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Names of Service Men for Nemaha County

as printed in the
Courier Tribune
July 1, 1920

"There follows a list of county service men and women intended for the bronze plates to be inserted in the Nemaha county memorial to be erected on the Court House lawn at Seneca. The Courier-Tribune has been delegated to secure this list. We do not say this list is correct. On the other hand we say it is incorrect. It is impossible to secure a list of over 700 persons without inaccuracies in spelling and without ommisions and even duplications. We print this list in order that readers may detect these mistakes and promptly notify the Courier-Tribune so that corrections can be made. Probably every person who reads this list will be able to detect some mistake. We could get the official draft board list at the Court House but even that official list would have mistakes in spelling and initials. We shall take a copy of the list from each town and send it to the various papers in addition to our own. These papers will print the list asking for corrections. The list will then be re-corrected. If mistakes then occur the persons concerned will have only themselves to blame. If any service man sees his name incorrectly spelled or ommitted he should notify us at once -- not after the plates have been finished."

Charles E. Brock Lindsey F. Fetherkile Philip J. Hynes Hugh Kirk
Frank H. Sextro Thomas E. Shaughnessy
Joseph Carter Murl Coulter Leslie Durham James O. Durham
Frank Dalsing Lester O. Griffiths Frank J. Gockel Henry Gockel
Jack R. Houston Charles V. Haynes David B. Haynes Francis Hickman
Thomas R. Horton C. C. Johnson Joseph Krogman Lawrence G. Koelzer
Joseph D. Mosier Frank J. Meyer James H. Robertson Wade Robertson
Ben F. Rusche John P. Sullivan Clarence M. Sigler Clyde J. Smith
Roy Torrence John Waters
Marshall Collins Guy Davis Kenneth E. Gabbert Dennie Goings
Forest Holt William Shinn Lester L. Troxel Earl W. Watkins
John W. Wagner
Roy Andrews Frank Baumgartner Arthur M. Birch Christ E. Blaser
Samuel Brunner Ivan Cordill Charles Croffoot Jacob R. Groff
Chancey Haffner Joseph B. Hinkley William G. Kinsey Arnold M. Kinsey
Huch C. McAlpine Charles P. Marsh Ralph Neff Vardon Phillips
Andy Strahm Frank Tlustos Chris Strahm Willie Strahm
Harry Campfield Paul V. Annadown Roy P. Armstrong William Armstrong
Edwin Armstrong David W. Armstrong* Frank M. Barber Earl F. Barber
Ira S. Bonjour Cyril H. Burdette Bryan Clemens James A. Barber
William G. Bouse Floyd Buckles Henry R. Colwell Marion A. Coleman
David M. Crosswhite James E. Corlett Ray M. Condit Edward H. Clark
Merrill A. Durland Dennis L. DeBoard Berman E. DeBoard John A. Cashman
Frank A. Dalsing Lorin Forgy Glen Forgy James E. Green
William J. Green Charles W. Gaston Robert B. Green Frank E. Green
William K. Hervey Harold Horth* Andy A. Hanni Paul R. Hollenbeck
Clarence C. Hales Forrest L. Hicks Glen L. Hiskey Earl T. Howard
Charlie A. Houpt LeRoy C. Kenney Ralph T. King Louis J. Ketter
Gustave E. Kircher Will C. King Luther Lister Burton L.Lohmuller
Edward Mather, Jr. John Malloy Delbert M. Moyer* Clyde A. Moyer
Leslie K. McBratney William W. Morrison Claud McCaig Patrick M. Morrison
Charles E. Milner Glen L. Maneval Joe Malone Carl W. Ozias
Marvin E. Pfeister Albert L. Spicer Walter R. Smith Lester J. Smith
Robert R. Spicer Dewey C. Surdez Willaim M. Steele Earl B. Schueller
Evan Tietz Cecil R. Wilhoit Leonard A. Schaefer William H. Searing
William M. Smith Milburn C. Tripp Verne L. Thornton Floyd A. Ward
James P. Alexander William F. Barnes Ralph H. Brown Earl C. Buckles
Everett Z. Brown Bonnie H. Booth Wesley Corwin William m. Casey
William L. Diggs William C. Crandall Guy W. Furst Frank Hannum
Wiley L. Howland LeRoy Hiner Clement F. Hertslet Neil C. Kemplay
Ernest Lightbody Arthur Mills Oliver P. McNeil John McGreevy
Van Magill Willam T. McEnancy Everett McDaniels Earl steck
Samuel G. Meek John H. Maxson Alva H. Masterson William J. Newlove
Chester L. Newland William D. Pfeiffer Alvin Rottinghaus John G. Robinson
Earl T. Robinson Alva G. Rucker Emmett Watson Harry Whitney
David E. Wilson John W. Whitney Jason E. Wilhelm
Walter Fidler
Elzie L. Gilliland
Elihu D. Martiney
Forrest Beers Wesley Berridge Lewis H. Blackson George L. Bell
Scott A.Blood Guy D. Blood Wesley Culler Keith R. Charles
Samuel W. Curtess Arthur J. Clarkson James E. Clark Robert R. Christian
I. C. Cox Sidney H. Camp H. L. Cheney Dewitt Calder
William C. Driscoll Clyde R. Denton Guy Davis John Farley
Clyde E. Followell Howard F. Franks John F. Fund Verne G. Gallentine
Ed. Gallentine LeRoy S. Hyde Chester W. Heald Arlington A. Heald
Edward L. Hund Peter M. Hund Fred W. Hunt Richard Hunt
Herman E. Henery Clarence O. Johnson Carl R. Johnson Iver K.Johnson
Geroge W. Jordon William C. Jessee John H. Jessee William C. King
Ralph W. Longberg Michael A. Lehner Harry D. Lockhart Marion E. Miller
Z. H. McDonnall Frank S. Molinex Elmer Massey Harvey J. Moyer
William C. C. Nissen Roy C. Patch Oscar M. Pendland George A. Porter
Harold E. Rosell Frank R. Riley Marion F. Riley Paul D. Rust
William F. Summers Dwight C. Smith Clyde G. Sams J. Corwin Shaw
Eitel F. Thieme E. K. VanAernam Fred M. Watkins Loran C. Webster
John C. Webster James Worcester Dorsey M. Wolfley Earl C. White
Clyde E. Wilcox Jesse W. Young T. T. Wathen Homer Wathen
Vernon Britt Edmund J. McGrath Parley W. Dennis Fred Kruger
Henry B. Kuhlman Joseph B.Lehmkuhl Leo E.Stallbaumer Frank B. Wilhelm
Jule H. Besancon Thomas L. Clay Calvin P. Labbe Mark A. Jeanneret
Ira B. Bobbitt Alfred W. Briggs Raleight Croxen Claude Anderson
Benjamin W. Grimm Lloyd Herbstreith Albert V. Huerter Herman Hess
Joseph W.Leuthold Charles H. McCall Melvin McCall John J. Ronnebaum
George P. P. Ronnebaum Warren Potts Robert L. Steibler Clare F. Sparling
Leslie E. Wolfley John Wiltz George E. Williams Sam A. Zehr
James G. Karns
Pawnee City
Charles M. Dort John M. Howard
Carl P. Ackerman
William T. Ackerman Walter R. Aeschleman Joe Albin
Vernie Ashley Louis H. Babst Jesse J. Bailey Harry L. Baker
Fred Barndt Paul A. Beaueite Wesley J. Berg Harry Beatty
Norman R. Beeghley Robert W. Benson Clarence A. Bestwick Frank Bindel
Harry H. Bingham Robert W. Blair Guy B. Blaugh David D. Bode
William H. Bode Solon T. Boomer Lesh D. Bortles John Brannigan
Samuel R. Breon paul E. Bressem Charles E. Brock Andy Broughton
Bryon Brown Elmer O. Borwn Ira L. Brown John M. Brown
William Burger Ernest E. Blutz William L. Carlyle Raymond G. Carpenter
Frank A. Christman Ray Clark Walter I. Cole Burton W. Conrad
Paul E. Conrad Howard E. Corwin Clark Cramer Milo A. Crawford
Charles I. Croffoot John Cunnick Albert J. Curfman Howard M. Danford
Fred Darville LeRoy J. A. Davis Ernest M. Dean Floyd I. Dean
Harry N. Dean Coral S. Deaver Harlan Deaver John Denton
William R. Dillingham Nicholas J. Dix Merrill L. Dubach Clarence E. Durst
Alpha Edelman Benajamin Edelman Neal Ellington Orville M.E llwood
Edwin F. Ernest Earl H. Ewing Charles E. Felmlee Julian W. Fisher
Alonzo L. Fletchall Floyd L. Fletchall William S. Franklin George Fritsch
Levi W. Fritsch Paul Fuller Hamilton R. Fulton John F. Hunnd
Joseph M. Gakle Walter Gamblin Sylvan D. Garber Harold C. Geiger
Raymon J. W. Gentry Walter J. Gladfelter Clay M. Goodman James H. E. Goodman
Norman E. Greaham Glenn G. Gravatt R. Edman Greenfield Harvey H. Haines
Harry Hanson Vernon Hanson Nathan E. Harrold Gerald D. Hargist
Floyd C. Harrington William M. Harris Elmer Haworth Winfield S. Hay
Arthur H. Haynes Oliver G. Helpingstine Herman Hess Samuel M.Hibbard
Arthur E. Hirschler Otto J. Honska Jeber H. Hook Hugh L. Hook
Loran T.Hostetler John B. Hoverson William Hunter Jack Janek
Darius O. Johnson Melvin O. Johnson Henry C. Judy George E. Keck, Jr.
Lester Keim Clarence E. Kerr John M. Kerr George Ketchum
Clarence H. Kimmell James J. Kimmel George F. Kiner Ralph King
Hobart Kirk Roy M. Kirkpatrick John Kreitzer, Sr. Harry F. Lacy
Ernest W.Lamparter Frederick Lamparter Lawrence R. Lanning Orville S. Lanning
Roy Lanning Alfred W. Lehnherr June L. Lehnherr Ralph A. Lichty
Harvey E. Lukert Paul Lukert Frank L. Martin Nicholas Maynard
William C. McClain Ernest L. McClain Robert L. McClary William F. McClary
Elmer McConnell Guy F. McDaniel Ralph McNergney John G. Meyer
Forrest J. Miller W. Leigh Mills Erle S. Miner Glenn E. Miner
Ralph C. Miner F. Floyd Minger John J.Minger Milton E. Mishler
Roy L. Mishler Hugh W. Mitchell Wayne Molesworth Lewis M. Monroe
Harry A. Moore John H. Moore Earl J. Murray William L. Murray
Charles W. Newman Lloyd Nickels Andrew W. nohl Clarence E. Norrie
George B. Okeson Arthur Oleson Roy O'Roke John L. Palmer
Noel Patterson Carlos L. Pautz Oscar Payne Roy E. Pendergrass
Walter Pendergrass George R. Perkins Ray C. Phillippi William C. Powell
J. Chester Priest Walter L. Ralston Franklin H. Rau Louis A. Rau
Edward Reinhart Ephriam Reinhart Don Riley Joseph B. Riley
Andrew E. Rokey Charles J. Rooney Frank H. Root Roy Roper
William Ross Elmer Russell George B. Sammons Frank E. Scoby
Otis C. Scoby Earl Scott Clifford C. Simpson James Simpson
Ralph O. Sinclair Bert Smith Earl R. Smith Harold O. Smith
John R. Smith Leslie A. Smith Theodore J. Sorrich William J. Specht
Robert L. Spencer Ray Stephenson Karl E. Stevens Lloyd D. Stevenson
Owen C. Williams Goff Wilson John E. Wilson John Wiltz
Carl H. Windrum Roy Winterscheidt Hilton Woodbury John M. Worwag
Frederick E. Wrighton Floyd M. Wyland Samuel R. Zug
Red Cross Nurses
Miss Dessie Bellinger Miss Frances G. Hadden Miss Jessie Phillips
George C. Adriance George D. Andrews Charles W. Andrews Paul Allen
Hubert P. Barrows Carl Bachus Roy Benshoff Joseph A. Bokern
Hubert Badesheim Elmer B. Badesheim John F. Baldwin Alvin G. Becker
Lish Britt Elmer H. Britt Leo C. Bueltel Bernard J. Burdick
Joseph Boeckman Jimmie P. Brust Ralph S. Brummett Clarence J. Becker
Louis F. Benzing Clifford W. Baldwin Joe V. Bueltel Francis F. Carter
William E. Crandall Orville Clowe Embert Coles John Crandall
Taylor Chamberlain Allen Coles Carl Edward Cornell Lee V. Cornell
Roland Dennen Bernard Deters George H. Droge Henry C. Edwards
Asa Ford Daniel M. Firstenberger D. Hurst Fitzgerald
Kenny Ford Lester Hansz Earl F. Goodrich Henry J. Gudenkauf
Joseph M. Gress Raymond D. Good George Good Luzerne Harvey
Andrew J. Herold William E. Huerter Victor J. Huerter Dan Honeyman
Louis E. Honeyman Eugene L. Hill Joe Henry Ario V. Henderson
Joseph G. Heideman Earl Henderson Roy Henderson Carl Iles
Herbert E. G. Hecht Louis A. Haefele Fred W. Henry Robert Iles
Herbert W. Jordan Raymond Hatch Albert L. Koelzer G. Koelzer
John H. Kongs Valentine E. Koehler Harry R. Koblitz Joseph A. Kramer
Jacob A. Kramer Joseph Kramer Joseph C. Kuckelman Michael B. Kerns
Fred Koelzer Arthur Leak Urban Koelzer James Kelly
Orville Largent Aaron Levy James Landis John LeRoy
Edward R. Levick James P. Minnehan James Mason Albert Mars
Marvel Murphy Harry Largent Edward Mueller Palmer Jones
Bennett Jones Joseph Mueller Jake Johnson Herman Jauken
Harry Myers Albert W. Mathewson Charles I. Magee James McAllister
Joseph McEnaney Burdette Nash Diedrich Neuman Burt Nation
Grant Nelson John H. Nowak Frank G. Nordhus Edward Ochse
Henry J. Osterhaus Claude Rucker George F. Olberding Benedict H. Rettele
Thomas Rudbeck William J. Roeder August Robbins Ed. Rogers
Selva Riley H. Galen Snyder Robert Scott Roy A. Stine
Charles Smiley A. L. L. Scoville, Jr. Walter O. Schneider Roy A. Sufficool
Walter J. Stevens Joseph A. Spielman Joseph H. Strathman John Tyner
John Troughton C. E. Tolle Walter L. Taylor Earle W. Taylor*
Charles A. Tate Richard S. Thompson John Weber John Tyner
Frank Winkller Ed. Wellborn George J. Buser John A. Ware
Phillip J. Weyant Ira K. wells Harley E. Wilcox Hubert Wiley
Glenn Walker Poland A. Whiteside Berlin Zimmerman John B. Wietharn*
Roland A. Whiteside
Floyd F. Kerns Artie F. Jones John M. Stohr.
Melre L. Coulter Roy L. Kimball Walter Law James E. Owens
Henry A. Odell Arthur Polson Ray Wiserman
Roy Anderson* George A. Andler Raymond W. Bihlmyer Francis F. Berridge
james F. Cross Robert A. Cordon William J. Callahan Harold DeForest
Carol DeForest Ivan Dodwell Robert E. Ebelmesser Lee E. Geyer
Benjamin G. Gentry Wallace W. Heald Ivan P. Hostettler Forrest Holt
Morton Holmes Goerge Hughes Raymond L. Hart Stanley Johnson
Percy N. Jepson Robert E. Keggin Edward L. Kissell John W. Levick*
Carl Liebig Lloyd E. McConnaughey Charles T. Murray Clarence E. Meyer
Harvey J. Mayer Edward W. Maxwell Edd. Miller Van L. McDaniel
Lewis R. Nance Edward Overson Raymond Pittinger Sidney R. Pollard
John E. Pfranz Leslie E. Porter Carl Ralston John Ralston
Janier E. Roderick Walter T. Rolfe John W. Roderick Charles E. Schumaker
Chester A. Terry Samuel E. Thornburrow Glen R. Turrentine David R. Woollard
Russell M. Wesley Frank I. Walters William G. Walters Hubert Wesley
Harold Williams Ernest Zwahl
Red Cross nurse
Rose Rogers Luella Thompson Signa Johnson Charles E. Austen
Home, Kansas
Gordon W. Everett
Weiser, Idaho
Harry L. Greenway
Shenandoa, Ia.
Richard F. Harrahan
Kansas City, Mo.
Louise Kadlec
Hanover, Kansas
John E. Ludlow
New Orleans, La.
George R. Slyter
Kansas City, Kansas
Frank J. Vossen
Linn, Mo.

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