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Courtesy Michelle Gorin Burris, Gorin Genealogical Publishing,, (c) Oct 1995. Names spelled as shown in the Index Book at the Barren County Clerk’s Office, Glasgow, KY. Year of marriage only shown.



                Will R to Baker, Lera                                 1920


                Arthur to Wells, Mary Frances                         1926

                Ben to Allen, Martha                                  1882

                Benjamin to Sanderson, Betsy                          1867

                Charles to Doyel, Lou Ann                             1920

                Claude to Terry, Isabella                             1919

                Ed to Doyel, Hallie                                   1914

                Harry J to Duke, Nannie May                           1930

                Peter to Merry, Sallie                                1885

                Richard to Gipson, Agnes                              1917

                William to Carden, Eliza                              1895


                Jessee to Sartain, Lucy                               1867

                Joe to Frazier, Martha                                1894

                Joe to Wilkinson, Francis                             1918

                Joe to Burch, Mary T                                  1923


                Albert to Gross, Fannie                               1884

                James to Whitney, Katie                               1923

                James to Trimal, Elizabeth Gray                       1930

                Robert to Baker, Lennie                               1923


                Charles to Hutchens, Mariah                           1890

                C C to Kinslow, Lena                                  1897

                George to Scrivener, Eliza                            1866

                George to Thompson, Charlotta                         1897

                John to Scrivener, Sallie                             1854


                Ed to Ingram, Laura                                   1923

                James to Cole, Ann                                    1866

                Lige to Edmunds, Hettie                               1880

                William to Allen, Alice                               1893


                Annias to Hayes, Lucy                                 1911

                Charles to Henderson, Susan                           1869

                Elzy to Settle, Caroline                              1866

                Frank to Murrell, Mary                                1895

                George to Settle, Pup                                 1867

                George to Summers, Polly                              1880

                Nathan to Barlow, Patsey                              1868

                Nathan to Lewis, Etta                                 1882

                Thomas to Page, Minnie                                1901

                Thomas to Williams, Bernice                           1901

                Turner to Lewis, Willie May                           1923

                Woodford to Settle, Emily Smith                       1867


                John to Howard, Rachel                                1883

                John to Ballinger, Mary                               1885

                John to Hunter, Effie                                 1910


                David to Young, Annie                                 1888

                John to Pulliam, Bettie                               1895

                Robert to Duval, Ermine                               1927

                Sam to Stark, Oca                                     1925

                Samuel C B to Childres, Annie                         1901

                William to Duff, Lettie                               1896

                William to Kirk, Cyknthia                             1897

                William to Cook, Nora                                 1914


                Adam to Lewis, Eliza                                  1875

                Adam to Frazier, Amanda                               1879


                Clem to Carpenter, Lutie B                            1922

                F G to Whitney, Mattie                                1897


                Clarence to Douglass, Livia B                         1900

                Clay to Austin, Lou                                   1874

                Daniel to Eubank, Lizzie                              1889

                Henry Clay to Carr, Parthenia                         1885

                Jo to Settles, America                                1873

                Nelson to Shirley, Jane                               1867

                Nelson to Caldwell, Harriet                           1881

                William to Shirley, Emily Franklin                    1867

                W T to Crenshaw, Katie                                1908


                Ed to Frazier, Pearl                                  1895

                James to Shives, Harriett                             1867

                Willis to Watt, Martha                                1890


                John to Williams, Emma                                1899


                Clarence to Martin, Hattie                            1900

                Clem to Alexander, Sarah                              1891

                Hugh to Scrivener, Ann                                1866

                Hugh to Boles, Hester                                 1880

                Hugh to Duff, Sarah                                   1908

                Hugh to Coffey, Hattie E                              1910

                Luther to Fortune, Kizzie                             1916

                Walter L to Rogers, Lizzie                            1893

                Willie to Payton, Annie                               1897


                Allen to Short, Ann                                   1867

                Henry to Williams, Mollie                             1885

                T B to Twyman, Anna                                   1907

                William to Gatewood, Jewel                            1917


                H B to Shirley, Mary Elizabeth                        1874


                Lewis to Slemmons, Mary Francis                       1866

                William to Slemmons, Queen D D T                      1866


                Dan to Murrell, Nellie                                1897

                Dan to Hughes, Sarah C                                 


                Dewey to Twyman, Lucille                              1916

                George to Stone, Laura                                1913

                Henry J to McPherson, Martha                          1921

                Lee to Wood, Mary                                     1918


                Aaron to Ellis, Laura                                 1886

                Albert to Wood, Elizabeth                             1869

                Alexander to Beauchamp, Louisa                        1868

                Brown to Camp, Jane                                   1883

                Charles to Wheeler, Henrietta                         1891

                Charlie W to Shannon, Ida                             1914

                Chris to Gillenwaters, Litie                          1914

                Clarence to Lee, Lecta                                1917

                Frank to Duff, Nannie                                 1873

                Fudge to Bush, America                                1880

                G L? To Smith, Florence                               1886

                Harry to Owsley, Mahala                               1868

                Harry to Kirkpatrick, Mary                            1890

                Henry to Ellis, Nancy                                 1869

                Henry to Jordan, Mary                                 1870

                H B to Duff, Caroline                                 1873

                John to Smith, Calvarine                              1866

                John to Watson, Ellen                                 1874

                John to Trigg, Earl Russell                           1915

                John A to Smith, Mary                                 1897

                Lawrence to Barber, Dora                              1911

                Lawrence to Brents, Julia May                         1916

                Oliver to Smith, Jennie V                             1909

                Roy to Whitney, Lorene                                1927

                Samuel to Hall, Renda                                 1870

                William to Wells, Allice                              1869

                William to Duff, Mattie                               1897

                William to Whitney, Sallie                            1899

                York to Smith, Nancy                                  1867


                Henry to Lewis, Mary                                  1874


                Ben to Parker, Fannie M                               1906

                James to Hawkins, Martha                              1890

                Thomas to Souther, Emily                              1867


                James Tilman to Neal, Ivy                             1923


                Walter to Whitney, Ensetta                            1917


                Byron W to Landrum, Lizzie Mary                       1923

                Ewell to Edmunds, Berthie                             1899

                George to Delaney, Laura                              1909

                John to Britt, Isabel                                 1912

                John to Price, Stella                                 1919

                Jonas to Totty, Mattie                                1921

                Logan to Martin, Della                                1899

                L L to Hudgens, Minnie                                1908

                Sam to Page, Nora                                     1881

                William to Shipley, Ollie                             1930

                Willie M to Lewis, Churchill                          1930

                W A to Lewis, Cinda                                   1910


                Filmore to Franklin, Luda May                         1925

                Phil to Franklin, Lyda May                            1925        Likely same marriage


                Joe to Murphy, Mamie                                  1914


                William to Wagner, Mesusie                            1886


                John S to Cheek, Ida                                  1916

                William to Allen, Matilda                             1870


                Albert to Dillion, Liza Ora                           1909

                Gilbert to Pipkins, Gladys                            1925

                Joseph M to Dearing, Kate                             1879

                J T to Caldwell, Emma                                 1891

                McClellan to Smiley, Mattie Ellen                     1928

                Noah to Douglass, Lilly                               1883

                Noah to Bryant, Carrie                                1927

                Reuben to Richardson, Lillie                          1899

                Reuben to Peden, Euna                                 1926


                William to Sanderson, Mary Ella                       1918


                Dave to Shirley, Annie                                1911

                Dolph to Dillion, Iness                               1908

                Dolph to Dillion, Eliza                               1919

                Henry to Williams, Rachel                             1867

                James to Jordan, Lou                                  1881

                James to Young, Maudie B                              1895

                James to Banion, Luan                                 1907

                Jeff to Gillenwaters, Nannie                          1910

                John to Lewis, Fannie B                               1892

                John Henry to Slayton, Emma M                         1921

                Joseph E to Tisdale, Henrietta                        1872

                Lafayette to Martin, Eliza                            1886

                Neal to Hamel, Margaret G                             1885

                Neal to Martin, Nancy                                 1894

                Riley to Kelsor, Hettie                               1913

                Robert to Kirtley, Annie                              1893


                C L to Murphy, Florence                               1922


                Clay to Lewis, Della Pearl                            1928

                Thomas to Martin, Malinda                             1871


                Booker to Baker, George Ann                           1874

                Hardin to Shirley, Mildred                            1886

                James to Owsley, Fannie                               1874

                Thomas to Strange, Brittania                          1866


                Sherman to Purcell, Alice                             1907


                Alfred to Cayson, Lena                                1917

                Sam to Young, Prudence                                1894


                Garfield to Garnett, Bettie                           1930

                Herschell to Baker, Jessie                            1925

                McKinley to Duff, Annie Pearl                         1918

                Robert Lee to Murrell, Mollie                         1880


                Ed L to Denham, Delia                                 1893

                Henry to Summers, Lucinda                             1867



                John to Taylor, Phebe Ann                             1866

                John to Canidy, Mary                                  1874

                Sam to Railey, Lizzie                                 1912


                Andrew to Dickey, Ann                                 1867

                Hayden to Twyman, Laura Belle                         1927

                Henry to Parrish, Fanny                               1869

                Henry to Gillock, Eddie                               1886

                Henry to Wood, Susie                                  1891

                Henry to Wood, Janie                                  1894

                James A to Wood, Carry Belle                          1918

                James Henry to Wooten, Bessie                         1916

                Jerre to Smith, Kate                                  1896

                Jim to Poynter, Lulie                                 1897

                Jo to Wade, Luvenia                                   1891

                John to Preston, Mary E                               1892

                Robert to Esters, Vera May                            1929

                Samuel P to Skippworth, Ellaweese                     1929        Skipworth

                Tobe to Barlow, Lizzie                                1894

                Will to Howard, Eugenia                               1929


                Benjamin to Childress, Ellen                          1881

                Charles to Sears, Annie Belle                         1898

                J R to Wilson, Agnes G                                1836        So written, likely 1866


                Thomas to Morrison, Mamie 1899


                Claude to Gee, Bessie                                 1916

                Claud to Wood, Florence                               1919

                Clem to Stockton, Fannie                              1916

                James to Watkins, Queen                               1882

                James to Douglass, Alice                              1899

                James to Douglass, Alice                              1889

                Jefferson to Thompson, Ann                            1866

                Jeff to Crutcher, Elizabeth                           1870        Typed Cruthcher

                Ollie to Duff, Della                                  1925

                Tom to Williams, Janie                                1911

                William to White, Maggie                              1882


                Miles to Martin, Nora                                 1919


                Walter G to Murrell, Susie                            1924


                Ernest to Jackman, Luella                             1912

                Ernest to Barlow, Bertha                              1916

                George to Thornton, Fanny                             1883

                Shelby to Duvall, Settie                              1892

                Shelby to Barclay, Mary Etta                          1900


                Bill to McMurry, Annie Ruth                           1931

                Hubert to Tisdale, Ella V                             1918

                Jack to Cayson, Harriet                               1915

                Jack to Whitney, Flora                                1931

                John to Beck, Bettie                                  1918

                Mike to Winlock, Blanch                               1884

                Mike to Winlock, Blanch                               1889

                Mike to King, Victoria                                1897

                Riley to Bethel, Mary                                 1887

                Sam to Baker, Lula                                    1921


                Nelson to Tompkins, Betsey                            1866


                William to Garmon, Josephine                          1873


                David to Settle, Emeline                              1870

                Ed to Starks, Erthie                                  1866

                John to Totty, Isabella                               1866

                Willie to Emerson, Nannie                             1906


                Dewey to Shirley, Lula                                1923

                George W to Payton, Dona                              1883

                Gordon to Huffman, Carrie Lee                         1931

                Martin H to Pace, Emma                                1883

                Thomas to Heferd, Julia                               1907

                Tom to Whitney, Bettie                                1923

                Walter to Pemberton, Carrie                           1906


                George to Hargrove, Lallie                            1927


                James to Barlow, Ella                                 1917


                Cris to Lee, Electra                                  1896

                George Washington to Nuckols, Lizzie                  1874

                Haywood to Childress, Paralee                         1909

                Logan to Bailey, Cynthia                              1868

                Ned to Trigg, Rose Ann                                1867

                Washington to Trigg, Malinda                          1867


                Isaac to Tudor, Jane D                                1867


                Robert to Murrell, Fannie                             1887


                J T to Mitchell, Zora                                 1921


                Arch to Wells, Lizzie                                 1911

                Claud to Brence, Zilfer                               1921

                Emit to Green, Narcissa                               1910

                Thomas to Davidson, Alice                             1883

                Tom to Bybee, Bettie                                  1912


                J H to Duff, Lizzie                                   1891


                Alex to Eubank, Sallie                                1887

                Asa to Smith, Laura                                   1867

                Curtis to Williams, Bonnie                            1911

                Jack to Smith, Mollie                                 1873

                James to Wood, Cora                                   1909

                Moses to Smith, Amanda                                1867

                Robert to Crutcher, Elizabeth                         1874

                Robert to Bryant, Nettie                              1918

                Roy to Clark, Lena                                    1924

                Rufus to Smiley, Molly                                1924

                Willie to Peyton, Mary                                1910



                Reuben to Buckner, Louisa                             1867



                Frank to Clayton, Mary                                1914

                Frank to Everett, Lue                                 1916

                George to Holder, Lucinda                             1884

                George to Murrell, Carrie                             1917

                George M to Carden, Susan                             1882

                James to Bonds, Charlotte                             1886

                Jesse to Thompson, Millie                             1907

                Jesse to Duff, Dona                                   1907

                Lewis to Allen, Eliza                                 1881

                Press to Eubank, Adaline                              1873

                Thomas to Young, Sara                                 1866

                Tom to Wells, Alice                                   1896


                John to Twyman, Pearl                                 1924


                Bird to Abbott, Bell                                  1870

                Calvin to Walton, Amanda                              1866

                Theodore to Childress, Gertie V                       1930

                Underwood to Rowan, Cassie                            1892

                Underwood to Ray, Ida S                               1898

                W W to Duvall, Laura                                  1922


                Jas to Edmonds, Maggie                                1910


                Arthur to Maynard, Maria                              1871


                Jefferson to Shackelfodrd, Amanda                     1867


                Brooken to Smith, Liza                                1883


          Ben to Willis, Mary                                   1881

                Charles to Stone, Nancy                               1872

                Jack to Watt, Mary Ann                                1867


                Harry K to Rogers, Ethel                              1930


                Arthur Day to Butts, Verda                            1915


                Ernest to Martin, Mary E                              1929


                Alonzo to Travis, Lena                                1899

                Alonzo to Buford, Ida                                 1905

                Jack to Amos, Louisa                                  1867

                Lawrence to Subley, Ada                               1923        Sublett?

                Lawrence to Parrish, Mary Elizabeth                   1930

                Wesley to Owens, Adaline                              1889


                Arthur to Neal, Jewell                                1930

                Birch to Brown, Maggie                                1918

                Bowman to Scott, Nannie Bell                          1907

                Bunch to Allen, Donna                                 1922

                B W to Hatfield, Eliza                                1906

                D to Martin, Addie                                    1911

                D to Elliott, Lou Emma                                1922

                Ed to Huffman, Amanda                                 1899

                Ike to Matthews, Ida                                  1895

                Ike to Dickinson, Carrie                              1928

                Jack to Wood, Emily                                   1868

                Lynn to Alexander, Willie                             1910

                Perry to Wells, Esther                                1866

                Sam to Norvell, Mary                                  1868

                William D to Baker, Katie                             1898


                Thomas to Settles, Amanda                             1869


                Conrad to Wheeler, Eliza                              1867

                Elzy to Herndon, Katie                                1912

                Jack to Wheeler, America                              1866

                James to Martin, Bettie                               1900

                Paul to Everett, Martha Pearl                         1915

                Robinson to Everett, Alberta                          1914

                Smith to Polten, Belle                                1873

                Smith to Martin, Caroline                             1900

                Virgil to Martin, Bertha                              1906

                Will to Follis, Pearl                                 1901


                Aaron to White, Malinda                               1866

                James to Parrish, Mary Elizabeth                      1867

                James T to Forrest, Lou                               1885

                Marlin to Mills, Sallie Jane                          1916

                Oscar to Barlow, Narcissa                             1888

                Oscar to Lewis, Emma                                  1899

                Phillip to Williams, Mary Ann                         1869

                Prunice to Button, Mary Elizabeth                     1918

                William to White, Elizabeth                           1866


                Benjamin to Barbour, Ellen V                          1927

                J L to Stone, Jane                                    1890


                Clarence C to Alexander, Orie La Verne                1926

                Walter to Smith, Martha                               1901


                Aaron to Whitney, Polly                               1868

                Alex to Bibb, Sallie                                  1878

                Alfred to Beauchamp, Laura                            1868

                Carter to Whitney, Sally                              1867

                Charley to Smith, Lucinda                             1880

                Chester to Johnson, Gertie                            1916

                Ellis to Martin, Roxie Alan                           1915

                Frank to Allen, Maggie                                1870

                George to Whitney, Frances                            1872

                George to Ellis, Mildred                              1873

                George to Holder, Jane                                1887

                George to Whitney, Eliza                              1890

                George to Johnson, Bettie                             1914

                George H to Mansfield, Henretta                       1893

                Gorin to Landrum, Daisey                              1919

                G C to Young, Retha                                   1925

                Haden to Mitchell, Susie                              1887

                Henry to Burch, Clemie                                1882

                Hick to Burrus, Martha Jane                           1915

                Jack to Landrum, Margaret                             1869

                Jack to Greer, Mattie                                 1888

                Jacob to Whitney, Eliza                               1866

                James to Landrum, Kittie                              1888

                Joe to Whitney, Sarah                                 1867

                John to Lewis, Ella                                   1881

                J R to Twyman, Mary E                                 1895

                J W to Percell, Mattie                                1909

                Laf to Overstreet, Mag                                1904

                Logan to White, Sarah                                 1869

                Meredith to Neal, Francis                             1871

                Miles to Young, Kitty                                 1894

                Moses to Dixon, Linda                                 1871

                Nelson to Whitney, Milly                              1868

                Newton to Chambers, Jane                              1871

                Phil to Stockton, Margaret                            1891

                Reney to Newland, Allice                              1887

                Richard to Purcell, Nealie                            1892

                Riley to Franklin, Minnie                             1925

                Rufus to Parrish, Mary                                1900

                Rus to Bush, Ella                                     1901

                Samuel to Bush, Henrietta                             1867

                Samuel to Hudgens/Hudgenson, Evelyn                   1923

                Samuel to Shipley, Annie May                          1925

                Shepard to Ralston, Linda                             1893

                Vernon to Settles, Lucinda                            1913

                Walker to Whitney, Fannie                             1881

                William to Bush, Viney                                1873

                William to Parigan, Leona                             1888

                Willie to Whitney, Delitha                            1907

                Willis to Watkins, Lucinda                            1873

                Willis to Alexander, Ada                              1899

                Willis to Neal, Dollie                                1907

                Winnard to Duval, Florence                            1926

                W D to Berry, Lena Gertrude                           1911


                Dudley to Hord, Helen                                 1867


          John to Smith, Fena                                   1872


                Walcie to Green, Kate                                 1898

                William to Terry, Bessie Howard                       1927


                Charles to Matthews, Tena                             1886

                John to Wilkerson, Caroline                           1866

                Nelson to Chambers, Eliza                             1868


                Clarence to Allen, Mattie                             1908

                Richard to Martin, Mollie                             1883


                Thomas to Houchens, Alice                             1872


                Charles to Martin, Eliza                              1869


                Clarence to Tisdale, Dee                              1899

                Dick to Pace, Gennie                                  1880

                Lawrence to Yates, Cassie                             1928

                Luther to Yates, Mary Lizzie                          1929

                Peter W to Roberts, Mattie                            1894

                Richard to Porter, Harriett                           1869

                Roy to Johnson, Annie B                               1922

                Sammie to Samples, Martha E                           1911

                Sanders to Jewell, Callie                             1892

                Sandy to Wilson, Sallie                               1867

                Thelma [sic] to Eubank, Lizzie                        1922

                Thomas to Twyman, Maryk E                             1896

                Tommie to Souther, Katie                              1910

                William to Crain, Macey                               1868

                Wilson to Settle, Parralee                            1887

                W E to Wood, Bertha A                                 1932


                Anderson to Watson, Lillie                            1874

                Benton to Ellis, Amanda                               1874

                Charles to Walton, George Ella                        1894

                Claud to Smith, Deller                                1906

                Daniel to Wilson, Lydia                               1867

                Don F to Jones, Hannah F                              1880

                Ed to Brents, Lizzie                                  1895

                Ed to Parrish, Minnie                                 1915

                Elijah to Burch, Emily                                l870

                Elijah to Trigg, Francis                              1911

                Frank to Duncan, Fannie                               1880

                Henry to Stockton, Annie                              1894

                Homer to Cayson, Lizzie                               1914

                Jack to Wilson, Isabella                              1866

                James to Wilson, Mag                                  1874

                Jas to Rogers, Vina                                   1876

                Jerry to Barlow, Maggie                               1896

                Jim to Ennis, Belle                                   1913

                Jo to Parrish, Minnie                                 1895

                John to Wilson, Lizzie                                1907

                John Edward to Crenshaw, Bernice B                    1916

                Kermit to Sears, Pauline                              1929

                Lawrence to Brents, Genie May                         1917

                Lit to Watson, Mary                                   1879

                Louis to Wilson, Lucy                                 1885

                Lucian to Garnett, Annie May                          1924

                Lute to Williams, Emma                                1897

                Powell to Amos, Anna                                  1915

                Richard to Wilson, Mary                               1867

                Samuel to Wilson, Laura                               1874

                Sidney to Kinslow, Catherine                          1866

                Tobe to Warren, Mariah                                1889

                Tobias to Gardner, Dollie                             1870

                Tom to Alexander, Eva                                 1910

                Will to Ennis, Mary                                   1906

                Will to Johnson, Lucille                              1926

                William to Tisdale, Fanny                             1880


                Charles to Brents, Emily                              1884

                Charles to Whitesides, Selle                          1896

                Daniel to Short, Fannie                               1886

                Turffey to Britt, Claudia                             1910


                Charles to Parrish, Bettie                            1896


                Anderson to Hatcher, Mary Ellen                       1869

                Anderson to Tisdale, Fannie                           1907

                Charley to Duff, Belle                                1884

                Clarence to Lasley, Mary T                            1932

                David to Wood, Amanda                                 1867

                Davy to Pace, Jane                                    1900

                Dock to Petty, Eliza                                  1912

                Ed to Barlow, Maudie                                  1911

                Ed to Garnett, Bertha Lee                             1916

                Elvin to Pulin, Emma                                  1918

                E J to McDaniel, Mae Willie                           1925

                Genie to Tisdale, Gertrude                            1911

                George W to Summers, Sarah M                          1870

                Henry to Walton, Annie                                1895

                Henry to Fields, Martha                               1925

                Isaac to Martin, Mariah                               1866

                Isaac to Houchins, Cynthia                            1875

                Isaac to Farris, Mary                                 1910

                James to Hatchett, Mary Frances                       1931

                Jerman to Polston, Ida May                            1907

                John to Barnett, Kate                                 1884

                Levi Jr to Smith, Lena                                1916

                Morgan to Phillips, Lou C                             1885

                Pleas to Payton, Eliza                                1885

                Randal to Wood, Winnie                                1867

                Richard to Williams, Pearl                            1918

                Silas to Wood, Mary                                   1867

                Thomas to Martin, Fannie                              1909

                Tom to Douglass, Mattie B                             1919

                Will to Campbell, Gertie                              1923

                William to Spotswood, Emily                           1867

                William to Carpenter, Sallie                          1879

                William B to Myers, Fannie                            1866

                Willie to Brents, Lillie                              1906

                Willie to Duff, Jimmie                                1913

                W B to Moss, Ida B                                    1899


                W H to Roger, Bettie                                  1893


                Fred to Baker, Lucy                                   1921

                George to Willis, Emily                               1868

                Harry to Gray, Annie                                  1884

                John Tobe to Wooten, Nancy                            1866

                Nathan to Wooten, Susan                               1867

                Peter to Bush, Lucy V                                 1873

                Stephen to Parrish, Narcissa                          1871

                Stephen to Bradshaw, Caroline                         1879


                Charley to Lee, Rita                                  1909

                Earl to Camp, Ella                                    1928

                Felix to Wright, America                              1867

                Felix to Renfro, Amanda                               1873

                Felix to Jackson, Nevada                              1901

                Felix Jr to Bannion, Retha                            1908

                Isaiah to Jackson, Cassie                             1899

                Jacob to Whitney, Ellen                               1895

                Jefferson to Jewell, Sarah                            1867

                John to Stone, Martha                                 1896

                Sam to Whitney, Eliza                                 1880

                Uberto to Davidson, Mary M                            1887

                Walter to Chism, Mary E                                    1899

                William to Wooten, Caroline                              1886

                William to Gardner, Sarah                                   1895



                Fountain to Arnett, Margarett                           1873

                Lewis to Duff, Alice                                             1906

                Oscar to Brents, Delilah                                      1880

                Simon to Paralee, Bettie                                      1921


                Branch to Mills, Mary                                         1911

                Branch to Richardson, Elizabeth                       1927

                Green to Kinslow, Delly                                      1870

                Hison to Allen, Mattie B                                     1920

                James to Thompson, Savana                             1869

                Jene to Dillord, Lillie Mae                                   1916        Dillion?

                Jessee to Ritter, Lucy                                          18l69

                Jesse to Ferguson, Sally                                     1872

                John to Redford, Fannie                                     1898

                John Anderson to Garnett, Lucy                       1868

                Taylor to Slaughter, Lula M                               1928

                Thomas to Young, Mary Catharine                  1928

                Thomas to Britt, Sarah                                        1883

                Walter to Johnson, Winnie                                1895

                Wesley to Young, Mariah                                  1867

                Wes to Whitney, Birda                                       1898

                Wes to Whitney, Rhoda                                     1910

                Wiley to Bush, Terry                                           1886

                Wiley to Young, Lucinda                                   1889