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Compiled by Emporia Chapter DAR

(shared here with their permission)

Housed at Lyon County Historical Society (929.2 DAU)

Index by Male Surname

Agrelius, Carl Johan Wilhelm and wife Helen Margaret Hibbe (1)

Alexander, Harvey Shelton and wife Burrilla Phillips (3)

Allen, Adam Adolphus and wife Josephine Haynes (2)

Altman, Samuel and wife Olive Oatman Cribbs (4)

Ames, Jonathan Carver and wife Ann Tedley (Tedlie) (7)

Armour, Dr. Thomas and wife Maria Talley (5)

Arnold, Francis Hammond and wife Mary Dakin (6)

Ballweg, Carl Aloysius and wife Margaret Mary Byrne (8)

Bailey, Lambert Rogers and wife Susanna Moon (10)

Baker, George and wife Elizabeth Higginson (9)

Bancroft, Harvey and wife Harriet Norton Doolittle (12)

Beck, Paul and wife Elizabeth Mize (13)

Best, Robert and wife, Drythy Smith (14)

Bitler, Daniel and second wife Elizabeth Waggoner (11)

Brown, George Washington and wife Lois Houghton Gleason (16)

Brown, Major Ephraim and wife Drusilla Kreager (15)

Brown, Solomon G. and wives, Mary Elizabeth Rhoads and Matilda Fowler (17)

Bucher, Leroy and wife Abigail Chamberlain (18)

Bucher, Simon and wife Ann Elizabeth Butt (19)

Bush, Leonard and wife Angeline Barns (20)

Butler, John Lucas and Mary Elizabeth Swin (21)

Cavaness, Charles T. and wife Mary Williams (22)

Clark, Henry Clay and wife Sarah Jane Davis (23)

Clayton, Willis and wife Evaline Cloud (24)

Cloud, Ulissis Sydna and wife, Elsie Eidth Robb (25)

Conner, Hiram and wife Eliza Jane Logan (26)

Cook, William S. and wife Margaret E. Pittman (30)

Corbett, William M. and wife Mary Williams (27)

Cowles, Francis Asbury and wife Sally Catherine Dils (28)

Craig, John Simpson and wife Emily Smith (29)

Cunningham, Edwin Wilber and wife Deborah Ann Rowland (35)

Davis, Evan D. and wife Jane T. Lewis (31)

DeMoss, William and wife Mary Ramsey (32)

Douglas, William H. and wife Ella Hill (33)

Dunlap, Howard and wife Ellen Cole (34)

Edwards, Perry and wife Mary Eliza Plumb (36)

Elliott, Samuel Patrick and wife Minerva Dush (37)

Evans, Edwards and wife Martha Williams (38)

Evans, Jeremiah and wife Margaret A. Miller (39)

Evans, Stephen and wife Mary Davies (40)

Ferguson, William Orville and wife Nancy Catherine Slack (41)

Fleming, Thomas Jefferson and wife Sarah Ann Clay (42)

Flickinger, William Henry and wife Elizabeth Catherine Tressler (43)

Fowler, John and wife Milly Glass (44)

Frith, J. Harvey and wife Mary B. Grace (45)

Gibson, John Findley and wife Marie (Polly Lockard) Stewart (46)

Gibson, Joseph Stewart and wife Lydia Ann Creighton Swim (46a)

Gillett, Almerin and wife Chloe Eugenia Chapman (47)

Graham, Allen David and wife Elizabeth Shepherd (48)

Graham, James Harvey and wife Sarah Alice Comingore (48)

Graham, Samuel Finley and wife Paulina Coats (48)

Griffith, James Monroe and wife Margaret Henry Alexander (49)

Grimes, Bradford Robbins and wife Daisy Dutton Ferguson (50)

Grinnell, Watson Wolcott and Caroline Amelia Gaylord (52)

Gunkle (Gunkel), John and wives Vianna Reeves and Huldah Overton (51)

Haas, Edward J. and wife Susie E. Barron (53)

Hall, Samuel Roland and wife Ella Ramsey (57)

Hall, Thomas and wife Elizabeth Rothwell (57)

Haworth, Joel and wife Sarah McKee (58)

Haynes, Nathan Biddle and wife Ruth G. Carson (54)

Haynes, William Everett and wife Viola E. Hunter (55)

Hiatt, Curits and wife Sabina Moon (67)

Hibben, William W. and wife Euphemia A. Watson (59)

Hill, Truman Olbord and wife Susannah Andre (60)

Holmes, Hugh Fagan and wife Amanda J. Beck (61)

Hood, Calvin Major and wife Frances Theresa Platt (62)

Hughes, Hugh W. and wife Grace Williams (63)

Hughes, Peter Henry and wife Sarah Maddock (64)

Hughes, Richard Francis and wife Mary Ann Morris (65)

Hunt, Joel and wife Elizabeth (66)

Ireland, Corydon Franklin and wife Ella Bogue (68)

Johnson, Charles G. and wife Kisiah Jones (69)

Jay, Walter and wife Ollie Reiber (70)

Jay, William and wife Jane Ann Stevens (71)

Jay, William Stevens and wife Helen Adaline Clark (72)

Jones, Edwin Samuel and wife Anna Jane Jenkins (74)

Jones, Griffith P. and wife Abigail Cynthia Allen (75)

Jones, Jacob and wife Irene McWilliams (76)

Jones, Joseph Cadwallader and wife Catherine Fisher (73)

Kerr, Samuel Steele and wife Esther Elizabeth Templin (77)

Kirkendall, George Washington and wife Elizabeth Weese (78)

Lawrence, John Hamilton and wife Martha White (79)

Lewis, Isaac and wife Charlotte Davis (81a)

Lewis, William and wife Nancy Beals (81)

Liggett, Addison and wife Lucy Shannon (80)

Little, Theodore F. and wife Edna Castle (80a)

Long, W.C. and wife Abigail Julia Kimberly (82)

Manning, Patrick W. and wife Laura S. Bentley (83)

Martin, Henry Alba and wife Clara Mahala Clayton (83a)

Maxson, Perry Burdick and wife Mary Star Wilcox (84)

McCarty, William Thadeus and wife Olivia Cecelia West (85)

McCullough, Thompson and wives Alice Olevia Jackson, Louisiana Perkins

& Jennie Garriot Wilson (86)

McElfresh, Rev. John P. and wife Jemima Welch (87)

McGrew, James Thompson and wife Mary Jane Holmes (88)

McInnes, Wallace Daniel and wife Elizabeth Croyle (89)

McPherson, John Jeheu, unmarried (90)

McPherson, John Pike and wife Ruth Kirkpatrick (91)

McPherson Lydia Naomi (92)

McPherson, William C. (93)

Miles, James and wife Mary Coppock (94)

Miles, James and second wife Sarah Ellen Dixon (94)

Millis, Robert Barkley and wife Margaret Ann Makemson (95)

Mitchell, Daniel Patrick and wife Eliza Ann Baker (95a)

Mockry, Theodore Julius Hugo and wife Margaret Egenriether (96)

Monypeny, John Watson and wife Elizabeth Lawn (97)

Morris, David William and wife Mary Thomas (98)

Morris, John L. and wife Mary E. Pratt (99)

Morse, Rev. Grosvenor Clark and wife Abigail Prentis Barber (100)

Myers, Frank Hess and wife Martha Ann Rubart (101)

Newman, Albert A. and wife Mary M. Houghton (102)

Newman, Fred Charles and wife Clara Maria Hood (103)

Newman, George Washington and wife Nellie Aurelia Storrs (104)

Osborn, George Washington and wife Lena Elizabeth Allen (105)

Overstreet, Robert Mitchell and wife Martha M. Baugh (106)

Parrington, John William and wife Mary Louis McClellan (107)

Peak, Mahundra and wife Margaret Jane White (108)

Phillips, Oliver and wife Calista Wilcox (109)

Plumb, David and wife Hannah Maria Bierce (109a)

Price, Tom Sr. and wife Louisa Jane Byers (110)

Putnam, Sidney and wives Lucy A. Shepherson and Josephine Best (111)

Quakenbush, John M. and wife Alice Buck (112)

Quimby, William G. and wife Martha Ellen Graham (48)

Randolph, Joseph Vance and wife Anna Margaret Watson (113)

Rees, John J. and wife Martha Evans (114)

Rice, Cyrus Robert and wife Lucy Ann McCormick (115)

Rice, Henry and wife Clara Lydia Richard (116)

Riggs, Stephen Baldridge and wife Evadne Withers (117)

Roberts, Alfred and wife Mary Ann James (118)

Ross, James Phineas and wife Mary J. Baker (119)

Ross, William Butt and wife Mary Jane Russell (120)

Roth, David and wife Amanda Jacobs (121)

Ruggles, Robert Mitchell and wife Susannah Lightfoot Spencer (122)

Rumford, Joseph J. and wife Rachel Amanda Van Cleave (123)

Satterfield, Charles and wife Christena Kisling (124)

Sedgwick, Thomas Noble and wife Florintilla (Flora) Frederick (125)

Scheel, William and wives Charlotte Friedericke and Emilie Ahlschlager (126)

Sheridan, Charles Wright and wife Etha Lisor (127)

Siegele, Christian Samuel and wife Louisa Christiana Ueller (128)

Simpson, Woolsey Coombes and wife Annette Louise Read (129)

Smelser, William R. and wife Amanda W. Roberts (130)

Smith, James and wife Fannie C. Neff (131)

Soule, Freeman Gilbert and wife Susan Bitler (132)

Spencer, William and wife Louisa Mendenhall (133)

Stevenson, John Colver and wife Hulda Williamson (134)

Stone, Cyrus Richmond and wife Catherine J. Middick (135)

Storrs, Nathaniel Smith and wife Elizabeth Davies (136)

Stotler, Jacob and wife Levera Murdock (137)

Stratton, Jesse Faulkner and wife Mary Ann Walters (138)

Swim, David and wife Margaret Ramsey (139)

Taylor, David Jr. and wives Hannah Ford Halliday and Ozetta Marshall (141)

Taylor, Seymour Renick and wife Esther Bowen (142)

Terry, Emanuel and wife Louisa Radick (143)

Theis, Christian Philip and wife Amanda Gilchrist (144)

Thomas, Richard D. and wife Ann Jones (145)

Triggs, John and second wife Martha Green McPherson (140)

Triggs, John and third wife Abigail Ruth McPherson (140)

Triggs, Thomas and wife Charlotte Triggs (146)

Van Voris, Jackson and wife Octavia Barrett (147)

Warren, Selleck Byron and wife Emily Huestis (148)

Waters, Andrew B. and wife Mary Ann Holstadt (151)

Watson, John Hampton and wife Hannah Lester (149)

Wells, Isreal Nicklan and wife Mary E. Hoult (150)

Whitby, Rev. Henry James and wife Martha Griffiths ( 153)

White, Dr. Allen and wife Mary Ann Hatten (154)

Whitley, Hiram Coombs and wife Catherine Webster Bates (155)

Wilhite, Oscar Milton and wife Emma Della House (156)

Williams, Jeremiah Loyason and wife Clarissa Jane Priest (152)

Williams, Lewis Henry and wife Mary Jones (157)

Wood, Stephen Mosher and wife Caroline Breese (158)

Yager, Morgan and wife Lucina Macy (159)


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