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5 NOV 1798 THROUGH OCT 1870


Source: Barren’s Black Roots Volume 4, Michelle Gorin Burris, Gorin Genealogical Publishing, (c) February 1995. By permission. 


ALLEN, Phoebe                   Received by experience, a girl of Mrs. Allen

ALLIN, Mary                     3rd Sat Feb 1847, slave of E Allin, called on for dancing, etc. Excluded

ALLIN, Rice                     28 Feb 1841, received by experience and baptism, E Allin’s slave

ASTIN, Polly                    Likely Austin. 3rd Sat Aug 1829 – excluded

BALLENGER, Flemming             Cited, no information

BIRD, Silvy                     On original roll, noted “moved off”

BLAIN, Peggy                    3rd Sat June 1810, received by experience

BLAINE, Charles                 2nd Sat Oct 1808, received by letter from church in VA, servant of George Blaine.

BUFORD, Eva                     On original roll, no information.

BUFORD, Ever                    3rd Sat May 1829, received by experience

BUFORD, Rose                    3rd Sat Nov 1812, received by experience Captain Buford’s slave

BUFORD, Reubin                  3rd Sat Mar 1830, servant of Old Capt. Buford, charge against.

                                Excluded 3rd Sat Oct 1837. Restored later.

BURNETT, Jack                   3rd Sat Jan 1812, received by letter. 3rd Sat Oct1812 granted dismission.

BUSH, Esther                    3rd Sat Oct 1830, granted letter of demission

BUSH, Phebe                     3rd Sat Aug 1842, granted letter of dismission, servant of Willis A Bush

CARDIN, Chesley                 3rd Sat Dec 1829, servant of David Cardin, cited on charges. No further.

CARDIN, Christopher             3rd Sat June 1831. Called “old man” – chosen to sweep out and keep clean Meeting house.

CARDIN, Isaac                   On original rolls, marked “gone”. 3rd Sat May 1830, servant of James Cardin

CARDIN, Kit                     On original rolls, shown “dead”. 3rd Sat Dec 1829 he cited for drinking too

                                much. 3rd Sat Jan 1830, charges dismissed. 3rd Sat Dec 1833, excluded

CLACK, Henry                    On original rolls, dismissed 1848. 3rd Sun May 1829 received

CLACK, Jenny                    On original rolls. 3rd Sat Aug 1810, slave of Susannah Clack received by

                                Letter from Salt River Church. 3rd Sat Feb 1811 cited on charges. 3rd

                                Sat Mar 1811 acquitted. Marked dead, no date.

CLACK, Lucy                     On original roll, no information.

CLEMONS, Slave                  3rd Sun July 1820, slave of Lucy Clemon, no first name shown.

CLEMONS, Lucy                   3rd Sat Dec 1820 charged. 3rd Sat Feb 1821 – case continued. 3rd Sat Mar

                                1821 charged with attempting to poison her owner, excluded.  Might be

                                same as above.

COCKRELL, Joseph                Sun 28 Feb 1841 – property of Booker Cockerill, restored to fellowship

COCKRELL, Minerva               Sun after 3rd Sat 1841 – property of Booker Cockerill, received by experience

COCKRELL, Patience              On original roll, marked excluded. 3rd Sat Aug 1829, owned by Jos G Cockrell.

COLE, Fereby                    W H Cole, owner. Charges laid 3rd Sat May 1825, acquitted.

CRENSHAW, Glouster              3rd Sat Nov 1821 – Travis Foster (white) charged with “using the cudgel

                                improperly on Gloucester.”  Had struck him with his walking cane, Church

                                decided that Foster had gone too far and Foster given opportunity to

                                rectify the situation. 3rd Sat Mar 1842, joined by experience and to be


CRENSHAW, Jemima                On original roll in 1798, deceased 1841.

CRENSHAW, Jenny                 On original roll in 1798, deceased 1839. 3rd Sat Feb 1837, church to employ

                                Jenny if she agrees, to sweep and keep meeting house in order and to be

                                Paid $3.00 a service; paid in 1838 at $4.00 a meeting.

CRENSHAW, Judy                  3rd Sat Jan 1833, former property of B M Crenshaw excluded for fighting.

CRENSHAW, Sam                   On original 1798 rolls. Shown slave of Thomas J Crenshaw, letter of

                                dismission given 3rd Sat in Apr 1825.

DAVIDSON, Adam                  On original rolls in 1798. Excluded. Received by experience 3rd Sat June

                                1829, slave of Ben Davidson.

DAVIDSON, Easter                3rd Sat Feb 1811, charges brought, excluded 3rd Sat Mar 1811.

DAVIDSON, Edmund                On original rolls – shown excluded, then returned. 3rd Sat May 1829,

                                slave of  “old sister Davidson”.

DAVIDSON, Esther                On original rolls, shown restored. 27 Feb 1841, slave of H Davidson.

DAVIDSON, Goin                  3rd Sat May 1850, servant of Isaac Davidson, brought note from his

                                master, told of his experience and received for baptism.

DAVIDSON, Juda                  On original rolls. There was a Judy Davidson noted 3rd Sat Sept 1841

                                who brought a note from her master, Thompson E Davidson, told of her

                                experience and was received for baptism.

DAVIS, Harriot                  1st Sat July 1810, H. Davis’s slave.

DISHMAN, Dick                   3rd Sat Oct 1857 – charge against for joining Presbyterian Church, excluded.

DISHMAN, Priscilla              3rd Sat Jan 1830, discussion on charge – no further reference.

DODD, Elzy                      3rd Sat Apr 1851 – letter of dismission requested for Elzy who was shown

                                As an “old black brother”

DODD, Martin                    3rd Sun Sept 1819, letter of dismission granted.

DODD, Sabret                    3rd Sat Nov 1850, letter of dismission requested – “old black sister”.

DODD, Tabor                     On original rolls, owned by Widow Tabor.

DUFF, Reuben                    3rd Sat Mar 1847, H Duff’s slave, charged with drinking to much. No further


DUFF, Rosanna                   3rd Sat June 1856, letter of dismission granted

DUKE, Charlotte                 On original roll. 3rd Sun June 1826, received by experience, to be baptized.

DUKE, Silva/Silvy               On original roll. 3rd Sun Aug 1829, received by experience, slave of G Duke.

DUKE, Ursely                    3rd Sat Nov 1830, shown formerly the property of George Duck, now of

                                Mr. Parrish, charges and excluded.

EDMONDS, Slave                  No first name shown, name should be spelled Edmunds, 3rd Sat May 1820,

                                received by experience.

EDMUNDS, Lucy                   On original rolls. 3rd Sat May 1832, slave of Captain William Edmunds,

                                received by experience.

EDMUNDS, Lydia                  Sunday after 3rd Sat Sept 1841, slave of Charles P Edmunds, brought note

                                from her master, told of her experience, received for baptism.

EMMERSON, Eda                   On original rolls. 3rd Sat June 1932, “property of Henry Emmerson” joined

                                by experience.

EMMERSON, Kit                   Sunday after the 3rd Sat July 1850: “Kitt, a black brother, formerly the property

                                of Zachariah Emmerson & Silvey, Kitt’s wife, belonging to the widow

                                Waller received into fellowship. Only reference ever seen of husband and

                                wife in the white records.

EMMERSON, Lydia                 Sunday after 3rd Sat Aug 1841, received by experience.

EVANS, Aaron                    On original rolls, marked “gone”

FERGUSON, Fereby                3rd Sat June 1814, received by experience. 3rd Sat Mar 1815. “she is seeking

                                the advice of the church respecting her intention to marry she having been

                                once before married and her husband yet living in the state of Virginia

                                alleging an involuntary separation having parted them beyond the hope of

                                reunion. The church therefore set her at liberty to act as at discretion and

                                advise accordingly.” The white church did seemingly understand the

                                situation she was in; she did not want to “live in sin”. This had to happen

                                so many times.

FORRESTER, Rason                3rd Sat May 1864. Report that he had moved and can have a letter of

                                dismission if he applies.

FOSTER, Solomon                 3rd Sat Dec 1829 – cited for drinking too much; excluded 3rd Sat Feb 1830.

GARNETT, Ben                    Died 1848. Had been received 3rd Sat Sept1820, slave of Judge Garnett.

GREER, Toney                    3rd Sat Sept 1810 received

GRUBBS, Phebe                   2nd Sat Oct 1808 “Received from different churches in Virginia ...Phebe,

                                a servant of John Grubbs. 3rd Sat Nov 1811 – letter of dismission granted.

HALEY, Darcus                   3rd Sat Feb 1824, letter of dismission granted to Dick and Darcas late

                                servants of Henry Haley Sr but now the property of Isaac Murphy

HALEY, Dick                     See above

HALEY, Dicey                    3rd Sat Jan 1813, received by experience

HALEY, Hannah                   Marked dead on original rolls. 3rd Sat Feb 1810, received by experience,

                                death date not shown.

HALEY, Joseph                   Excluded 1841, returned, date not shown

HALEY, Junior                   4th Sun Feb 1806, received by letter Henry Haley Negro Junior.

HALEY, Peter                    On original roll, marked dead.

HALEY, Richard                  3rd Sat Apr1820, received by experience Captain Haley’s black man.

HALEY, Toney                    3rd Sat Apr 1818, Toney of the estate of the late brother Haley granted letter

                                of dismission.

HALL, Ben                       On original rolls, marked thru as excluded – dead. 3rd Sun Nov 1819,

                                Received by exp Ben, a man of M W Hall’s. 3rd Sat May 1821 – charged and

                                Acquitted. 3rd Sat Jan 1826 – charged for being intoxicated. 3rd Sat Feb

                                1826 – acquitted.

HALL, Henretta                  3rd Sat Jan 1842 – Edmund G Hall’s Henretta received.

HALL, Marian                    3rd Sat Feb 1821 – excluded for failing to hear the church, Col. Hall’s girl.

HALL, Milly                     On original roll, marked “gone, dismissed 1848.” 3rd Sat Feb 1839 –

                                Slave of Betsy Hall, joined by experience and received for baptism.

                                3rd Sat Feb 1848 – letter of dismission granted.

HATCHER, Ritter                 On original roll. 3rd Sat Feb 1842, Bro A. Hatcher’s woman, restored to

                                Fellowship. She had been a member in 1832 and excluded. 3rd Sat Nov

                                1841, letter received from New Hope Church as to her status, she to

                                come and get her letter. 3rd Sat Dec 1841 –letter to be written to New Hope

                                3rd Sat Nov 1842, letter of dismission granted. 3rd Sat June 1843 – she must

                                have come back and was charged again, excluded for final time.

HAYDEN, Bristo                  3rd Aug 1820 – charged with crime, found innocent, restored. 3rd Sat Dec

                                1820 charged again. Belonged to Elijah Haydon [name is spelled both

                                ways] 3rd Sat Jan 1822, cited. 3rd Sat Feb 1822 – excluded

HIGGINS, Libby                  3rd Sat Apr 1842, Rheuben Higgins servant received by experience.

HINDMAN, Amy                    3rd Fri and Sat Oct 1811, charge against, property of Robert Hindman,


HINDMAN, Mary                   3rd Sat May 1830 – servant of Jno Hindman received by experience

HOLMAN, Toby                    3rd Sat June 1810 – received by testimony and by the recommendation of

                                Mr. Holman (owner) himself.

HUNLEY, Dick                    On original roll, marked dead. 3rd Sat May 1829 received.

JACKMAN, Emeline                3rd Sat Jan 1859 (protracted meeting). Slave of W  Jackman received

JAMISON, Silvey                 On original roll, 3rd Sat May 1818. Received by recommendation from the

                                Church at Mt Pleasant, servant of Robert Jamison.

JENKINS, Billy                  3rd Sat Jan 1842 – received by experience, servant of James H Jenkins.

JENKINS, Charlotte              Sunday after 3rd Sat Mar 1847 – servant of above, received by experience

JENKINS, Rosanna                3rd Sat July 1841, servant of above, received by permission of her master by


JORDAN, Fed                     On original roll, no information.

JORDAN, Jim                     Sunday after 3rd Sat in Mar 1841, received by experience & to be baptized.

KIMBLE, Lucinda                 3rd Sat Jan 1842, received by experience.

KINDSAN, Amy                    Name not known at this time frame, likely misspelled. Received 3rd Sat

                                June 1810.

KING, Edmund                    Dismissed 1841, servant of Captain King.

KIRTLEY, Anthony                Dismissed 3rd Sat Apr 1849.

KIRTLEY, Solomon                3rd Sat Oct 1823, charges against – he and Dicy Kirtley excluded.

LEAVEL, Dick                    3rd Sat June 1810 received by recantation.

LEWIS, Dicy                     3rd Sat Nov 1819, charged, excluded – slave of Simeon Lewis

LEWIS, Joe                      3rd Sat Nov 1834 – charged, slave of Simon Lewis, excluded.

LEWIS, Levi                     Sunday after 3rd Sat Sept1861 – servant of Polly Lewis restored

LOCK, Ben                       3rd Sat Jan 1833, former property of Elder Jacob Lock, charged along with

                                Judy, property of B M Crenshaw for fighting, excluded

LOCK, Elizabeth                 3rd Sat May 1850, Robert and Elizabeth, servants of Jacob Lock, received

                                by experience and to be baptized.

LOCK, George                    On original rolls, excluded 1849.

LOCK, Robert                    See Elizabeth

LOGAN, Robert                   3rd Sat Jan 1811, received by experience. 3rd Sat June 1815 – charged. 3rd

                                Sat July 1815, excluded

MARTIN, Aggy                    Shown dead Nov 1842. 3rd Sat Mar 1810, James Martin’s slave received by

                                Experience. 3rd Sat Fe b 1815 – charged with running away from home,

                                asked Martin to let her come to next meeting. 3rd Sat Mar 1815 – case

                                continued. Never cited again.

MARTIN, Caroline                On original rolls. Sun 24 Nov 1839, noted slave of Charles Martin, received

                                By experience and received for baptism.

MARTIN, Hudson                  3rd Sat Oct 1843. Charles Martin to be summoned to have Hudson appear.

                                After laying the case over, 3rd Sat Jan 1844 – case continued and never

                                mentioned any follow-up.

MARTIN, Judah                   On original rolls. 3rd Sun June 1829, received. 3rd Sat June 1831, charged

                                with stealing meat. 3rd Sat July 1831 – suspended while investigating.

                                3rd Sat Aug 1831 – totally acquitted

MARTIN, Mariah                  Fri before 3rd Sat Apr 1866 – excluded. She is found on the 1870 Barren

                                Co census as a mulatto, domestic for William G. Jackson in Glasgow

                                Junction (Park City).

MAYFIELD, Anaca                 Sunday after 3rd Sat Dec 1830, Thos Mayfield’s servant, received by experience

MONTAGUE, Paul                  3rd Sat Feb1812, restored to fellowship and letter of dismission granted.

MOSS, Cynthia                   3rd Sat Sept1810, received by experience.

MOSS, Isaac                     3rd Sat Sept 1825, received by experience and to be baptized. Granted letter

                                of dismission 3rd Sunday Mar 1826.

MURRELL, John                   3rd Sat June 1810, received by experience. 3rd Sun May 1811, cited for

                                leaving his wife and moving in with another woman. 3rd Sat Nov 1811 –


MURRELL, Reuben                 3rd Sat Aug 1830, servant of H P Murrell,  received by experience.

MURRELL, Tom                    3rd Sat Oct 1824. Servant of Samuel Murrell Jr received by experience and

                                was baptized that day.

McDANIEL, Edmund                3rd Sat May 1853. A R McDaniel applied for letter of dismission for his


NEWELL, Harriet                 On original rolls, marked dismissed by letter.

OWENS, Kit                      On original rolls. 3rd Sat Sept 1850, formerly property of “old brother

                                John Owen” applied for letter of dismission for himself and wife Winney.

OWENS, Kith                     3rd Sat June 1822 – servant of John Owens received and baptized. Same as


OWEN, Winney                    See Kit

PARISH, Ursely                  3rd Sat Nov 1830. Formerly the property of George Duke, now of Mr.

                                Parish, excluded

PARISH, Stephen                 Mon, Tues or Wed after 3rd Sat in Jan 1842 – received by experience.

                                Charged with dancing 3rd Sat Jan 1847. Acquitted.

PICKETT, Rachel                 3rd Sat Sept 1810 – received by experience

PORTER, Franky                  On original rolls, no other information

PRESTON, Cesar                  Cited in church index, not found.

PRESTON, Jefferson              3rd Sat in Jan 1859, J B Preston’s servant, received by experience

PRESTON, Winny                  On original roll, just marked dismissed by letter

RENICK, Cisley                  3rd Sat Nov 1811, received by letter.

RICHARDSON, Jeaney              On original rolls, no further citation

RICHARDSON, Sam                 3rd Sat Jan1810, received into membership. 3rd Sat Nov 1814 – cited for

                                Fighting. 3rd Sat Nov 1814 – another charge, excluded. 3rd Sat Nov 1828 –

                                (must have returned or a different man), charged. 3rd Sat Jan 1828 –

                                acquitted. Note: Sam had been charged with polygomy. Brother Jacob

                                Lock, pastor, took up his defense and stated “it appears that the white

                                church full recognized the slave’s marriage and the sanctify the marriage.”

                                Likely this was another case where his first wife and he had been

                                separated due to being sold.

RICHARDSON, Teney               3rd Sat Nov 1809, received by experience, slave of Richard Richardson.

                                Shown on list later on as “gone.”

RODES, Adam                     On original list, marked “Gone-dismissed.”

RODES, George                   On original list, marked “gone.” Had been received by experience 3rd

                                Sat in Apr 1831.

ROGERS, Ester                   On original list – no more date. Owner was Dr. George Rogers of Glasgow.

ROGERS, Moss                    Fri or Sat, 1st in Apr 1811: An example of the first African-American

                                woman was allowed to be on a committee to decide a matter. A progressive


SAMPLES, Mary                   3rd Sat Mar 1812, received into membership

SEMPLE, Mary                    3rd Sat Jan 1822, granted letter of dismission belonging to the late George

                                Semple. Could be Mary Samples above.

SHERLEY, Daniel                 3rd Sat July 1829, Wm A Sherley’s servant received by experience. Name

                                Normally spelled Shirley.

SHORT, Aggy                     On original list, marked “dead”. Fri before 3rd Sat in Oct 1909, received by

                                experience, Fleming Short owner.

SHORT, Agnes                    3rd Sat May 1813 – charges brought against Bro Duke for whipping a black

                                Sister, Agnes, who was the property of Bro Fleming Short. 3rd Sat June

                                1813, acquitted, both apologized.

SHORT, Jefferson                On original list marked excluded.

SHORT, Jugg                     Same

SHORT, Milly                    On original list, 3rd Sat Jan 1852, Rev. James Brooks applied for letter of

                                dismission for her, formerly the slave of Fleming Short.

SHORT, Moses                    On original list, shown excluded. She had joined 3rd Sun Aug 1829, slave of F. Short.

STOCKTON, Hinny                 On original list, no further mention.

STOCKTON, Lewis                 On original list, shown dead in 1845.

STROTHER, Dafney                3rd Sat July 1814, received into membership

WALKER, Nathan                  3rd Sat Sept 1804, he baptized. Dismissed 3rd Sunday June 1826.

WALLER, Price                   Sun morning after 3rd Sat May1850; rice, servant of Widow Sarah Ann

                                Waller came forward with a note from his mistress, told an Experience &

                                Was received for baptism.

WALLER, Silvey                  3rd Sat July1850. See Kit Emmerson

WALTERS, Ann                    On original list, dead 1843.

WATKINS, Henderson              Sun after 3rd Sat Sept 1842, servant of Thos. Watkins received by

                                Experience and to be baptized at Salem Church.

WATKINS, Solomon                3rd Sat Aug 1842 – servant of Thomas Watkins, received by experience

WHEELER, Ben                    On original list, marked excluded. 3rd Sat Dec 1829 – charge for “taking

                                hard on his master). 3rd Sat Jan 1830, case continued. 3rd Sat Feb 1830,

                                excluded. 3rd Sat Aug 1850 – Benn, a former member, formerly owned by

                                Nathaniel Wheeler, made satisfaction and was restored. 3rd Sat May

                                1853, “old brother Benn” for letter of dismission for him, Judy his wife

                                & Delphy his daughter. Notes: He is found on the 1870 Barren Co census

                                using his former master’s surname. He is listed at age 106, a gardner,

                                born VA. His wife had pre-deceased him; he resided with an Essex Bibb

                                age 23 and his wife Harriet, 24. There was another Bibb family also there.

WHEELER, Delphy                 3rd Sat Oct 1849, servant of N Wheeler received. Daughter of Ben above.

WHEELER, Judith                 See Ben

WHITNEY,Franky                  Belonging to Sister Frances Whitney, 1st Sun Dec 1839, received by


WILSON, Amy                     3rd Sat Aug 1830, Jno. Wilson’s slave excluded.

WILSON, Davy                    3rd Sat Mar 1827 – charges raised. 3rd Sat Aug 1827, refused to hear the

                                Church, excluded.


NOTES: This was the oldest Baptist church in Barren County and its membership was drawn from not only Barren Co but Edmonson, Warren and other

counties. The church (which is still in existence) was first located in the timber across from Beaver Creek. At baptizing times, the pastor, members

and baptismal candidates walked through the timber to the (Killion) Creek Mill on Beaver Creek. This old mill, still standing, was built in 1797 while

the property was still in Warren County, parent county of Barren County. The mill changed hands several times over the early years, once being owned

by Fleming Short. Thus it appears that Short had many slaves who worked at the mill and were members at Mt. Tabor.