Caroline (Oliver) DILLINGER
    Surnames: Boyle, Dillinger, Larimer, Oliver & Salsberry.

  • Glenn & Marie (Schrock) DILLINGER
    Surnames: Baker, Dillinger, Hamilton, Linder, Saari, Schrock & Talbot.

  • James A. DILLINGER
    Surnames: Atkinson, Dillinger & Sowers.

  • Mary Frances "Mollie" DILLINGER
    Surnames: Clark & Dillinger.

  • Mr. & Mrs. E.T. DODSON
    Surnames: Cloud & Dodson.

  • Frank DODSON
    Surnames: Cloud, Darroch & Dodson.

  • James Rolla & Agnes L. (Wallace) DOIG
    Surnames: Doig, Ferrin, Jeffries, Hakes, Rush, Stevens, Sutton & Wallace.

  • DOIG Infant Son
    Surnames: Doig.

  • Ruth DOIG
    Surnames: Doig & Fisher.

  • Vivian Maude (Hakes) DOIG
    Surnames: Allderdice, Atkins, Barlow, Caywood, Doig, Hakes, Herd, Lyon, McMillen & Rich.

  • Hugh DORSETT
    Surnames: Dorsett, Halliday, Jarnagin, Langhead, McCay, Meers, Noel & Porter.

  • Dr. W. DOSTER
    Surnames: Canfield, Doster, Hamilton, Musgrove, Ryan, Sherman & Vaught.

  • DOWNEN Son
    Surnames: Downen & Holcomb.

  • Donald N. DOWNING   WWII Veteran, Bronze Star & Purple Heart Medals
    Surnames: Castro, Downing, Lawson, Metzker, Purkey, Powell, Settles & Sunderland.

  • Erma Eugene (Keller) DOWNING
    Surnames: Brock, Carnagie, Downing, Hyatt, Keller, Little, Maricle, Potter, Robbins, Ward, Warford & Williams.

  • James Alonzo DOWNING
    Surnames: Downing, Emericks, Heitmann, Keller, Livengood, Powell, Purkey, Sunderland & Williams.

  • Marvin Theodore DOWNING
    Surnames: Baker, Booth, Bramlett, Dorsey, Downing, Fry, Hyatt, McFall, Moberley, Newton, Powell, Purkey, Rennaker, Sunderland, Trummel, Wedel, York, Yost & Zeigler.

  • Mary Elizabeth DOWNING
    Surnames: Chapman, Copley, Downing, Gangwer, Peebles, Riddlen & Sunderland.

  • Mary (Powell) DOWNING
    Surnames: Alexander, Baker, Bigbee, Downing & Wood.

  • William James DOWNING
    Surnames: Downing & Roberts.

  • Rose Jane (McGinnis) Kluttz DOYLE
    Surnames: Bass, Booth, Dellinger, Dillinger, Doyle, Echelmeyer, Herd, Kluttz, Lawrence, McGinnis, McMillan, Pendergraft & Richardson.

  • Edna Bertha (Schaubel) DRAKE
    Surnames: Alter, Drake, Franklin & Schaubel.

  • Ada (Laury) DRAPER
    Surnames: Draper, Laury, McElyea, Mills, Shamberger & Warren.

    Surnames: DeLair, Duckworth, Green, Holderby, Hollenback, Johnson, Kehl, McCay, McIntire, Pepperd & Shimer.

  • Mary E. DEUBLER
    Surnames: Blakeley, Deubler, Faeth & Kurz.

  • William G. DEUBLER
    Surnames: Arrington, Deubler, Estill, Keyes, Platt & Scott.

  • A.G. DUNN
    Surnames: Dent, Dunn, Goltan, Parkin & Rodgers.

  • Dr. C.L. DUNN
    Surnames: Dunn & Hammett.

  • Francis Marion DUNN
    Surnames: Canfield, Dunn, Edmonds, Jenkins, Holaman & Wheeler.

  • Darcey E. DUNNE   County Clerk, 1891 & 1893.
    Surnames: Curry, Dunne, Pepperd & Strain.

  • Kit Herman DYKES
    Surnames: Allderdice, Cavender, Cline, Deewall, Dykes, Emmons, Ferrin, Kaupplia, Mcvey, Miller, Parcel, Richardson, Taylor, Thornburg & Wolf.




  • Jessie Mae (Grant) GADDIS
    Surnames: Allen, Burke, Cave, Gaddis, Grant, Willis & Woods.

    Founder of the town of Gallagher, Comanche County, Kansas.
    Surnames: Andrew, Bell, Bennet, Buck, Cavanaugh, Darling, Decker, Feltner, Gallagher, Gordon, Hovious, Hutcheson, Matthews, Roach, Sullivan, Williams & Winters.

  • Katie May GAMBLE
    Surnames: Beckett, Gamble, Hadley, Maris, Porter & Smith.

  • Alvin Hardy GARTEN
    Surnames: Anderson, Blount, Botts, Brewer, Crawford, Ehrlich, Garten, Griffith, Haas, Hartwell, Helton, Jackson, Klippert, Lowman, Overocker, Parker, Smith, Stewart, Whitzel, Williams & Wolf.

  • Billie H. GARTEN   WWII veteran
    Surnames: Adams, Bragg, Brinkmeyer, Connor, Fittro, Garten, Keller, King, Kramer, Massey, McDougal, McLain, Selig, Shaffer & Smith.

  • Comfort (Montgomery) GARTEN
    Surnames: Batman, Boshell, Austin, Bratcher, Hass, Garten, Klippert & Smith.

  • Esther (Street) GAYLORD
    Surnames: Gaylord, Mayes, Ragsdale, Rogers & Street.

  • Kate GATES
    Surnames: Gates.

  • Narcissus (Wright) GATES
    Surnames: Carthrae, Cline, Cole, Dodson, Downing, Darnell, Elliot, Gates, Greenler, Guizlo, Hitchcock, Jackson, Knecht, Oller, Overocker, Pepperd, Parcel, Todd, Wright & Zerby.

  • Louise Frances GEARHART
    Surnames: Christian, Flowers, Fravel, Gearhart and King.

  • Ralph GEORGE
    Surnames: George & McWilliams.

  • Evelyn GERMAN
    Surnames: German, Kelly & Stewart.

  • Roy & Jane (Holler) GERMAN
    Surnames: Bardot, Bird, Carey, Dale, German, Herd, Holler, Hopkins, Jarnagin, Martin, Miller, Riner, Selzer, Smith, Thornhill, Vaughan & Zane.

  • May (Avery) GILBERT
    Surnames: Avery & Gilbert.

  • Idress (Curran) GILCHRIST and son, John
    Surnames: Curran & Gilchrist.

  • Mrs. Fay GILES
    Surnames: Bonham, Everett, Giles, Pocock & Mourning.

  • J.T. GILES
    Surnames: Bonham, Butts, Gage, Giles, Outland & Tunis.

  • Theodore "Thed" Milton GILLET
    Surnames: Corr, Edwards, Gillet, Jackson, Jessup, Kuhl, Nokes, Reed, Robinson & Williams.

  • Loren O. GINDER
    Surnames: Abernethy, Alexander, Ginder & Handy.

  • Joseph M. GODDARD
    Surnames: Goddard.

  • Rebel E. "Reb" GODDARD
    A few Reminiscences of Pioneer Life in Comanche-co.
    Surnames: Andrews, Barclay, Beymer, Blake, Bowers, Butcher, Cade, Callaway, Cash, Chambers, Cline, Cook, Duncan, Eaton, Eckard, Goddard, Halliday, Holderby, Horn, Jackson, Jennings, Johnston, Kelley, Kelly, Kern, Kimple, Kirk, Larsh, Lobaugh, McCrory, McIntire, McIntyre, Moffett, Morrison, Murray, Mussett, Palmer, Pepperd, Post, Powell, Pyle, Rich, Sombart, Smith, Sultise, Taggart, Taylor, Tincher, Thornton, Torrey, Vickers, Widaman, Wilmore, Wright & Youmans.

  • Irene GOOD
    Surnames: Crumly, Giles, Good & Marty.

  • Douglas GOODRICH
    Surnames: Bratcher & Goodrich.

  • Ernst Loy GORDON
    Surnames: Barbee, Calhoun, Clark, Gordon, Hubbard, Miller & Wagner.

  • Alice Mae (Baker) GRACE
    Surnames: Baker, Booth, Cook, Grace, Hall, King, Peck, Redfield, Ring, Stanley, Trummel, White & Zeigler.

  • Jack Anthony GRACE
    Surnames: Dellinger, Grace, Hall, Horner, Hubbard, Masterson, McCorkle, McIntire, Moberley, Penick, Pendergraft, Thomas & White.

  • Mrs. R.A. GRAHAM
    Surnames: Graham & Robbins.

  • Aseneth (Richardson) GRANT
    Surname: Allyn, Burk, Cave, Eccles, Gaddis, Grant, Richardson, Sawyer, Templeton, Willis.

  • Herman GRAUERHOLZ   of Kensington, Kansas
    Surnames: Bierman, Bronson, Grauerholz, Moberly &Peterson.

  • Anna (Huffmaster) GRAY
    Surnames: Calloway, Crowe, Dodson, Gray, Herd, Huffmaster, McMillen, Newmark, Nimmo, Stafford, Woodsworth & Zerby.

  • Elmer Ellsworth GRAY
    Surnames: Black, Crawford, Dellinger, Gray, Logan & McElhany.

  • Pendleton GRAY, Stafford County, Kansas
    Surnames: Dykes, Gray & Ormer.

  • Rex Layne GRAY
    Surnames: Ambler, Dobbins, Gray, McCord, Thompson & Tobias.

  • Robert R. GRAY
    Surnames: Callaway, Crowe, Gray, Newmark, Moore, Tobias, Todd, Walliser & Zerby.

  • Donald R. "Cannonball" GREEN
    Founder of the Cannonball Stagecoach Line; father of Greensburg, Kansas.
    Surnames: Bloom, Duffield, Gless, Green, Mashburn, Parham, Sample & Stewart.

  • Duff GREEN
    Son of Cannonball Green Involved In Shooting Scrape, The Western Star, January 17, 1891.
    Surnames: Green, Lockert & Miles.

  • Margaret (Pepperd) GREENE
    Surnames: Greene & Pepperd.

  • Dorothy Virginia GREGG
    Surnames: Allerdice, Biddle, Boshell, Cummings, Gregg, Holmes, Janson, Korff, Robbins, Swisher & Zerby.

  • Philo & Lula Agnes (Metzker) GREGG
    Surnames: Allderdice, Alley, Barcelo, Booth, Burnette, Butcher, Cline, Crowe, Deewall, Einsel, Gates, Gregg, Guss, Jackson, Metzger, McIntyre, Pepperd, Platt, Smith, Stewart, Temple, Templin, White & York.

  • Kathleen GREGORY
    Kathleen is a volunteer researcher for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.
    Surnames: Gregory.

  • Christina Sadie (Booth) Wood GRIFFIN
    Surnames:Anderson, Baker, Benz, Booth, Burr, Gillet, Griffin, Hanna, Howard, Hubert, Maltby, Pelton, Pendergraft, Powell, Price, Pyle, Rockerfeller, Stearman, Trummel, Watson & Wood.

  • Charles A. GRIFFITH
    Surnames: Allard, Arnold, Bolesseau, Booth, Dodson, Fulton, Gates, Gregg, Griffith, Jarnagin, Kessee, Lohrentz, Parcel, Scholle, Slobohm & White.

  • Dr. Lee Roy GRIFFITH
    Surnames: Deck, Glenn, Gresham, Griffith, Harden, Harmon, Jones, Leeper, Long, Maris, Miller, Myers, Petty, Powell, Randall, Rowland & Sangster.

  • Lucinda F. GRIFFITH
    Surnames: Engler & Griffith.

  • Ensign William M. GRIFFITH, USN, KIA, June 19, 1944
    Surnames: Griffith, Seidel & Wilson.

  • J. Paul GROVE
    Surnames: Bickford, Cummins, Sisson & Vickers.

  • Ferrel (Taylor) GUIZLO
    Surnames: Brewer, Campbell, Carleton, Guizlo, Hazen, Markstom, McGinnis & Taylor.

  • Joseph GUIZLO
    Surnames: Guizlo, Manning & Stanley.

  • Claude GUSEMAN
    Surnames: Arnold, Guseman, King, Parker, Stubbs & Walker.

  • James Ferdinand "Ferdie" GUSEMAN
    Surnames: Arnold, Guseman & Johnson.

  • Oscar & Ellen (Curran) GUSEMAN
    Surnames: Arnold, Beeley, Corkhill, Curran, Currier, Dotson, Ehrlich, Fulton, Gates, Guseman, Hadley, Halstead, Mark, Murphy, Parcel, Richardson, Sorenson & Stewart.

  • Oliver & Sarah (Vorhis) GUSS
    Surnames: Brewer, Brown, Cozad, Guss, Hadley, Kopke, Maris, McMillen, Nokes, Taylor, Thomas, Vorhis, Wyrick & Zerby.

  • Theodore Earl & Dorothy Elaine (Martin) GUSS
    Surnames: Atteberry, Deewall, Ehrlich, Foster, Fuller, Gregg, Guss, Hadley, Maris, Martin, Matthew, Oller, Pavlik, Robbins, Smizer & Willard.

  • John GUYER
    Surnames: Carthrae, Cary, Ferrin, Gilchrist, Guyer, Keesee, Platt, Schrock, Schultz, Snare, Watkins & White.

  • William J. GUYER
    Surnames: Guyer.



  • Jennie INLOW of Clark County, Kansas
    Surnames: Brown, Inlow, Mayse, Potter, Short, Shupe & Taylor.

  • Mrs. David INMAN of Kiowa County, Kansas
    Surnames: Drew, Gray & Inman.



  • Ivan Richard KEESEE, Boatswain Mate 1st Class, U.S. Navy
    Surnames: Keesee.

  • Robert & Calla (Guyer) KEESEE
    Surnames: Guyer, Harbaugh, Hoffman, Hyder, Keesee, Kyser, Poer & Trabert.

  • Jacob KEHL
    Surnames: Feuhlin, Foreman, Hardlinger, Johnson, Kehl, Lightner, Noll, Peters, Pounds & Replogle.

  • Mary (Drummond) KEITH
    Surnames: Drummond, Haydock & Keith.

  • C.H. and Nancy E. (Cotney) KELLOG
    Surnames: Beeley, Cotney, Kellog & Ward.

  • KENDALL Infant
    Surnames: Kendall.

  • Grace KENNEDY
    Surnames: Kennedy, Lill, Shelley, Smith & Ware.

  • Kathlyn KENNEDY
    Surnames: Ely, Fry, Kennedy, Masterson, Nickleson & Ray.

  • Louisa Helen (McMillen) KENNEDY
    Surnames: Cannata, Dellenbach, Gill, Kennedy, McMillen, Nicholson, Retzlaff, Schmidt & Trummel.

  • Sarah Elizabeth (Smart) KENNEDY
    Surnames: Austin, Kennedy, Smart & Williams.

  • William Henry KENNEDY   WWI veteran
    Surnames: Baker, Barber, Bigger, Cobb, Dorsey, Evans, Ferrin, Kennedy, Masterson, McMillin, Moberley, Morrow, Ridge, Smith, Thornberry, Trummel, Van Vranken & Williams.

  • Emma KERN
    Surnames: Cele, Halliday, Kern & Murray.

  • Pat KIKER
    Surnames: Cheek, Kiker, Parcel & Robinson.

  • Charles Edward KILLILLAY
    Surnames: Counts, Cummings, Gillet, Killillay, Kindred, Kittell, Lawrence, Morris, Ridge, Schenk, Smith, Stewart, Teter & Walker.

  • Hannah Elsie (Weddle) KILLILLAY
    Surnames: Booth, Counts, Cummings, Day, Dorsey, Ferrin, Gunkle, Hecht, Holloway, Hufft, Killillay, Larimer, Masterson, Moberley, Nelson, Pepperd, Richardson, Ridge, Schenk, Smith, Stewart, Trummel, Underhill, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Weddle & Woods.

  • Alice Louise (Finney) KIMBERLY
    Surname: Alder, Carter, Cline, Finney, Herd, Kimberly, Klingensmith, Lemon, Newton, Richardson, Robinson, Roley, Seyfrit, Trummel, Uselman & White.

  • Celia Ann KIME
    Surname: Baker, Bigbee, Gould, Kime, Palmer, Ray, Richardson & Smith.

  • George Homer KIME
    Surname: Bennett, Davis, Cline, Ferrin, Kime, Larimer, Ridge, Rubenda, Smith, Trummel, Werner & Wright.

  • Madge KIMES
    Surname: Kimes.

  • William J. KIMES
    Surname: Carter & Kimes.

  • Frank A. KIMPLE
    "Some Early Day Experiences Recalled", The Western Star, July 4, 1924.
    Surname: Atteberry, Arnold, Avery, Bowers, Brown, Callaway, Cline, Cloud, Coles, Daves, Denniston, Dodson, Fulton, Kimple, King, Kirk, Kyle, Halliday, Lightner, McIntire, Morton, Mussett, Nicholas, Patterson, Peterson, Pounds, Thompson, Vickers, Weber, Weldon, White, & Wilson.

  • Genevieve KIMPLE
    Undated news clipping from The Ollie Hackney Clipping Collection.
    Surname: Kimple.

  • William H. KIMPLE
    Civil War Veteran
    Surname: Allderdice, Arnold, Coles, Cummings, Gilchrist, Griffith, Hall, Johnston, Kimple, Kirk, Kyle, Landess, Mahan, McIntyre, Noble, Rogers, Rumsey, Stephens, Torrey & Wright.

  • Jacob and Eva (Birig) KINDSVATER
    Surnames: Atkins, Baehm, Birig, Haas, Hadley, Hall, Harness, Howland, Huck, Kindsvater, McCulla, Novlan, Pepperd, Unruh, Van Tile, Williams & Wolf.

  • Nera Don & Helen Anna (Roehr) KING   WWI Veteran
    Surnames: Barlow, Beeley, Bert, Booth, Brown, Burt, Butcher, Chambers, Cooper, Cullins, Deewall, Demuth, Gary, Griffith, Hadley, Harris, Kearns, Keesee, King, Kopke, Lees, Legan, Matthew, McBride, McMillen, Nicholas, Parcel, Reed, Roehr, Sooter, Thompson, Wasinger, Willard, Whelpley.

  • Frank & Almada (Parker) KING
    Frank King was the last foreman of the famed Comanche Pool ranching operation.
    Surnames: Gard, Hill, King & Parker.

  • Almada (Parker) KING
    "Mrs. Frank King Is Another Pioneer"
    Surnames: Arrington, Atteberry, Beels, Blair, Colcord, Elliott, King, O'Connell, McDonald, McFadden, McLaughlin, McMoran & Parker.

  • Herbert F. KING   WWII Veteran
    Surnames: Hilt, King & Markham.

  • Pvt. Howard KING, US Army, KIA, June 18, 1944
    Surnames: King.

  • Nancy (Jarnagin) KING
    Surnames: King & Laughead.

  • Robert "Bob" KING
    Surnames: Blaine, Jarnagin, Kearns, King, McBride & Polton.

  • Paul L. KIRBY
    Surnames: Carrier, Glenn, Hackney, Kirby, Loucks & Plumb.

  • Alvin KIRK   WWI Veteran
    Surnames: Kirk.

  • David KIRK
    Surnames: Kirk, McCune, Rankin & Roberts.

  • Margaret H. (Rankin) KIRK
    Surnames: Kirk, Leonard, McCune, Means, Prather, Rankin, Rogers.

  • John Byron KITTELL
    Surnames: Coles, Hanson, Henderson, Kittell, McCorkle, Schmidt, Tucker & Wallace.

  • Thelma (McCorkle) KITTELL
    Surnames: Amador, Hansen, Hitz, Killillay, Kittell, McCorkle, Morris, Stewart, Teter & Wingate.

    Surnames: Klingenburg, Light, Miller & VanWey.

    Surnames: Klingensmith.

  • David Francis KLUTTZ
    Surnames: Atteberry, Booth, Brown, Bramlett, Cole, Guizlo, Jones, Klutz, Martin, Patterson, Preston, Purcell & Zerby.

  • James Lewis KLUTTZ
    Surnames: Bauer, Booth, Cole, Kluttz, McGinnis, Oller, Pitman, Preston, Smith & Tennyson.

  • Moses Alexander KLUTTZ   Confederate Civil War veteran
    Surnames: Booth, Burrill, Cole, Kluttz, Martin, Oller, Patterson & Preston.

  • KNECHT Infant
    Surnames: Knecht & Robbins.

  • Anna W. (Darnell) KNECHT
    Surnames: Burrill, Darnell, Garrett, Knecht, Marvel & Trummel.

  • Stephen KNECHT
    Surnames: Barnes, Burrill, Carthrae, Duncan, Kaercher, Knecht, Osman, Overocker, Shumway, Stark, Todd, Tompkins & Zellers.

  • Charles & Cordelia (Fitzgerald) KOCHER
    Surnames: Fitzgerald, Kocher & Long.

  • Dr. Robert C. KORFF
    Surnames: Allderdice, Barker, Booth, Botts, Brewer, Caywood, Cooper, Ehrlich, Fulton, Jennings, Korff, Lidikey, Maag, Matthew, Morton, Myers, Phebus, Plank, Reiss, Schultz, Shelley, Smizer, Steele, Swaim, Swisher & White.

  • George KUHN
    Surnames: Chitty & Kuhn.

  • Anton KURZ
    Surnames: Doty, Dziemian, Fross, Hall, Johnson, Kurz, Mahoney & Neukirch.

  • Jacob KURZ
    Surnames: Allderdice, Brewer, Diaz, Darroch, Deubler, Guizlo, Hall, Helton, Jackson, Keesler, Kurz, Landess, McMoran, Oller, Parker, Phebus, Rich, Shelley, Swaim, Sunderland, White, Williams, Wolf & Zerby.





  • Earl O'CONNELL
    Surnames: Botorff, Brass, Brown, Butcher, Ferguson, Jackson, Fleming, Hecht, Hodges, Hoofer, Justis, O'Connell, Plaine, McCoy, Miller, Parker, Pepperd & Peterie.

  • Emmett Lloyd ODELL
    Surnames: Freeland, Gill, Odell, Sims, Smith, Street & Thompson.

  • A.C. OLLER
    Surnames: Bryant & Oller.

  • Staff Sergeant Clarence OLLER, U.S. Army, KIA February 2, 1945.
    Surnames: Burton, Darroch, Oller & Plachinski.

  • Roy William OLLER
    Surnames: Darroch, Dorsey, Oller & Robinson.

  • William & Elidah (Heaton) OLLER
    Surnames: Heaton, Murray, Mussett & Oller.

  • Wilbur OLSON
    Recollections of Ranchs and Ranching in the Comanche County area.
    Surnames: Alley, Anderson, Arrington, Brass, Burrton, Cromer, Davis, Duesse, Dunn, Dyers, Eldred, Ewell, Fulton, Gregory, Hodge, Hogar, Holmes, Ishmael, Justice, Lynn, May, Merrill, Motz, Newlin, Nolan, Olson, Platt, Revert, Rudolph, Scherich, Selman, Temple & Wheat.

  • E. Loyd "Slim" ORR   Former Mayor of Coldwater
    Surnames: Abston, Andrews, Barnard, Cain, Dugan, Hughes, Martin, Masters, Meyer, Orr, Roper, Snyder, Sooter, Thomas, Wasinger.

  • Pearl Craig ORR
    Surnames: Craig, Miltz, Nonneman, Orr, Osman & Smith.

    Surnames: Cade , Cash, Osborne & Willis.

  • Lois Irene OSBORNE
    Surnames: Osborne & Stuckler.

  • Donald Jay OVEROCKER   Sheriff of Comanche County
    Surnames: Allen, Atteberry, Boisseau, Clark, Haas, Klepinger, McIntyre, Mendenhall, Mundell, Oller, Overocker, Robbins, St. Clair, Swisher, Winters, Wolf.

  • Eva B. (Heaton) OVEROCKER
    Surnames: Allderdice, Booth, Deewall, Dryden, Haas, Hawes, Heaton, Jackson, Lohrding, Mahan, McHugh, Miller, Overocker, Poltera, Rich, Smith & Wolf.












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