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 Newsletters for the boys in Military Service
 World War II

News about you and your friends, 
about the Decatur Community High School and Decatur County.

Edited and compiled by Marian E. Cathcart, Oberlin, Kansas.

These newsletters were sent each month to the men and women that were serving our country from Decatur County during WWII.  Marian E. Cathcart compiled and typed the 300+ newsletters that were sent out.   Having visited with several of the men that were in the service at that time these newsletters were greatly appreciated and were something they looked forward to receiving.   We want to thank Joy Votapka niece of Marian Cathcart for giving us permission to put them out for all to enjoy.   A BIG thank you to Suzanne Kannarr for her time and effort in transcribing these newsletters for the web site.  From these newsletters we can learn a lot about what was going on in Decatur County, and the men and women serving our country during war time.

About Marian E. Cathcart

 May 10, 1942

We do NOT have a copy of June 1942

 July 10, 1942 

 August 10, 1942

September 10, 1942

October 10, 1942

November 10, 1942

December 10, 1942

January 10, 1943

 February 10, 1943  

March 10, 1943 

April 10, 1943

June 10, 1943 

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