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Valley Township Cemetery



Valley Township

Section / Township / Range: 22-24-4

The cemetery is located on Long View Road, about 1/2 mile West of Rayl Road. The cemetery sits in the middle of the section.

Cemetery History

The property deed for Valley Cemetery was transferred to the Valley Cemetery Association on 18 April 1888 from John Reed. The location in unique in as much as it is located in the center of the section. A local citizen told the researchers the reason for this strange location. The body of an old trapper was found along the Arkansas River. Those who found him asked a landowner if they could bury the trapper on the owner’s land. The owner gave his consent with the condition that they bury the trapper in the corner, so that the owner could not have to plow around the grave. Thus the location was determined, and later other bodies were buried there. Eventually, the plot was set aside for a formal cemetery.

Interments - 1978 Survey