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Dickinson County Marriages, 1908

Kingon, Inis J. and Handley, Mamie married 01/01/08

Kaufman, Alex and Schefer, Amelia married 01/03/08

Leaber, Fred and Homan, Mary married 01/03/08

Brewer, Albert and Shirack, Bertha married 01/14/08

Miller, Peter and Berett, Alice married 01/14/08

Allgood, Ernest S. and Wolf, Elizabeth married 01/15/08

Volkmann, Edward W. and Westrup, Rose A. married 01/15/08

Cooley, Ralph B. and Cress, Myrtle E. married 01/22/08

Michener, Chester A. and Barnes, Gussie M. married 01/22/08

Westrup, Louis C. and Brehm, Luella R. married 01/22/08

Sidler, Frank Wright and Pile, Alice Rodney married 01/23/08

Karr, Ernest F. and Lash, Harriett E. married 01/26/08

Westrup, Albert and Gugler, Lydia A. married 01/29/08

Kruger, John and Aschenbremer, Lizzie married 02/01/08

Kittle, Robert George and McKillip, Murtle Orpha married 02/06/08

Mitchell, Thomas and Dalrymple, Clara A. married 02/06/08

Eiselein, Frederick S. and Lockhart, Margaret married 02/09/08

Carley, J. R. and Burns, Ida married 02/12/08

Seeley, Charles M. and John, Bertha married 02/12/08

Boepple, John and Boepple, Magdelena married 02/13/08

Wiles, John S. and Lenhart, Anna Mary married 02/18/08

Cribbett, William and Pierce, Lea Eloise married 02/19/08

Riordan, John B. and Cafferty, Mabel married 02/19/08

Carby, Edgar and Cole, Jessie O. married 02/22/08

Ziebell, Fred and Albright, Anna married 02/23/08

Heck, Lot P. and Huber, Roberta married 02/26/08

Pleisce, John and Hutchison, Elizabeth Gertrude married 02/26/08

Young, Thomas and Beadsley, Laura Belle married 02/26/08

Loy, A. W. and Hegearty, Hattie married 02/28/08

Stout, William F. and Scott, Clara M. married 02/29/08

Hawthorne, David C. and Dolan, Marie F. married 03/03/08

Burns, John Charles and Gfeller, Lydia Louise married 03/06/08

Flake, William and Sountag, Emma married 03/06/08

Lehman, Samuel Z. and Brechbill, May E. married 03/06/08

Weber, William and Rohrer, Margaret married 03/09/08

Friedley, Casper and Muellor, Lizzie married 03/11/08

Kell, Henry and Waizel, Maggie married 03/15/08

Walters, L. E. and Harris, Nora P. married 03/16/08

Gould, Charles A. and Gibson, Nannie married 03/18/08

Hertzog, William H. and Kohler, Lillian N. married 03/18/08

Purdum, R. V. and Hogan, Sarah married 03/19/08

Schultz, John and Staatz, Hulda married 03/25/08

Morton, Roy E. and Van Ostand, Myrtle M. married 03/26/08

Winters, Edward and Freeman, Sophonia married 03/27/08

Gimbell, Henry and Wendt, Emma married 03/29/08

McPeek, A. W. and Gill, Lelia E. married 03/31/08

White, Oscar E. and Rees, Jessie married 04/02/08

Caldwell, George and Lasy, Evy married 04/03/08

Elliott, Luther E. and Milleson, Alice E. married 04/03/08

Huiett, Frank and Mason, Laura married 04/03/08

Meuli, Henry and Kesler, Sadie married 04/03/08

Murphy, Walter Almonte and Wilsey, Ada Estella married 04/03/08

Schurr, Albert F. and Stanmeyer, Wilhemina married 04/10/08

Copper, Roy and Bradley, Bertha Mae married 04/11/08

Ran, Peter and Worster, Kate married 04/11/08

Whitteker, John E. and Call, Merle married 04/11/08

Long, Albert C. and Demusseman, Alta married 04/14/08

Swigart, Jesse C. and Taylor, Myrtle M. married 04/14/08

Hozt, Edward A. and Fyls, S. Anna married 04/16/08

Wetzel, Mervie and Kramer, Stella married 04/22/08

Cain, Edward and Goff, Adah married 04/27/08

McCarty, Charles A. and Cudney, Bessie Mack married 04/27/08

Bennett, William and Simmers, Stella married 04/29/08

Peters, Richard and Schultz, Martha married 04/29/08

Root, William F. and Sprecker, Amanda M. married 04/29/08

Edwards, Floyd F. and Sunderland, Mary H. married 05/01/08

Ingalls, L. A. and Coffenberger, E. May married 05/02/08

Barnes, Samuel Edward and Dicks, Lottie Belle married 05/04/08

Durbin, Raymond and Slacker, Blanche married 05/05/08

Pickett, Will B. and Skiles, Anna I. married 05/05/08

Kinderdick, Louis M. and Hersh, Nellie B. married 05/08/08

Minick, Fred B. and Picking, Effie married 05/08/08

Buhrer, Thedore M. and Knopp, Anna married 05/11/08

Neel, Joseph Synder and Randall, Margaret Lenora married 05/12/08

Chalker, Charles and Schmid, Anna married 05/14/08

Hayes, Claude F. and Demington, Victoria married 05/18/08

Boyer, Earl Cleotins and Biehler, Bessie Josephine married 05/19/08

Taylor, R. Edgar and Smith, Mary C. married 05/19/08

Pierce, William Everett and Hassler, Ida May married 05/20/08

Sherfy, Ernest F. and Strohm, Effie married 05/20/08

Holmes, Clarence William and Harlon, Mamie Pearl married 05/25/08

Hackney, Herbert C. and Hutton, Ethel E. married 05/30/08

Henderickson, Oscar F. and Schmidt, Ida L. married 06/02/08

Glanz, Henry and Green, Grist married 06/04/08

Hammar, Ira W. and Kepner, Bessie M. married 06/05/08

Rice, Jackson A. and Gulick, Ethel married 06/05/08

Rindt, Robert F. and Merritt, Ella married 06/05/08

Spaulding, C. C. and Osbourn, Anna married 06/06/08

Williams, John F. and Mahan, Ida married 06/07/08

Ashcraft, Henry W. and Keyser, Lucy M. married 06/08/08

Carr, Charles F. and Sprecher, Emma married 06/08/08

Latimer, Louis P. and Williams, Edna M. married 06/09/08

Blood, John F. and Buck, Julia N. married 06/11/08

Glantz, John and Hilderman, Anna married 06/12/08

Dean, Jesse E. and Cammeron, Florence E. married 06/13/08

Baer, Charles Ray and Dobbins, Margaret A. married 06/17/08

Chase, Frank L. and Book, Laura N. married 06/17/08

Conklin, Earl D. and Parks, Clara Bell married 06/17/08

Gunther, Conard Charles and Munsell, Alice Violetta married 06/17/08

O'Connor, Charles D. and Ryan, Mary Josephine married 06/17/08

Shaw, John Jr. and Law, Opal married 06/17/08

Eddie, Novah T. and Kugler, Blanche L. married 06/18/08

Lauer, William F. and Tichenor, Mary E. married 06/22/08

Willis, Orville A. and Powell, Etta Estella married 06/23/08

Douglas, Elmer E. and Reeves, Ida May married 06/24/08

Law, Clarence Betram and Dixon, Ella Hill married 06/24/08

Payne, Howard M. and Horner, Mary E. married 06/24/08

Warring, Stanley L. and Hees, Carrie K. married 06/24/08

Cowles, Marion A. and Hene, Martha K. married 06/27/08

Logan, Chester R. and Kerns, Estella Irene married 06/30/08

Schrey, Joe A. and Goheen, Elizabeth M. married 06/30/08

Mosher, Charles Canfield and Crowe, Zennie May married 07/01/08

Falen, Alden and Ettridge, Florence married 07/04/08

Wendlandt, Henry and Ohm, Ida married 07/05/08

Collier, Robert and Freeman, Ruby married 07/07/08

Bogart, William F. and Boyce, Mary E. married 07/10/08

Powell, William M. and Allen, Lillie C. married 07/10/08

Miller, Fred and Biescker, Rhea married 07/15/08

Price, Leroy O. and Whitehair, Roena Ethel married 07/15/08

Asling, Benjamin J. and Stroud, Rosie Pearl married 07/16/08

Parker, G. C. and Foust, Mabel E. married 07/16/08

Jury, George G. and Frymire, Alice M. married 07/21/08

Coburn, E. S. and Schlick, Louise married 07/25/08

Packard, Harry and Teers, Meda married 07/25/08

Bundy, Frank E. and Gray, Florence married 07/29/08

Menor, Vere A. and Dessenberger, Myrtle M. married 08/01/08

Rees, Percy N. and Hough, Florence married 08/01/08

Wilson, Ransford C. and Ashcraft, Lucy Mary married 08/01/08

Hull, Ralph D. and Meuli, Eugenia Marie married 08/02/08

Pearson, Elmer L. and Calene, Alice married 08/04/08

Keller, Elzy E. and Murphy, Anna A. married 08/05/08

Harlon, William Daniel and Holmes, Delilah May married 08/07/08

Miller, Mart and Bly, Winona married 08/12/08

Sholl, William D. and Rush, Theresa married 08/13/08

Arnold, Daniel E. and Strong, Etta married 08/15/08

Potter, W. B. and Floyd, Clara A. married 08/15/08

Fischer, Herman and Schaaf, Louise married 08/19/08

Haskett, Clarence Vernon and Evans, Pearl Marie married 08/24/08

Young, Nichol and Latimer, Lelia married 08/26/08

Shultz, Will E. and Agnes, Josie married 08/31/08

Stafford, John R. and Hamilton, Millie married 08/31/08

Kandt, Albert and Will, Ida married 09/01/08

Johnston, Oscar M. and Landis, Harriet Alice married 09/06/08

Gribben, Thomas A. and MA-IN-, Anna C. married 09/09/08

Poe, David Thomas and Ross, Margaret Ellen married 09/12/08

Rees, George Wesley and Spangler, Pearl Grace married 09/16/08

Welty, Cary and Rugh, Olive L. married 09/16/08

Jacobs, F. W. and Stewart, Maggie married 09/20/08

Koons, William M. and Childs, Edith H. married 09/21/08

Kogler, Karl and Huble, Emma married 09/23/08

Tatlow, Marion A. and Blome, Emilie married 09/23/08

Carpenter, Amescia (?) Cleveland and Dunn, Ethel Nanisora married 09/24/08

Tullis, Ross and Paul, Vera M. married 09/24/08

Boling, Roy H. and Sproul, Elsie May married 09/25/08

Bross, Carl and Denny, Marie married 09/30/08

Strohn, William H. and Neff, Minerva married 09/30/08

Bandlow, William and Meek, Matilda married 10/01/08

Herren, Edward and Austey, Retta married 10/05/08

Bennett, J. R. and Whitehair, Nettie D. married 10/06/08

Curtis, David A. and Hampton, Maud A. married 10/06/08

Kramer, John W. and McCosh, Lily married 10/12/08

Rainey, Gold T. and Simpson, Mayme married 10/14/08

Conant, William H. and Bolton, Anna M. married 10/17/08

Estridge, Louis and Ballantyne, Agnes married 10/18/08

Engle, Elmer G. and Hoffman, Ellen married 10/22/08

Brown, Ira T. and Adams, Hannah married 10/23/08

Perkins, Earl and Adams, Hannah married 10/23/08

Hunter, Fred A. and Miller, Caroline E. married 10/24/08

Velore, Elmer and Graham, Ruby married 10/26/08

Roe, Bert and Stahl, Bertha married 10/27/08

Ackers, Leroy E. and Marts, Myrtle married 10/28/08

Danison, Grover and Slacker, Edith married 10/28/08

Havener, E. W. and Skaggs, Donnie married 10/28/08

Guy, John M. and Stickler, Elinor married 10/30/08

Ferguson, John Melvin and Bonard, Mabel married 11/01/08

Buchanan, George and Habacker, Mabel married 11/02/08

Dunnett, Frank and Ridings, Anna married 11/03/08

Sick, Will and Kohler, Cora married 11/03/08

Thompson, Lewis W. and Sexton, Nora married 11/03/08

Wolfe, Bert Andrew and Anderson, Nellie Estella married 11/05/08

Haynes, George Stacy and Chase, Nattie Margaret married 11/08/08

Turner, Martin C. and Smith, Gertrude E. married 11/11/08

Hanks, Reginold and Withnow, Milanda married 11/21/08

Haage, Fred and Diepenbrack, Ida A. married 11/23/08

Cox, George W. and Vassar, Nellie M. married 11/24/08

Rathert, Henry Herman and Hickman, Rose Cecelia married 11/24/08

Schwartzman, Edward and Duncan, Kate married 11/24/08

Lynd, Chalres A. and Perkins, Elida married 11/25/08

Burback, Con and Pfening, Katie married 11/26/08

Hall, Newman Ellsworth and Rogers, Grace Edna married 11/26/08

McCoy, Jay and Cole, Minnie Mae married 11/26/08

Provance, Edward and Cole, Florence married 11/26/08

Warner, Ray and Everett, Augusta married 11/30/08

Duffy, Bern and Marts, Flora married 12/02/08

Fiedler, John F. and McConnell, Leonora M married 12/02/08

Porter, Jacob A. and Hughes, Catherine M. married 12/02/08

Creach, J. A. and Sauer, Florence M. married 12/05/08

Sapp, Charles T. and Hinchon, Kathleen J. married 12/05/08

Schmidt, John A. and Graf, Minnie married 12/08/08

Kieferle, Fred and Ihde, Helena A. married 12/09/08

Little, Frank W. and Sheehan, Elizabeth A. married 12/10/08

Boyce, Joseph and Parker, Linonia married 12/11/08

Murphy, Edward H. and Conroy, Valentine married 12/14/08

Griest, Walter C. and John, Georgia A. married 12/16/08

Horn, Rousler P. V. and Howie, Elizabeth Bell married 12/16/08

Marlott, Harrison S. and Hutchinson, Edith B. married 12/16/08

Yost, Henry C. and Ahrens, Marie Louse married 12/16/08

Gish, S. K. and Hostetter, Susan married 12/17/08

Bohen, Walter E. and Book, Martha married 12/22/08

Henrie, David Z. and Middleton, Sadie E. married 12/22/08

Smith, Arnold and Scott, Tillie Ann married 12/22/08

McIntosh, James J. and Dunlop, Eva married 12/23/08

Sandquist, A. Theo and Dunlop, Marion H. married 12/23/08

Taylor, Ira and Lind, Lydia married 12/23/08

Howard, Andrew and Butler, Lulu married 12/26/08

Mitchell, J. Williams and Ross, Hazel E. married 12/29/08

Aker, John and Kimmel, Florence married 12/30/08

Bard, C. Henry and Kramer, Bessie married 12/30/08

Craley, George and Flinshbaugh, Sara married 12/30/08

Diety, Robert S. and Noland, Edna M. married 12/30/08

Hutchinson, George W. and Malott, Hattie Jane married 12/30/08

Keim, Norman R. and Wingard, Clara A. married 12/30/08

Sauer, Harry E. and Legied, Sarah G. married 12/30/08

Schwendener, William and Orth, Mary married 12/30/08

Topliff, Robert and Smith, Sadie A. married 12/30/08

Stearns, Richard T. and Zarn, Elizabeth M. married 12/31/08

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