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Pleasant Hill Cemetery - Loda

Pl Hill Loda


Loda Township

Section / Township / Range: 6-26-8

The cemetery is located on Sun City Road, about 1/2 mile East of Sterling Road

Cemetery History

Pleasant Hill is a small old cemetery. Originally, land was transferred from J.W. Banks to the trustees of Pleasant Hill Cemetery on 2 March 1886. Another acre of land was acquired from William Cole on 7 March 1893 for a church building. Eventually, the church was closed and the building moved. Many of the graves were moved to Lerado Cemetery. There was a new grave stone placed on the grave of the infant son of Wallace and Nancy Cole in May 1978 but the infant had died 12 February 1889. There are five grave stones with legible names and three with names so weathered they cannot be read. At one time Mr. McKinney, a neighbor who cared for the cemetery, installed 27 wooden crosses that he painted white where he thought there were unmarked graves.

Interments - 1978 Survey