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Leonard C. Brook Family
Researched by Joyce Reid
Rt. 2, Box 168
Hillsboro, TX 76645

     Leonard C. BROOK, born 1812 in N. Carolina, married first Sally (Sarah) BLOSCOM in Parke County, IN. They had one child, Polly "Mary" BROOK. Polly married Joseph BUNNEY. A picture exists of Polly and Joseph that was made at a studio in Seneca. In 1883, they may have lived in Decatur Co., IA.

     Second, Leonard married Mary Ann ---?---. They married about 1842, and sold property in Parke Co., IN in 1848. They had six children, Stephen (may have died in Civil War); Ruth Eleanor (moved to Kansas with father and his third wife and married first Ephraim BLANKLEY, and second Peter SHRONTZ -- Ruth, Ephraim, and Peter are buried side by side in the cemetery at America City); May (no information on her, however a Mary lived with Ruth and her husband in 1870 that is the right age to be this person, May and Margaret are twins); Margaret (married Isaiah Bennet YOUNG and both are buried at America City); William (also thought by some to have died in the Civil War, however a William BROOK is listed in the 1870 census, living with Ruth and Ephraim BLANKLEY. This William matches the age and birthplace); Jane (died in 1847 and is buried at America City).

     Third, Leonard married Mahulda Caroline Huser (Husier? Huseur?) HIGGINS, on 12 June 1885, place unknown. They lived in McClean Co. IL but have been unable to locate a marriage record there. They moved to Nemaha County, KS about 1857. They purchased property which was later sold and became the townsite of Kelly. They had 8 children: Samuel (died young and is buried at Seneca); John Franklin Curtis married Lavina June RICHARDSON, place unknown and in 1883 may have lived in Decatur Co., IA, died in 1911, place unknown; Alfred died in infancy and is buried at Seneca; Ulyssus S. Grant lived to be a teenager and is buried at Seneca; Laura Melissa married William T. Belshaw and both are buried at Seneca; Caroline Fadelia married Hiram J. Keeper in Clay Center, Clay Co., KS and moved to Arkansas; Henry H. died in infancy and is buried at Seneca; Martin B. died in infancy and is buried at Seneca. (The five boys along with their father that are buried at Seneca were moved from a family cemetery located on their homestead.)

     At the time of the marriage of Leonard and Caroline, Caroline had two daughters. It is unknown whether her first husband was deceased or if they were divorced. Her daughters were Mary R. HIGGINS and Malinda HIGGINS. Mary married Louis LEDBETTER and had 4 children: Marian, Louis, Caroline, and Leonard. The later three are buried at Seneca. Mary died sometime before 1900. Malinda married Augustus J. DRAGER. She died in 1927, place unknown. She and August and several of their children are buried in Seneca.

     Leonard died in 1883 and their farm was sold about a year later. Caroline moved to Seneca and her granddaughter Caroline LEDBETTER lived with her until her death in 1907. According to Caroline BROOK'S obituary, she is buried in Seneca, however the grave appears to be unmarked. Caroline LEDBETTER purchased Caroline BROOK's home from the other heirs.

     Joyce Reid is interested in corresponding with anyone who is either related to this family or who may have known members of this family.

From the

Nemaha County Genealogical Society Newsletter
Feb. 1996

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