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Rice County Schools
1948 Lyons High School Annual, The "Lions Roar"

Below are selected pages from this annual.

Dean Brus, Guy Miller, Paul Dring, Dr. R. E. Bula, Leo Reid
J. W. Gautier, W. W. Chandler, Byron Babcock, Fred L. Taylor

Oscar E. Foote, John Buller, jr., and Kay Williams

Oscar E. Foote, John Buller, jr., Alice Haigh, Maude Long
Faye Steiger, Dollie Stahl, Laura M. Hall, Eunice Gunnarson

Alfred Steele, H. K. Stevens, Alice Meuldener, Mrs. Jack Smith, Leon
Allton, Howard Clements, Samuel E. Brick, Jewell C. Brown, Hazel Rethorst

Sangster, Chandler, Colberg, Sherwood, Reed, Patton, Mueldener, Metcalf
Kingsley, McNelly, Evans, Snell, Parker, Stahl, Reid, Rumble, Sharpe, Ewing
Alexis, Buntz, Aschman, Cook, Smith, Barbera, Hannah, Messick, Sullivan, Haigh

Dean Ewing, Lois Colberg, Clara Eves, Eugene Alexis, Patricia Aschman

Bernard Babcock, Roy Bailey, Ted Barbera, Kay Boroughs, Anna
Christie Brown, Winifred Buntz, Alice Chandler, James Chandler

Lois Colberg, Betty Jean Cook, Gene Dunbar, Dale Evans
Dean Ewing, Clara Eves, Richard Godfrey, Howard Griffin

Jerry Hannah, Gene Hilderman, Dan Hoss, Patricia Johannsen
Edward Kafka, Theron Kelley, Joan Kingsley, Doris Knight

Back row: Dan Hoss, Lyle Drassen, Dean Evans, Faye Leatherman, Lila Smith
Middle: Graydon Sharpe, Howard Griffin, Dick Sykes, Clara Eves, Miss Rethorst
Front row: Ruth Ann Suttle, Joan Kingsley, Norma Jean Coonfer
Phyllis Enders, Ann Habiger, Harold Reed. (absent, LeRoy Cline)

Wayne Sangster, Valedictorian and Lois Colberg, Salutorian

Joan Kingsley and Bobby Rumble

Pat Aschman and Howard Griffin

Basketball Queen, Beth Connery

Football Queen, Norma Jean Coonfer

Back row: Leroy Cooper, mgr.; Delbert Krider, Dick Sykes
Gene Hilderman, Donald R. Smith, Dean Nixon, Coach H. K. Stevens.
Front row: Jack Orr, Graydon Sharpe, Bobby Rumble, Howard Griffin, Edward Rensch

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