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A List of Old Settlers

from the

Courier-Tribune Anniversary Edition, 1838

Section 2, Page 6

Surname First Name Date Settled Township
Barnard Mr. & Mrs. S. Oct. 1858 Home
Benedict Mrs. G. R. April 1858 Richmond
Bland John April 1859 Valley
Boulton E. P. April 1880 Rock Creek
Brockman Mrs. Maggie 1858 Richmond
Bronaugh J. T. 1856 Valley
Bronaugh Robert June 1859 Marion
Bronaugh Thos. June 1859 Marion
Bruner O. C. June 1859 Richmond
Burk Ella April 1860 Red Vermillion
Campbell Mr. S. S. June 1857 Richmond
Campfield A. F. Apr 1859 Richmond
Campfield T. A. April 1859 Marion
Cave Mrs. H. M. April 1860 Richmond
Chase H. M. May 1858 Rock Creek
Clark Albert Oct 1858 Richmond
Cone Mrs. JOhn P. Oct 1857 Richmond
Dennis Mr. & Mrs. John H. June 1856 Harrison
Dennis Mr.& Mrs. J. W. June 1856 Valley
Edgerly S. J. April 1860 Richmond
Ford J. H. H. June 1859 Richmond
Fox Hugo 1859 Capioma
Gleason Mrs. Charity June 1857 Richmond
Guffy Joseph Apr 1860 Richmond
Harden Lewis APr 1855 Richmond
Haxton Joshua June 1857 Rock Creek
Hazzard J. E. July 1859 Richmond
Hicks B. F. 1854 Capioma
Hicks Mr. & Mrs. B. A. May 1858 Capioma
Hidden Dr. J. S. Oct 1858 Home
Histed Judge & Mrs. Wm. July 1858 Gilman
Hodgins Mr. & MRs. John April 1860 Home
Hymer Mr. & Mrs. E. D. March 1859 Home
Irwin Dr. Geo E. Feb 1858 Rock Creek
Jacobia Mr. & Mrs.J. April 1857 Illinois
Johnson Mrs. Granderson Oct. 1858 Richmond
Johnson Richard July 1860 Richmond
Koch John Mar 1857 Richmond
Koelzer Joseph Oct 1858 Richmond
Lanham Joseph Jan 1855 Richmond
Lanham Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Jan 1855 Richmond
Lanham S. M. Jan 1855 Richmond
Lappin Finley 1857 Richmond
Larew J. W. Oct 1858 Richmond
Larew James May 1858 Richmond
Larew JOhn H. Oct 1858 Richmond
Lawrence W. B. Oct 1858 Rock Creek
Lelievre A. D. May 1860 Valley
Magill J. D. April 1856 Capioma
Magill Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Aug. 1856 Valley
Mathews H. W. May 1859 Richmond
Mathews Mrs. H. W. June 1857 Richmond
Maynard N. F. June 1858 Richmond
McBratney John APril 1859 Home
McCutchen Mr. & Mrs. Alex Oct. 1858 Illinois
McKay Dr. & Mrs. D. B. Oct 1858 Richmond
McKay Dr. N. B. June 1858 Red Vermillion
McQuaid Peter Sept 1858 Nemaha
Minger Mr. & Mrs. Christ May 1855 Washington
Mitchell Joshua Oct 1858 Richmond
Mitchell W. H. Oct 1858 Richmond
Moorhead A. C. 1856 Rock Creek
Moorhead Archibald 1856 Rock Creek
Newton J. L. Nov 1859 Richmond
Peoton F. Oct 1858 Richmond
Priest D. B. Sept. 1857 Capioma
Purnelle E. C. Mar 1859 Richmond
Purnelle F. J. Mar 1859 Richmond
Purnelle Mrs. Mary Mar 1859 Richmond
Reilly JOhn March 1860 Reilly
Reilly Pat March 1860 Reilly
Rising Don C. Aug. 1858 Wetmore
Roots George F. May 1856 Illinois
Roots Mr. & Mrs. John Nov. 1856 Valley
Roots Mrs. Geo F. 1859 Illinois
Sams Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Aug 1860 Illinois
Sargent W. G. May 1857 Rock Creek
Scrafford Mr. & Mrs. C. G. April 1856 Richmond
Sheeley Lewis Nov 1860 Richmond
Shepherd P. A. APril 1860 Red Vermillion
Sherman Stephen June 1860 Valley
Slater Mr. & MRs. A. W. Nov. 1858 Home
Slosson Mr. & Mrs. Nat Mch 1860 Rock Creek
Slosson Mrs. W. B. Mch 1860 Rock Creek
Stickney J. W. Nov 1858 Illinois
Van Tuyl John March 1858 Rock Creek
Wells Miss Amma June 1857 Richmond
Wells Mr. & Mrs. Abijah June 1857 Richmond
Wells Mrs. B. K. June 1857 Richmond
Wells W. R. May 1856 Richmond
Weyer Wm. April 1858 Marion
Wheeler L. R. Sept. 1857 Rock Creek
Wilkinson James July 1857 Gilman
Williams J. H. Aug 1857 Richmond
Williams Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Aug 1857 Valley
Wolfley Reuben Aug. 1855 Wetmore

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