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1854 Bath County, Kentucky Births
Note: Many of the children whose race is black was listed by 1st name only and the owner.
Note: If you see a ? by a name it means I took my best guess because I could not read it.
Note: In 1854 it wasn't mandatory to report a bith and many didn't.  Some reports were possibly done by neighbors
      or friends.  Just because it wasn't on this list doesn't mean they weren't born in 1854.
NOTE: 1854 birth records transcribed by Darrell Warner.
Note: You can contact Darrell at  or
      Go to his web site at 
Note: For corrections contact Darrell Warner.
Arrasmith, George       September 23, 1854  Male     Alive       H. Arrasmith                               Black
Arrasmith, Nancy        May 12, 1854        Female   Alive       H. Arrasmith                               Black
Baird, Richard          Decembe 16, 1854    Male     Alive       Elizabeth Baird                            Black
Ben                     March 15, 1854      Male     Alive       Harry Atchison                             Black
Benjamin                May 23, 1854        Male     Alive       Malissa Brown          Elizabeth           Mulatto
Boyd, Sanders           September 18, 1854  Male     Alive       W. W. Boyd                                 Black
Bradock                 March 22, 1854      Male     Alive       Spencer Boyd                               Black
Clarissa                July 6, 1854        Female   Alive       Wm. Moore                                  Black
Elizabeth               February 7, 1854    Female   Alive       J. H. Porter                               Black
Ellen                   August 21, 1854     Female   Alive       Sam JOnes                                  Black
Emily                   October 1, 1854     Female   Alive       Wm. Tabor                                  Black
Eunice?                 May 25, 1854        Female   Alive       Mary B. Wilson                             Black
Fanny                   October 13, 1854    Female   Alive       Cha. Bailey                                Black
Frances                 April 1, 1854       Female   Alive       Michael Carpenter                          Black
Hardin, Dick            March 27, 1854      Male     Alive       Presly Hardin                              Black
Hazelrigg, Alexander    October 1, 1854     Male     Alive       Francis Hazelrigg      Emaline Hazelrigg   Black
John                    January 10, 1854    Male     Alive       Sam Ewing                                  Black
Juliet                  1854                Female   Alive       Will Sudduth                               Black   
Maria                   June 1, 1854        Female   Alive       J. M. Nesbitt                              Black
Margaret                November 13, 1854   Female   Alive       J. Allen                                   Black
Mary                    July 18, 1854       Female   Alive       F. R. Wright                               Black
Milly                   September 21, 1854  Female   Alive       Ben Snelling                               Black
Milly                   October 25, 1854    Female   Alive       Sam Jones                                  Black
Not Named               1854                Male     Alive       Thos. J. Young                             Black
Not Named               1854                Female   Alive       Thos. J. Young                             Black
Not Named               1854                Female   Alive       Thos. J. Young                             Black
Not Named               1854                Female   Alive       Thos. J. Young                             Black
Not Named               1854                Female   Alive       D. S. Lochridge                            Black
Not Named               November 9, 1854    Male     Alive       Mathew Wilson                              Black
Not Named               October 20, 1854    Female   Alive       Willis Young                               Mulatto
Not Named               September 4, 1854   Male     Alive       Martin Honacker                            Black
Not Named               December 28, 1854   Male     Alive       A. McNeil                                  Black                          Twin
Not Named               December 28, 1854   Male     Alive       A. McNeil                                  Black                          Twin
Not Named               July 15, 1854       Male     Alive       A. McNeil                                  Mulatto
Not Named               September 15, 1854  Male     Alive       Sanford Hendrick                           Black
Not Named               October 30, 1854    Male     Alive       Sanford Hendrick                           Black
Not Named               October 30, 1854    Female   Alive       Sanford Hendrick                           Black
Pierce, Franklin        March 18, 1854      Male     Alive       Thomas Gorden                              Mulatto
Rachel                  June 20, 1854       Female   Alive       O. S. Bigstaff                             Black
Ratliff, Ann            September 15, 1854  Female   Alive       R. S. Ratliff                              Black
Roy                     April 15, 1854      Male     Alive       Spencer Boyd                               Black
Sarah                   April 15, 1854      Female   Alive       Wm. Tabor                                  Black
Sarah                   September 4, 1854   Female   Alive       Mary B. Wilson                             Black
Sarah                   October 22, 1854    Female   Alive       James Ewing                                Mulatto
Smothers, Evaline       May 1, 1854         Female   Alive       A. Smothers            M. P. Botts         Black
Sperrywell              September 7, 1854   Male     Alive       Fielding Green                             Black
Sudduth, Watson         March 3, 1854       Male     Alive       Will Sudduth           Juliet Andrews      Black
Susan                   September 1, 1854   Female   Alive       Jacob Steele                               Black 
Thomas                  December 30, 1854   Male     Alive       Jno. Turner                                Black
Washington              June 20, 1854       Male     Alive       Sinnett Young                              Black
Whaley, Angeline        October 11, 1854    Female   Alive       Chas. Whaley                               Black
Whaley, Mahala          September 15, 1854  Female   Alive       Chas Whaley            ? Whaley            Black
Whaley, Thomas          September 1, 1854   Male     Alive       James Whaley                               Black
William                 July 25, 1854       Male     Alive       Melton Moore                               Black
William                 May 19, 1854        Male     Alive       Jacob Steele                               Black