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Eastside Cemetery



Clay Township

Section / Township / Range: 18-23-5

The cemetery is located at Avenue D and Cleveland.

History & Highlights
 History: Help build an online record of Eastside.
 Map - Lot Map | View Cemetery | Brochure
 Mausoleum: First Mausoleum built in Kansas
 Medal of Honor Recipient: Frank Hogan

Lot Information
 1 - 1613 Lots
 Baby Land - New
 Baby Land: lots: 1606 | 1607 | 1608 | 1609 | 1610
 City Ground
 County Ground
 Wall Street Addition

Note: Project underway to walk each lot and verify burials and marked graves.
1978 Survey
2006 Interment Survey
2012 Interment Survey
2013 Interment Survey
2014 Interment Survey

Indexed by: Kathleen Dankanyin & Gale Wall

Photographed by: Gale Wall