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Slave Records of Lucy Dixon Thornton

Submitted by Mary Hatton, 7/6/2006

 Transcribed from images located in the vertical files at the

John Fox Memorial Library, Paris, Kentucky

Record of slaves kept by Lucy Dixon Thornton, includes names, ages, births, deaths and marriages, along with purchases and sales she made. 

Image 1 (Will of Anthony Thorton)
Lucy Dixon Thornton
her book; with all ages
of her Negroes, those that
her lamented father gave her
Jupeter, & his wife Kizzy;
Charles, Sam, Rose, Fanny
these are children of Jupeter & Kizzy
Julia & Kitty; eight in all
Jupeter born June 1781
Kizzy born in 1775
Charles the first son born
January 1807
Sam their second son born
June 1809
Rose their first daughter
born March 1812

Image 2
Fanny the second daughter
Born June 1816
Julia born may 1798.
Kitty born June 1810.
Sarah born April 1823
I bought her from my
brother Lewis, she was 13 months
old, I gave one hundred &
twenty five dollars for her,
Kizzia born August 1824
Aber, her brother was born
February 1827, those are
Children I bought from
My brother John R. Thornton,
I gave six hundred dollars
For them, They were sold by
An act of the legislature

Image 3
Of Kentucky 1836 for the
benefit of my sister Trudy
& her children
Margarett, Daughter of Kitty
Was born March 1830
William, Walker was born
October 1830, I bought him
of Winsons estate, he was then three years old, I gave One
Hundred dollars & five dollars
for him
[several lines marked out]
Armstead son of Kitty
Born in November 1834
George, born Sep. 1810, I
bought him of my brother

Image 4
John Rootts Thortnon's; as
execution of my fathers es-
tate & gave 60 dollars
for him, he was blind & I bought him, to take care
of him, but he got to doing
so much as he pleased, I
could not keep him;

Image 5
Birth of Roses children
Redacha her first child
was born January 1. 1834
Charles Henry the second
child was born October
the 10. 1835; Manid, her
third child was born
January the 1. 1838
Kizzy the fourth child was
born January 7th 1840
Garland her fifth child
was born, Feb 5th 1842
Stelmen? & Winston? sons of Rose
born February 1844
Daniel Hunter was born
the 235 of September 1846
Rose Frances Elizabeth Winston
was Nov. 1848
was left motherless
at 7 months

Image 6
[calculations of births]

Image 7
Births of Negroes of L D Thornton
Births of Sarahs child
John Tom born Feb 20th 1839
Henry, Sarahs second child
Was born November 1842
[three lines marked out]
Mary Ellen Sarah third
Child born August 1848
Hannah Willis Daughter of Hizziah
Was born Sept. 1845 _ _ _ _
James Willis Sterling
Was Born the 23 June 1830
Julia Ann Daughter of Emma Born 29 April 1832

Image 8
[different hand writing]
Negro records (16)
Daniel – (Jessee Rutherford’s boy)
Moses – (Roman’s boy)
James – (Lewis Bryan’s man)
Fanny – (w. Bryan’s woman)
Ripper – (P. Higbee’s man)

Image 9
Marriage of Negroes
Sam was married 1830
His wife proved unfaithful
To him, & he parted with
Her in 1834 in April
Rose was married 1833
Sam is married again, 1837
Sarah was married in 1841
To a free mulatto man;
Named Shields Leimor
Charles was married May
1845 – to Mary a woman
of Mr. Kings in Cynthiana

Image 10
The names & ages of
My Negroes, that my father
Left me, until my two adopted children Roade
& Walker should come to
the age of 21 years old;
Daniel, Henry, Morris,
Joe, Tom Rootes, & Lewis
Edward, & Grandelson
??? is dead
Henry son of Kizzy born 1811
Daniel son of Kizzy born May 1817
Morris son of Julia born April 1821
Joe son of Julia born May 1823
Tom Roots son of Julia
Born June 1826; he is now dead
Grandelson son of Matilda
Born December 1825

Image 11
Lema Edward son of Julia
Was born August 1828
Celia Ann, Daughter of Julia
Was born December 1830, dead
Emmy Daughter of Julia
Was born January 1833
Sipes son of Julia

Image 12
Ages of Henry W. Thorntons
Negroes Molley and her
Three children, _mber
Molly was born in September
1809, Benjamin Mills
was born in June 1835
Patsey was born in
November 1836
Henry Attila was
born in February 1839
Cesar was born in

Image 13
Morris son of Julia and
Sipio was born April 1821
Grandison Son of Matilda
And Tom was born December 1825
Phill was born in March
1825, son of Grandison &O
Molly – I traded Cesar for
Phill with T. R. Thornton
Patsey son Charles Henry
Born March the 8,
18821 Father unknown

Image 14
Molly & Child……500
Ben & Patty………450
…………………1900 dollars
Henry Walker Thornton
January the 1. 1840
Paris Kentucky

Image 15
[backside of image 14]
Births of Negroes
Molly was born on
September 1809
Benjamin Mills
born in June 1835
Patsy was born in Nove
mber 1836
Henry Attilla was

Image 16
Deaths of Negroes, which belong
Tom Rootes of Julia
died ?? ??file 1834
Celia Ann, Daughter of Julia
died June 1834
Julia Martha do the children
died in February 1835 she
left an infant three months old,
Sipeo son of Julia died the -
gusA 1836, he was the babe that
Julia left

Image 17
Deaths of Negroes
Henry died May - 1835
Julia died Feb - 1836
Celia Ann died - 1835
Tom Roots died - 1836
Sipeo died - 1835
all children of the above died
Willis, died, a child of Hittos
And make died - 1830
another son of Hittoes
not named, died - 1833
Rebecka & Charles Henry, children
of Rose died in two days of
each other October 1838
John, Tom, sons of Sarah
died, August 10 - - - 1839
Joe died August - 1840

Image 18
Deaths of Negroes
Garland, son of Rose died
in February 1843
Jupeter died on the
12 of August 1846
Father of the above Rose
Rose died June 1849 -
and left 5 children
3 daughters & 2 sons
The youngest 7 months old,
Kizziah died August 1850-
Mother of Hannah & Willis