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Labette County Directories
A. L. Logan & Co., Publishers, St. Louis, Mo.


In 1840 the site now occupied by Parsons was known as wild prairie of Southern Kansas, but the completion of the Northwestern division of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway to this point in June of that year, and that of the Sedalia division of the same Company in March of 1871, gave to this point a significance not usually found in new railroad termini ; and this condition was not to remain unimproved, for this same Company immediately began their great trunk railroad line south through the Indian country, toward the "Lone Star" State, and it was then, that this town took on permanent commercial importance, and from that time to the present enjoyed a substantial increase, known to few towns in the great "Southwest." Owing its permanent population and wealth to the far-reaching enterprise and liberality of this Railway Company, the name of whose President it bears, than which a more worthy philanthropist is not to be found in the entire list of American or European Railway Managers, and who is equally seconded by that far-seeing, shrewd General Manager, R. S. Stevens ; this town now numbering a population of 2,500 souls, was located with good judgment, being in a rich, rolling prairie, at the forks of Labette River; the country around is prairie, with occasional groves or belts of timber, with plenty of water for agricultural purposes and stock raising, both of which are conducted on a large scale by men of experience and means, who are receiving every month large accessions to their numbers, from the older States, whose necessities and wants have to be supplied by the merchant and manufacturer; of the former there are a good number for enterprising, liberal men; and of the latter a few, and to others for whom there is a fine opening for a profitable business; the names of all of which see below:

Aldrich, B. A. & Bro., Hardware and Cutlery, Johnson ave.
Alexander, Mrs., Millinery Store, Riggs ave.
Anderson, Jno., manufacturer of Boots and Shoes, Forest ave.
Atchison & Wheat, Hardware, Agr. Imp., cor. Forest and Riggs avs.
Baker, E., Barber, Riggs ave.
Bancroft & Davis, Real testate Agency, Forest.
Barnes, W. H., Physician and Surgeon, Forest ave.
Beard, U. L. C, Propr. Belmont House, Belmont.
Bing, J., Clothing Store, Forest.
Brown, A. A., Cigars and Tobacco, Riggs ave.
Brown, J. R., Billiard Saloon, opp. Depot.
Brown, M. G., General Merchandise, Johnson ave.
Buck, A., Attorney-at-law, Forest ave.
Calkins, A. C, Lumber Merchant.
Carpenter, J. C, Ass. Att'y M. K. & T. R. R., cor. Riggs & Forest.
Clinton, Mary, Restaurant, Forest ave.
Cook & Snowdowne, Groceries, Provisions and Liquors, Forest avenue.
Colton, M., Saloon, Forest ave.
Conroy, J., Groceries and Provisions, Johnson ave.
Cory, T. C, Attorney-at-law, Forest ave.
Cowles, J. W., manufacturer of Harness and Saddles, Forest avenue.
Crossby, Mrs. E. J., Millinery Store, Forest ave.
Current & Crook, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc.. Forest ave.
Dana, W. W., Billiard Saloon, Johnson ave.
Davis, P. Q., manufacturer of Harness, Saddles, etc., Johnson ave.
Davis, Willard, Attorney-at law. Forest ave.
Duck, D. R., Agent Howe Sewing Machine Co., Forest.
Ellis, Heatherly & Co., Proprietors St. Charles Hotel, cor. Riggs and Johnson.
Everhart, G. W., General Merchandise, cor. Riggs and Forest.
Feazel, W, M., Ten Pin Alley, Johnson ave.
First National Bank, Angell Matthewson, Cashier, cor. Riggs and Forest ave.
Foley, Ed., General Merchandise, Johnson ave.
Gamble, Geo. R., Photographer, cor. Johnson and Riggs.
Gosling, W. D., Physician and Surgeon, Forest ave.
Hamacher, C. & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries, Forest ave.
Hankel, C, Butcher Shop, Johnson ave.
Harvey, Jas., Real Estate and Financial Agent, Forest ave.
Hastings, E. E., Attorney-at-law, Riggs ave.
Hayes & Pierson, Books and Stationery, Forest ave.
Hayes, W. K. , Postmaster.
Hayes & Bradley, Auction House, Riggs ave.
Henry du d'Huy, Prop. German House, cor. Skiddy and Riggs.
Holmes, W. C, Druggist and Chemist, Forest ave.
Johnson, M., Dry Goods and Groceries, Johnson ave.
Jones, W. H., Barber, Forest ave.
Karr, J. C, Proprietor St. James Hotel, cor. Forest and Riggs.
Kennedy & Smith, Livery and Feed Stable, Belmont ave.
Kimball, C. H., Attorney-at-law, Forest ave.
Kleiser, J. M., Physician,. Forest ave.
Lucand, F., Restaurant, Johnson ave.
Mexell, W., Lumber Merchant.
Miesse, B. B., Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes, etc. , Forest ave.
Miller, Geo., Liquors and Tobacco.
Morris, J. T., Pork-packer and Provision Dealer.
Neely & Disch, Druggists, Johnson ave.
Neely & Singleton, General Merchandise, Forest ave.
Noyes, M., Proprietor Parsons Hotel, Riggs ave.
Ostrom & Knapp, Furniture and Dry Goods, Forest ave.
Overstreet, W. C. & Co., Druggists and Chemitss, Forest ave.
Parkhurst, J. G., Attorney-at-law, Forest ave.
Partridge, H. L., Justice of Peace, Riggs ave.
Patrick, R. H., Stoves, Hardware, etc. See card by Index.
Reeves & Dell, General Merchandise Store, Forest ave.
Hayes & Bradley, Auction House, Riggs.
Rhodus, J. W., General Merchandise, Johnson ave.
Reynolds & Gosling, Editors and Proprietors Parsons Sun.
Schons, P., Merchant Tailor, Riggs ave.
Sears, T. C, Attorney M. K. & T. R. W., cor. Riggs and Forest.
Schwase, V. W., Jeweler, Forest ave.
Schmetzer, E., Livery and Feed Stable, Forest ave.
Sipple Bros., Groceries and Produce, Johnson ave.
Smith, E. K., Jewelry, Forest ave.
Suter & Co., Furniture, Chairs, etc., Johnson av.
Tessenden, C. B. Jr., Agent M. K. & T. R. R.
Thomas, D. S., Surgeon Dentist, cor. Riggs and Johnson avenues.
Thomas Wilson & Gosling, Real Estate, Law and Insurance Co., Riggs av.
Thomkins & Whitney, Merchant Tailors, Forest ave.
Todd, J. F., Proprietor City Hotel, Riggs ave.
Truman, A. B., Attorney at Law, Forest ave.
Ulmer, C. D., Boots, Shoes and Groceries, Forest ave.
Vanmetre, B. R., Physician and Surgeon, Johnson ave.
Venneman, B. & Co., Lumber Merchants.
Vinnedge & Franklin, Restaurant, Forest. See card by Index.
Ward, E. C, County Attorney, Forest ave.
Warren, T. R., Druggist, cor. Forest and Riggs ave.
Watson Bros., Livery, Feed, Sale Stable, cor. Johnson & Denison ave.
Williams & Bro., Barbers, Riggs ave.
Williams, H. & Co., Saloon, Johnson ave.


A station 9 miles south of Parsons, used as a passing and meeting station. Has a good country around it, with a few industrious inhabitants. Has a population of 100.


Oswego was located and organized in 1867, on the west bank of the Neosho river, 100 feet above it. It is on the M. K. & T. R. R., 14 miles from Fort Scott, 362 miles from St. Louis, in the midst of rich prairies partly cultivated and inviting more farmers, whose wants are supplied promptly and cheaply by the competing merchants and manufacturers, and for the latter there is a good opening here. See names of business men below. Population about 1500.

Adams, Brown & Glasse, Attorneys-at-law, Commercial.
Alexander, R. J., Editor Register, Fourth and Merchants.
Barnes, M. C, Stoves and Tinware, Commercial.
Belt, W. H., Physician and Surgeon.
Bishop, W. P., Attorney-at-law, Fourth.
Boulter, J. C, Groceries and Produce, Fourth.
Cameron, C. C, Physician and Surgeon, Commercial.
Campbell, F., Groceries and Provisions, Commercial.
Clover, D. W., Proprietor Oswego House, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Condon, C. M., Dry Goods and Groceries, Commercial.
Cowell, O. W., Druggist, Commercial.
Crouse, E. B., Physician, Commercial.
Cunningham, W. T. & Co., Hardware, Fourth.
Draper & Sandford, General Merchandise, Fourth.
Fisher & Brother, Groceries and Provisions, Commercial.
Getty, Jolm, General Merchandise, Commercial.
Haskey & Sons, Dry Goods and Groceries, Commercial.
Higgins, J. J., General Merchandise, Commercial.
Kanning, H. Saloon, Fourth.
Keller, J. F., Jewelry, Fourth.
Kemper & McManner, Bakery, Commercial.
Kingsbury & Nelson, Druggists, Commercial.
Kunse, J. L., Proprietor American House, Fourth.
Lea, W. J., Stationery, Commercial.
Leonard, T. S., Livery Stable, Commercial.
McArthur, D., Bakery, Commercial ave.
Maxwell, E. L., General Merchandise, Commercial.
Oswego Bank, Commercial.
Patterson, W. H., Saloon, Fourth.
Peirson & Bros., Furniture, Fifth.
Reed Bros., Hardware, etc., Commercial.
Sanford & Bro., Manufacturers of Harness and Saddles, Fourth.
Savage, Mrs. A. C, Millinery Goods, Fourth.
Scheuer, Chas., Clothing, etc.
Stonecipher, Physician, Fourth.
Symmes, H. & Son, Druggist, Fourth ave.
Wagoner, H., Agt. M. K. & T. R. R., and Tel. Operator, at Depot.
Wier, J, W., Physician, Fourth.
Wilkins, Mrs. S. M., Millinery and Dress-making, Commercial.
Williams, H., Billiard Saloon, Fourth.
Williford, G. S., General Merchandise, Commercial.
Wilson, J. R., Grain Dealer, Commercial.
Woodford & Woodford, Groceries, Commercial.


Chetopa with a population of 1,200 inhabitants, is most handsomely located on the west bank of the Neosho river, just below its junction with Labette creek, both of which are fine average living streams, offering immense natural water power, which many are learning to make use of. The town enjoys a good trade from the surrounding country, and from the Indian Territory a few miles south of it. This town has a bright future prospect. The names of her business men are seen below:

Alexander, Wm., Barber, Maple.
Beamer & Smith, Wagon and Carriage makers.
Bedell & Bro., Groceries and Produce, Maple.
Blensinger, H., Harness, Saddles, etc., Maple.
Butterworth & Hand, Groceries and Produce, Maple.
Caldwell, Geo. M., Agent Adams Express Co., Maple.
Calvin, T. J., Furniture, Chairs, etc.. Maple.
Cavaness & Vanlandingham, Editors "Advance," Maple.
Clark, Adam, Groceries and Produce, Third.
Closser, D. O., Druggist, Third.
Coggins, T. H., Grocery, Third.
Davis, D. W. C, Hardware, Stoves, etc., Maple.
Dejarnette Bros., Saddles and Harness, Fourth.
Dersham, M. H., M. D., Druggist, Maple.
Dunn, J. H., Billiard Saloon, Maple.
First National Bank, Third.
Fox, Miss & Co, Dressmakers.
Fraunberg, F. W., Wines, Liquors, etc.. Maple.
Gregory & Bradbury, Saloon, Maple.
Higbey, E., Groceries, Maple.
Hibbets, J. J., Postmaster, Maple.
Kellerman &. Smith, Proprs. National Hotel, Maple.
Loose, D. A. & J. L., General Merchandise, Maple.
Ludlow, C. H., Druggist, Maple.
McLaughlin, J. W. & Co., Saloon, Maple.
McLauthlin & Co., Druggists, Maple.
Marsh & Overhuls, General Merchandise, Maple.
Morgan, J. M., Groceries, Maple.
Morris, J. P., Livery and Feed Stable, Maple.
Norman, Mrs. H. H., Millinery Goods, Third.
Paxton & Riley, Confectionery, Maple.
Sheilds, John P., Attorney and Justice of Peace, Third.
Smith, J. J., Hardware and Cutlery, Maple.
True, L. C., Attorney-at-law, Maple.
Tusch, Wm., Saloon, Maple.
Vanlandingham & Caveness, Books and Stationery, Maple.
Walker, E. L., Saloon, Maple.
Waterman, Weil & Star, Dry Goods, Clothing, etc.. Third.
Wilkins, Mrs. S. M., Millinery and Dress-making, Commercial.
Williams, H., Billiard Saloon, Fourth.
Williford, G. S., General Merchandise, Commercial.
Wilson, J. R., Grain Dealer, Commercial.
Woodford & Woodford, Groceries, Commercial.

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