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A.N. Wise and Son Funeral Home Records

March 10, 1899 through December 30, 1910

The Americus Township Library in Americus, Kansas has the original funeral home director books of the funeral home that operated under the names of A.N. Wise & Son, A.N. Wise, Wise & Simon and Simon's. The funeral home operated and served the people living in and around Americus, Kansas until May 1952. An article found in the Americus Greeting, September 12, 1890 on page one states:

"A.N. Wise & Son"

"This business was originally begun by George Miller, many years ago. It was subsequently purchased and carried on for a number of years until a year ago, by M.W. Gibson, when it was purchased by the present proprietors. A.N. Wise the senior member of the firm has been a worker in wood all his life. Previous to his coming to Americus he owned a saw mill and was engaged in carpentry and cabinet making during the summer and milling during the winter months. They do a general line of business in the way of Cabinet Making, etc. Upholstering and Undertaking."

A short notice in the Americus Greeting on September 10, 1908, states that George Simon had been taken into the firm.

There are several books containing records from March 1899 up to May 28, 1952. The following information was extracted from the earliest book containing records from March 10, 1899 through December 30, 1910.

The record for each person can contain the following information: Remains of (Name of deceased), Ordered by (funeral ordered by), age, disease, death date, burial date, coffin or casket and size, and price of coffin/casket. Also, the cost of a robe, suit, wrapper, embalming, carriage, flowers, grave, vault, hearse, and chairs with a total cost of the funeral and date of payment.

If you would like a copy of the page from the funeral home book for a specific person, it can be obtained from the Americus Township Library, 710 Main St., PO Box 404, Americus, KS 66835 or e-mail

Please be specific in your request as to the name of decedent, date of death and provide the record number. You can show your appreciation for their services by sending a donation to cover copy fees, research time and postage.

We would like to thank the Americus Township Library for giving the Flint Hills Genealogical Society permission to share the information via the Internet. More records from this funeral home will be extracted and added to the Internet as time permits.

If you have any information to share regarding this funeral home, we'd like to know more about it and the families who owned it.




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