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Sumner Memorial Garden


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Sumner Memorial Garden is a county owned cemetery adjacent to Prairie Lawn Cemetery in the city limits of Wellington.

The following records were compiled by Lora Topinka in 1999. This information is from the cemetery register. Whenever a "day of death" is listed, it is most likely the "day of burial". However, this information is closer than what you will find on the tombstones for this cemetery---it is the fashion in this cemetery to list only the year of birth and year of death. This is a newer cemetery, and most people have an actual tombstone. Where some information was missing from the registers, the cemetery was "walked" in an attempt to fill in the gaps.

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Take note of the "area" and "block-space" in which your ancestor is buried. It is possible to discover additional relatives simply by knowing who is buried next to your ancestor.

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Each area usually contains about 50 blocks, and each block contains 16 spaces. "BL" stands for "Baby Land", an area set aside exclusively for the burial of infants.

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This page was created by Cindy Ball and is now maintained by the Sumner County Historical & Genealogical Society