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Registration of Alien Enemies and Alien Families in

Lyon County, Kansas

submitted by local Registrars of the Chief Registrar for the District of Kansas

(United States Marshal) under provisions of proclamations of the President dated

November 16, 1917 - April 19, 1918.

Following the onset of hostilities during World War I, non-naturalized "Enemy Aliens" by definition, were required to register with United States authorities as a national security measure. Under the provisions of a Presidential Proclamation of April 6, 1917, non-naturalized female aliens were likewise registered as an additional national security measure that included those women of American birth that were married to enemy aliens. Registrants include school children, divinity students, former United States soldiers and sailors, Roman Catholic nuns, the elderly and the infirm. For the State of Kansas the registered aliens represent a broad cross-section of the German-born population of the State. The series contains original affidavits of registration that record personal information about each registrant, their photograph affixed to the majority of documents, and the registrants fingerprints.

NOTE: All of the following persons from Lyon County, Kansas have a photo in the file.

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2312 East Bannister Road

Kansas City, Missouri 64131-3011



Fax: 816-926-6982

Beck Magdaline Emporia F 06 Dec 1867 Germany Unknown Beck
Boes Frederick Olpe M 15 Nov 1863 Germany Drankhausen Unknown
Boes Minnie Emporia F 07 Jul 1875 Germany Unknown Hofschulte
Brier Nettie Emporia F 07 Jun 1876 United States Kansas Clark
Brinkmen Julia Emporia F 19 Mar 1868 Germany Posen Kruegar
Busch Maria Emporia F 15 Apr 1873 Germany Unknown Busch
Decker Wilhelmine Hartford F 05 Nov 1868 Germany Orshweier Alison
Decker Xavier Hartford M 14 Dec 1855 Germany Blodelsheim *
Dettmer Emma Emporia F 05 Feb 1878 United States Illinois Harder
Dettmer William Emporia M 01 Jan 1863 Germany Hanover *
Eberle Carl Emporia M 02 May 1866 Germany Wurtenburg *
Eberle Minnie Emporia F 14 Sep 1875 Germany Saxon Marker
Elison Theresa Emporia F 16 Feb 1873 Germany Baden Elison
Fischer Helena Emporia F 09 Oct 1875 Germany Unknown Fischer
Frahm John Hartford M 09 Jan 1859 Germany Alsdorf *
Frahm Maggie Hartford M 07 Aug 1860 Germany Middle *
Fromm Liese Emporia F 02 Feb 1862 Germany Hanover Senn
Harnack Gus Emporia M 30 Mar 1887 Germany East Prussia *
Hebestreit Christine Emporia F 06 Feb 1865 Germany Unknown Hebestriet
Jensen John Emporia M 08 Nov 1853 Germany Westabadalum *
Kahn Herman Hartford M 18 Dec 1848 Germany Prussia *
Kayser Henry Emporia M 05 Jun 1855 Germany Oldenburg *
Kayser Mollie Emporia F 30 Dec 1860 Germany Unknown Marx
Klein Edward Emporia M 16 Jun 1882 Germany Unknown *
Klein Joseph Emporia M 06 Feb 1884 Germany Unknown *
Klemm Mary Emporia F 25 Feb 1873 Germany Wurtenburg Pantle
Kopke Dora Emporia F 25 Oct 1850 Germany Hanover Schlins
Kopke Frederick Emporia M 15 Jul 1861 Germany Hohenwose *
Kowalski Anton Emporia M 08 Dec 1882 Germany Posen *
Kowalski Mary Emporia F 30 Mar 1875 Germany Unknown Roth
Kowalski Paul Emporia M 28 May 1872 Germany Posen *
Kramer Clara Emporia F 07 Mar 1877 United States Iowa Tebbe
Kramer Herman Emporia M 02 Jun 1856 Germany Bingungast *
Kruegar Martha Emporia F 10 May 1876 United States Wisconsin Yonker
Krueger Amelia Emporia F 25 Jun 1857 Germany Posen Drews
Kreuger Christian Olpe M 05 Sep 1844 Germany Puthitz *
Krueger Frederick Emporia M 14 Aug 1880 Germany Posen *
Kusmaul Anna Emporia F 16 Oct 1873 Germany Unknown Ziegler
Kusmaul John Emporia M 23 Jun 1871 Germany Wurtenburg *
Marshinsky Bella Emporia F 02 Oct 1872 Ireland Unknown Smith
Marshinsky Gus Reading M 06 May 1860 Germany Arnsfeld *
Mayer Berta Emporia F 16 Jan 1884 Germany Unknown Mayer
Monthey Emil Olpe M 22 Jun 1862 Germany Unknown *
Monthey Ida Emporia F 14 Jul 1867 Germany Unknown Deludoft
Monthey Rudolph Olpe M 16 Jul 1865 Germany Berlin *
Pantle Frederike Emporia F 17 Mar 1867 Germany Hof Lembach Pantle
Proehl Amelia Emporia F 23 Sep 1863 Germany Wurtenburg Luginsland
Proehl Herman Reading M 05 Nov 1841 Germany Salrske *
Radig Catherine Emporia F 13 Aug 1875 United States Kansas Sielert
Radig Richard Emporia M 10 Aug 1875 Germany Saxony *
Radig Paul Emporia M 10 Jul 1877 Germany Saxony *
Radig Susie Emporia F 21 Jun 1886 United States Kansas Thoms
Redmann Adelaide Emporia F 02 May 1875 Austria Galician Totsche
Redmann Gustus Emporia M 11 Jan 1881 Germany Posen *
Redmann Mary Emporia F 22 Mar 1854 Germany Unknown Euckert
Redmann Mary Emporia F 01 Jan 1886 United States Kansas Bunk
Redmann Rudolph Emporia M 15 Jun 1875 Germany Posen *
Rehage Maria Emporia F 04 Sep 1887 Germany Gutersloh Rehage
Richter Emil Emporia M 16 Nov 1843 Germany Neustadt *
Richter Emilie Emporia F 11 Dec 1852 Germany Saxony Ge[jart
Ross Bertha Emporia F 23 Oct 1869 Germany Unknown Ross
Salb Joseph Hartford M 06 Jun 1854 Germany Baden *
Sattler Fred Madison M 15 Jul 1835 Germany Menengser *
Sattler John Reading M 06 Dec 1865 Germany Metsingen *
Sattler Louise Emporia F 25 Mar 1870 United States Kansas Hinrichs
Sattler Sallie Emporia F 01 Jan 1876 United States Kansas Seegar
Schallehn Henry Emporia M 11 Jun 1849 Germany Hanover *
Schottelius Theodor Emporia M 11 Feb 1889 Germany Hanover *
Shellenberger Emma Emporia F 20 Jan 1868 United States Illinois Yahn
Shellenberger George Bushong M 29 Jul1862 Germany Alsace-Lorraine *
Titel Herman Emporia M 14 May 1873 Germany Brunberg *
Toelle Carl Emporia M 07 Feb 1889 Germany Volkmarsen *
Toelle Otilla Emporia F 01 Jan 1896 United States Kansas Troll
Troll Andrew Emporia M 26 Sep 1865 Germany Bavaria *
Troll Anna Emporia F 11 Sep 1869 Germany Nortemberg Kussmaul Kussmaul
Walther Herman Emporia M 27 Apr 1849 Germany Eisenstock *
Walther Hulda Emporia F 10 May 1860 Germany Coolage Radig
Wichert John Emporia M 06 Oct 1884 Germany West Prussia *
Wichert Nina Emporia F 19 May 1886 United States Kansas Brocher
Wiechert Jacob Emporia M 02 Aug 1882 Germany Marensburg *
Wolf Alex Emporia M 29 Nov 1893 Germany Soldin *
Wolf Friedrick Emporia M 22 Apr 1864 Germany Tiege *
Wolf Minnie Emporia F 21 Apr 1866 Germany * Koenigsbert

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