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Reno county Genealogy Society

Reno County Genealogical Society

Welcome to Reno County, Kansas

Preserving Our Yesteryears!

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Bylaws & Business

Article I: Name  
The name of this organization shall be the Reno County Genealogical Society of Hutchinson, Kansas. 

Article II: Objectives  
The objectives of this society shall be to:
Further a popular interest in genealogy by acquiring genealogical, historical and biographical information to share with its members.
Record and preserve genealogical records.
Add to the genealogical and historical knowledge of its members.
Assist members in the compilation of family histories.

Article III: Policies
Section 1: The Reno County Genealogical Society is organized as a corporation not for profit under the Corporation Laws of Kansas and by its charter is dedicated to conduct its business operation under the requirements of Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) as a tax-exempt organization.
Section 2: The purpose of this society shall be mainly educational and shall be developed through guest speakers, workshops, committees and projects.
Section 3:  This society shall be non-commercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan.  No commercial enterprise and no candidate shall be endorsed by it.  Neither the name of the society nor the names of its officers in their official capacities shall be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or for any purpose other than the regular work of the society.
Section 4:  This society may cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in genealogy and history provided they make no commitments which bind their member groups.
Section 5: All genealogical, historical and biographical records acquired by the society shall remain the property of the society.  Reproduction for personal gain of said records shall require the express written permission of the society.
Section 6: Upon dissolution of the society, the board of directors shall, after paying or making provision for payment of all the liabilities of the society, dispose of all the assets of the society exclusively for the purposes of the society, in such manner, or to such organization or organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes and shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization or organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law) as the board of directors shall determine.  Any such assets not disposed of shall be disposed of by the District Court of Reno County, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

Article IV: Membership and Dues 
Section 1: Any person who is interested in the objectives for which this society has been formed may become a member upon payment of dues.
Section 2: The annual membership dues for this society shall be set by the executive committee, subject to approval of the membership.  Dues shall include both spouses of a family.  Dues are payable January 1 and become delinquent February 1st of the same year.  A notice of dues will be inserted in the 4th quarterly of the year.                      
Section 3: In the event of expenses incurred for special programs, speakers, workshops or projects; a special assessment may be levied or collection taken to cover said expenses.

Article V: Fiscal year 
Section 1: The fiscal year shall begin January 1 and end December 31.

Article VI: Officers and their election 
Section 1: The officers of this organization shall be a president, vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary and corresponding secretary.  The officers shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting; however, if there is but one candidate for any office, by motion from the floor, the election may be by voice.  Officers shall serve for a term of one year and shall remain in office until their successors are elected.
Section 2: Nominations for officers shall be made by a nominating committee of at least three members, elected by the organization one month prior to the election of officers.  The nominating committee shall report at the election meeting the name of at least one candidate for each office to be filled.  The consent of each candidate must be obtained before his name is placed in nomination.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor provided the consent of each candidate has been obtained before his name is placed in nomination.
Section 3: Vacancies in the offices other than president shall be filled by appointment of the president, subject to the approval of the board of directors, to fill the un-expired term.  In case of an un-expired term of president, the vice-president shall fill the un-expired term.
Section 4: All officers and committee chairpersons upon retiring shall deliver to their successors all moneys, account records, books, papers and other properties of the society.

Article VII: Duties of officers 
Section 1: The president shall preside at all meetings of the society and of the executive committee; shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating; and shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office.
Section 2: The vice-president shall act as aid to the president and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of that officer.
Section 3: The recording secretary shall keep a correct record of all meetings of the society and of the executive committee.
Section 4: The corresponding secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the society, send out notices of the executive committee and other meetings and correspond with persons signing the guest register in the library.
Section 5: The treasurer shall keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures of the society; and shall pay out funds only as authorized by the society.  All monies of the society except for research checks shall be received by the treasurer and kept in a bank account.  The research checks will first go to the research chairman.  A statement of account shall be presented at every meeting of the society and at other times when requested by the executive committee.  The treasurer’s accounts shall be audited annually.  An auditor or an auditing committee shall be appointed by the executive committee at least two weeks before the annual meeting.

Article VIII: Meetings  
Section 1: A regular meeting of this society shall be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the library, unless otherwise provided by the society or by the executive committee.  Five days notice shall be given of change of meeting date. Special meetings may be called by the executive committee, five days notice having been given. At the executive board and general meetings in October, the nominating committee reports shall be received and the officers elected in November.
Section 2: The privilege of holding office, making motions, debating and voting shall be limited to individual members of the society whose dues are current.
Section 3: One fourth of the individual membership shall constitute a quorum. 
Section 4: Business transacted at a regular meeting of the organization will ordinarily follow the order here given
                       Call to order
                       Reading and approval of minutes
                       Statement of treasurer
                       Reading of communications
                       Reports and their disposal           
                                    Executive committees
                                    Standing committees
                                    Special committees
                        Unfinished business
                        New business

Article IX: Executive Committees  
Section 1:  The executive committee shall consist of the officers of the society and the chairmen of standing committees.  The members of the executive committee shall serve until their successors are elected.
Section 2: The duties of the executive committee shall be
to transact necessary business in the intervals between organization meetings and such other business as may be referred to it by the society;
to approve the plans of work of the standing and special committees;
to present a report at the regular meeting of the society;
to appoint an auditor or an auditing committee at least two weeks before the annual meeting;
to prepare and submit to the society for approval a budget for the fiscal year; and
to approve routing bills within the limits of the budget. 
Section 3.  Regular meeting of the executive committee shall be held monthly, the time to be fixed by the committee at its first meeting of the year.  A majority shall constitute a quorum.  Special meetings of the executive committee may be called by the president or by a majority of the members of the committee.

Article X: Standing Committees    
Section 1:  Such standing committees shall be created by the executive committee as may be required to promote the objectives and interests of the society.  The chairmen of the standing committees shall be selected by the officers of the society.  Their term of office shall be one year.
Section 2:  The chairmen of all standing committees shall present plans of work to the executive committee and no committee work shall be undertaken without the approval of the executive committee.  When a Chairmanship becomes vacant, the executive board shall appoint a person to fill the un-expired term.
Section 3:  Special committees may be appointed by the executive committee.  A special committee is created for a specific purpose.  When its work is done and its final report is accepted or adopted, it automatically goes out of existence.

Article XI: Amendments 
Section 1:  These bylaws may be amended at any general meeting of the society by a quorum of the membership voting, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given at the previous general meeting.

Article XII: Rules of Order 
Section1: The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern this society in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.
Revised August 16, 2004