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1855 Territory of Kansas Census
13th District

"List of Voters in the thirteenth election district of the Territory of Kansas according to the census returns made by H. B. Jolly, taken during the months of Janueary and February, 1855."

SURNAME First Name to Kansas from
Arthur William Mo
Atkinson James Mo
Banker Smith Iowa
Barton May Mo
Bogston Benjamin Mo
Boisly B. Ill
Boisly John Ill
Bonfield Holman Mo
Braden Phelix Mo
Bradshaw John England
Bretz Henry Mo
Brown John Ind
Browning Franklin Mo
Carpenter William Ill
Carter Robert Mo
Carter Thomas Mo
Casy Charles Mo
Chandler James Mo
Chandler Prater Mo
Chandler Richard Mo
Clemmons J. H. Mo
Cook Aaron Mo
Cook George Iowa
Cora Ezra Ind
Cora H. C. Ind
Cunningham John Mo
Davis John Mo
Dikes James Ky
Domfrey James Iowa
Dyze G M. Mo
Elliott Joseph Mo
Evans John Mo
Fisher Henry Iowa
Fox Edward Ireland
Frazier James Ind
Front J. H. Germany
Gardner James Mo
Gilman Silas KY
Harding Elijah England
Herbert O. B. KY
Holder Hubbard Mo
Hoover Louis Ind
Hopewell James Mo
Hopewell Napoleon Mo
Hunter William Mo
Jibbs William Mo
John F. Mo
Jolly H. B. Ill
Jolly T. D. Ill
Jont James Mo
Jont Richard MO
Kimes Isaac Iowa
Kirkendall James Mo
Kirkendall William Mo
Len Henry Switzerland
Lewis W. C. Iowa
Lobeck Alexander England
Mear John Mo
Miller John Mo
Mooney Thomas Mo
Morrow A. J. Mo
Myzes John Germany
Nations William Mo
Pate J. W. Mo
Pemberton Albro Mo
Piles James Mo
Piles Shelby Mo
Post Adam Mo
Riddle M. E. Mo
Riddle Robert Pa
Rod Charles Mich
Rodgers Joseph England
Ross J. B. Mo
Scantling S. J. Ky
Seals Henry Mo
Sheely Robert Ireland
Tillotson William Ill
Trap E. B. Mo
Trap W. H. Mo
Wade M. D. Ill
Walker M. Mo
White George Mo
White Smith Mo
Whitney A. J. Maine
William Walker Ind
Worit J. B. Germany
York J. D. NC

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