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1883 List of Patrons for the Edwards Atlas of Sumner County Kansas
Information transcribed and donated by SCHGS Members

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     This is an alphabetical listing of the “List of Patrons” from the 1883 Edwards Historical Atlas of Sumner Co., showing their Post Office address, township and section they lived in, occupation, place of birth and the year they settled in the county.  Rather than being a list of all the residents or land owners in the county, it is evidently a list of those who had supported the publishing of the atlas, but it should be a helpful source of information about those who were included.

     The townships are listed according to their names in the atlas for the township and range numbers.  Below is a listing of the names given in the atlas, the legal description, and the current names.  The three miles across the southern end of the county (T35S) was the Cherokee Strip, the pathway of the tribe to their western hunting grounds.


Belle Plaine (north) T30S R1E Belle Plaine Illinois T30S R2W Illinois
Belle Plaine (south) T31S R1E Harmon Sumner T31S R2W Sumner
Avon T32S R1E Avon Osborn T32S R2W Osborn
Greene T33S R1E Greene Downs T33S R2W Downs
Guelph (north) T34S R1E Guelph Falls (north) T34S R2W Falls
Guelph (south) T35S R1E Guelph Falls (south) T35S R2W Falls
Gore T30S R2E Gore Conway T30S R3W Conway
Palestine T31S R2E Palestine Springdale (east) T31S R3W Springdale
Oxford T32S R2E Oxford Ryan T32S R3W Ryan
Val Verde T33S R2E Valverde Chikaskia T33S R3W Chicaskia
Walton (north) T34S R2E Walton Caldwell (north) T34S R3W Caldwell
Walton (south) T35S R2E Walton Caldwell (south) T35S R3W Caldwell
London T30S R1W London Eden T30S R4W Eden
Seventy Six T31S R1W Seventy Six Springdale (west) T31S R4W Creek
Wellington T32S R1W Wellington Dixon T32S R4W Dixon
Jackson T33S R1W Jackson Morris T33S R4W Morris
South Haven (north) T34S R1W South Haven Bluff (north) T34S R4W Bluff
South Haven (south) T35S R1W South Haven Bluff (south) T35S R4W Bluff

  Names listed in Alphabetical order.

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Information transcribed and donated by SCHGS Members
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