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Roll Of Honor of Who Died in WW 1917-1918 Notes
Anderson, Edwin Parents Live in Nickerson
Balding, John W. Hutchinson
Ball, Earl Lloyd Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Ball - Died of Spinal Meningitis
Bennett, William Earl Partridge - Perished on the vessel Tuscania on route to France
Binker, Roger M. Hutchinson- Nearest Kin a Sister- Mrs. Almeda Engledow
Blevins, Earl F. Hutchinson
Brownlee, Paul Sylvia - Son of A. D. Brownlee
Butscher, Bert Hutchinson
Casner, Earl P. Hutchinson
Clark, Burnside Hutchinson - Widow Mrs. Helen Clark
Cook, Claude Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cook
Craig, Oscar E. Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. J. W. Craig
Criswell, Paul V. Langdon
Crow, Harvey Isaac Hutchinson - Son of W. R. Crow and Mrs. Minnie Crow - Spinal Mengenitis
Davis, Aaron Ray Hutchinson - Buried at Elmer Cemetery southeast of Hutchinson
Davis, Warren Frank Nickerson - Lived with grandmother Mrs. Lizzie Jeffords
Dealy, Bernard Nickerson- Parents live in Seward, KS now -Mr. & Mrs. C. Dralle
Dralle, Albert E. Hutchinson - Buried Mittlach, Alsace
Dunlap, Ernest Hutchinson - Buried at Le Havre, France - Son of H. Dunlap
Dunn, Amos Earl Abbyville - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Edwards
Edwards, Hobart D. Western Reno County, KS - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Edwards
Elliott, Iliff L. Hutchinson - Son of Mr. & Mrs. N. L. Elliott
Fenton, Neil D. Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence T. Fenton
Ferguson, John H. Hutchinson
Fiori, Seraphin Native of Sanvito, Italy, made home with Capt. Chas. S. Gibbens, Nickerson
Foster, Lester O. Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Foster
Fox, Chester Son of Mrs. Jacob Fox, Walnut Township
Fullerton, Ed Bell Township near Langdon
Garrison, Harland Hutchinson - Buried Eastside Cemetery - Son of C. M. Garrison , Lone Springs, Indiana
Gibbs, Jesse Hutchinson - Enlisted from Meade County, KS
Goodwin, James Hutchinson
Goetze, Arthur C. Stafford County, KS - Son of Mrs. Laura Goetze Hutchinson, KS
Grow, Leslie Enoch Hutchinson - Died Fort Sheridan, Illinois
Hansleman, David Hutchinson - Valley Township
Harris, Charles Reno County - Died at Fort Riley October 18, 1918
Haston, Samuel C. Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. James Haston
Hipple, Eugene Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hipple
Hodgson, Carroll D. Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. Hilda J. Hodgson
Holmes, William G. Hutchinson - Buried in France- Son of Mrs. J. H. Holmes
Howard, Lerowe E. Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Howard
Jenkins, Guy Pretty Prairie - Died in Nashville, TN
Johnston, Carl Hutchinson
Jones, William N. Langdon
Kinchelo, Don A. South Hutchinson
Kingsbury, Larue S. Hutchinson
Kirkpatrick, Walter Haven - Buried Eastside Cemetery - Son of J. A. Kirkpatrick, Abbyville
Lake, Benj. Harrison Hutchinson - wife Gertrude L. Lake
Laughlin, Lawrence Orvil Haven - Son of N. J. Laughlin - Died December 1919 at Holtville, California
Lennen, Scott Little River, KS - Son of Mrs. Frank Lennen living in Soldier, KS
Levens, Lawrence Turon - Son of P. C. Levens- Died at Prescott, AZ, Nov 9, 1918
Libby, Frank Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Libbey - Remains interred in Arlington Nat. Cem.
Lupton, Ellis A. Nickerson - Son of D. A. Lupton
Lynn, Alvah S. Nickerson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Lynn - Died at Fort Riley Jan 30, 1919
McClure, Edward Aretus Hutchinson - Died Jan. 10, 1918
McDonald, Charles A. Nickerson - Died in camp at Del Rio, TX.
McGahen, Leslie Lionel Hutchinson - Killed in action Oct. 8, 1918
McKee, Arden H. Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McKee of south of Sterling
McKee, Edward W. Hutchinson - Buried in Eastside Cemetery - Son of Mrs. E. B. McKee
McLane, Willard Gray Hutchinson - Died Oct. 18, 1918, buried in Am Cemetery in France
Mairs, Ned J. Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. Eva Mairs - Buried Arlington Nat. Cem.
Maynard, James E. Hutchinson - Nearest of kin, children residing with grandmother, Mrs. J. L. Clark
Martin, Van M. Hutchinson - Son of Judge and Mrs. F. L. Martin - He was an attorney
Masteller, William G. Arlington
Newcomb, John G. Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. Mattie Taylor- Died in Hawaii, June 14, 1917
Newton, Roy H. Hutchinson - Died Dec. 9, 1918 in Commercy, France
Norris, Fred Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Norris - Buried in the Romagne Cemetery in Argonne
Oberg, Albert W. Hutchinson - Died June 20, 1918 in France
Parks, John Samuel Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. Angeline Stevens
Pearce, Leonard Buhler - Fatally Burned in explosion Dec. 15, 1919
Pickering, Henry W. Hutchinson - Died in France
Platner, Aaron A. Hutchinson - Parents lived at Ellis, KS
Pool, Gilbert Hutchinson
Prior, Bert Sylvia - Died at Camp Funston
Raymond, Jesse Carl Haven - Son of B. U. Raymond now living Hutchinson
Rice, Otis W. Hutchinson - Buried at Romagne in the Argonne - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rice
Rishel, Lysle J. Hutchinson - son of Mrs. Lillie B. Rischel - First Hutchinson man to fall on the field of battle
Russell, Lloyd B. Castleton - Buried in Am Cem at Broyles, Oise, France
Sandhagen, George Haven - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sandhagen - Died of pneumonia in France
Saunders, George Hutchinson - Only colored soldier from Reno County to lose his life in the service
Selfridge, Benj. H. Nickerson - Died Nov. 1, 1918 at Waynesville, North Carolina - Widow is Pearl E. Selfridge
Sheehan, Daniel Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. Peter Scharp
Shuart, B. L. Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Shuart - Died of pneumonia at Camp Greene, NC.
Sickels, Grover C. Pretty Prairie - Died at Camp Funston of influenza
Smiley, Charles Haven - Nephew of Mrs. James Smiley - No parents living
Smith, Otto Sylvia
Sommerhause, Edward F. Hutchinson
Straight, Floyd Leslie Turon - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Straight - Died October 1, 1919 of paralysis
Taylor, Howard E. Hutchinson - Son of Geo. E. Taylor of Peru, KS
Thiessen, John Buhler
Ungles, Benjamin H. Arlington - Died October 11, 1918
Van Campen, Howard Haven - Son of Mrs. Myra Van Campen - Buried at Mount Hope, KS Cemetery
Vermillion, Ed Hutchinson - Buried in the Romagne Cemetery in France- Died Sept. 28, 1918
Warren, Lawrence Ray Nickerson - Died June 10, 1919 in hospital at Davenport, Iowa
Walker, Glenn E. Hutchinson
Weaver, Henry John Reno County - son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Weaver
Webster, Clayton Hutchinson - His ship was sunk by German submarine
Wheeler, Mont Sylvia
White, John Bernard Hutchinson - Son of Mrs. J. B. White
Williams, Earl Haven - Son of Mr. and Mrs. James S. Williamas - Buried in Etaples Military Cem. in France
Williams, Earl R. Yoder - Son of W. F. Williams
Wood, Howard Hutchinson - Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Wood
Young, Harry L. Nickerson - Accidentally shot at Lawton, OK. - Son of David Young