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County Collections

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Courtesy Michelle Gorin Burris, Gorin Genealogical Publishing, (c) Oct 1995. Names spelled as shown in the Index Book at the Barren County Clerk’s Office, Glasgow, KY. Year of marriage only shown.


                A J to Whitney, Mary E                                      1893

                Cary to Collins, Lora                                       1912

                Claude to Moore, Cyndia                                     1925

                Claude C to Allen, Cora                                     1915

                David to Wheeler, Della                                     1906

                Felix to Starks, Angelina                                   1870

                George to Barclay, Annie                                    1895

                Henry to Davidson, Sallie                                   1867

                Henry to Lewis, Cenia                                       1887

                Henry to Lewis, Sallie                                      1889

                Henry to Kelly, Amanda                                      1922

                Herschell to Bradshaw, Jimmie Dee 1923

                Mose to Martin, Sallie                                      1908

                Nat to Henderson, Ann                                       1873

                Nelson to Marshal, Pacience                                 1882

                Nelson to Landrum, Malinda                                  1867

                Nelson to Everett, Ann                                      1873

                Nelson to Dickey, Jane                                      1888

                Pete to Rush, Maggie                                        1923

                Stephen to Crenshaw, Jane                                   1870

                Webster to Collins, Mallie                                  1921

                Zachariah to Ellis, Celia Jane                              1867


                Bengaman to Bush, Nealy                                     1886


                James to Clayton, Samarus                                   1916


                Archie to Hardick, Mollie Jane                              1894

                Baxter to Price, Mary                                       1925

                George to Green, Ira                                        1917

                Jerry to Terry, Amanda                                      1869

                John to Shirley, Maude                                      1908

                Rollin to Garnett, Bell                                     1910

                Wash to Glass, Lou Ann                                      1894

                Wash to Duff, Judy                                          1871

                William to Freeman, Etta                                    1889


                Jack to Lawless, Frances                                    1867

                James to Sanderson, Fannie                                  1911

                Jeff to Bacer, Anaca                                        1889

                Jefferson to Hunter, Lettie                                 1898

                John to Smith, Elzie                                        1892

                Sheeley to Mannon, Janie                                    1884

                Stokes to Whitney, Malissa                                  1886

                William to Bush, Eliza                                      1890


                Berry to Flippin, Christine                                 1932


                Charles to Nuckols, Malissa Jane                            1883


                Aubrey to Dillon, Lillie                                    1915

                Berry to Lee, Alsey                                         1874

                Daniel to Duff, Malvinia                                    1926

                Granvil to Davidson, Bettie                                 1899

                Granville to Totty, Mary L                                  1894

                Henry to Fortune, Mary                                      1888

                Henry to Whitney, Letitia                                   1889

                Henry to Dillon, Elizabeth                                  1914

                Hugh to Cheek, Nora                                         1890

                James to Lee, Zerilda                                       1867

                James H to Dewerson, Anna                                   1921 (Duerson)

                James Henry to Strode, Sarah E                              1888

                Jasper to Mansfield, Bessie                                 1922

                Jasper to Barlow, Carrie                                    1896

                Jasper to Hunter, Rissa                                     1908

                Jeff to Lewis, Janie                                        1889

                Jim to Wilson, Ellen                                        1892

                Jim to Willis, Ella                                         1896

                Pet to Douglass, Fannie                                     1890

                Price to Wood, Lillie May                                   1927

                Sherman to Douglas, Ruby                                    1917

                Wash to Boyd, Eliza                                         1870

                Wash to Smith, Nancy                                        1893

                Willie to Britt, Ivara                                      1896


                Mark to Brents, Isabelle                                    1920


                Nat to Dillian, Alice                                       1884


                Aaron to Moran, Adeline                                     1882

                Aaron to Coe, Sarah                                         1895

                Andrew to Pullium, Amanda                                   1884

                Anthony to Moran, Adaline                                   1873

                Arthur to Lewis, Harriett                                   1875

                Bob to Glazebrook, Myrtie                                   1869

                C F to Shirley, Nora                                        1899

                Charles to Bledsow, Angeline                                1887

                Douglas to Whitney, Daisey                                  1925

                Elzy to Houchens, Sally                                     1874

                Frank to Wathul, Nannie Hunter                              1924

                George H to Hughes, Lydia M                                 1925

                George R to Overstreet, Hattie                              1915

                George W to Stockton, Katie                                 1918

                Henry to Lewis, Dinah Bybee                                 1866

                Henry to Edmunds, Rachael                                   1869

                Henry to Stone, Isabella                                    1872

                Henry to Webb, Racie                                        1892

                J W to Lewis, Bessie B                                      1930

                Jack to Miller, Lukticia                                    1883

                James to Cooper, Nancy J                                    1869

                Jefferson to Gassoway, Emma D                               1882

                John to Lewis, Mary                                         1866

                John to Veach, Cintha A                                     1871

                John to Parker, Viola                                       1914

                John H to Nunn, Sally                                       1921

                John Henry to Richardson, Minnie                            1916

                Joshua to Fortune, Annie                                    1881

                Kirk to Davidson, Mary                                      1917

                Lee to Allen, Charity                                       1889

                Lee to McCall, Ada                                          1891

                Lon to Childress, Lucy                                      1884

                Luther to Smith, Hattie Jane                                1916

                Moses to Lewis, Malissa                                     1930

                Ned to Lewis, Mary                                          1867

                Ollie to Jewell, Stella                                     1917

                Preston to Barrick, Ella                                    1891

                Riah to Curd, Eliza                                         1867

                Richard to Mac, Lucetta                                     1867

                Richard to Henderson, Mary                                  1872

                Richard to Whitney, Rovada                                  1918

                Richard P to Crawford, Nellie Katherine                     1932

                Robert to Lewis, Lizzie                                     1867

                Robert to Peden, Rosa                                       1872

                Robin to Scott, Elzie                                       1892

                Stephen to Kirk, Nellie                                     1917

                Thomas to Cullan, Bettie                                    1887

                Thomas to Martin, Emily                                     1871

                W T to Jewell, Lucy                                         1898

                Will to Ragland, Lillie                                     1906

                William to Scrivener, Jane                                  1867

                William to Wooten, Josephine                                1879

                William to Howard, Eliza                                    1886

                William C to Tudor, Mary                                    1867


                Isam to Jackman, Mary Jane, Mrs.                            1912

                Isham to Turner, Amanda                                     1870


                Jim to Robinson, Ida                                        1908


                                Harrison to Duval, Sarah L                                  1885


                Milton to Logan, Lucy                                       1875

                Samuel to King, Jane                                        1867

                Stephen to Lawless, Fannie                                  1871

                Stephen to Murrell, Martha                                  1894


                Robert to Murrell, Fannie                                   1887


                George M to Mansfield,Lucy                                  1918


                Jennings to Medlock, Vezzini                                1916



                George to Hatcher, Tilda                                    1897


                John T to Milam, Ever                                       1916


                Aaron to Burton, Etta                                       1921


                Lee to Landrum, Sahrey                                      1872

                Lee to Pace, Ann                                            1882


                Edmund to McDaniel, Mildred Garnett                         1866

                Mote to Franklin, Alice                                     1897


                Charles to Martin, Ginnie                                   1891


                Ephraim to Smith Critten                                    1895 (penciled in McDUGEL)


                Henry to Frazier, Amanda                                    1914

                Henry to Gillenwaters, Maymie                               1931

                Robert to Edmunds, Eliza                                    1879


                John to Stone, Sallie                                       1885

                John to Biggerstaff, Martina                                1880


                Will to Dillon, Beetie                                      1912


                Lewis to Jackman, Minnie


                Prince to Cooke, Sarah                                      1908


                Frank to Martin, Mary                                       1882

                Frank to Allen, Katie                                       1885

                Richard to Barlow, Mariah                                   1872



                E W to Everett, Maude B                                     1901


                William to Whitney, Estelle                                 1886


                Harvey to Williams, Carrie                                  1885

                Richard to Ralston, Mary Catherine                          1879


                Allen to Barlow, Alice                                      1900

                Allen to Bush, Hester                                       1910

                Benj. to Ennis, Nannie                                      1889

                Edmund to Smith, Malvina                                    1871

                Henry to Whitney, Maggie L                                  1927

                James to Pace, Melvina                                      1879

                James to Martin, Mary                                       1884

                James to Bledsoe, Nannie Ray                                1916

                Joe to Peden, May                                           1929

                Lawrence to Carpenter, Marie D                              1925

                Lawrence H to Douglas, Fannie Frances                       l930

                Uberta to Hayden, Bettie                                    1884


                Isaac to Barkston, Paralen                                  1874

                Isaac to Purcell, Charlotte                                 1907

                Lewis to Marshall, Lydia                                    1867


                Adam to Connell, Liddie                                     1874

                Alexander to Lee, Mary Jane                                 1878

                Allen to Wootin, Sarah Jane Francis                         1866

                A D to Bybee, Alice                                         1912

                Bedford to Starks, Janeing [sic]                            1874

                Dock to Shirley, Lottie                                     1920

                Edmund to Jewell, Martha                                    1874

                Elzie to Settle, Sarah                                      1873

                George to Smith, Lula                                       1889

                George to Mitchell, Mary                                    1919

                George to Cole, Alice                                       1866

                George Washington to Martin, Rosetta                        1866

                G D to Martin, Anna                                         1928

                Haskle to Cheek, Anna E                                     1928

                Henry to Chism, Elizabeth                                   1870

                Henry to Murrell, Julia                                     1880

                Henry Haywood to Buford, Anne Belle                         1916

                Hessie to Kelsor, Bessie                                    1915

                H H to Gatewood, Tilda                                      1895

                James to Martin, Mariah                                     1872

                James to Lorrence, Charity                                  1874

                Jerry to Peden, Ellen                                       1884

                Jerry to Barlow, Mary Ann                                   1891

                Joe to Johnson, Lena                                        1919

                John to Lewis, Fanny                                        1866

                John to Wood, Ellenora                                      1888

                John Henry to Martin Sallie                                 1899

                Johnnie to Harlow, Nellie G                                 1914

                Johnny to Hunter, Lucille                                   1927

                John W to Cole, Sausan [sic]                                1886     Indexed as MORTEN

                Jordan to Martin, Laura                                     1867

                Jordan to Stark, Francis                                    1874

                Jordan to Garnett, Ida                                      1889

                Lawrence to Evans, Ethel Belle                              1926

                Leonard to Harston, Bessie                                  1913

                Lewis to Cage, Emma                                         1883

                Lewis to King, Harriet                                      1887

                Louis to Ferguson, Nancy L                                  1897

                Louis to Dougherty, Josephine                               1896

                L T to Jewell, Jennie                                       1907

                Mat to Winn, America                                        1870

                Mat to Briley, Laura                                        1908

                Mat to Tribber, Lucy Mae                                    1926      Likely Tribble

                Milford to Dillon, Minnie C                                 1928

                Peyton to Edmunds, Annie                                    1898

                Preston to Emerson, Lucy                                    1891

                Price to Martin, Alice                                      1866

                Price to Wilson, Harriett                                   1890

                Price Jr to Walton, Delia                                   1891

                Richard to ___, Sylvia                                      1870        Left blank

                Robert to Jordan, Sallie                                    1886

                Sam to Richardson, Ida                                      1914

                Sampson to Murrell, Ellen                                   1888

                Sid to Matthews, Nannie                                     1926

                Simon to Martin, Matilda                                    1867

                Stephen to Depp, Adaline                                    1880

                Stephen to Hansley, Charlotte                               1873

                Stephen to Martin, Susan Ann                                1867

                Sydney to Wright, Lizzie                                    1881

                Thomas to Greer, Addie                                      1908

                Thomas to Winlock, Marty Louisa                             1915

                Titus to Wood, Lizzie                                       1897

                Trigg to Lewis, Mary                                        1881

                Tyler to Munday, Henrietta                                  1896

                Vester to Green, Sophia                                     1930

                Will to Moss, Allie                                         1899

                Willie to Estes, Hadie                                      1915

                William to Stone, Amanda                                    1872

                William to Whitney, Bettie                                  1900


                Johnnie to Stockton, Ellice                                 1915


                Anthony to Davidson, Jane                                   1873

                D B F to Whitney, Alice                                     1884

                Henry to Matthews, Amy                                      1867

                Jewell to Warren, Lilly Mae                                 1926

                Joe to Williams, Emma                                       1901

                John to Martin, Julia                                       1873

                Joseph to Matthews, Mary                                    1866

                Lewis to Landrum, Lillie                                    1900

                Stirling to Whitney, Milly Ann                              1880

                Starling to Landrum, Hattie                                 1892


                Henry to Martin, Grace                                      1886

                Henry to Twyman, Ellie                                      1901

                Paul to Skipworth, Maud Lee                                 1917

                Phillip to Austin, Betty                                    1870


                Charles to Maxey, Pat                                       1867

                David Lewis to Williams, Mary Willie                        1922

                George to Rogers, Sarah                                     1874

                John to Gentry, Stella                                      1926

                Tom to Lewis, Susie                                         1896


                Beder to Coat, Peachy                                       1901


                John to Smith, Susan                                        1871

                John to Miller, Tran                                        1881


                O V to Huskinson, Sarah A                                   1901


                James B to Duncan, Bettie                                   1891

                Meredith to Hamill, Phoebe                                  1886


                John to Hatfield, Emily                                     1887


                Dan to Lewis, Linda                                         1896


                James Thurman to McQuerter, Nora                            1915


                James to Clayton, Lutisha                                   1897


                Jo to Rodes, Minnie                                         1898

                Thomas to Hayden, Lucy Jane                                 1870

                Walter B to Jones, Nellie                                   1887


                Bud to Howard, Lucy                                         1923


                George to Gardner, Gertrude                                 1922


                G W to Holder, Mittie                                       1892

                John to Buckner, Cordelia                                   1900

                Mosby to Stone, Prudy                                       1923

                William to Paragon, Emma                                    1900


                George to Pace, Lizzie                                      1901

                Goree to Yates, Fannie May                                  1923

                Gorin to Baker, Mabel                                       1924

                Hugh to Gardiner, Lucinda                                   1912

                John to Alexander, Bettie                                   1897

                John to Strange, Susie                                      1898

                John to Murrell, Carry                                      1921

                Lee Thomas to Stockton, Eva                                 1915

                Lewis to Landrum, Maggie                                    1909

                Nathan to Bernard, Elizabeth                                1920

                Rollie to Lasley, Hallie                                    1908

                Robbie to Yates, Lou Ellen                                  1929

                Ted to Howard, Lena May                                     1930

                Williams to Howard, Margrate                                1874


                Charlie to Jordan, Hallie                                   1915


                Joseph to Duff, Belle                                       1898

                W H to Bradly, Eva B                                        1891


                Edmund to Moran, Hannah                                     1867

                Joseph H to Harlow, Emma                                    1894


                J H to Campbell, Ruth                                       1906


                Bill to Alexaneer, Patsie                                   1929

                Bill to Howard, Mary Bell                                   1921

                Ed to Mitchell, Mattie                                      1892

                John Henry to Morrison, Susan E                             1866


                John W to Cole, Susan                                       1866        Marked out - MARTIN


                Henry to Jordan, Julia                                      1885

                Henry to Tobin, Isabelle                                    1920


                Clem to Wheeler, Belle                                      1908

                Edward to Mosby, Violett                                    1867

                Fred to Scrivener, Gertrude                                 1907

                Gabriel to Edwards, Polly                                   1882

                James to Nuckols, Lizzie                                    1871

                Jordan to Mosby, Fannie                                     1866

                Solomon to Payne, George Ann                                1885


                Charles C to Myers, Louisa                                  1867

                Hagin to Moss, Mary                                         1866

                T E to Trigg, Katie                                         1896


                Frank to Redford, Hattie                                    1895


                William to Whitney, Lucinda                                 1889


                Samuel to Dickey, Mary                                      1867


                Clarence Frank to Mitchell, Zora Jane                       1917


                Adam to Murrell, Eliza Jane                                 1867

                Arthur Henry to Martin, Ella                                1914

                Buford to Rhodes, Edna                                      1924

                B H to Landrum, Elizabeth Ballard                           1916

                Charles to Huffman, Francis                                 1888

                Curtis to Edmunds, Lizzie                                   1914

                George H to Burnett, Mary L                                 1922

                Haden to Jackman, Lulie                                     1889

                Horace to Piper, Virgie May                                 1923

                Howard to Murrell, Georgian                                 1870

                James to Duff, Louisa                                       1871

                James to Martin, Bertha                                     1915

                John to Kinslow, Kate                                       1884

                John to Duvall, Bell                                        1931

                John B to Wathen, Hanna                                     1910

                John W to Duerson, Polly                                    1886

                John W to Everett, Janie                                    1898

                Lucien to Brents, Josephine                                 1966

                Peter to Murrell, Delila                                    1867

                Rice to Murrell, Martha                                     1867

                Sam to Hudson, Annie                                        1888

                Samuel Clem to Murrell, Nellie                              1915

                Stephen to Lawless, Fannie                                  1871

                S H to McDaniel, Lallie                                     1925

                S W J to Duvall, Cornelia                                   1893

                S W J to McWhorter, Minnie                                  1895

                William to Nunnally, Nancy L                                1932

                William to Pulliam, Sallie                                  1886        No ceremony

                William S to Johnson, Louisa Jane                           1870

                W H to Walden, Allie                                        1907


                Haiden Trigg to Bush, Ida Bell                              1906

                Samuel to Boles, Mary                                       1874



          Jackson to Buford, Mary                                     1894

          Tom to Mayhew, Carrie                                       1897


                Sam to Alexander, Annie                                     1906


                John to Duncan, Parkie                                      1874

                John C to Wilson, Sarah                                     1883

                Willis to Wooten, Emily                                     1883


                Robert to Dunn, Ida                                         1900


                Henry C to Newland, Julia Ann                               1867

                Ina to Jones, Dolly                                         1917

                John to Wood, Angeline                                      1897

                Lee to Barlow, Dollie                                       1880

                Levi to Newland, Margaret                                   1866


                Ed to Shobe, Mary                                           1887

                George Henry to Peden, Sarah Ann Eliz.                      1873


                Arthur to Milam, Bernice                                    1919


                Clyde to Hargrove, Beatrice                                 1923

                John to Young, Lucy                                         1919

                Moses to Young, Cora                                        1907

                Sam to Ralston, Martha                                      1873

                Sam to Hicks, Jennie                                        1886


                A H to Higgin, Elizabeth                                    1929

                A H to Anders, Bertha                                       1930

                Charlie to Wilson, Effie                                    1930

                Dee to Bunnells, Jewell                                     1920

                George to Wood, Myrtie                                      1915

                George to Gatewood, Mollie Belle                            1932

                Henry to Nuckols, Amanda Jane                               1866

                Henry to Dillion, Mollie C                                  1906

                John H to Barlow, Catharine                                 1873

                J W to Barlow, Alice                                        1894



                Joel to Kincheloe, Kittie M                                 1899


                Charley to Poynter, Maggie                                  1882

                Hunter to Kinslow, Helen                                    1894

                Lewis to Garnett, Loretta                                   1927        No ceremony

                Lewis J to Garnett, Loretta                                 1927        Same?

                Prince to Ray, Florence                                     1909


                Charles E to Sears, Lizzie                                  1886

                Isaac to Dennison, Sallie                                   1868

                Lasley to Stone, Margaret                                   1874


                George to Martin, Eva                                       1892

                Jack to Smith, Lizzie                                       1913


                Calvin to Jordan, Matilda                                   1871

                Carter to Page, Lucinda                                     1867

                Christopher to Page, Julia                                  1867

                Chris to Totty, Belle                                       1913

                George to Edmunds, Erthie                                   1899

                George to Lewis, Malinda G                                  1907

                George to Stone, Fannie                                     1919

                Gyles to Glazebrook, George Ann                             1868

                Harper to Johnson, Dollie                                   1872

                Jack to Lewis, Margrate                                     1873

                Jo to Britt, Maud                                           1899

                Joseph to Carter, Clora                                     1872

                Richard to Clayton, Ann                                     1880

                Robert to Edwards, Josie                                    1898

                Sam James to Fant, Louie                                    1930

                William to Page, Sukey                                      1867

                William to Hudson, Martha                                   1870


                Ed to Thompson, Ella                                        1885


                Brooker to Williamson, Hannah                               1866


                William H to King, Mollie                                   1893


                Cary to Davenport, Alice                                    1873

                Jake to Lewis, Sarah                                        1896

                James M to Sartin, Mary T                                   1928

                Richard to Emerson, Sarah Ann                               1881

                Robert to Jewell, Lizzie                                    1924

                Sonk to Totty, Cora                                         1913

                Will to Shirley, Lula                                       1911


                Arthur to Jones, Hattie                                     1922

                Bennie to Duke, Rosella                                     1924

                Charles to Bybee, Mary Ann                                  1892

                Dock to Sublett, Mary                                       1928

                Ed to Williams, Charlotte                                   1874

                Ed to Barlow, Lizzie                                        1894

                Ed to Ferguson, Emma                                        1907

                Ed to Ford, Hattie                                          1909

                Ed to Kinslow, Loretta                                      1920

                Fred to Wilson, Susan Frances                               1930

                Freeman to Winlock, Louise                                  1925

                Harvey to Parris, Lizzie                                    1867

                Henry to Wade, Fannie                                       1869

                John to Totty, Ellen                                        1867

                John to Davis, Julia                                        1882

                John to Lewis, Nancy                                        1885

                John to Ralston, Phoebe                                     1888

                Jolly to Parrish, Catharine                                 1866

                Joseph to Davis, Sallie                                     1884

                Martin to Wood, Kattie                                      1887

                Matthews to Baker, Roverta                                  1922

                Oliver to Parrish, Mollie                                   1867

                Oliver to Campbell, Belle                                   1883

                Oliver to Stone, Mary                                       1887

                Robert to Barlow, Ella                                      1913

                Scott to Harlow, Carrie                                     1886

                Thessalonius to Baker, Pattie T                             1911

                Tom to Bybee, Delia                                         1914

                Tom to England, Margaret                                    1914

                Tom to Mitchell, Hattie                                     1926

                Twyman to Jones, Judy                                       1872

                William B to Hibbitt, Flossie M                             1921


                G G to King, Ruth                                           1881

                Oscar to Barclay, Roxie                                     1909


                Richard to Pulliam, Julia                                   1892

                Roscoe to Miller, Irthia                                    1914


                Daniel to Payne, Emeline                                    1866

                Henry to Hudgins, Phoebe                                    1894

                Otha to Glass, Leona                                        1928

                Robert to Mosby, Kittie                                     1901

                William to McColley, Ida                                    1894


                Allen to Thompson, Emily                                    1884

                Arvin to Ford, Jane                                         1917

                Buddie Franklin to Browning, Tressenia                      1915

                John Ed to Siddons, Mary M                                  1926

                Ollie Edward to Bunnel, Luberta                             1929

                Robert to Curry, Beulah                                     1915

                Taylor to Winlock, Mary                                     1882

                Tayler to Wilson, Irene                                     1914


                Lee to Peck, Ann                                            1866


                Billy to Stockton, Effie                                    1926

                Charles to Peden, Emily                                     1867

                Charles to Mills, Sarah                                     1885

                Crutcher to Fortune, Hettie                                 1909

                Haiden to Peden, Henrietta                                  1866

                James I to Johnson, Nora                                    1896

                Jesse to Glover, Pattie                                     1873

                Peter to Bush, Ann                                          1883


                John to Pedigo, Celia                                       1867


                Charles W to Garnett, Mary                                  1873

                Eugene to Crane, Nannie                                     1897

                Greenwood to Green, Lena                                    1920

                Jared to Pemberton, Amy                                     1867

                Jno S to Embry, Nora M                                      1882

                Milburn to Wood, Ida M                                      1915

                Sam to Staton, Nannie                                       1894

                Samuel to Summers, Lou                                      1880

                William to Pemberton, Ann                                   1867


                Archie to Twyman, Fenia                                     1880


                Morison to Martin, Caroline                                 1867


                Charlie to Douglas, Ida                                     1918

                Henry to Hudson, Adline                                     1874

                Joe to Douglas, Mary L                                      1907

                Sylvester to Bailey, Odie                                   1929


                S to Stockton, Kate Bell                                    1907


                Clel to Garvin, Ermine                                      1885

                James W to Richardson, Sarah K                              1867

                Smith to Hays, Mary                                         1899

                William to Martin, Letitia                                  1868

                William to Owen, Adaline                                    1871


                Horace to Herndon, Helen                                    1921

                Robert David to Herndon, Denie Rowland                      1914


                W H to Johnson, Lucy                                        1909


                Edgar to Lewis, Helen                                       1916


                Smith to Page, Polly Mary                                   1883


                Charles to Lee, Dora                                        1892

                Charlie to Allen, Mattie Adell                              1923


                John I to Belcher, Mary A                                   1869


                Alfred to Bybee, Julia Ann                                  1879

                John T to Owen, Lula G                                      1900


                John to Spillman, Ann                                       1866


                Earnest to Halsey, Lovie                                    1920


                Ed to Allen, Ella                                           1888

                Ed to Lewis, Mattie                                         1916

                Edward to Eubanks, Lizzie Lee                               1914

                Henry to Kinslow, Katharine                                 1874


                Benton to Courts, Fannie                                    1873

                Edward to Mansfield, Lizzie                                 1906

                Frank to Redford, Martha                                    1882

                Robert to McConnell, Mary                                   1896

                Samuel to Edmunds, Rosa Belle                               1925

                Spencer to Haydon, Della                                    1897

                Thomas to Glass, Eliza                                      1892


                Jerry to Bush, Josie                                        1888

                Lewis to Ralston, Mary                                      1872


                Caleb to Pulliam, Virginia Frances                          1868

                John to Bannon, Cornelia                                    1896

                Walter to Fant, Mary Lee                                    1893


                Andy E to Johnson, Sallie Jane                              1893

                Dee to Richardson, Sarah                                    1907

                Elmore to Martin, Mary Ann                                  1917

                George to Eubank, Sharlott J                                1870

                Herbert to Grooms, Lera                                     1928

                William to Johnson, Beckie                                  1897

                William to Elliott, Effie                                   1926



                Richard to Lee, Alcey                                       1887



                Anderson to Mitchell, Vinie                                 1882

                Anderson to Baker, Stella                                   1897


                Joe to McDowell, Bessie                                     1915


                Aaron to Ralston, Mary                                      1867

                Benjamin to Edmonds, Allice                                 1887

                Bob to Ralston, Matilda                                     1857

                Carl to Whitney, Clara                                      1927

                Charles to Ralston, Amanda                                  1866

                Colie to Gillenwaters, Annie                                1919

                Colie to Hutcherson, Katie                                  1924

                Daniel to Ralston, Sallie                                   1866

                Daniel to Matthews, Mary                                    1873

                Ed to Hudson, Pearl                                         1899

                George W to Martin, Sarah                                   1874

                Henry to Medlock, Fannie                                    1887

                Jack to Martin, Tennessee                                   1872

                John to Davison, Mary                                       1873

                John to Whitney, Malindy                                    1893

                John to Landers, Lillian                                    1917

                John Haiden to Jones, Isabella                              1914

                Lewis to Winn, Amanda                                       1871

                Reuben to Ralston, Nancy                                    1867


                Woodson to Carpenter, Marie J                               1928


                Isaac to Cosby, Laura Bell                                  1869

                Jack to Garrett, Letesia                                    1883

                Louis to Baker, Katie                                       1884


                Allen to Allen, Fannie                                      1929

                George to Reed, America                                     1868

                Will to Turner, Frances                                     1894

                Will to Herndon, Paralee                                    1924

                William to Howard, Ellen                                    1910


                Early B to Sublett, Wilma                                   1931

                Edmund to Ray, Dinah                                        1866

                James to Barlow, Clora                                      1900

                James to Norvelle, Cora                                     1878

                Lee to Williams, Mytie                                      1923

                Richard to Crenshaw, Ellen                                  1867

                Richard to Stockton, Myrtie                                 1920

                Sam to Martin, Catherine                                    1873

                Samuel to Garnett, Amanda                                   1887

                William to Williams, Sallie                                 1891

                William Hubbard  to Whitney, Corda May                      1924


                Earl to Bates, Willie Jewell                                1918

                Henry to Payne, Ella B                                      1893

                H E to Wilson, Mary                                         1825

                Lewis to Martin, Josie                                      1922

                Will to Stevenson, Francis                                  1910

                William to Thompson, Martha Bell                            1888


                Eddie, Lasley, Viola                                        1923


                James to Goodpaster, Lula                                   1895

                James to Wood, Jessie                                       1913


                Ed to Quigley, Lola                                         1921


                Charlie to Buford, May Pearly                               1916

                Frank to Britt, Ellen                                       1887

                Fred to Burch, Virginia                                     1923        Typed also Burks, crossed out

                Haiden to Emmerson, Mattie                                  1894

                Levy to Rodes, Louisa                                       1870

                S W to Wilsoin, Fannie                                      1879

                Virgil to Hayden, Lucy                                      1884

                Willie to Mansfield, Nellie                                 1908

                William to Edmonds, Prudy                                   1889

                W M to Maupin, Izora                                        1927


                Charles to Beard, Sallie                                    1912

                Curtis to Garnett, Nettie                                   1920

                Curtis to Twyman, Frances                                   1930

                David to Fortune, Edy Ann                                   1874

                David to Trigg, Alice                                       1910

                Elmer to Jones, Beatrice                                    1927

                Everett to Terry, Bernice                                   1930

                George W to Dillon, Ora                                     1894

                Herschell to Duncan, Elizabeth                              1922

                Jim to Lewis, Nellie                                        1898

                John to Harberson, Martha                                   1874

                Louis to Elzie, Mary                                        1873

                L S to Anderson, Lucy                                       1901

                Roosevelt to Garnett, Janie Frances                         1926

                Roy to Johnson, Bell                                        1923

                Tolbert to Long, Martha                                     1870

                William to Mills, Genise                                    1874


                J H to Ritter, Patsey                                       1866


                Lonnie to Wood, Emma                                        1898

                Will to Terry, Emma                                         1901

                W L to Terry, Annie                                         1891


                Henry to Dearing, Mary E                                    1919


                Alfred to Young, Margaret                                   1887

                Alfred to Hatfield, Burnetta                                1898

                Edward B to Sewell, Zella                                   1928

                Johnson to Renfro, Amanda                                   1899

                W I to Greer, Letie                                         1875


                Ben to Martin, Harriet                                      1870

                Clarence to Herndon, Ida                                    1900

                Isaac to Rogers, Eliza                                      1867

                John to Smith, Josephine                                    1867

                Julian to Harlan, Laura                                     1883

                Robin to Garnett, Bessie                                    1926

                Wilson to Rogers, Sarah Ann                                 1866


                William Henry to Lewis, Susan                               1869


                Middleton to Roberts, Annie B                               1900

                M D to Martin, Bertha                                       1911

                W D to Buford, Minnie                                       1920


                Joe to Dillon, Ann                                          1910


                Arthur Clarence to Ellis, Allie Ball                        1923

                Herbert to Poynter, Gertrude                                1924

                Herbert to Bethel, Gracie                                   1930

                Jobe to Tidwell, heba                                       1929