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List of Union Soldiers Living in Reno County, Kansas in 1890
Name Rank Company Regiment State
Adams, G. Private D 51 Illinois
Adams, J. Private K 130 Indiana
Akin, Dudley D. Sergeant A 11 Kentucky
Albertson, John Private A 19 Michigan
Albright, John Private B 70 Indiana
Alexander, D. S. Private B 24 Michigan
Alexander, Robert Private G 6 Iowa
Alexander, Wm. Private C 52 Kentucky
Altenread, Levi Private C 7 Missouri
Ames, Orpheus Corporal K 85 Illinois
Anderson, A. P. Private D 22 Pennsylvania
Anderson, J. M. 2nd Corporal C 9 Iowa
Andre, Geo. W. Private A 38 Ohio
Andrews, J. M. Private F 88 Ohio
Annadown, Wm. H. Private H 197 Pennsylvania
Ansley, Joseph Private C 23 Indiana
Apple, Herman Private D Unknown Missouri
Arkebeaner, Hiram Private L 3 Illinois
Asher, Alvin B. Private A 80 Illinois
Asher, C. B. Private F 30 Indiana
Ashton, Daniel Private A 39 Illinois
Astle, Wm. Private I 97 Illinois
Atherton, J. R. Private H 78 Illinois
Atwood, M. V. Private D 108 Illinois
Atwood, S.A. Private I 47 Illinois
Avery, B. G. Private B 21 Wisconsin
Baker, B. Private E 7 Indiana
Baker, F. W. Captain I 10 Tennessee
Baker, H. Private M 9 Indiana
Baker, R. W. Yeoman Unknown Unknown New York
Baker, Sylvester Private H 105 Ohio
Baker, William Private G 30 Indiana
Ballard, V.B. Private F 64 Ohio
Ballew, Noah Private E 148 Ohio
Ballinger, J. L. Private H 13 United States
Ballinger, John W. Private M 4 United States
Bane, Ephram Corporal C 47 Illinois
Banett, John A. Private K 73 Illinois
Banks, James Sergeant B 1 Kentucky
Banks, Rivers Private G 8 Kentucky
Banthaner, J. Private A 21 Missouri
Barber, Nathaniel Private C 21 Michigan
Barclay, GeorgeD. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bardett, James Private E 7 Indiana
Barghman, Joseph Private A 105 Pennsylvania
Barker, W. H. Private B 4 Ohio
Barnes, J. S. Major Unknown 91 Illinois
Barnett, H. C. Private C 26 Indiana
Barngrover,---- Unknown E 50 Ohio
Bartholomew, Charles Private E 99 Indiana
Bartlett, William Private F 64 Ohio
Basher, Z. S. Private E 123 Indiana
Battey, Manhall Captain A 111 Illinois
Batty, Marshall Private H 129 Illinois
Batty, P. T. Private C 40 Indiana
Baughman, H. Drummer E 122 Ohio
Baughman, H.C. Captain F 59 Illinois
Baughman, Joseph Private Unknown 165 Pennsylvania
Baxter, J. S. Private D 118 Illinois
Baylan, John Private A 13 Missouri
Baynum, J. W. Private L 4 Illinois
Beall, George Private B 154 Ohio
Beam, J. M. Private C 76 Ohio
Beegle, Adam H. Private E 147 Illinois
Bell, W. H. Sergeant H 15 Kansas
Belt, A. G. Private Unknown 13 Indiana
Bennett, J. S. Private A 152 Ohio
Bennett, S. Private B Unknown Ohio
Benson, O. F. Sergeant G M H Missouri
Berry, C. S. Unknown B 118 Illinois
Berwick, W. Sergeant G RR Missouri
Bigger, L. A. First Lieutenant F 1 North Carolina
Bingham, S. L. J. Private F 8 Michigan
Birch, G. H. First Lieutenant H 29 Indiana
Black, Clinton Private D 85 Illinois
Blackburn, J. F. Lieutenant E 129 Illinois
Blake, Madison Private C 6 Indiana
Blanpied, Elisha Private E 42 Kentucky
Blodgett, L. W. Private F 94 New York
Boggs, Wm. Private Unknown 10 Missouri
Boglan, J. Private A 13 Missouri
Bolton, Augustus Private C 19 Connecticut
Bomgardner, Michael Private Cogwell's Battery Unknown Illinois
Boner, Joseph Private B 16 Pennsylvania
Boody, S. B. Private C 115 Ohio
Booth, C. M. Sergeant A 8 New York
Bosley, Henry Private H 104 Illinois
Bouser, Thomas Private H 55 Illinois
Boyd, Benjamin Private G 1 New York
Bradburn, James Private C 54 Indiana
Bradwell, Silas Private E 26 Illinois
Brady, T. Private I 1 Ohio
Brainard, Jess Captain B 4 Illinois
Bramwell, H. S. Private C 5 Indiana
Bramwell, Joseph Private H 125 Indiana
Branch, P. C. Private G 13 Iowa
Bresler, Nathan Private G 57 Indiana
Brewer, A. J. Private D 77 Illinois
Bridgeman, J. C. Corporal I 128 Indiana
Briggs, Robert First Lieutenant B 65 Illinois
Briggs, Robert Private E 104 Ohio
Brightman, S. B. Lieutenant Colonel Unknown 43 Wisconsin
Bringle, Jacob Private C 70 Indiana
Bringle, Jacob I. Private C 70 Indiana
Brink, Stephen Captain D 124 Illinois
Brinnegar, J. H. Private H 28 Kentucky
Brooks, G. B. Private I 94 New York
Brooks,G. B. Private I 94 New York
Brown, F. Private Unknown 11 Indiana
Brown, F. E. Private H 35 Mississippi
Brown, J. B. Sergeant H 14 Ohio
Brown, James Captain B 60 New York
Brown, Thomas W. Private F 149 Indiana
Brown, Thompson Private K 38 Ohio
Brown, Wiley Private Discharge Lost Unknown Ohio
Brown, William Private A 4 Pennsylvania
Brownfield, H. B. Private H 7 Illinois Cav
Bruner, Philip H. Private F 2 California
Bryant, Wm. Private F 1 Michigan
Bullis, John R. Private H 21 Ohio
Burch, L. N. Private D 87 Indiana
Burchell, H. E. Private E 15 Indiana
Burdick, E. C. Private D 38 Ohio
Burdo, R. D. Private K 25 Ohio
Burkett, Peter S. Private B 79 Pennsylvania
Burns, V. O. Private K 9 Indiana
Burns, W.E. Private A 7 Missouri
Burris, Milton Corporal M 13 Missouri
Bussinger, M. C. Private K 85 Indiana
Byers, I. J. Corporal B 71 Ohio
Cade, George C. Private G 2 Illinois
Caldwell, A. B. Brevt. 1st Lieutenant A 2 Mississippi
Caldwell, John G. Private A 75 New York
Caldwell, S. J. Private Unknown 37 Illinois
Calverly, Richard Private Unknown Unknown Missouri
Campbell, John Private A 53 Illinois
Campbell, Robert A. Private K 24 Ohio
Campbell, S. Sergeant C 50 Iowa
Care, J. R. Private J 31 Iowa
Carew, Harvey H. Private B 15 New Jersey
Carey, John Private C 118 Indiana
Carey, Peter Lieutenant K 47 Indiana
Carpenter, O. S. Corporal D 142 New York
Carpenter, Orson S. Corporal S 142 New York
Carr, H. H. Private B 15 New Jersey
Carson, William F. Private C 7 Illinois
Carver, John Private A 30 Maine
Case, Oscar Private H 121 Ohio
Cassidy, R. T. Lieutenant B 163 West Virginia
Caster, Joseph Private I 2 Ohio
Cathcart, Samuel B. Private F 16 Iowa
Cecil, Thomas Private D 78 Illinois
Cecil, Wilford Private F 155 Illinois
Cecil, William Private D 78 Illinois
Center, William H. Corporal F 1 Illinois
Chaffin, G. B. 2nd Lieutenant H 15 Ohio
Chamberlain, W. Private A 148 Indiana
Chambers,Charles C. Sergeant K 64 Ohio
Chapin, C. O. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Charles, Levi B. Private L 1 Colorado
Chase, Frank M. Private C 92 Illinois
Chase, Wright Private F 66 Illinois
Chattle, William H. Private A 89 Illinois
Cheeseman, John Private I 118 New York
Clark, Ashbury Corporal E 89 Illinois
Clark, W. H. Private E 1 New York
Claypool, J. W. Sergeant K 70 Indiana
Clearwater, Rubin Sergeant A 6 Indiana
Clingan, G. A. Private C 7 Iowa
Clink, William Private I 41 Illinois
Clothier, J. B. Private G 8 Iowa
Clothier, Newton Private G 7 Iowa
Clymer, John V. Captain B 156 Indiana
Cochran, ___ Private L 16 Illinois
Cochran, N. J. Private B 84 Indiana
Cochrane, Sanders Private G 16 Unknown
Coldrult, S. J. Sergeant E 72 Indiana
Cole, Harry Private F 34 Indiana
Colee, C. C. Private C 22 Pennsylvania
Colee, Theodore F. Unknown Unknown Unknown Pennsylvania
Coleman, George A. Private I 70 Indiana
Coles, J. W. Private K 46 Iowa
Collings, Isaac Private G 145 Indiana
Collins, Charles Private A 2 Kansas
Colville, Benjamin A. Corporal C 117 Illinois
Compton, D. Private N 67 Indiana
Compton, David Private K 67 Indiana
Connett, J. T. Corporal H 30 New Jersey
Connett, William Private Unknown 16 Indiana
Conroe, Israel Private E 41 New York
Consoe, L. Sergeant E 41 New York
Constant, Constant M. Private H 30 Illinois
Cooper, W. C. Sergeant B 6 Missouri
Cooten, G. W. Private C 1 Missouri
Copeland, M. H. Sergeant A 107 Illinois
Cory, N. B. Private Unknown Unknown Indiana
Counterman, E. 2nd Lieutenant I 11 Michigan
Cowan, Samuel Private E 8 Illinois
Cowen, John Private B 26 Illinois
Cox, J. L. Private E 1 Missouri
Cox, Rebecca J. Widow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cox, Solomon Private C 55 Kentucky
Crabb, J. E. Sergeant B 34 Ohio
Crabbs, J. Major Unknown 89 Indiana
Craig, Henry H. Private G 114 Illinois
Crampton, H. H. Private E 8 Ohio
Crampton, James H. Sergeant E 110 Ohio
Crandall, C. Private C 81 Indiana
Crippen, Miner Private C 113 Ohio
Crippen, W. Private Unknown Unknown New York
Criswell, William Private G 86 Illinois
Crommett, Robert T. 2nd Lieutenant F 1 Maine Vet. Vol.
Croome, John W. Private C 5 Kentucky
Crow, Martin Private D 90 Illinois
Crow, Martin Private K 92 Ohio
Cubbison, Joseph 2nd Lieutenant C 101 Pennsylvania
Cummings, Walter C. Private O 51 Massachusetts
Cunningham, H. C. Unknown Unknown Unknown Ohio
Cupps, Cabel Private E 136 Indiana
Curliss, Harklis Private K 118 Illinois
Curnutt, H. G. Private I 72 Indiana
Dalton, ____ Private A 29 Missouri
Darr, Andrew J. Private H 194 Ohio
Davis, A. O. Private K 108 Illinois
Davis, C. Corporal B 2 Maine
Davis, H. A. Private E 88 Pennsylvania
Davis, J. W. Private B 47 Illinois
Davis, John J. Private G 6 Virginia
Davis, L. Corporal H 14 Rhode Island
Davis, R. A. Private F 11 Illinois
Davis, Robert 1st Lieutenant A 15 New York
Davis, Samuel Private G 14 Ohio Infantry
Davis, Ulysses Private C 3 West Virginia
Davis, W. M. Private B 21 Ohio
Davis, William B. Private H 5 Pennsylvania
Dawson, R. A. H. Steward Unknown Unknown Missouri Regular
Day, D. P. Corporal F 107 Illinois
Day, Robert Private G 50 Indiana
Dean, J. Private F 40 Iowa
Deane, Albert Private E 88 New York
Deane, Martin Chaplain Unknown 45 New York
Dearlove, W. B. Private Unknown 14 Ohio
Deck, Isaac Private K 7 Missouri
Decker, C. V. 1st Lieutenant D 123 Illinois
Decker, F. J. Lieutenant C 18 Wisconsin
Decker, T. A. 2nd Lieutenant B 1 Cav Ohio
Deering, C. T. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Delano, Richard F. 2nd Lieutenant B 49 Indiana
Delono, W. H. Private Unknown 144 Indiana
Demort, Samuel Private C Unknown Indiana
Denison, G. A. Private I 61 Iowa
Dennis, Edward Private G 100 Illinois
Detter, G. W. Private D 78 Pennsylvania
Devoe, B. R. Private H 113 Indiana
Dewitt, J. F. Private F 14 New Jersey
Dice, H. W. Private C 132 Illinois
Dickhut, C. W. Private H 118 Illinois
Dillingham, W. H. Corporal H 26 Kansas
Dilly, S. A. Private F 83 Pennsylvania
Dimock, A. S. Private Unknown Unknown Massachusetts
Dinsmore, Charles Private E 6 New Jersey
Dinsmore, Charles Private E 6 New York
Dittman, Nicholas Private D 2 Michigan
Dix, Jonathan W. Private O 10 Kansas
Dixon, T. B. Private D 18 Iowa
Dodds, Ira R. Private F 28 Illinois
Dodge, A. R. Private B Unknown Illinois
Dodge, John Private C 44 Indiana
Dodge, Riley Private B 152 Illinois
Doles, J. A. Private G 22 Ohio
Doolittle, L. F. Private Unknown Unknown Kansas
Dorman, S. M. Private C 29 Illinois
Dorman, Samuel N. Private C 29 Illinois
Doron, E. Private I 1 Ohio
Downs, John Corporal K 180 Ohio
Drake, Michael Private A 135 Pennsylvania
Driver, ____ Private A 142 Indiana
Duckworth, J. L. Private F 36 Iowa
Duer, Jonathan Private H 2 Iowa
Duffy, Edward Drummer D 33 Indiana
Dugan, Ferdinand Private Unknown Unknown U.S.N.
Duke, Edward Private B 10 West Virginia
Dull, S. A. Private G 51 Ohio
Dunn, John P. Private C 9 Iowa Cavalry
Dunn, Thomas Private D 16 Iowa
Dunn, William Private H 39 Iowa
Dunsworth, ___ Private D 32 Illinois
Dunsworth, A. J. Private F 50 Illinois
Durkell, Jr., D. Private E 45 Missouri
Dutton, Enos Private B 19 Iowa
Duval, Francis Ord. Sergeant D 83 United States
Eabling, John F. Sergeant E 9 Illinois
Eareant, J. J. Private H 2 Tennessee
Eddie, John Private L 1 United States
Eddy, George Corporal I 8 Vermont
Edson, Lucius C. Private G 11 Vermont
Eisminger, Harvey Private F 73 Illinois
Elder, George Private A 46 Pennsylvania
Elliott, David H. Corporal G 15 Iowa
Elliott, E. W. Corporal D 89 Ohio
Elliott, George B. Corporal G 16 New York
Elliott, William H. Corporal G 1 Missouri
Ellis, James K. Private D 39 Indiana
Ellis, Perse Private C 4 Wisconsin
Ellis, William Private C 53 Kentucky
Ellston, J. W. Private Unknown 46 Indiana
Ellsworth, Allen 1st Lieutenant I 118 Illinois
Elswik, Thomas Private L 7 Missouri
Ely, David H. Private H 22 Iowa
England, John Corporal A 8 Missouri
Epperson, John H. Private D 83 Illinois
Epperson, W. N. Corporal A 16 Kansas
Erion, Philip Private B 3 Illinois
Ernst, A. 1st Lieutenant G 7 California
Eusminger, W. P. Private D 6 Indiana
Evans, M. M. Captain Q 56 Illinois
Evarts, H. E. Private F 16 Ohio
Everett, E. J. Sergeant K 83 Illinois
Everett, Elmer Corporal R 83 Illinois
Evers, Elias Private I 34 Indiana
Ewing, J. K. Corporal G 4 Unknown
Ewing, R. M. Corporal B 50 Illinois
Farnsworth, Lamar Private K 16 Illinois
Fastrow, Herman Private E 6 Ohio
Fenimore, E. R. Private E 149 Ohio
Fenimore, J. C. Private C 3 and 9 Kansas
Ferguson, Thomas Sergeant I 122 Illinois
Filley, Worthington Private B 101 Illinois
Filson, John Private K 101 Illinois
Fish, George W. Private A 16 Illinois
Fisher, Alfred Private E 17 Iowa
Fisher, B. S. Private B 47 Iowa
Fisher, David Private G 33 Indiana
Flohr, C. P. Private A 1 Iowa
Fluck, Casper Private E 195 Pennsylvania
Foggle, E. M. Private G 18 Iowa
Fosnot, W. E. Private G 147 Pennsylvania
Fowler, T. G. Private B 47 Illinois
Fowler, T. J. Private I 3 Pennsylvania
France, E. Sergeant H 21 Illinois
Franklin, J. R. Captain A 17 Iowa
Frease, Cyrus Captain G 19 Ohio
Freeman, Will H. Private Unknown 15 Indiana Battalion
Freemyer, David Private B 9 Missouri
French, H. N. Private C 24 Missouri
Frense, W. W. Private Unknown 184 Ohio
Frisby, O. Private G 7 Illinois
Frost, J. Private A 126 New York
Froyne, R. I. Lieutenant F 22 Kentucky
Frysear, A. B. Sergeant Unknown 4 Arkansas
Galer, J. B. Private K 18 Iowa
Gallup, Ed Private C 21 Wisconsin
Gallup, H. C. Corporal A 88 Illinois
Gaston, S. D. Private I 62 Missouri
Gehm, Peter Private J 14 Illinois
George, J. W. Corporal F 15 West Virginia
George, John B. Com. Sergeant Unknown 1 Michigan
Getter, H. K. Private F 20 Pennsylvania
Gibbs, William E. Private C 8 New York
Gibson, David Private E 27 Kentucky
Gibson, Harrison Private G 85 Ohio
Gill, John H. Private H 46 Indiana
Gillespie, Patrick Private D 13 Kansas
Gillett, John Private C Unknown Indiana
Gillett, John W. H. P. Private C 19 Indiana
Gillock, Thomas C. Sergeant Unknown 11 Indiana
Ginn, Joseph Private I 21 Missouri
Glanville, F. M. Private C 65 New York
Gleichman, George Private A 42 Indiana
Glick, S. A. Private C 45 Pennsylvania
Godfrey, J. H. Private E 1 Texas
Goodwin, Jacob Private G 57 Indiana
Gorden, Henry Private B 16 Indiana
Gordon, H. Private B 16 Indiana
Gould, William Private C 6 Iowa
Gozder, Marcus Private H 110 Alabama
Grady, Henry Private I 7 Illinois
Gransbury, John W. Private A 95 New York
Gransen, M. Private H 116 Ohio
Grant, G. E. Private Unknown 23 Wisconsin
Grant, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Graves, Benona Private C 11 Iowa
Gray, C. W. Sergeant H 69 Missouri
Gray, Morris J. Private E 52 Ohio
Gray, William C. Private C 1 Wisconsin
Grayson, Joseph A. Private D 6 West Virginia
Green, D. B. Private H 94 Illinois
Green, Francis Private F 10 Minnesota
Greenamyer, J. R. Private A 129 Indiana
Greenlee, J. F. Sergeant G 142 Ohio
Gregg, John Private F 5 New York
Griffin, J. D. Corporal A 8 Michigan
Grist, William Private B 82 Pennsylvania
Grover, Charles B. Private B 124 Illinois
Grover, Freeman Private H 16 Wisconsin
Grudel, J. H. Private I 20 Indiana
Guller, John Private I 81 Illinois
Guyer, John Private K 134 Pennsylvania
H________, Tim Private B 8 New York
Hadley, D. W. Captain K 79 Indiana
Hadley, Levi P. Private E 26 Indiana
Hadley, S. I. Private K 7 Iowa
Haines, Clayton Private I 33 Iowa
Hall, James B. Private I 88 Illinois
Hall, L. M. Private A 1 Maryland
Hall, S. W. Private Unknown 1 Iowa
Hall, Samuel W. Private Unknown 1 Iowa
Hallinger, J. W. Private D 5 Ohio
Hamlin, M. Private A 15 Connecticut
Hammond, John Private C 8 Illinois
Hanan, B. D. Hospital Steward H 1 Missouri
Hand, Thompson Private G 78 Illinois
Handy, Edward S. Private F 79 Illinois
Harbison, G. W. Private A 71 Indiana
Hardin, W. M. Private K 35 Kentucky
Hardy, W. G. Sergeant G 4 Iowa
Harison, J. S. Private B 113 Ohio
Harmony, Will Private B 6 Missouri
Harper, Thomas V. Sergeant E 1 Ohio
Harris, William E. Sergeant E 1 Connecticut
Harsyman, J. S. Private A 6 Missouri
Hartford, Henry Lieutenant Colonel Unknown 8 New Jersey
Hartford, William First Lieutenant A 8 New Jersey
Hartshorn, Jacob C. Private D 138 Illinois
Hasty, William W. Private L 7 Illinois
Hathaway, Samuel Corporal G 3 Iowa
Hawkins, Frank J. Private K 1 Michigan
Hawkins, I. H. Private F 42 Ohio
Hawley, S. K. Private C 63 Ohio
Hayden, G. F. Captain F 17 Indiana
Hayes, P. H. Private A 44 Missouri
Hegwer, Augustus Private B 9 Kentucky
Hegwer, Henry Private B 9 Kansas
Hehin, James Private G 83 Illinois
Hemphill, John A. Private A 183 Ohio
Hendry, E. M. Private I 153 Illinois
Herdick, J. E. Lieutenant D 11 Illinois
Herdick, J. M. Captain Q 4 Ohio
Herlocner, J. M. Private E 49 Pennsylvania
Higgins, A. P. Private H 120 Indiana
Highbarger, E. Private F 63 Pennsylvania
Hill, E. M. Colonel 1st Unknown Missouri
Hill, H. A. Sergeant M 14 New York
Hill, Josephus Private F 73 Illinois
Hiller, Nathan Corporal A 172 Ohio
Hindrey, W. F. Private H 36 Ohio
Hinds, John Private C 77 Ohio
Hinman, L. M. Third Corporal E 134 Indiana
Hoaglan, Martin Sergeant I 57 Illinois
Hodge, L. D. Private B 11 Indiana
Hodges, G. W. Private F 40 Unknown
Hodgson, William Private E 4 Minnesota
Hodson, Z. T. Unknown D 28 Iowa
Hoffman, A. Private H 11 Ohio
Holcomb, H. Sergeant K 104 Illinois
Holin, Lewis Private E 4 Pennsylvania
Holland, J. Private Unknown Unknown U.S.N.
Holland, William T. Private A 152 Illinois
Holliday, D. H. Private F 88 Ohio
Hollowell, L. Private Unknown Unknown Ohio
Holmes, John E. Private B 154 Illinois
Holmes, William B. Private I 5 California
Homes, William H. Private C 144 Illinois
Honk, L. Sergeant B 1 Maryland
Hoover, Michiel Private B 7 Missouri
Hopping, Thomas Private I 20 Illinois
Hornbaker, F. D. Private I 145 Indiana
Hoskinson, George W. Private L 1 Iowa
Hostetter, A. Private Unknown Unknown West Virginia
Hostetter, Amos Private C 6 West Virginia
Hotchkis, O. L. Private K 22 Iowa
Houser, J. S. Private Unknown Unknown Illinois
Hunt, Willis Private H 1 West Virginia
Huston, Jeff Private B 2 Illinois
Hutchinson, J. S. Private C 71 Illinois
Hutchinson, W. E. Private H 102 New York
Iganes, I. Private E 3 Missouri
Inman, Thomas Corporal H 54 Illinois
Ireton, William Private H 11 Michigan
Irwin, A. Corporal A 87 Indiana
Ivy, J. W. Private K 47 Wisconsin
James, N. J. Corporal F 101 Illinois
Jarboe, Daniel Unknown Unknown Unknown Maryland
Jeffers, A. Private F 15 Michigan
Jeffs, William E. Sergeant G 90 Illinois
Jenkins, A. Private I 2 Tennessee
Jenks, S. O. Sergeant B 97 New York
Jewell, R. Private K 57 Indiana
Jewell, W. D. Corporal I 84 Indiana
Jobes, Abner, H. Corporal D 6 West Virginia
Johnson, Hugh N. Corporal C 18 Kansas
Johnson, Isaac Private H 111 Illinois
Johnson, John Private F 2 Missouri
Johnson, Samuel G. Sergeant Unknown Unknown Kansas
Johnson, W. F. Private Unknown Unknown Wisconsin
Johnson, W. G. Private C 70 Ohio
Johnson, W. W. Private H 34 Illinois
Johnston, B. D. Private K 70 Ohio
Johnston, George A. Private C 138 Illinois
Jones, Greenberry R. Lieutenant H 21 Missouri
Jones, Hobert Private I 2 Illinois
Jones, Joseph H. Private H 144 Indiana
Jones, Lewis Private B 40 Iowa
Jones, Seth Private F 40 Iowa
Jones, T. Private D 1 Iowa
Jones, William Unknown G 2 Kansas
Jones, William J Musician K 3 Missouri
Julian, Stephen L. Private L 8 Missouri
Kanaga, J. W. Private A 134 Ohio
Karns, M. Private B 6 Iowa
Keller, G. W. Private H 21 Missouri
Kelly, Andrew J. Corporal G 49 Indiana
Kelsey, R. D. Private F 73 Illinois
Kennedy, David Private L 3 Michigan
Kennedy, William D. Sergeant G 23 Missouri
Kenoyer, E. Private H 151 Indiana
Kibby, J. F. Private B 46 Ohio
Kinder, J. W. Private D 18 Missouri
Kinder, Thomas Private F 12 Missouri
King, R. S. Private D 16 Illinois
King, William Private E 114 Illinois
Kingkade, David Private E 7 Missouri
Kingkade, J. H. Private C 89 New York
Kinney, Harlow Private B 1 Iowa
Kirby, Boston Private K 25 Michigan
Kirkham, D. Private K 6 Indiana
Kirkpatrick, R. B. Private E 89 Ohio
Kirkpatrick, W. H. Private M 5 Ohio
Kitchen, W. H. Private E 54 New York
Knight, N. D. Private D 4 West Virginia
Knight, Seth Private E 22 Wisconsin
Kohule, John Private H 2 Illinois
Kruch, F. W. Private K 5 Missouri
Kyes, E. J. Private B 16 Illinois
Lacy, Robert Major Unknown 79 Illinois
LaDuke, Mitchell Private H 16 New York
Lain, H. S. Private B 29 Indiana
Lake, J. W. Private E 50 Illinois
Lamb, George W. Private Unknown 188 Ohio
Lance, A. J. Private H 28 Iowa
Langdon, S. M. Private Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lashbaugh, W. H. Sergeant B 9 Michigan
Laucks, Charles Private B 144 Illinois
Laughlin, Robert Private D 120 Indiana
Laughton, Charles Private M 126 Indiana
Lawrence, William Lieutenant D 1 Missouri
Lawson, J. H. Corporal D 16 Illinois
Laymon, Preston Private E 2 Tennessee
Leeman, J. H. Captain C 6 Ohio
Lefy, D. D. Private I 101 Pennsylvania
Lentz, G. W. Private H 28 Iowa
Lentz, G. W. Private H 28 Iowa
Leslie, Alexander Teamster Unknown 1 Missouri
Libbey, C. E. Private H 11 Illinois
Lible, Martin Private C 7 Kansas
Lindsey, John C. Private D 39 Indiana
Lindsey, John R. Com. Sergeant H 1 Ohio
Lindsley, W. D. Private F Post Command Kansas
Litchfield, James Private C 3 Ohio
Litchfield, John Sergeant D 64 Illinois
Litchfield, Thomas Orderly Sergeant I 14 Ohio
Littsell, W. W. Corporal A 32 Illinois
Lloyd, M. E. Lieutenant Colonel Unknown 119 New York
Longstreetle, Charles H. Private F 6 Pennsylvania
Lowe, I. A. Private A 3 Iowa
Lowry, Robert Private L 41 Ohio
Luckey, J. R. Private C 14 Iowa
Lyman, Hamilton Captain L 5 New York
Lyman, L. Corporal L 5 New York
Lyons, William Corporal E 5 Michigan
Magee, Benjamin Private Unknown Unknown New York
Magwire, F. Private G 3 Michigan
Mahnsan, J. W. Corporal G 59 Indiana
Mahoney, Clemard Private E 84 Indiana
Malick, A. J. Sergeant I 9 New York
Mallory, J. W. Sergeant QM Dept. Unknown Unknown
Manhall, W. H. Private H 2 Kansas
Maphet, John Private D 9 Kentucky
Markham, J. J. First Lieutenant E 56 Ohio
Marlin, A. D. Private D 95 Ohio
Marsh, David Private H 104 Ohio
Marshall, Conrad Private C 9 Indiana
Marshall, I. F. Private F 69 Indiana
Marshall, John H. Sergeant B 1st Bat. Nevada
Marshall, W. R. Private H 15 Ohio
Marteney, Stalnaker Private D Unknown West Virginia
Martin, Hugh Private Unknown Unknown Unknown
Martin, J. E. Private C 49 Indiana
Martin, John Private K 39 Illinois
Masies, Joseph Private Unknown Unknown Unknown
Matherly, W. I. Private E 86 Indiana
Mathews, A. L. Private E 14 New York
Matick, A. J. Sergeant I 9 New York
Mauck,E. H. Private G 112 Illinois
Max, John Private Cogwell's Bat. Light Art. Illinois
May, Michael Private E 31 Indiana
May, R. R. Private D 81 Indiana
Mayers, J. V. Private I 2 Ohio
Maylow, Joseph Private A 10 Kansas
McAlister, R Unknown Unknown Unknown Virginia
McAngthy, N. Private D 135 Illinois
McArthur, Duncan Private A Unknown Kansas
McAtee, George Private H 7 Ohio
McCandless, Unknown Private QM Dept. 78 Illinois
McCanine, W. H. Second Lieutenant D 13 New Hampshire
McCaslin, John Private H 6 Pennsylvania
McClellan, Robert Private B 83 Illinois
McClery, J. H. Private A 14 Illinois
McClurg, Joseph H. Farrier A 14 Ohio
McColin, Alexander Corporal K 36 Ohio
McCollum, John Private I 85 New York
McCormick, M. Private G 174 Ohio
McCormick, W. H. Corporal B 2 Ohio
McCorthe, L. E. Corporal F 3 New Hampshire
McCracken, J. W. Hosp. Steward Unknown 99 Iowa
McCurdy, J. P. Private K 11 Pennsylvania
McDonald, E. Private B 45 Iowa
McFadden, J. A. Private H 14 Ohio
McFarland, D. T. Private F 6 Iowa
McFarland, L. S. Private D 5 Iowa
McGibbony, Levi C. Private Unknown 22 Illinois
McGinley, John Private I 21 Missouri
McGowan, Alex Musician Unknown 50 Illinois
McGregor, E. T. Private F 23 New York
McGregor, J. R. Sergeant QM Dept. 4 Illinois
McGregor, William Lieutenant B 6 U. S. V.
McInterff, A Sergeant C 7 Kansas
McIntosh, W. Private A 143 Ohio
McIver, Isaac Private K 49 Illinois
McKay, Frank Corporal H 3 Iowa
McKewgie, Unknown Musician A 20 New York
McKinney, A. W. Surgeon Unknown 31 Indiana
McKinstry, J. Private I 135 Illinois
McMullen, H. B. Private K 26 Indiana
McMurphy, Unknown Private A 7 Indiana
McMurry, George Private G 46 Illinois
McMurry, T. J. Private E 6 Tennessee
McNew, J. H. Private E 8 Indiana
McRee, D. B. Private G 4 Unknown
McSherry, Thomas Sergeant K 115 Illinois
Melrose, Henry Private C 1 Virginia
Mercer, C. E. Private D 17 Illinois
Meredith, F. Private K 7 Indiana
Merles, John Private I 23 Illinois
Merrill, _____ Major Unknown 141 New York
Middleton, W. R. Corporal H 21 Ohio
Milan, J. S. Private A 59 Indiana
Miller, Alexander Private A Unknown Illinois
Miller, C. P. Corporal D 11 Missouri
Miller, G. E. Private B Unknown Unknown
Miller, G. R. Private D 7 Pennsylvania
Miller, J. K. Private Unknown Unknown Illinois
Miller, Peter Private C 82 Ohio
Miller, Robert C. Private C 81 Indiana
Miller, S. R. Private C 100 Indiana
Mills, T.E. Private I 36 Illinois
Miskimen, H. Captain G 47 Ohio
Mitchell, R. Private H 38 Iowa
Mitchell, W. H. Private R 24 Indiana
Mize, J. H. Sergeant I 1 Illinois
Monroe, James Private A 55 Illinois
Mooney, R. M. Private E 37 New York
Moore, W. T. Private C 1 Missouri
Moorhead , Albert Private C 35 Missouri
Moorman, W. H. Private B 34 Iowa
More, B. H. Private G 27 Indiana
More, Unknown Private A 181 Ohio
Morehead , A. J. Private Unknown Unknown Unknown
Morris, S. J. Private C 9 Indiana
Morrow, Mattie Private Unknown 82 Pennsylvania
Moulder, F. C. Corporal H 118 Indiana
Moulton, S. D. Private L 8 Illinois
Mount, Cyrus Private C 4 Iowa
Mousy, J. N. Private H 11 Ohio
Muck, Anthony Captain I 44 Missouri
Mudge, James F. Landsman Unknown Unknown Unknown
Munger, H. H. Sergeant C 11 Michigan
Murphy, J. C. Second Lieutenant I 12 Michigan
Murry, C. H. Private H 77 New York
Myers, Abraham A. Private B 51 Indiana
Myers, John A. Sergeant B 51 Ohio
Myers, John C. Private D 47 Pennsylvania
Myers, S. D. Private Navy Unknown New York
Myres, A. F. Private H 89 Illinois
Nall, W. H. Private C 4 Kentucky
Neeley, Thomas H. Corporal M 12 Illinois
Neuman, G. W. Private G 59 Indiana
Newton, S. E. Private C 64 Illinois
Nichols, F. M. Private G 6 Iowa
Nishols, B. F. Private H 128 Indiana
Noise, O. S. Private F 47 Illinois
Northcutt, H. Private H 1 Missouri
Noyes, C. J. Private A 11 Maine
Obee, Henry First Lieutenant G 100 Ohio
Odell, G. W. Qr.-M. Sergeant E 5th Cavalry Illinois
O'Hara, H. C. Corporal E 7 Missouri
Olmstead, W. J. Private A 5 Michigan
Osborne, R. A. Private Unknown Unknown Kansas
Osler, Jackson Private F 11 Indiana
Ost, William Private E 1 Illinois
Oxenseider, Henry Private G 10 Iowa
Pallett, James E. Private G 6 Missouri
Palmer, George E. Private E 12 Kansas
Parker, C. D. Sergeant Major Unknown 48 Ohio
Parker, D. H. Private G 79 Ohio
Parker, James H. Private G 86 Illinois
Parker, John First Sergeant A 2 New York
Parker, Payton N. Private F 1 Nebraska
Patten, L. L. Private D 10 Illinois
Paul, W. L. R. Private G 7 Kansas
Payne, Milo Private E 10 Indiana
Pearson, William Corporal F 79 New York
Peed, Josephus Private F 15 Indiana
Penington, W. R. Private G 156 Illinois
Perkins, John Private F 186 New York
Peterman, Samuel Private Unknown Unknown Kansas
Petre, John Private E 23 Pennsylvania
Petterson, Alowgo Private F 57 Illinois
Philips, Nelson Private A 16 Iowa
Phillips, C. W. Private L 6 Michigan
Pieper, C. H. Private C 80 Indiana
Pierce, William W. Corporal G 3 Iowa
Piettifer, Joseph Private D 35 Ohio
Pilcher, William Private H 78 Illinois
Pinkston, Samuel Sergeant E 19 Kentucky
Pinnell, G. L. Private K 6 Illinois
Pinnell, G. L. Private K C Illinois
Pistole, Joseph Private D 120 Illinois
Plank, A. Private B 45 Iowa
Platt, L. H. Private A 137 Illinois
Potter, J. B. Private G 147 Unknown
Potter, William First Lieutenant K 51 Ohio
Poulton, William Private K 1 United States
Powers, John Private E 56 New York
Powers, R. Private D 11 Michigan
Prently, J. W. Private B 3 Kentucky
Pricer, David Private H 89 Ohio
Priest, W. J. Private E 129 Illinois
Proctor, John Private C 52 Indiana
Pry, John H. Sergeant Unknown Unknown Iowa
Pugle, Thomas J. Private I 7 Indiana
Pumphrey, A. Private Unknown 124 Indiana
Purdy, E. T. Private G 83 Pennsylvania
Puterbough, J. Sergeant E 47 Illinois
Putnam, U. F. Private K 6 Michigan
Pyles, Joseph Teamster Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quinn, C. E. Private A 31 Massachusetts
Radliff, William Sergeant Unknown 1 Wisconsin
Rallins, Isaac Unknown H 10 West Virginia
Ramsey, William A. Private H 22 Pennsylvania
Ran, Jacob Sergeant M 1 West Virginia
Rea, J. A. Sergeant C 106 Indiana
Reed, J. D. Private D 7 Illinois
Reed, J. M. Private L 7 Indiana
Reed, John A. Private A 35 Illinois
Reed, S. M. Private I 15 Iowa
Reed, William N. Private Unknown 3 Michigan
Reese, James M. Private H 123 Indiana
Rehin, Hugo Sergeant K 81 Ohio
Reid, Nathan Private A 35 Kentucky
Renehard, S. Private E 14 Illinois
Renfro, A. G. Sergeant K 5 Kentucky
Reville, T. P. Private C Unknown New York
Reynolds, Charles Private F 122 Illinois
Reynolds, James Private C 5 Minnesota
Reynolds, Jesse Sergeant D 53 Illinois
Rhodes, O. W. Private K 153 Ohio
Rice, A. Private C 11 Indiana
Rich, W. R. Private B 82 Indiana
Richards, Henry Private E 21 Missouri
Richards, N. Captain H 40 Iowa
Richart, Henry Private E 21 Missouri
Richter, Elias Private K 75 Indiana
Ricks, A. T. Private E 17 Ohio
Riddell, A. J. Private C 5 New York
Rise, G. H. Sergeant H 14 Ohio
Rising, J. B. Corporal I 60 New York
Risley, John Private D 67 Illinois
Ritchie, W. H. Private D 155 Indiana
Roberts, John Sergeant A 28 United States
Robinson, A. J. Private Unknown Unknown Unknown
Robinson, J. W. Private Unknown 7 Indiana
Rodrick, J. P. Private E 1 Ohio
Rogers, George Bugler C 10 Illinois
Rogers, George F. Private H 15 Illinois
Rogers, H. Private D 7 Iowa
Rogers, James Private D 7 Iowa
Rogers, James Bugler C 10 Illinois
Rogers, John Private F 133 Illinois
Rohlman, Spencer Private D 120 Illinois
Roland, Jacob Private Unknown Unknown Ohio
Romig, P. Sergeant 6 40 Pennsylvania
Rose, W. A. Sergeant C 13 Iowa
Rose, W. L. Chaplain Unknown 16 Illinois
Ross, J. M. C. Sergeant C Unknown Missouri
Ross, W. D. Private D 98 Pennsylvania
Rowland, Perry Private B 9 Ohio
Rowland, R. H. Musician F 92 Ohio
Royer, J. D. Private G 62 Illinois
Ruddick, John Private L 1 Ohio
Rudy, J. S. Private F 168 Pennsylvania
Rugg, E. M. Private D 168 Ohio
Rusher, Robert A. Sergeant C 22 Illinois
Russell, Matthew Private B 29 Massachusetts
Sain, George W. Private D 17 Illinois
Sallee, John Corporal A 76 Illinois
Salmon, Isaiah K. Private K 3 Michigan
Sample, J. M. Private Unknown 14 Michigan
Sampson, Samuel Sergeant Unknown 5 Massachusetts
Sanders, G. Private F 41 Tennessee
Sanders, M. Private K 125 Ohio
Saunders, J. M. Private C 10 Missouri
Saxton, G. W. Fourth Corporal B 105 Pennsylvania
Schamp, A. V. Private Unknown Unknown Pennsylvania
Schamp, B. F. Private F 47 Missouri
Schamp, R. G. Private F 44 Indiana
Schardine, John Private C 11 Indiana
Schneeberger, D. Private G 1 California
Schoonover, John U. Private E 3 Iowa
Scott, I. Captain H 50 Indiana
Scurlock, Allen Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Seagraves, W. I. Private G 57 Indiana
Seams, W. G. Private B 47 Kentucky
Sears, William Private C 9 Iowa
Secoy, J. B. Sgt, 1st Major Unknown 51 Wisconsin
Seeley, E. Corporal D 18 New York
Seibert, J. F. Assistant Engineer Unknown Unknown Missouri
Seltzer, D. Private K 64 Ohio
Seward, G. A. Private B 52 Kentucky
Seward, J. R. Private F 9 Kentucky
Seward, Jesse E. First Sergeant L 11 Kentucky
Sewerd, A. G. Corporal B 24 Indiana
Shaddock, Robert B. Private I 9 New York
Shafer, A. Private E 32 Ohio
Shafer, Joe Sergeant E 99 Indiana
Shafer, Peter Private F 2 Illinois
Shafer, Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Shahan, J. N. Private L 11 Missouri
Shapley, W. H. Private A 6 Maryland
Sharp, Job Private H 2 Iowa
Sharp, M. L. Private A 10 Missouri
Shepard, J. L. Private B 58 Indiana
Shields, G. T. Private F 10 Iowa
Shields, G. T. Private A 1 Illinois
Ship, Preston Private G 133 Indiana
Shore, J. H. Corporal C 6 Kansas
Shottenkirk, C. F. Corporal I 21 Illinois
Show, D. Private H 2 Ohio
Shrader, Casper Private D 25 Iowa
Shrenk, John Private I 9 Ohio
Shulto, Marion Private C 124 Ohio
Shulty, John Private I 3 Indiana
Shumway, Edwin Corporal A 32 Illinois
Shurburn, J. R. Unknown Unknown Unknown Missouri
Shuyler, D. M. First Lieutenant E 4 Indiana
Shuyler, John S. Private G 53 Indiana
Shuyler, Joseph A. Private C 42 Indiana
Sidlinger, S. H. Sergeant-Adjutant Staff 125 Ohio
Sigerson, William Hospital Steward 6 months

War With Mexico
Sigerson, William Sergeant E 1 Arkansas
Simons, Andrew Second Sergeant I 18 Kentucky
Sinclair, Jesse Chief Gunner A 3 Ohio
Sizelove, Joseph Musician K 115 Illinois
Sizelove, William Private M 2 Illinois
Skinner, J. W. Private G 4 Illinois
Slavyenhof, E. M. Private G 155 Pennsylvania
Sly, James Private C 22 Michigan
Smedley, Richard Private G 23 Ohio
Smiley, Robert Private B 4 Pennsylvania
Smith, E. W. Private C 68 Indiana
Smith, F. M. Private H 135 Indiana
Smith, H. W. Private A 33 Illinois
Smith, I. L. Private K 133 Ohio
Smith, Ichabod First Sergeant C 89 Indiana
Smith, J. H. Private Unknown Unknown Pennsylvania
Smith, J. N. Corporal B 16 Illinois
Smith, J. N. Corporal B 16 Illinois
Smith, J. T. Private E 67 Indiana
Smith, John R. Private B 130 New York
Smith, M. C. Private K 10 Michigan
Smith, R. P. First Lieutenant QM. B 50 Wisconsin
Smith, S. C. Private H 14 New Hampshire
Smith, Sylvia Private F 112 New York
Smith, W. F. Private K 89 Ohio
Spangler, F. M. Private H 107 Illinois
Spann, Harry C. Private B 14 Michigan
Spencer, M. M. Private E 20 Iowa
Sprout, G. A. Private C 2 Indiana
Sprowl, Simon Private A 8 Indiana
St. John, I. P. Sergeant K 15 Iowa
St. John, John F. Private K 15 Iowa
Staley, J. A. Corporal E 10 Virginia
Stallman, F. H. Private C 77 Pennsylvania
Stambaugh, Jacob S. Corporal B 84 Illinois
Stark, F. E. Private I 4 Ohio
Stephens, W. H. Private H 22 Michigan
Stephenson, J. A. Corporal K 11 Indiana
Stephenson, Unknown Private H 4 Indiana
Stephenson, W. S. Private H 4 Indiana
Stetler, B. M. First Lieutenant A 143 Pennsylvania
Stevens, James A. Corporal K 11 Indiana
Stewart, J. N. Private G 94 Illinois
Stewart, James Sergeant D 13 Pennsylvania
Stiggins, T. J. Private D 160 New York
Stinnett, Henry Private E 29 Indiana
Stoalabarger, Reuben Private C 40 Iowa
Stocking, H. Private G 107 New York
Stokes, C. S. Sergeant F 3 Wisconsin
Stone, J. S. Musician F 40 Iowa
Stotts, E. Private K 1 Ohio
Strohl, A. J. Private F 44 Indiana
Strong, T. V. Sergeant C 1 Missouri
Stuart, E. D. Unknown A 161 Pennsylvania
Sumner, Levi First Sergeant B 7 Iowa
Sumner, O. L. Private B 2 Illinois
Surey, William Private I 123 Ohio
Swibyer, A. M. Private D 165 Ohio
Swope, George J. Private E 76 Illinois
Taft, Charles Private A 11 Missouri
Taft, S. F. Private K 3 Missouri
Tapp, James B. Private K 83 Illinois
Taylor, Calvin Major Unknown 25 Iowa
Taylor, David Sergeant C 22 United States
Taylor, M. W. 2nd Sergeant F 10 Iowa
Taylor, T. T. Brevt. Brig. General Unknown 47 Ohio
Tedrick, M. Corporal D 92 Ohio
Teeter, W. L. Private J 28 Iowa
Terrell, Edmond Corporal G 3 Illinois
Terry, George F. Private K 131 Indiana
Terry, Joel F. Private F 85 Illinois
Tester, Joseph Private G 8 Kentucky
Teter, Jonathan Private F 94 Illinois
Tharp, Zeno 5th Corporal A 34 Iowa
Themas, F. Corporal K 91 Illinois
Theobald, Joseph Private E 1 Illinois
Thomal, H. A. Corporal E 9 Tennessee
Thomas, G. W. Private D 51 Pennsylvania
Thomas, Martin 2nd Corporal G 57 Indiana
Thomas, Stephen Private K 189 Ohio
Thomas, W. A. Private D 13 United States
Thomas, W. A. Private D 8 United States
Thomas, W. H. Private H 100 Illinois
Thompson, W. H. Private K 78 Illinois
Tibbitts, William Private H 13 Illinois
Tippetts, John M. Surgeon Unknown 13 Pennsylvania
Tishue, William R. Private H 6 West Virginia
Tollman, D. Private E 20 Iowa
Totten, Trustimon B. Corporal F 44 Indiana
Trace, James Private D 169 Ohio
Trimble, J. M. Private G 103 Pennsylvania
Tryon, Ephraim Private K 161 Ohio
Tucker, George B. Sergeant I 3 Massachusetts
Tunnell, L. B. Private F 122 Illinois
Turbush, George Private K 8 Vermont
Turner, Dennis Private H 133 Illinois
Tuttle, A. C. Private C 18 Indiana
Tuttle, James Private C 64 New York
Tuttle, Judson Private C 1 Wisconsin
Underwood, Theo. W. Private B 138 Indiana
Underwood, Wm. R. Private F 75 Indiana
Ungles, M. J. Private C 102 Illinois
Ungles, Robert B. Private I 17 Illinois
Van Campen, N. F. Private B 1 New York
Van Emmon, W. J. Private F 15 Illinois
Van Natlian, Nelson Private F 39 Missouri
Van Natlian, T. Private C 50 Missouri
Vanbibber, M. H. 2nd Corporal Unknown Unknown West Virginia
Vance, Samuel Private E 16 Illinois
Vandolah, John S. Private I 33 Iowa
Vanhorn, David Private Unknown Unknown Ohio
Vanviker, M. D. Private A 72 Indiana
Vaughan, W. B. Private L 3 Iowa
Vessels, Elijah Private E 6 Indiana
Vessels, Thomas Private I 148 Indiana
Vest, John Private K 139 Ohio
Vick, L.A. Private K 10 Illinois
Vincent, J. B. Private H 51 Indiana
Vincent, W. G. Sergeant H 14 Illinois
Waggoner, J. H. Private I 1 United States
Wagner, A. Private B Unknown Iowa
Wagner, Gustave Private B Unknown Iowa
Wakins, William A. Captain K 76 Illinois
Walker, J. P. Private C 156 Indiana
Walker, J. W. Private E Unknown Indiana
Wall, W. Private E 8 Indiana
Wallace, William Private Unknown 6 Iowa
Wallace, William H. Private H 2 Tennessee
Waller, W. Corporal H 10 West Virginia
Walters, Christo A. Unknown Unknown Unknown Pennsylvania
Warne, W. Private H 151 Indiana
Warren, E. E. Private E 8 Ohio
Warren, G. W. Private B 20 Indiana
Wasnock, Semeon Private A 48 Iowa
Waterberger, S. Private G 183 Ohio
Wayman, J. M. Sergeant H 130 Indiana
Weaver, Henry W. Private I 28 Iowa
Weigel, Jacob Private I 76 Pennsylvania
Weigle, Lewis Private W 15 Pennsylvania
Wells, William M. Corporal F 5 Pennsylvania
Wenstow, H. Private G 19 Illinois
Wentz, Lewis H. Private K 3 Virginia
Wheeler, J. W. Private F 105 Illinois
Wheeler, John O. First Lieutenant I 98 Illinois
Wheeler, William S. Private H 10 West Virginia
White, Charles Musician I 11 New York
White, H. S. Private A 15 Kansas
White, John A. Private E 10 Illinois
White, John E. Private F 165 Pennsylvania
White, Joseph Private A 55 Illinois
White, Levi First Lieutenant I 111 New York
White, Levi M. Private E 115 Illinois
Whitinger, Jacob Private E 45 Iowa
Whitney, Barney Private F 79 Pennsylvania
Wilcox, J. K. Corporal D 118 Illinois
Wiley, F. M. Corporal G 123 Illinois
Wiley, G. G. Private C 76 Ohio
Wilkinson, C. C. Sergeant C 1 Indiana
Willard, C. N. Private A 1 Illinois
Willard, Samuel Private A 134 Illinois
Williams, James S. Sergeant F 9 Kentucky
Williams, U. G. Private H 28 Illinois
Williamson, L. N. Private K 33 Missouri
Willis, Joseph Private H 17 Iowa
Willis, L. Mortimer Private B 27 Connecticut
Wilson, Garretson Private C 36 Iowa
Wilson, M. Private C 36 Iowa
Wilson, M. W. Private G 2 Iowa
Wilson, Smith 1st Sergeant G 11 Pennsylvania
Winsor, David Corporal B 97 New York
Winsor, G. R. Sergeant B 97 New York
Winsor, James Private B 97 New York
Wirt, S. M. Lieutenant Colonel Unknown 39 Missouri
Wisdom, A. S. Private A 50 Wisconsin
Wisert, J. C. Private A 192 Ohio
Witherow, Q. A. Corporal I 94 Illinois
Withroder, A. M. Private I 81 Illinois
Woddell, I. N. Corporal E 12 Ohio
Wolf, Roman Private C 193 Ohio
Wolf, W. Private I 94 Ohio
Wolfersberger, Isaac Private A 10 Pennsylvania
Wolgamate, Jacob Private I 86 Illinois
Woods, G. D. Private Unknown Unknown Pennsylvania
Worthington, E. Private G 155 Illinois
Worthington, Joseph Private D 32 Illinois
Worthington, Joseph Private K 83 Illinois
Wray, C. H. Corporal B 120 Indiana
Wright, B. F. Private K 43 Illinois
Wright, B. F. Private H 29 Indiana
Wright, D. M. Private C 115 Illinois
Wright, D. M. Private C 115 Illinois
Wright, G. W. Corporal C 94 Illinois
Wright, J. W. Private B 152 Illinois
Wright, Jonathan Private G 183 Ohio
Wright, William T. Private K 8 Iowa
Wyman, David Private K 23 Indiana
Wyman, Silas D. Wagon Master C 117 Indiana
Yeager, W. J. Sergeant D 36 Ohio
Yearout, J. J. Private M 2 Tennessee
Yoakum, M. C. Private H 45 Ohio
Young, J. H. Private K 131 Illinois
Yoush, Jacob Private B 28 Illinois
Yust, F. S. Private A 21 Missouri
Yust, Frederick J. Corporal A 21 Missouri
Zimmerman, S. B. Lieut. Artillery H 8th U. S. Army