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School Photos

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Parker Grade School Class Parker Grade School Class.
Photo courtesy of Louise Stites, Parker, Kansas.
Parker 3rd & 4th Grade Class 1929 Parker 3rd & 4th Grade Class of 1929-1930.
Front row , left to right. Ruby Henry, Marjorie Leamon, Elsie Wade. Marjorie McGrew.Lela Mae Holderman, Louise Hill, Revea Henderson, Esther Cochran.
Row 2; Eugene Schriver, Thomas Oakley, Billy Redding, Eldridge Walker, Helen Alexander, Evelyn Nolin, Vernon Wade, Junior Fleanor, Mundell Franse, Bernice Conklin, Louise Henderson, Wilbur Mc Cain.
Back row; Thelma Henderson,Vivian Moss, Florence Wallace, Maxine Kehl, Virginia Bearley, Ellen Frances Ruble, Doris Saunders, Albert Wallace, Dale Lemon, Mildred Rankin, teacher.
Photo courtesy of Phyllis Mundell, Parker, Kansas.
Parker Grade School Class 1942 Parker Grade School Class of 1942.
Top Row: Mrs. Cassidy(teacher), Frank Page, Dale Cantrell, Melvin Smith, Jay Diehm, George Crosby, Wes Worthington, Unknown, Billy Mills.
Bottom Row: Bill Hicks, Helen Lawson, Fern Cantrell, Unknown, Gordon Davey, Lloyd Crosby, Lois McCarty, Wiley Smith.
Photo courtesy of David Smith, Leadville, CO.
Goodrich Grade School 1950 Goodrich Grade School 1950.
Back Row, Left to Right. Teacher, Ethalia Nixon, Lucielle Bowman, Billy Himes, Floyd Bowman.
Next Row. Roger Nickell, Johnnie Giffin, Russell Bowman, Clyde Bowman, Aldana Bowman, Richard Hudson.
Next Row. Denny Nickell, Phyllis Nickell, Everett Bowman, Esther Shafer, Unknown, Donna Pitts.
Front Row. Carl Giffin, Ralph Nickell, unknown Pitts, Karen Nickell.
Photo courtesy of Phyllis Mundell, Parker, Kansas.
Goodrich Grade School 1952-1953 Goodrich Grade School 1952-1953.
Back Row. Esther Shafer, Phyllis Nickell, Johnnie Giffin, Clyde Bowman, Sharon Byerly, Shirley Byerly, Everett Bowman, Carl Giffin
Next Row. Unknown, Unknown, Karen Nickell, Darlene Byerly, Ivan Ray, Larry Kinder, Ray Funk, Diana Robbins, Unknown.
Front Row. Bonnie Ray, Unknown, Garry Nickell, Ralph Nickell, Carl Bowman, Steve Kinder, John Bowman.
Photo courtesy of Phyllis Mundell, Parker, Kansas.
Goodrich Grade School 1953-1954 Goodrich Grade School 1953-1954. Top Row. Teacher Christine (Wooten) Craig, Bruce Boydston, Karen Nickell, Everett Bowman, Bonnie Ray, Ray Funk, Unknown.
Next Row. Ivan Ray, Unknown, Darlene Byerly, Ralph Nickell.
Next Row. Unknown, Carl Bowman, Sharon Byerly, Garry Nickell, Shirley Byerly, Larry Kinder, Diana Robbins.
Front Row. Bonnie Orr, Steve Kinder, Unknown, John Bowman, Unknown.
Photo courtesy of Phyllis Mundell, Parker, Kansas.
Goodrich Grade School 1957-1958 Goodrich Grade School 1957-1958. Back Row. Wayne Miller, Carl Bowman, Ray Funk, John Bowman, Tomm Ray, Carl Giffin, Larry Kinder, Teacher Ann McAllister, Ralph Nickell, Billy Miller.
Next Row. Bruce Boydston, Garry Nickell, Steve Kinder, Sandra Giffin, Bonnie Ray, Diana Robbins, Unknown, Mary Mann, Martha Raper.
Front Row. Roger Giffin, Larry McNabb, Unknown, George Raper, Kelly Nickell, Unknown.
Photo courtesy of Phyllis Mundell, Parker, Kansas.
Hickory Grove School 1899 Hickory Grove School in 1899.
Photo courtesy of Louise Stites, Parker, Kansas.

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