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Chalker Sinclair Cemetery
Section 36, Hope Twp.
Lat: 38 36' 59"N, Lon: 97 02' 59"W
Dickinson Co., Kansas

[Note: The following cemetery transcription is provided with the kind permission of Larry Flowers []. We are grateful for his efforts to get this cemetery transcribed before it disappeared under a plow.]

From KS Hwy 77, just south of Herington, go west on K-4 to Saint Paul Lutheran Church (approx 4.4 mi). Approximately one-tenth mile west of the church is a county road (dirt) going north. Go north .5 mile. There is a steel pipe gate (was painted orange) on the right. On the left is a field with a double barbed wire fence running west. The double fence is probably the walkway dividing the north and south sections. The area between the fences is completely overgrown. Stay on the south side of the south fence, walk west approximately 750 (30" steps) from the road next to the orange gate. There is a pond about two-thirds of the way. If it is dry, it can be negotiated around the double fence, otherwise, you have to go south, over the dam, and then back to the double fence. Keep walking west until you reach the thicket.

In April 1993, I verified the existence of the cemetery with the assistance of the historian from the Herington museum. She called several people and finally contacted somebody that said the cemetery was still there. In March 1996, I again stopped by the Herrington museum and found out that the Historian told Lillian and Raymon Pageskoff about the Sinclair cemetery and they had put on appropriate attire and went to the site on horse back, recorded the information from the tombstones and gave it to the Historian to give to me.

This cemetery is located on private land (farm). Old homestead area grown up as a thicket and surrounded by barbed wire fence. I also attempted to explore the site but as I wasn't dressed for that sort of excursion (dress pants, shirt, tie, and jacket), and a 112 degrees at the time, I stopped at the fenced enclosure which was a thicket, with several trees, overgrown weeds, poison ivy, badger huts, and I imagine all sorts of snakes, I didn't climb over the fence.

Information gathered during my military travels in 1997. - Larry Flowers

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SurnameGiven NameBorn DiedAgeComments
Chalker H. E. w/other infant, only initials W.J.C on stone
ChalkerC. H.b. 1841d. 1900
ChalkerChas A. d. 13 Apr 1880age 70 yrs
ChalkerMary J. d. 13 Apr 1880age 70 yrs
ChalkerW. dates infant w/other infant, only initials H.E.C. on stone
KelloggMarshfield Steeleb. 7 Dec 1823 Thomas County, NYd. 21 Feb 1916 Herington KSage 92yrs 2mon 14dabur. 22 Feb 1916, no stone
SinclairBessie M. d. 27 Apr 1890age 2mo 25dad/o James and Nancy
SinclairE. Eyb. 1894d. 7 Sep 1895 no stone
SinclairEvelineb. 12 Aug 1873d. 12 Sep 1873
SinclairJames H.b. 21 Nov 1871d. Apr 1896
SinclairJames d. 21 Jul 1871age 53yrs 4mon 5da
SinclairLeoleb. 1894d. 7 Sep 1895 no stone
WatsonEliza d. 29 Feb 1872age 21yr 7mo 1daw/o Charles
WatsonElla d. 25 Aug 1872age 2mon 22dad/o C. C. and E. J. Watson
WhanMaggieb. 1827d. 1888
WhanMary J. b. 1820d. 1905

(c) 2004 Larry Flowers