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Grand Army of the Republic

Seneca, Kansas

From the

Courier Tribune

Seneca, Kansas Anniversary Edition 1938

Section 2, page 1


"Civil War Veterans waited 17 years before organizing"

 Abstract of names


George Graham Post No. 92 had its inception in a 4th of July celebration in 1882.


The charter members met the following August 3rd in A. H. Burnett's new store building. Capt. J. P. Logan of Lyon Post in Marysville mustered in the first officers. They were Col. Louis Zahm, P.C.; N.S. Martin, S.V.C.; R. S. Robbins, J.V.C.; Dr. N. Hayes, surgeon; James L. Brockman, adjutant; John W. Larimer, chaplain; D. H. Fabrick, Q.M.; Louis Sheeley, O.D.; S. S. Campbell, O. G.


The veterans who registered on July 4, 1882 were:


A. W. Allen, John A. Ash, T. C. Alford, T. Adamson, James L. Brockman. Tol Bronaugh, E. Briggs, J. Y. Benfer, John Brown, A. J. Boram, S. J. Baldwin, J. R. Burge, S. T. Barrett, A. A. Brooks, J. R. Bortles, R. M. Bronaugh

G. C. Conrad, Albert Clark, S. S. Campbell, Robert Campbell, L. Cline, J. B. Coons, M. Cull, B. H. Clark, Lewis Davis, Henry Dawson, E. Dumont, Frank Dressie, Wm. Drowns, S. G. Ervin.

P. J. Everest, L. H. Evans, Van B. Fisher, S. B. Freelove, D. H. Fabrick, J. H. H. Ford, A. J. Felt, W. W. Felt, W. H. Farlin, A. Funk, Joseph Guffy, J. W. Gensel, S. E. Galloway, B. N. Gillaspie, S. H. Gould, J. C. Hughes.

B. F. Huff, Charles Hartner, F. M. Higgins, Ben Heath, W> P. Harrison,R. C. Haight, Dr. N. Hayes, J> Hayden, Wm. Holloway, A. Hawley, F. H. Hostetter, E. N. Hanks, James Ivers, Granderson W. Johnson, George W. Johnson.

L. Jones, L. Kerns, A. E. Kibbe, Philip Kuhn, Chas. Loveland, E. W. Lawton, S.M. Lanham, John H.Larew, J. M. Lanning, C. Lackey, Henry Levick, W. C. Lyon, Rev. G. C. Lockridge, W. S. Lucas.

Jacob McClane, N. H. Martin, L. J. McGowan, John F. McGowan, A. J. Murray, S. P. Moss, H. W. Mathews, M. Mathews, P. P. Moore, James McDonald, B. F. Morgan, E. R. Murphy, R. E. Nelson, W. S. Nash, A. C. Noland, F. M.Newton.

James Parcels, R. M. Pressler, James Parsons, G. W. Plummer, R. S. Robbins, A. A. Raffo, S. W. Robinson, Jacob Rilinger, Rev J. F. Rhoades, J. M. Rowley.

Geo. Sharp, John Stahl, C. A> Sherman, S. Sherman. O. H. Stilson, Lewis Sheeley, S. F. Snape, M.L. Staley, Jesse Sheets, J. W. Stickney, A. B. Smith, Frank Smith, N. Shaul, A. Sitterly, J. M. Tyler, E. T. F. THompson, W. D. Talbot. N. Taylor.

H. C. Tyner, E. S. Vernon, Josiah Wohlford, J. W. Welch, J. P. Wager, A. W. Williams, B. Woolman, John W. Weaver, J.W. Warrenburg, Henry Wilkins, Edward Ward, John Walters.


The records of George Graham Post through the years from the time the Post was organized on Aug. 3, 1882 to March 5, 1904, show other names, including the following:

D. W. Acker, M. H. Allison, Samuel B. ANderson, Stehen Benedict, J. L. Battin, Crawford A. Bruner, Isaac Bruner, Dr. E. W. Bullard, Edward Butt, N. B. Bishop, Nathanial Baldwin.

Wm. M. Butler, George R. Benedict, J. O. Barnard, Clarence Bristol, L. A. Clark, David Craig, Philip H. Clear, James K. CLear, Calvin Croy, J. W. Countryman, H. J. Cline, Henry D. Coan, Judge J. E. Corwin, E. C. Crowder.

Michael Dougherty, Wm. H. Dooley, L. M. Davis, W. H. Dannels, Francis Dennis Charles Doebler, Devoe, Philip H. Emert, Joseph Fleming, James Fulton, Harmon T. Fisher, T. S. Gilmore, B. D. Graham, Ambroes Geer, Chas. E. Gabelman, J.W. Hastings.

William Huff, F. E. Hewitt, H. Holtzman, J. M.Huffman, S. P. Herrington, A. B. Hanes, R. L. Hobbs, Joshua Hobbs, L. A. Hardon, L. D. Hawley, John A. Heinen, George K. Hatch, Elijah Horton, A> S. Jones. H. W. Kenndall, Dr. S. S. Kaysbier, P. H. Latimer, Theo. Lindeman.

Joshua MItchell, J. O. MInor, F. G. McGowen, Thomas Magee, Samuel Murray, Christ Most, L. J.Mosher, Rev. R. E. McBride, Alex MOore, Louis A. McCaul, Samuel McQuilken, Thos McKiddy, David MOrse, JOhn McPhillips, Henry B. NIchols, Daniel Okeson, G. W. Phillips, L. D. Porter, Victor N. Peret.

Albert Russell, Aaron Roots, Albert Roots, Jacob W. Robinson, Herman Rudolph, F. M. Rickards, Guy SMith, James P. Smith, C. H. Steinmeir, Edmund L. Sherman, Charles Skinner, H. T. Smith, H. Stall, Valentine Shaffer, John Shafer, Samuel Sheeley, Dr. Alvin Snyder, Lewis Strickler, Benjamin Stowe, W. A. Sypher.

Job Tatlow, Judge J. F. Thompson, J. F. Vinson, Chesley Woodward, B. H. White, C. F. Wagner, H. P. Wellcome, Levi M. Walter, John Woosoncroft, Levi M. Walter, Geo. Wiley, J. N. Williams, Wm. H. Wright, Leander Yost.


Members enrolled by the Post after 1904 are Jonathan Carpenter, Posey W. Cox, D. H. Ferguson, David Hesse, J. C. Mooney, T. N. Riley, George F. Roots, Wm. H. Stewart, Wm. L. Stansell, W. H. Thornberry, N. C. Tolman, Ashley R. Williams, W. B. Yeauger.

The Grand Army notes state that H. H. Hillix was a member of the first Kentucky regiment and Joseph M. Taylor of the first Massachusets serving in the Mexican war.

P. P. Chewning, F. P. Newland, T. M. Sneed and Dan White were listed as those who wore the Gray. F. E. Hewitt had been confined in Libby prison during the Civil War, Robert H. Campbell of Seneca and W. F. Snyder, Sabetha had been imprisoned in Andersonville.

S. B. Anderson, Oneida, was the last surviving member of George Graham Post No. 92 G. A. R. He died July 6, 1934. George K. Hatch and James Countryman preceded him in 1932.


A supplemental list of veterans who may not have been affiliated with George Graham Post but who lie buried in the Seneca cemeteries and Ford Community cemetery is as follows: Patrick Bendon, Samuel R. Burk, T. L. Cowdrey, Charles N. Collins, S. B. Chapman, O. C. Dickinson, Francis M. Dougan, George Earl, Adam Enderlein, Silas Fitzwater, Chauncey Gleason, Edward R. Graney, Joseph Guffy, John James, Richard Johnson, Wm. Knausen, F. C. Largent, W. P. Moran, Joseph Mathews, Wm. Malone, Charles Ostrander, Frank P. Pirott, Amos Sherman, Arthur Sisson, J. W. Shackelford, W. S. Swaney, Coleman F. Storm, Carl Tinker, Colonel J. P.Taylor, Dr. Thomas H. Wileman, W. W. Whitney, M. L. Weyer, John C. Young, Rudolph Zahm.


The Nemaha County Historical Society, Seneca, Kansas, has several items relating to the George Graham Post No. 92 of the Grand Army of the Republic, including the charter, two pictures of members and a minute book.


Charter of

Grand Army Hall Company

George Graham Post No. 92 G. A. R. and the W. R. C.

Seneca, Nemaha County, KS



V. B. Fisher, Seneca, KS

R. S. Robbins, Seneca, KS

H. B. Nichels, Seneca, KS

F. M. Newton, Seneca, KS



H. D. Coan, Seneca, KS

H. B. Nichels, Seneca, KS

R. S. Robbins, Seneca, KS

J. W. Larrimer, Seneca, KS

Chas. Skinner, Seneca, KS

Jas. Parsells, Seneca, KS

Wm. Butler, Seneca, KS

Harry Levick, Seneca, KS

N. Hayes, Seneca, KS

E. W. Bullard, Seneca, KS

Harry Stall, Baileyville, KS

John Heiner, Oneida, KS

Geo. Wiley, Seneca, KS

A. C. Noland, Sneca, KS

Samuel McQuiklen, Seneca, KS

V. B. Fisher, Seneca, KS

F. T. Fisher, Seneca, KS

W. D. Morse, Seneca, KS

Joseph Guffy, Seneca, KS

J. W. Shackelford, Seneca KS

Frank Higgens, Seneca, KS

F. M. Newton, Seneca, KS


dated Jan. 6, 1902



Certificate hanging in hallway

with GAR picture

Grand Army of the Republic

Names listed

O. H. Stilson

G. W. Johnson

J. L Brockman

D. H. Fabrick

R. S. Robbins

J. Wohlford

L. Sheeley

F. H. Hostetter

G. W.Plummer

N. Shaul

J. Mitchel

W. H. Martin

J. Guffy

N. Hayes

A. Raffo

S. S. Campbell

C. Hartner

John W. Larimer

Benj. Heath

S. F. Barrett

M. L. Staley

Lewis Zahm

Philip Kuhn

Stephen Benedict

T. S. Gilmore

Guy Smith

Chancy Lackey

G. W. Conrad

J. L. Battin

G. W. Phillips


post Ninety Two (92) Seneca, Kansas


dated 13 July 1882


donated by

Julia Thompson

Seneca, KS

June 1980



Picture of Geo. Graham Post No. 92 G.A.R.

Strathman Studio

Seneca, Kans 5-23-14

hanging in hallway with charter and certificate


Attached description:

"Not all of the last survivors of George Graham post of the G.A.R. are shown in this picture, but all are well-remembered figures of about 20 years ago.

Top Row, left to right: Ambrose Geer, W. H. Dannels, George W. Johnson, W. H. Thornberry, W. S. Nash, Mortimer Matthews, D. H. Ferguson, John A. Heinen, L. M. Davis.

Second Row: H. D. Coan, James Parcels, Wm. H. Wright, B. D. Graham, Granderson W. Johnson, Joshua Mitchell, C. H. Steinmeier, N. C. Tolman, Wm. Butler.

Bottom row, left to right: Sam Sheeley, Van B. Fisher, John W. Larimer; George F. Roots, Joseph Guffy, Valentine Shaffer, E. R. Murphy. Thos. Magee, Chas. Skinner.



Pictures of members of


Graham Post NO. 92, Dept. of K?

Seneca, KS

(located in upstairs display between quilt room and bedroom)


Top Row

G. W. Johnson - Co. D. 8" Ks

A. A. Raffo - Co. E. 6" W. Va Cav

Ambrose Geer - Co. D. 42 Wis. Inf.

Noah Hayes - Co. E. 36 Ind

Alvin Snyder - Co. F. 7" Ill

Henry N. Coan - Co. G 3" Ia Cav

W. H. Daniels - Co. B ?1" Ind.

T. N. Riley - illegible


2nd Row (from top)

R. M. Bronaugh - Co. E 13" Ks

S. J. Baldwin - Co. C - 10 Mo. Inf.

John C. Hughes - Co. F. 41 Ill. Inf.

Stewart Ervin - Co. K. - 1st Ia. Inf

V. N. Peret - Co. I 124 Ind.

W. B. Yeauger - Co. G.-?16" O


Third Row (from top)

D. H. Ferguson - Co C. 118" Ill.

Joshua Mitchell - Co. D. 8" Ks

Chas. Skinner - Co. E 136 N.Y.

J. W. Larimer - Co. H. 4" Ia

Van B. Fisher - Co. H. 4? Ind

J. A. Heinen - Co. ? 114" Ill

W. M. Butler - Co. K. 19" Ill.

Geo. W. Johnson - Co. ? ?st Mo


Fourth Row (from top)

J. N. Funk - Co. F. 151" O

F. M. Rickard - Co. F. 70" Ohio

Geo F. Roots - Co. F. 36" Ill.

E. R. Murphy - U. G. Navy

Thos. Magee - Co. C. 92" Ill

W. C. Geary - Co. G. 145" O

Wm H. Stewart - Co. H. 25" Mo.


Fifth Row (from top)

J. H. H. Ford - Co. G. 13" Ks

D. B. Graham - Co. H. 86" N. Y.

A. B. Hanes - Co. H. 54" Ill.

C. H. Steinmeir - Co. F. 11" Ind.

V. Shaffer - Co. A. 197" O.

H. B. Nichols - Co. K. 100" O.

W. H. Wright - Co. G. 141" O

W. H. Thornberry - Co. A 8" Ky.


Sixth Row (from top)

J. W. Robinson - Co. F. 9" Ky

James Countryman - Co. K. 24 Ia Inf.

Geo. Wiley - 11th Ia. Vol. Inf.

Henry Levick - Co. H. 129 Ill.


Seventh Row (from top)

Josephy Guffy - Co. A. 57" O

L. M. Davis - Co. F. 126" O

N. C. Toleman - Co. G. 2" Ill. Cav.

Samuel Sheley - Co. E. 14" Ks.

W. S. Nash - Reg Band 81" O.

Jas. Parcels - Co. K. 1??" O.

M. Mathews - Co. I 135" O

Chas Hartner - Co. I 8" Ind


Donated by Mike Rooney

St. Louis, MO



June 1997

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