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A family bible was located at the Nemaha County Historical Society in Seneca, Kansas. This bible contains family information for the Zahm/Cox families and is transcribed below.

The Holy Bible
containing the
Old and New Testaments
Translated out of
The Original Tongues
and with the former
translations diligently compared and revised

New York:
American Bible Society


John W. Cox
Almarinda L. Cox
Ther bible 1850
bought April 8th 1850 [in pencil]

In back of bible
[in black ink]
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Zahm were
married Nov 14 1888
at Seneca Kans

Hazel Josephine Zahm
born Sept 23 - 1890

Iscah Marian Zahm
born Dec 29th 1896

Harry Kenneth Zahm
born born March 28 - 1899

Floyd Glen Zahm
born Nov 22 - 1908

Harry Kenneth Zahm died
June 16th - 1899

Floyd Glen Zahm died
Feb 14 - 1914, were buried
in Seneca church yrd

[The following is writtin in pencil and very hard to read.]
  1. Wm Rufus Cox born June 22d 1848
  2. ?John? P. Cox born April 9th 1850
  3. Calvin S. Cox born Feb 12th 1852
  4. Sarah Virginia Cox born Dec 19th 1854
  5. White Everson Cox born April 7th 1856
  6. Josephus Cox born June 22, 1858
  7. James R Cox born Jan 9th 1860
  8. Geo W. Cox born Dec. 19th 1862
  9. Mary Jane Cox born June 20th 1864
  10. Flora Cox born Oct 6 1868

    John W. Cox born

    Almarinda S. Johnson
    born Jan 22d 1830

    The above named
    were married
    Aug. 29th 1847

    (in a different handwriting)
    Almarinda Susan Cox died May
    ?26?, Thursday 20 1880
    1830 [handwritten in pencil by someone else]
    50 [handwritten in pencil by someone else]
    she died at the age of 48 in
    Seneca Kansas at Mr
    Stirk's house
    she died of consumption

    Calvin S. Cox
    died Mar 6th 1857

    White Everson Cox
    died June 17th 1857

    Sarah Virginia Cox
    died Sept 5th 1858

    Mary Jane Cox
    died Nov 19th 1868

June 1997

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