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Dripping Springs Baptist Church

Formerly of Barren County, now in Metcalfe County KY

Slaves who were members of a white church

1798 - 1852


Note: During this time period, the church would have been in Barren Co but after Metcalfe County was created in 1860, it automatically was in

Metcalfe Co. This is the 2nd oldest church in the area. Thus there will Barren Co names which now appear in Metcalfe Co. Source: Barren’s Black Roots, Volume 4, Michelle Gorin Burris,  Gorin Genealogical Publications,(c) Feb 1995. By permission.


Anderson              Jan 1838: Servant of Henry Hays received; excluded later, no date shown

Ann                   Jan 3838: Servant of Benson Gewell [Jewell] “taken off”

Anney                 June 1816: Servant of Bro Smith joined by letter, excluded, recanted and rejoined some date later

Bartlett              Sept 1829: Slave of Sister Hall. Joined by letter, later excluded.

Beck                  1825 – joined by experience, servant of Bro Hays. Name marked through later, no date.

Ben                   1st Sat Jan 1815. Charges brought against him as a slave of Lowry Bishop.. 1st Sat Feb 1815,

                      case continued. 1st Sat May 1815, restored. 1st Sat in Aug 1827, charge dropped as false.

Betty                 July 1819, joined by experience. Shown as servant of Sister Newland, dismissed by

                      letter later, no date shown.

Charlotte             1st Sun June 1819, servant of Mr Thompson joined. She had left Virginia without her

                      Letter. 1st Sat Dec 1823, letter of dismission granted, belonging to Sister Thompson.

                      She was moving and needed a church closer by.

Chloe                 1st Sat June 1824. Letter of dismission given she and Dick, once servants of Robert

                      Stockton; had been apparently sold to another owner and were moving out of the

                      Territory. Stockton was a Baptist minister.

Dick                  Sept 1819, excluded. 1st Sat Sept 1819, received by experience, a servant of Bro

                      Hase. Sept 1834: Dick, servant of Edmund Rogers given letter of dismission. Might

                      have been 1, 2 or 3 individuals named Dick.

Diner                 Dec 1827, servant of E Slemmons received by experience. Shown later as dead,

                      No dates.

Dolley                Oct 1818, joined by letter, servant of Bro Oldham. Dismissed 1st Sat Dec 1821.

Erimces               1st Sat May 1815. Slave of Richard Shirley, charges brought against. No resolution

Gally                 Sept 1829, woman, slave of Sister Burks received. Shown dead later, no date. Could it be Sally?

Hannah                1st Sat in Mar 1820 – received by letter, servant of Reuben Dale, “was taken away

                      without a letter. Later excluded, no date

Hannah                Sept 1829, servant of  Sister Newland received by letter.

Jack                  Dec 1808, servant of T. James, received by letter. June 1836 another Jack joined

                      Servant of Ralph Wood, one of the two excluded.

Free Jinny Coe        Apr 1829: Joined by experience. Nov 1835, granted letter of dismission.

Joe                   1st Sat 1827, received by experience, servant of John Smith

London/Lunnon         June 1829, servant of William Pedigo joined by experience. Excluded. May 1830,

                      Restored. June 1831: charges brought. Aug 1831, excluded

Lucy                  1st Sat Dec 1808, servant of Saral Bouls [Sarah Bowles] received by experience

Malinda               June 1829, servant of Widow Smith, excluded

Miriah                July 1829, received by experience, servant of Anderson Crenshaw, later removed by

                      letter, no date.

Ned                   June 18l29, servant of John Bowles, shown dead.

Nicholas              1st Sat June 18l9, received by experience, servant of Alexander Spotswood

Primas                1st Sat May 1837, died 1st of Jan 1827. First reference in any church book of a

                      Slave’s death, he must have been held in high regard

Rose                  1st Sat May 1830, received by letter, servant of George Scott

Sally                 Nov 1837, servant of Clement Davis, joined by experience, later removed for

                      no reason given (likely moved), no date shown

Sam                   1st Sat Mar 1814. Charges against him. 3rd Sat July 1802, excluded.

Sarah                 May 1841, servant of Widow Slemmons, joined by experience, later moved.

Sitha                 Joined Mar 1840, servant of the heirs of William McInteere by experience. Left

                      at undetermined date.

Solomon               1st Sat Oct 1807, servant of Bro Stockton. Excluded 1st Sat Nov 1807.

Vilet                 Nov 1828, servant of Tapley Oldham heirs, joined by experience. Was “carried

                      off without her letter several years ago, removed from rolls.”