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The Courier

Seneca. Kansas, August 22, 1879

Richmond Township

Population 1,739

N. H. MARTIN has just finished a house 24x24 on his 80 acre farm. This is his first experience in farming, but he starts out like an "old hand." --- D. H. FABRICK, who owns an 80 joining the former, also has a new house 24x26. --- P. KONGS has 14 rods of grape vines. --- J. P. DENTON herds 800 cattle. --- F. H. HOSTETTER has 30 acres corn, 20 head cattle; P. KONGS has 50 acres corn 18 head cattle; J. KONGS has 45 acres corn, 16 head cattle; G. LAUXEN has 34 acres corn, 17 head cattle; W. H. OLDFIELD has 40 acres corn, 13 acres small grain, 11 acres orchard, 40 head cattle; M. DREES has 85 acres corn, 14 acres small grain, 1 1/2 acres orchard, 40 head cattle; C. LACKEY has 50 acres corn, 22 acres small grain, 1 acres orchard 47 head cattle; J. ST. BONNET has 50 acres corn, 10 acres small grain, 2 acres orchard, 45 head cattle; L. RETTELE has 60 acres corn, 60 head cattle; J. KOELZER has 75 acres corn, 40 acres small grain, 3 acres orchard, 60 head cattle; --- C. LACKEY is plastering his new house which is 28x42. --- J. KOELZER has 1/2 acre vineyard : J. KOCH has 95 acres corn, 17 acres small grain, 1 1/2 acres orchard, 40 head cattle; P. J. ASSENMACHER has 10 acres corn, 2 acres orchard, 18 head cattle; H. HARPENA has 37 acres corn, 14 acres small grain, 60 head cattle; J. NOVAK has 40 acres corn, 30 head cattle; F. HONEYMANN has 22 acres corn, 25 acres small grain, 3 acres orchrd, 30 head cattle; J. LARKIN has 30 acres corn, 1/2 acre orchard, 10 head cattle; P. C. JOHNSON has 19 acres corn, 15 head cattle; C. H. HARTMAN has 27 acres corn, 15 acres small grain 1 1/4 acres orchard, 33 head cattle; P. CLENCEY has 60 acres corn, 1 acre orchard, 11 head cattle. --- John RUNFT owns four eightys, and has four houses on the farm. Three of them are rented to the following gentlement : H. FISHER, who has in 40 acres corn, 20 acres small grain, and 46 head cattle; H. BRUMER, who has 80 acres corn and 40 acres small grain; and to Valentine MARTIN, who has 40 acres corn and 20 acres small grain. --- F. DRIER has 25 acres corn, 15 acres small grain, 39 head cattle; J. ECKEL has 30 acres corn, 45 head cattle; D. KELLEY has 50 acres corn; C. B. SANFORD has 30 acres corn, 12 acres small grain, 40 head cattle. The Poor Farm has 7 inmates, all look well. One man lacks only one month of being 97.

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