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Alphabetical List of Landowners from the


Atlas of Decatur County Kansas

Copyrighted 1949 by George Nellans 

Surnames S-T

Last name First name Section Township
Sage James R. 23 Summit
Sage James R. 24 Summit
Sage James Sr. 13 Summit
Sater Wilbur 23 Harlan
Sauvage  W. W. 35 Beaver
Sauvage W. 36 Liberty
Sauvage W. W. 8 Olive
Sauvage W. W. 17 Olive
Sauvage W. W. 26 Olive
Sauvage W. W. 27 Olive
Sauvage W. W. 11 Oberlin
Sauvage W. W. 13 Oberlin
Sauvage W. W. 23 Oberlin
Sauvage W. W. 24 Oberlin
Sauvage W. W. 26 Oberlin
Sauvage W. W. 7 Bassettville
Sauvage W. W. 14 Bassettville
Sauvage W. W. 23 Bassettville
Sauvage W. W. 32 Bassettville
Sauvage W. W. 34 Bassettville
Sawyer Burton 34 Custer
Sawyer Guy 34 Custer
Sawyer Guy C. 3 Dresden
Sawyer J. B. 34 Custer
Sawyer Jennie 20 Custer
Sayles John 13 Altory
Scheen Effie 2 Pleasant Valley
Scheetz Arthur 3 Allison
Scheetz Arthur 4 Allison
Scheweder Alma 22 Center
Schieferecke Bernard 34 Dresden
Schissler M. M. 26 Finley
Schissler M. M. and John 29 Finley
Schmahl Esther 21 Cook
Schmahl H. J. 22 Cook
Schmahl Herman 36 Liberty
Schmahl Herman and Esther 3 Center
Schmierer A. etal. 6 Logan
Schmitt Elizabeth and N. A. 25 Pleasant Valley
Schmitt Elizabeth and N. A. 36 Pleasant Valley
Schmitt N. A. 34 Pleasant Valley
Schmitt N. A. 35 Pleasant Valley
Schmitt N. A. and Elizabeth 33 Garfield
Schneider Elva 35 Grant
Schoen Effie 14 Pleasant Valley
Schreiber Carl and Clara 16 Finley
Schreiber Carl and Wife 21 Finley
Schroeder Victor G. etal. 20 Altory
Schroeder Victor G. etal. 29 Altory
Schroer Francis J. and Erlene M. 23 Dresden
Schroer George 26 Dresden
Schroer George 27 Dresden
Schroer James W. 27 Dresden
Schultz Theo. 5 Oberlin
Schultz Theo.  est. 8 Oberlin
Schultz Theodore est. 7 Oberlin
Schultz Theodore est. 13 Sappa
Schutz Emma B. 36 Pleasant Valley
Schweitzenberger Darl R. 14 Liberty
Schweitzenberger Darl R. 22 Liberty
Scott G. H. 22 Liberty
Scott G. H. 35 Liberty
Scott Henry B. 11 Olive
Scott J. S. 22 Liberty
Scott Neil 21 Pleasant Valley
Scott Paul 9 Liberty
Scott Paul 16 Liberty
Scott Paul and Frieda 20 Liberty
Scott Rodney 25 Allison
Scott Rodney 26 Allison
Scott Rodney 35 Allison
Scott Rodney 36 Allison
Screen James P. 26 Sappa
Screen James P. 1 Bassettville
Screen James P. 3 Bassettville
Screen James P. 11 Bassettville
Sears Cora 12 Lyon
Sears Otha 18 Cook
Sears Ruben 18 Cook
Seavey Frieda 31 Sappa
Seely Marion and Helen 3 Prairie Dog
Selby Edith 20 Olive
Self Harvey and Helen 29 Bassettville
Self Harvey and Helen 32 Bassettville
Sewell C. D. 29 Lyon
Sewell Claude 17 Lyon
Sewell Claude D. 29 Lyon
Sewell Murrell and Wife 17 Lyon
Sewell Murrell and Wife 19 Lyon
Sewell R. D. 32 Lyon
Sharp Isaiah 34 Lincoln
Sharp Isaiah 20 Garfield
Shaw Elmer 28 Prairie Dog
Shaw Elmer 29 Prairie Dog
Shaw Elmer 33 Prairie Dog
Shaw Guy W. 29 Liberty
Shaw John N. 12 Harlan
Shaw Lawrence 32 Prairie Dog
Shaw Vada and Clyde 7 Center
Shearer Clara 5 Allison
Shearer Glenn A. and Wife 1 Lyon
Shellenberger Verne 14 Roosevelt
Shepherd Kate 19 Garfield
Shick Preston 25 Grant
Shields Ed 27 Summit
Shields Ed. 11 Cook
Shields Edward 1 Cook
Shields Edward 8 Cook
Shimek William F. 10 Allison
Shimek Wm. F. and Ellen 15 Allison
Shimmick Chas. 14 Lyon
Shimmick Frank and Joseph 33 Altory
Shimmick Frank est. 14 Jennings
Shimmick Frank est. 15 Jennings
Shimmick Frank est. 16 Jennings
Shimmick John est. 16 Jennings
Shimmick Jos. 16 Jennings
Shimmick Lillian 31 Custer
Shipley Fay and Merle 36 Roosevelt
Shipley R. E. and Gerald 36 Allison
Shirley Frank 8 Lincoln
Shirley M. G. 7 Lincoln
Shirley M. G. 17 Lincoln
Shirley Manley G. 17 Lincoln
Shirley Willis and Sultana 4 Lincoln
Shirley Willis and Sultana 9 Lincoln
Shoenning Fannie D. 17 Cook
Shuler G. L. 20 Prairie Dog
Shuler Newell 17 Prairie Dog
Siegenthaler John and Grace 24 Cook
Sigenthaler Grace 4 Olive
Silvers Katie 19 Finley
Simmons D. E. 15 Altory
Simmons D. E. 16 Altory
Simo. E. 2 Oberlin
Simon Algo LeRoy 36 Dresden
Simon B. J. 31 Lyon
Simonson Lafe and Milda 10 Finley
Simonsson Carl  A. 14 Prairie Dog
Simonsson Carl A. 26 Prairie Dog
Simonsson Edgar 28 Center
Simonsson Edgar W. 33 Center
Simonsson John 14 Prairie Dog
Simonsson John A. 36 Prairie Dog
Simorick Joe 29 Summit
Simpson Albert 14 Lyon
Simpson D. 5 Summit
Simpson Diadamie est. 8 Oberlin
Simpson Harry 30 Pleasant Valley
Simpson Heirs of Mark 12 Jennings
Simpson Sarah 4 Allison
Simpson Sarah 1 Jennings
Simpson Sarah 11 Jennings
Simpson Sarah 13 Jennings
Simpson Sarah 7 Custer
Simpson Veronica 13 Dresden
Skiles L. C. and Bernice 17 Cook
Skiles L. C. and Bernice 18 Cook
Skubal James 33 Jennings
Skubal R. L. 35 Jennings
Skubal R. L. 36 Jennings
Skubal R. L. 9 Lyon
Skubal Vencil 4 Lyon
Smallberger Andrew est. 4 Sherman
Smallberger Andrew est. 5 Sherman
Smick Ervin 24 Summit
Smick Fay 19 Custer
Smick Fay and Essie 27 Sherman
Smick Fay D. 9 Olive
Smick Faye 14 Liberty
Smick Lois 5 Custer
Smith E. and Rosa 26 Custer
Smith Eldon 19 Custer
Smith Everett and George 31 Olive
Smith Everett and George 24 Liberty
Smith Everett and George 25 Liberty
Smith Everett and George 36 Liberty
Smith Harry W. 11 Garfield
Smith John A. and Wife 13 Summit
Smith Pearl etal. 21 Garfield
Smith Pearl etal. 28 Garfield
Snyder Clifford and Dorothy 11 Roosevelt
Snyder Mary 14 Cook
Snyder Stella 7 Olive
Snyder Stella 36 Beaver
Soderlund Dean 4 Altory
Soderlund Dean 9 Altory
Soderlund W. A. 2 Altory
Soderlund W. E. and Alice 35 Roosevelt
Soderlund Walter 3 Altory
Soderlund Walter A. 34 Roosevelt
Soderlund Wm. 5 Altory
Solko V. J. 7 Sappa
Southard F. C. and Wife 4 Center
Southard Viola 32 Olive
Southwick Homer J. and Phillip C. 17 Sherman
Southwick Homer J. and Phillip C. 20 Sherman
Spatz W. H. 32 Center
Spear Eva M. 26 Custer
Spence E. E. 29 Bassettville
Spiers R. W. 11 Center
Spiers Robert 30 Roosevelt
Spiers Robert 12 Center
Spohrer A. J. 25 Allison
Spohrer Clara 25 Allison
Stacey Lowell 8 Pleasant Valley
Standfast Anna 28 Allison
Standfast Anna 34 Allison
Standfast F. 27 Allison
Standfast F. 34 Allison
Standfast Fannie 27 Allison
Standfast John 28 Allison
Standfast John 33 Allison
Standfast John 34 Allison
Standfast Rosa 28 Allison
Standfast Rosa 34 Allison
Stapp Donald 9 Lincoln
Stapp Donald and Wife 8 Lincoln
Stapp Iva 13 Lincoln
Stapp Iva O. 12 Lincoln
Stapp R. A. 13 Lincoln
Stapp R. J. 21 Grant
Stapp R. J. 28 Lincoln
Stapp Ray J. 22 Lincoln
Stapp Roy 8 Lincoln
Starlin Belle 25 Summit
Starlin Belle 36 Summit
State of Kansas   29 Olive
State of Kansas   31 Olive
State of Kansas   32 Olive
State of Kansas   26 Liberty
Steele Curtis 27 Liberty
Steele G. A. 25 Sherman
Steele O. B. 33 Allison
Steffen Henry 34 Altory
Steffen Henry 35 Altory
Steffen Marie 32 Altory
Steffen Marie 34 Altory
Stegeman Michael 35 Dresden
Steier Herbert and Florence 7 Finley
Steier Paul 6 Finley
Steiner Carl 17 Finley
Steiner Geo. 29 Finley
Steiner Geo. 30 Finley
Steiner George 20 Finley
Steiner John 8 Finley
Steiner John 17 Finley
Steinmetz Sam 4 Center
Steinmetz Sam 5 Center
Stephens Angeline 12 Finley
Stephens C. B. 26 Pleasant Valley
Stephens Charles 5 Center
Stephens Gil. And Clara 22 Pleasant Valley
Stephens Levi 24 Pleasant Valley
Stephens Mel. 26 Pleasant Valley
Stephenson Glenn H. etal 36 Lyon
Stevens Owen 25 Roosevelt
Stevenson Carol M. etal. 5 Beaver
Stevenson Carol M. etal. 8 Beaver
Stimbert John 2 Oberlin
Stiner Charley and Kura 29 Olive
Stiner Vernal 5 Olive
Stiner Vernal 6 Olive
Stoney John 27 Bassettville
Stoney M. F. 27 Olive
Stowell S. O. 12 Oberlin
Stramel Paul 8 Allison
Streit Henry F. 13 Allison
Strevey Guy 2 Garfield
Strevey Guy R. 12 Garfield
Strohwig Frank 31 Oberlin
Strohwig Frank 6 Summit
Strohwig Frank 7 Summit
Stroup H. F. 34 Allison
Stroup H. F. 35 Allison
Stroup Jennie 34 Allison
Swedish Evan. Mission Fr. Church Assn.   32 Summit
Swisher Ella 17 Allison
Synold Artie P. 18 Harlan
Tacha E. 34 Jennings
Tacha Earl 26 Jennings
Tacha Ellen 31 Altory
Tacha Elmer and Helen 19 Pleasant Valley
Tacha Elmer and Helen 20 Pleasant Valley
Tacha Harry L. 27 Jennings
Tacha John est. 19 Pleasant Valley
Tacha John est. 36 Jennings
Tacha Julius 18 Pleasant Valley
Tacha Julius 19 Pleasant Valley
Tacha Julius 20 Pleasant Valley
Tacha Mary etal. 22 Jennings
Tacha Mary etal. 25 Jennings
Tacha Mary etal. 27 Jennings
Tacha Theo. Est. 22 Jennings
Tacha Theo. Est. 26 Jennings
Tacha Theo. Est. 34 Jennings
Tacha Theo. Est. 35 Jennings
Tally Allie A. 34 Liberty
Tally Earl 3 Summit
Tally Earl E. 4 Summit
Tally Earl E. 5 Summit
Tally Earl E. and Nina 21 Liberty
Tally Earl E. and Nina 28 Liberty
Tally Guy 8 Beaver
Tally Rarl E. 9 Summit
Taylor Mary A. 35 Lyon
Taylor Mary A. 35 Custer
Taylor Mary A. 14 Dresden
Taylor W. E. and Ida 10 Grant
Thiesen Peter 11 Allison
Thir George 17 Finley
Thir George 18 Finley
Thir George Sr. 7 Finley
Thomas George M. 24 Sherman
Thomas John H. 5 Harlan
Thomas Victoria 33 Sherman
Thompson Myrtle 29 Olive
Thomsen Clarice 30 Summit
Thomsen Thomas 1 Olive
Thomsen Thomas and Ione 18 Lincoln
Thomsen Thomas and Ione 13 Roosevelt
Tice Floyd 27 Lyon
Tice Floyd 28 Lyon
Tice Grace A. 23 Prairie Dog
Tilden G. F. 9 Oberlin
Tilden G. M. 9 Oberlin
Tilden G. M. 16 Oberlin
Tilden G. M. 23 Summit
Tilden L. C. 3 Jennings
Tilden L. C. 7 Custer
Tilden L. C. 22 Oberlin
Tilden L. C. est. 27 Oberlin
Tilden L. J. 10 Jennings
Tilden Leslie etal. 32 Center
Tilden M. G. 21 Oberlin
Tippin Argyle 32 Beaver
Tolle J. O. 34 Grant
Tolle James 15 Lincoln
Tolle James O. 10 Lincoln
Tongish Anna 19 Beaver
Tongish Anna 24 Sappa
Tongish Anna 25 Sappa
Tongish J. 25 Finley
Tongish R. D. 24 Sappa
Tongish R. D. 25 Sappa
Torleumke Henry 17 Liberty
Torleumke Henry 18 Liberty
Torleumke Henry 28 Liberty
Torleumke Louise 35 Beaver
Torleumke Louise 36 Sappa
Torleumke Walter 7 Olive
Torleumke Walter 17 Liberty
Torleumke Walter 30 Liberty
Torleumke Walter 35 Liberty
Townsend Denzil and Neva 13 Sherman
Townsend Nellie 22 Harlan
Trimble James 32 Prairie Dog
Trombla C. L. and Minnie 7 Sherman
Trombla C. L. and Minnie 18 Sherman
Trombla C. L. and Minnie 19 Sherman
Trommeter A. 30 Dresden
Trommeter Anthony P. 29 Dresden
Trommeter Anthony P. 32 Dresden
Trommeter Joseph 35 Prairie Dog
Tucek Joseph est. 24 Altory
Tuggle George R. 24 Lyon
Tutt Frank and Annie 26 Logan
Tuttle L. H. 10 Beaver




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