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1883 List of Patrons for the Edwards Atlas of Sumner County Kansas
Information transcribed and donated by Della Shafer

Daily, James London London 12 Farmer and Stock Raiser Pennsylvania 1871
Dalley, J. F. Belle Plaine Palestine 4 Farmer Ohio 1871
Dand, J. W. Mulvane Belle Plaine (north) 12 Farmer, Stock Raiser and Dealer Canada 1879
Daniels, J. J. Oxford Palestine 26 Farmer Indiana 1871
Darby, Wm. Belle Plaine Belle Plaine (south) 2 Farmer West Virginia 1870
Darnell, H. L. Mulvane Gore 22 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ohio 1876
Davenport, G. F. Wellington Wellington 14 Photographer Ohio 1877
Davidson, H. H. Wellington Wellington 14 Hardware Dealer Kentucky 1872
Davis, Chas. G. Caldwell Caldwell (north) 31 Farmer and Gardener Pennsylvania 1877
Davis, J. B. Rome Jackson 33 Farmer Illinois 1873
Davis, J. H. Rome Jackson 21 Farmer Illinois 1873
Davis, John M. London London 36 Farmer and Minister Indiana 1876
Davis, R. B. Rome Jackson 27 Farmer Illinois 1873
Dawson, Daniel Caldwell Caldwell (north) 15 Farmer, Fruit and Stock Raiser New Jersey 1876
Day, E. J. Wellington Wellington 14 Liveryman New York 1877
De Lesdernier, Wm. Geuda Walton (north) 1 Proprietor "Mekechee House" Texas 1882
Dean, John Bitter Creek Walton (south) 2 Farmer, Stock Raiser and Post Master Ohio 1872
Dear, H. L. Wellington Sumner 33 Farmer and Stock Raiser Missouri 1876
Dedrick, M. P. Belle Plaine Belle Plaine (south) 3 Farmer New York 1875
Denny, J. P. Wellington Wellington 14 Miller Pennsylvania 1882
Desart, E. M. Rome Jackson 16 Farmer Illinois 1878
Deshane, Paul Caldwell Caldwell (south) 9 Farmer, Fruit Grower and Stock Raiser Canada West 1870
Deshler, C. H. Wellington Avon 34 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ohio 1871
Dobson, John Caldwell Caldwell (south) 2 Dealer in Farm Implements Nova Scotia 1882
Dodson, R. H. South Haven South Haven (south) 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Kentucky 1871
Donahue, A. R. Clear Dale Guelph (north) 12 Merchant Iowa 1878
Donahue, H. J. Clear Dale Guelph (north) 1 Merchant Iowa 1872
Donaldson, Sim. Caldwell Caldwell (south) 2 Post Master Ohio 1872
Dorsett, D. W. Belle Plaine Belle Plaine (south) 22 Farmer North Carolina 1871
Dorsett, J. B. Oxford Oxford 3 Farmer and Stock Raiser North Carolina 1871
Douglass, Stacy B. Wellington Wellington 14 County Clerk Ohio 1872
Drummond, J. B. Mulvane Gore 22 Farmer, Architect and Builder New York 1870
Dryer, H. H. Wellington Jackson 16 Farmer and Engineer Illinois 1878
Dunbar, W. H. Milan Morris 13 Farmer and Plasterer Kentucky 1876
Duncan, J. R. Sunny Slope Conway 27 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ohio 1877
Dunham, Sarah Wellington London 35 Farmer New York 1872
Dyer, John A. W. Mulvane Gore 6 Farmer West Virginia 1871
Eddy, J. S. Argonia Morris 12 Farmer Illinois 1882
Eddy, Wm. H. Argonia Dixon 22 Farmer Illinois 1882
Edrington, G. I. London Belle Plaine (north) 19 Farmer Kentucky 1876
Edwards, Wm. T. Sunny Slope Springdale (east) 3 Farmer Kentucky 1876
Egleston, H. N. Belle Plaine Belle Plaine (south) 24 Farmer New York 1872
Eiklor, John Concord Greene 29 Farmer and Stock Dealer Illinois 1878
Elliott, D. W. Clear Dale Walton (north) 16 Farmer and Township Treasurer Ohio 1877
Elliott, W. P. Clear Dale Walton (north) 19 Farmer and Stock Raiser Pennsylvania 1872
Epperson, G. M. Belle Plaine Palestine 6 Farmer Indiana 1874
Epperson, J. S. Wellington Avon 3 Farmer and Stock Raiser Kentucky 1872
Evans, Lee Mayfield Osborn 18 Farmer North Carolina 1876
Farquharson, A. O. Geuda Val Verde 16 Farmer and Stock Raiser Canada 1872
Feagins, D Arkansas City Walton (south) 14 Farmer and Stock Raiser Ohio 1877
Fisher, Geo. Belle Plaine Palestine 21 Farmer Pennsylvania 1872
Fisher, I. J. Belle Plaine Palestine 16 Farmer Ohio 1877
Fitz Hugh, Wm. H. Wellington Seventy Six 27 Farmer Maryland 1877
Flandro, Chas. E. Wellington Wellington 14 Merchant Missouri 1874
Fletcher, Mary M. Caldwell Caldwell (south) 9 Farmer and Fruit Grower Indiana 1874
Fletcher, R. Mayfield Ryan 36 Farmer Vermont 1877
Folks, J. B. Milan Chicaskia 9 Farmer and Stock Raiser Maryland 1878
Forney, A. G. Belle Plaine Palestine 7 Farmer, Stock Raiser and Dealer Ohio 1871
Forney, J. H. Belle Plaine Gore 32 Miller Ohio 1878
Forney, J. W. Belle Plaine Belle Plaine (north) 35 Attorney-at-Law Ohio 1871
Foss, S. H. Denver, Col. Walton (north) 7 Stock Dealer Maine


Foster, John Hurst Falls (north) 6 Farmer Indiana 1874
Foulk, W. R. Belle Plaine Belle Plaine (north) 35 Wagon Maker North Carolina 1879
Fox, C. W. Rome Jackson 22 Farmer Illinois 1874
Freeman, Mrs. E. Albion Dixon 19 Farmer Kentucky 1876
Freeman, R. Udall Palestine 13 Farmer and Stock Raiser New York 1870
Fultz, Geo. R. Wellington Wellington 14 Real Estate Broker Pennsylvania 1873
Funderburk, Jas. Wellington Jackson 33 Farmer Tennessee 1883
Funk, Wm. Wellington Avon 30 Farmer and Stock Raiser Kentucky 1871

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Information transcribed and donated by Della Shafer.
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