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Partial Listing of the Marriage Register of Colored Persons

In Bourbon Co. KY.

1835 Ė 1933

Transcribed and submitted by C. Harvey


This is a partial listing of the marriages of Colored Persons in Bourbon Co., Ky. between 1866 and 1920.


The following couples appeared before the magistrate to declare themselves living together as husband and wife and the desire to continue to do so. The dates listed were based on the year they gave as to when they started to cohabitate.


Dec. 7, 1835                James Johnson               Rosanna Fields

Oct. 9, 1839                Israel Jackson              Ann Jones

Sept 19, 1844               Fielding French             Emily Horton

Nov. 21, 1846               Zacheiliah Fields           America Canady

Dec 20, 1851                William Dudley              America Montgory

Oct. 17, 1853               Anderson McAfee             Dicy Ann Miller

Jan 10, 1856                Thomas Hughes               Emily E. Freeman

Nov. 27, 1858               Henry Clay                  Nancy Waters

Dec. 26, 1858               John Frazier                Cynthia Douglas

Nov. 14, 1859               Jacob Moore                 Betty Judy

May 25, 1862                Edmund Berry                Parthena Ayers

Dec. 4, 1865                David Jackson               Kitty Crosthwait

Aug. 8, 1865                Winston Turner              Mary Johnson

These couples also made declarations of marital cohabitation.



July 31             Beverly Brown                        Ellen Howard

July 31             Wesley Jackson                       Emily Pryor

Aug 1               Daniel Connaway                      Caroline Dorrsey

Aug 2               Rafe Young                           Betsy Shrockmorton

Aug 2               Franklin Jackson                     Parmelia Furney

Aug 3               Felix McKliffe                       Hannah Coleman

Aug 3               Harvey Robinson                      Eveline Fisher

Aug 3               Cynis Amos                           Mary Vinont



June 8              Squire Garrett                       Mary Jane Brindley

Dec. 26             William Williams                     Mary Jane Cass



Oct 17              Anderson McAfee                      Dicy Ann Miller



A Partial Listing of the Marriage Register of Colored Persons

In Bourbon Co. Ky. 1866 Ė 1920


*** Mrs. In front of a womanís name means that she was previously married.


Dec. 15            Levi Hurley                   Louisa Scott

Dec. 25            Isaac Rogers                  Muhulda Clay

Dec. 27            Fee Homes                     Mary Culbert

Dec. 27            William Hughes                Delpha Smith

Dec. 27            Andrew Kelles                 Catherine Jackson

Dec. 30            Henry Finch                   Ellen Lawson

Dec. 28            Robert Bowles                 Martha A. Tillman

Dec. 30            Joseph Darnall                Eliza Wright



Mar 17             John Porter                   M. E. Garrard

Mar 17             George Miller                 Jane Conway

Mar 23             Simon Morgan                  Louisa Wornall

No date            Peter Hampton                 Adline Steel

No date            George Judy                   Eliza Ayers

April 25           William Fields                Nancy Nichols

Nov. 10            David Williams                Lucy Fields

Nov. 17            Peter Hughes                  Sally Martin

Nov. 24            Thomas Anderson               Henrietta Young

Dec. 1             William Brown                 Amanda Dent

Dec. 8             Lazariss Allen                Laura J. Middleton

Dec. 8             William Coleman               Mary E. Barr

Dec. 10            Henry Taylor                  Frances Mason

No date            Joseph Helms                  Mary E. Pryor

Dec. 15            Silas Duncan                  Mariah Waters

Dec. 15            Samuel Jackson                Lydia Hall

Dec. 23            Mariet A. Tucker              Lucinda Jackson

Dec. 25            William Jones                 Ann M. Ayers

Sept. 1            Harrison Mason                Duly Hughes

Dec. 26            Jerry Jones                   Margaret Tibbs

Dec.25             Charles Griggs                Jane Chaney

Dec. 26            Green Clay                    Sidney Bosley

Dec. 26            Jackson Anderson              Sally Jackson

Dec. 27            Willis Bryant                 Alice Jackson



Jan. 7             Richard Taylor                Eliza Amos

Jan. 26            Joseph Jones                  Lizzie Jackson

Jan. 26            John S. Buford                Patsy Johnson

Feb. 20            Jerry Burns                   Emily Barita

Feb. 6             Charles Furgeson              Emily Wilson

Feb. 20            Jerry Roland                  Margaret Washington

Feb. 23            Alford Lewis                  Kitty Henderson

No date            Peter McCoy                   Cely Homes

Mar 8              Taylor Johnson                Martha Jackson

Mar 8              William Jackson               Amanda Hughes

Mar 10             Samuel Combs                  Susan Johnson

May 17             Samuel Young                  Jane Hord

May 10             Peter Young                   Comfort Miller

May 17             Ben F. Brindley               Mary E. Johnson

July 27            Samuel Hayes                  Jane Emry

June 28            Harrison H. Hughes            Caroline Tibbs

July 3             John Walton                   Martha Johnson

July 10            Moss Love                     Emily Carter

July 12            James Pettit                  Amanda Richardson

June 27            Daniel Yancy                  Mary Johnson

July 18            James Anderson                Dilsy Scott       

July 26            Richard Cunningham            Ruse Garther

Aug. 9             Allen Richison                Mary E. Wilson

Aug. 11            John Nayles                   Bettie Cross

Aug. 23            John Wilson                   Nisa Lawson

Aug. 23            Nathaniel Stigna              Mollie Brindley

Aug. 22            Geo Clark                     Mary F. Bimont ???

Sept. 10           Richard Wheeler               Sidney Custard

Sept. 17           Jno Breckinridge              Mrs. Phebe Newman



June 25            Israel Ayers                  Frances Jones

June 26            Simon Currant                 Bettie Tillman

July 3             William Sanders               Jane Carter

      July 9             John Gay                      Susan Lamb

July 10            Charles Bedinger              Mary Ann Harris

July 10            Martin Turner                 Bettie Forest

July 15            Morgan Lewis                  Mary Jones

July 24            Thomas Jackson                Lucy Washington

July 24            Peter Kenney                  Hester Jackson



Dec. 13            George Brown                  Hannah Jackson

Dec. 29            Henry Jackson                 Amanda Bates



Mar. 23            Jacob M. Porter               Josie M. Palmer

Mar. 23            Andrew Jackson                Mollie Coleman

June 26            George Buchner                Kate Jackson

Aug. 21            Jno Breckinridge              Louisa Toles



Jan. 4             Enoch Jackson                 Charlott Wright

Jan. 20            Stephen Conway                Hattie Garrett

Aug. 22            Newton Berry                  Amelia Thomason

Nov. 21            Garrett Jackson               Eda Richison



Apr. 10            Beverly Smith                 Lucritia Jackson

July 10            James Letton                  Lilly Jackson

Aug. 1             Benjamin Hall                 Jane Berry

Aug. 1             Samuel Childes                Julia Jackson

Sept. 6            Charles Breckinridge          Malissa Hall

Aug. 3             Allen Watts                   Louisa Wheeler

Aug. 5             Milby Parker                  Mary J. McGinnis

Aug. 3             Henry Johnson                 Eveline McGinnis

Aug. 14            Thomas Webster                Nancy Varnum

Aug. 17            Elijah L. Smith               Susan E. Grubbs

Aug. 21            Joseph Jackson                Mollie Monroe

Dec. 30            Willie Logan                  Hattie Johnson

Nov. 27            Samuel Jenkins                Belle Steff

Dec. 18            Levi Henderson                Mollie Brown

Dec. 20            Samuel Jackson                Mollie Logan

No date            Robert Wilson                 Emily Turner

Dec. 29            James Mason                   Evaline Clay

Dec. 30            George Jackson                Laura Combs

Dec. 29            Albert Linem                  Lou Ann Crooks

Jan. 1             George Hartin                 Mrs. Amanda Jackson



Mar. 14            Derry Jackson                 Leticia Bell

July 16            John James                    Mrs. Fannie Richison

July 17            Allen Baty                    Bettie Parker

July 23            Henry Craig                   Sue Thomas

July 30            Walker Taylor                 Carrie Johnson

July 30            William H. Lacy               Martha Hanson

Aug. 11            David Breckinridge            Mrs. Patsy Thompson

Aug. 13            Thomas Rose                   Ann Murray

Aug. 16            John Berry                    Margaret Hughes

Aug. 29            Alford Lewis                  Mrs. Eliza Curtis

No date            Harvey Lacy                   Laura Gray

Sept. 2            Cezar Davis                   Caroline Gars

Sept. 7            Joseph Curtis                 Amanda Jackson

Sept. 11           Nelson Fields                 Mary Johnson

Dec. 30            Green Mumford                 Mrs. Charlotte Jackson

Sept. 24           George McFarland              Bettie Johnson

Nov. 12            Washington Dorsey             Hattie Taylor

Nov. 15            Alexander Brown               Judy Affectt

Nov 18             Henry Snell                   Mrs. Lucy James

Nov. 20            Andrew Dale                   Mary Ranson

Nov. 19            John Jones                    Clarissa Morgan

Nov. 21            Luther Scott                  Lydia Richison



May 8              John Jackson                  Sophia Curtis

May 27             Oscar Deloway                 Susan Jackson

Sept. 8            Michael Jackson               Lucinda Thompson

Dec 2              James H. Frazier              Lucy Carpenter

Dec 4              Joseph Warren                 Mrs. Lucy Holmes

Dec 13             Adam Smoot                    Amanda Brown

Dec. 18            Finley Williams               Catharine Watts

      No date            Charles Curl                  Belle Davis

Dec. 29            Thomas Jackson                Nannie Thompson       

No date            Lewis Rankin                  Susan Harris

Dec. 27            Henry Cain                    Mrs. Kittie Redman

Dec. 27            Samuel Webster                Ella Fields                    

Dec. 30            Jesse Jackson                 Susan Richison



Aug. 24            Perry Jackson                 Belle Turney

Sept. 10           Harry Scott                   Minnie Hughes



Apr. 1             James Evans                   Winnie Hughes

May 6              Jefferson Turner              Jane Clark

Dec. 13            William Jackson               Clara B. Madison

Dec. 11            James Berry                   Kizzie Woods

Dec. 20            George Williams               Patsy Lamb

No date            Charles Braxton               Ellen Hord

Dec. 29            Solomon Johnson               Minnie Johnson

No date            Dillard R. Hickman            Edd McCoy

Dec. 27            John Price                    Mrs. Maria Brown

Dec. 27            Lewis Johnson                 Maggie Kelser

Jan. 3             Charles Layson                Maria Griggs



May 16             Robert Jackson                Silvia Kenney

May 21             John T. Fostin                Mary Cole

May 26             Charles Washington            Sallie Fields

June 2             John Berry                    Malinda Robinson

June 5             Harry Gardner                 Fannie Thompson

June 6             William W. Turner             Mollie J. Johnson

June 7             George Washington             Mrs. Amanda Harris

June 13            James Braton                  Winnie Finch

June 16            William Brown                 Mrs. Martha Branburg

June 23            James Williams                Jane Horsey

Nov. 27            Henry S. Berry                Mattie Spears



Mar 20             John Crosthwait               Amanda Fraizer

Apr. 5             Samuel Jackson                Polina Brandeburg



Jan. 24            Henry Jackson                 Rosie Childs

Oct. 23            William Jackson               Sarah Craig

Dec. 23            Samuel Hughes                 Mary Dowman



May 4              George Jackson                Malinda Freeman

June 11            James Jackson                 Mattie Brooks

Aug. 29            Israel Jackson                America Clay

Dec. 28            Anderson Hughes               Caroline Roden



May 31             Green Jackson                 Lizzie Kirk

No date            James Jackson                 Harriet Morris

Aug. 7             James Jackson                 Lucinda Porter

Sept. 14           Madison Berry                 Ara Jackson

Nov. 9             James Young                   Disey Arnold

Nov. 12            Enock Hutchison               Mrs. Mattie Holladay

No date            James P. Daniel               Amanda Dudley

No date            Harvey Shaw                   Mary Bird

No date            William Campbell              Ellen Dudley

Nov. 23            Franklin Butler               Mrs. Nannie Jackson

Nov. 30            Wallace Gaines                Cynthia Wickliff

No date            Eli Wilkins                   Mrs. Charlotte Humphrey

      Dec. 25            Peter Hughes                  Maranda Williams

Dec. 14            Richard Watts                 Ann Watts



No date            John Thompson                 Minna Thompson

No date            Lewis Jackson                 Mrs. Agnes Snider



April 25           Alfred Braxton                Charlott Williams

May 29             Sandy Jackson                 Margaret Booker

Sept. 18           Jno W. Jackson                Ellen Durgin

Nov. 4             Robert Jackson                Rosa Johnson

No date            John Thompson                 Minna Thompson



June 10            Samuel Brack                  Bell Robinson

Oct. 22            Preston Jackson               Viley Porter

Nov. 3             Henry Burrick                 Ellen Brack

June 10            Samuel Brack                  Bell Robinson



Sept. 16           Caesar Stevenson              Maggie Moore

Sept. 22           Anthony Hall                  Charity Johnson

Oct. 3             Benjamin Nichols              Mary Noah

Oct. 2             William Evans                 Mary Combs

Oct. 7             Alfred Jackson                Mary Ellen Johnson

Oct. 13            Geo. Stergenson               Mattie Haggard

Oct. 25            Allen Wallace                 Nannah Morton

Oct. 30            Elijah Jackson                Catherine Ford

Dec. 20            Walker Denett                 Sarah Howe

Dec. 20            George Brown                  Frankie Berryman



Jan. 5             William Webb                  Fannie Spencer

No date            George Johnson                Mary Eliza Armstrong

Jan. 4             John Donaldson                Sallie Collier

Jan. 4             Milton Lane                   Agnes Turner

Jan. 5             Edward Fields                 Louisa Fields

Jan. 7             Wm. Brookins                  Belle Jackson

Jan. 13            Wm. Fields                    Fannie Brooks

April 16           Joseph Taylor                 Sally Burry

June 23            Richard Jackson               Katie Price

No date            Edward Robinson               Paulina Jackson



July 18            Andrew Frazier                Bettie Jackson

Nov. 29            Isaac Brock                   Rosetta Clay

Dec. 24            Edward Patton                 Mana Taylor

No date            Dennis Turney                 Mrs. Lettie Baker



Jan. 1             Madison Berry                 Leah Rawkins

                   Madisonís first marriage may have been in 1882

Jan. 4             Wm Webster                    Mattie Nelson

Feb. 10            Henry Bristow                 Sallie Hurst

Feb. 10            Ed Palmer                     Nannie Tanner

No date            Wm. P. Hogue                  Emma Lou Fields

No date            Lindsay Mills                 Mrs. Amanda Lewis

Mar 6              Garrett Wickliffe             Mrs. Peschin Williams

No date            William Jackson               Mollie Williams



Oct. 11            Alonzo Jackson                America Lewis

Dec. 30            Robert Collier                Harnick Berry



Feb. 25            James Gaines                  Annie Hansford

No date            Sidney Lanen                  Lottie Thomas

No date            Ephriam H. Davenport          Frankie OíNeal

Mar 19             George Jackson                Mrs. Judy Brown

Mar 19             Howard Brown                  Eliza Butler

Mar 21             Frank McClure                 Emily Doyle

April 15           Perry Riddell                 Kitty Jones

No date            Pres Jones                    Bettie Mallory

April 11           Moses Tollier                 Jane Bell

Nov. 16            MearlonVivion                 Ivory Jackson

No date            Moses Smith                   Lizzie Jackson

No date            John Jackson                  Clarissa Jackson          

Dec. 13            Edward Bright                 Mattie Lee

Dec. 20            Joseph McAfee                 Rebecca Weathers

Dec. 24            Edward J. Martin              Blanche Baker

Dec. 26            John Berry                    Emma Bean

Dec. 26            Frank Henderson               Lydia Samuels

Dec. 27            Richard Quarles               Mina Hamilton

Dec. 27            Wm. Curl                      Lizzie Fretwell

Dec. 27            Thos. H. Clay                 Lucille Webb



Aug 17             Thomas Oldham                 Lucinda Jackson



Jan. 3             Henry Berry                   Annie Baker

No date            Henry Hughes                  Florence Brooks

No date            John Lynam                    Florence Burrell

Sept. 28           James Jackson                 Mattie Hickman

Oct. 26            Wallace Jackson               Queenie Smoot



Sept 30            Anderson Jackson              Lucy Jane Beatty

Dec. 13            Edward Bright                 Mattie Lee

Dec. 20            Joseph McAfee                 Rebecca Weathers

Dec. 24            Edward J. Martin              Blanche Baker

Dec. 24            Henry Jackson                 Dora Gatewood

Dec. 26            John Berry                    Emma Bean

Dec. 26            Frank Henderson               Lydia Samuels

Dec. 27            Richard Quarles               Nina Hamilton

Dec. 27            Wm. Curl                      Lizzie Fretwell

Dec. 27            Thos. H. Clay                 Lucille Webb



Mar 12             Preston Jackson               Mary Whaley

                   Prestonís 1st marriage was in 1885

Aug. 24            Harry Johnson                 Lumma  Hughes

Aug. 28            John Johnson                  Blanche Herrington

Aug. 29            John Allen                    Annie   Payne

Sept. 4            Camminch Baker                Lizzie  Victor

Sept. 10           James Carr                    Mrs. Celia Duncan                               

No dates           Willis O.  Keene              Effie Gilbert

Sept. 20           Joseph Darnell                Annie Conner

Sept. 28           George Dillmay                Josie Layem

Oct. 1             Ed Clium                      Emily Williams             

Dec. 25            Henry Thomas                  Sallie Harris

Dec. 26            Walter Curtis                 Alice Stoker

Dec. 26            John Fisher                   Nannie Jackson

Dec. 1895          John Young                    Minnie Stodder

Dec. 26            George Johnson                Mollie Buchner

Dec. 26            Sandy Howard                  Alice Stout

Dec. 26            William D. Nelson             Eliza Willss

Dec. 26            Ruben Henderson               George Ann Thompson



Jan. 2             Israel H. Jackson             Katie Jones

Mar 5              John Jackson                  Catharine Butler

Dec. 24            Frank Ecton                   Sallie B. Clay 


Feb. 4             Wm Johnson                    Julia Jackson

Apr 3              Lewis Hughes                  Lizzie Meddew

Dec. 16            George Fields                 Nannie   Hoard

Dec. 16            Sid   Johnson                 Lena Hall

Dec. 16            Wm. Allen                     Jennie Hoard

Dec. 18            Charles Robinson              Alice Barrett

Dec. 22            Wm. Ecton                     Dora Sharp

Dec. 21            John Hall                     Mary Lou Watts

Dec. 29            Thomas Samuels                Florence Green

Dec. 28            George Holland                C. Nettie George

Dec. 27            George Lauhaw                 Lou Samuels



July 27            James Jackson                 Priscilla Simpson

Jan. 5             Berry Riddell                 Molina Bradley

Sept 26            Samuel Wells                  Maggie  Molden

Sept. 26           Hayden Fields                 Annie Goodman

Sept. 29           William Burns                 Mary Lannen

Sept. 29           Allen Thomas                  Susie Weekly

Oct. 12            James B. Moberly              Alice Marshall                         

Oct 19             Charles Berry                 Maggie Deavers

Oct. 19            George T. Carter              Mary E. Thompson

Oct. 29            James Latham                  Marcella Hauffman



Aug. 10            Leonard Hughes                Bettie Johnson

Nov. 6             William Spears                Maggie Dale

Nov. 9             Mason Delaney                 America Davis

Nov. 11            Henry Thomas                  Janie Todd

Nov. 15            Samuel McCline                Della Mason

Nov. 19            Jack McAfee                   Fannie Davis

Nov. 19            Wm. Carter                    Mary Eliza Robinson

Nov, 23            Boone Bishop                  Bettie Davis

Nov. 23            Isaac Richardson              Adaline Potts



Mar. 27            Edward Reed                   Mattie Nichols

Mar 27             Jackson Brumblett             Lula Bell Hughes

Apr 6              Charles Jordan                Mary O. Nutter

Apr 18             Wm. Henry Smoot               Bessie Thompson                    

May 1              Jerry Sharp                   Permelia Heavir

May 5              H. Desha                      Minnie Howard

May 31             John Rice                     Mrs. Carrie Codgin

May 30             Charles Hall                  Lula Cunningham

May 31             Joseph Howard                 Mrs. Judy Jackson                               

June 6             Herford Colston               Jennie Hughes

Dec. 13            Daniel Sears                  Lucille Wilson

Dec. 24            Joseph Hickman                Mrs. Lizzie Murray

Dec. 19            John Clark                    Lucille Taylor

Dec. 20            John Brooks                   Bessie Booker

Dec. 24            Lewis Noah                    Burdella Thomas

Dec. 26            Thomas Watson                 Annie Sanders

Dec. 26            J. F. Woods                   Jennie Turner

Jan. 1             Ansom Hughes                  Dinna Williams



Oct. 8             John Dicks                    Frances Thompson

Oct. 16            Charles Holly                 Mrs. Mary E. Duffy

Oct. 19            John Coleman                  Nannie Butler

Oct. 27            Wm. Fishback                  Laura Lewis

Oct. 28            Charles Simms                 Susie Kendrick

Oct. 31            Charles Finch                 Daisy Wesley

See Page 78        Andrew Bedinger               Sarah F. Robinson

            Transcribed verbatim

Dec. 2             George Green                  Jane Lattian

                   Aka Geo. Bramblette

Nov. 28            David Gilmore                 Mrs. Eliza Wilson

Dec. 12            Jefferson Washington          Lucy Hughes

Dec. 24            Willis Brooks                 Bettie Johnson

Dec. 26            John Swan                     Docie Willis

Dec. 26            George Burton                 Hattie Boyd

Dec. 24            Oscar Dilloway                Ella B. Johnson

Dec. 26            Shirley Reid                  Laura Biddle

Dec. 26            John Jackson                  Maggie Hill

Dec. 26            John Anderson                 Mrs. Nannie Allen

Dec. 27            Lewis Willis                  Mary Johnson



Feb. 6             Geo. F. Hughes                Birdie A. Buckner

June 23            John Henry Smith              Mrs. Ann Eliza Brown

July 3             John Ward                     Lucy B. Reed

July 5             John Jackson                  Minnie B. Coleman

No date            Vernon C. Berry               Mollie H. Judy

June 28            James Myers                   Lottie Wing

July 9             Jesse Jackson                 Sallie Conway

July 10            John Mitchell                 Annie May Garrett

No date            Joseph Duncan                 Carrie Williams

July 22            Albert Lynam                  Lucy Burton

July 17            Sidney Johnson                Mrs. Annie Craig

July 24            William Patton                Mollie Current

July 24            John Kennedy                  Mrs. Martha Ballard

Aug. 5             George Clinitoplier           Mrs. Mary Lacey

Aug. 7             Gilbert A. Washington         Amanda Mundy

Aug. 18            James Nichols                 Emma Allen

Aug. 27            George Jackson                Fannie Brack

Aug. 28            Garfield Williams             Willie M. Cline

Aug. 28            Charles Healey                Litton Ransom

Sept. 11           Thor Dyker                    Mrs. Easter Reese

Dec. 24            Smith Whittington             Nicey Smith

Dec. 31            James Ford                    Ida May Keene



Jan. 1             Geofrey Johnson               Mrs. Josie Madison

Jan. 3             Charles Bell                  Cordelia Carter

Jan. 29            Milton Stickney               Lizzie Adair

Jan. 29            Lane Johnson                  Mrs. Sarah Hensey

July 7             H. Johnson                    Mary Susan Adair

Feb. 11            Robert Turner                 Eliza Frazier

No date            Mark Judy                     Winnie Hughes

Nov 30             Thomas Watson                 Annie Marshall

Nov. 10            Elishia Johnson               Lula Fugate

No date            Henry Lynen                   Callie Charles

No date            Joseph Duncan                 Sadie Robertson

No date            Henry Berry                   Nettie May Stephen

Dec. 30            Perry Sparks                  Margaret Jane Miller

Dec. 30            Thomas Williams               Katie Lee



Jan. 2             J. Francis Wilson             Maggie J. Braddus

Jan. 6             Hearse Taylor                 Mrs. Eliza Tompkins

Jan. 7             Geo. Ward                     Mrs. Sue Johnson

Jan. 4             Char Stokes                   Maria Adams

No date            Allen Sparks                  Nannie Porter

Feb. 8             Jefferson Bursinberry         Mrs. Annie Fields

Feb. 10            Samuel Smith                  Mary Clayburn

Feb. 15            John Berry                    Mary Sue Buchanon

Feb. 16            Allen Buckner                 Clara Aaron

Feb. 17            Elzia Mitchell                Olivia Hendson

Feb. 18            James Hawkins                 Annie Johnson

No date            Lewis Brooks                  Mrs. Lizzie Kendall

Apr 20             Ross Lyman                    Lizzie Jones

Dec. 29            Thomas Bradley                Effie Hughes

Dec. 28            French Lynen                  Maranda Charles

Dec. 29            Lee Perkins                   Henrietta Carter

Dec. 29            Sein Henderson                Nannie C. Hughes

Nov. 25            Richard Keye                  Eliza Coone



Jan. 5             Eular Phelps                  Annie Mary Brack

Jan. 11            Burgen Ecton                  Annie Howard

Jan. 12            John Kemper                   Christopher Columbus Croins  

      No date            John Buford                   Amanda Bowler

      No date            James Gay                     May Rosa

      Oct. 28            Alfred Lewis                  Mrs. Cordelia Mitchell

Feb. 15            John Bradley                  Janie Fisher

Feb. 15            John Warren                   Marie Arnold

Feb. 21            Jimmie Sparks                 Mattie Jackson

Feb. 26            Wm. Jackson                   Rosa V. Sparks

No date            Wm Carter                     Janie Ashurst

Mar 25             John Clemalt                  Sarah H. Johnson

Apr 6              Charles Duncan                Hattie Finch

Apr 6              Sam January                   Lizzie Miller

Apr 6              Darmon Smith                  Nannie Smarr

Apr 6              Pearce Scott                  Mattie Blackburn

Apr 12             Henry Hughes                  Ida Smith

No date            Wm Hantrell                   Mattie Bean

Apr 15             Alex Watts                    Ellen Thomas

Apr 25             Geo. W. Robinson              Lizzie Darnell

Apr 27             Sully Jaymer                  Anne Bell Redmon

Oct. 5             Thos. H.  Jacobs Jr.          Carrie Scott

Oct. 5             Fred Garner                   Princess Remuix

Oct. 5             Wm. Hearkin                   Ella Craig

Oct. 17            Andew Kellir                  Mrs. Lunny Johnson

Oct. 25            Jerry Kenney                  Mrs. Lina Breckinridge

Oct. 25            Edward Curl                   Minnie Buckner

Oct. 26            Thomas Palmer                 Mrs. Clarissa Neart

Oct. 28            Fletcher Lawson               Laura Berry

Oct. 30            Walter Taylor                 Georgia Thompson



Apr 17             Clifton Jackson               Roxie Simpson

Sept 27            Henry Hughes                  Rebecca Turner

Dec. 24            Henry Jackson                 Mrs. Alice Savage

Apr 17             Robert Braxton                Lucy Brown



May 16             Howard Jackson                Annie Johnson

Aug. 12            James Jackson                 Ella Bedinger

Sept. 9            Wesley Berry                  Fannie Roy

Sept. 25           Roger Jackson                 Viola Myers

Dec. 14            Harrison Hughes               Sarah Biddle

Apr 17             Robert Braxton                Lucy Brown

Apr 22             Wm. Porter Johnson            Maria Jackson

May 2              James Sneed                   Janie Berry

May 15             Anderson Carr                 Mille A. Simpson

May 16             Howard Jackson                Annie Johnson

May 17             Ed Gatewood                   Hattie Butler

May 27             Sam Bowles                    Lectavia Burns

May 27             Ezra Bird                     Annie Johnson

June 5             Thomas Harris                 Sophia Haines



June 25            Thomas Coffee Mrs.            Fannie Williams

July 13            John Moore                    Alice Rice

July 18            Shirley W. Berry              Gatesy D. Wilkerson

July 23            Frank Wilson                  Mrs. Mary E. Holly

July 23            Walter Campbell               Mattie Rice

No date            Overy Trumbs                  Fannie O. Johnson

Aug. 15            C. W. Berry                   Prudie Wilkerson

                   Charles W.ís second marriage was to Nannie Biddle in 1920.

Aug. 15            Warrick Hawkins               Anna Morgan

Aug. 20            Henry Vanhook                 Eliza Thomas



Oct. 24            William White                 Dicey Jackson

Nov. 6             Walter Parker                 Emma Ranson

Nov. 7             Samuel Foster                 Jodie Kimbourgh

Nov. 16            Daniel Anderson               Mrs. Rebecca Woods

Nov. 16            Warren Anderson               Mrs. Susan Washington

Nov. 20            Robert Washington             Mrs. Mattie Hawkins

Nov. 27            Warren Hillman                Mary Samuel Turney

Nov. 27            William Smith                 Cora Bell Carr

Nov. 28            Joe Fughs                     Saddie Johnson

Dec. 17            Frank Ross                    Jeanett Davis

Dec. 19            Norvell Sullivan              Mattie Blythe

Dec. 16            Edward Berry                  Corine Jackson

Dec. 23            Calvin T. Rettmond            Lucinda Porter

Dec. 24            Chas. Henry Lucas             Morlacchi Colston

Dec. 26            Jas Clay                      Mollie Bell Daniels



Jan. 10            Jos. W. Hawkins               Sallie Lair

Jan. 16            Andrew Jackson                Mrs. Rachel Hayden

Jan. 16            Arthur Duncan                 Lucinda Johnson



Apr 29             John H. Baker                 Mary E. Richardson

May 1              Albert Berry                  Mary Ann Judy

May 17             William Johnson               Clara B. Marshall

May 23             J. H. Taylor                  Emma B. Nutter

June 9             Russell Bland                 Margaret Thomas

June 16            Yoder J. Porter               Mary H. Nelson

Aug. 2             Elias Victor                  Evryine Taylor

June 28            Chester Fitch                 Julia Gay

July 5             Stafford C. Carr              Dicie B. Jackson

Nov. 30            Maceo Bishop                  Daisy Hitch

Dec. 10            Joseph W. Hanners             Linzy Lannon

Dec. 13            Roy Jones                     Annie Lee Graxton

Dec. 11            Martin Young                  Mrs. Mary McCormick

Dec. 17            Oliver P. Porter              Lida Jackson

Dec. 27            E. G. Gay                     Lizzie L. Pennington

Dec. 2             James Warren                  Eliza Viola Parker

Dec. 20            George Miller                 Lottie Brown

No date            William Anderson              Daisy Coleman



June 26            Arthur Williams               Blanche Winston

July 30            Arthur Baker                  Nannie L. Piper

July 14            Scott V. Mitchell             Birdie M. Fletcher

July 17            John Smith                    Amelia Fields

July 17            Colsey Watson                 Lucy Seattles

No date            Grant Sharp                   Lillie Smith

July 19            Julius S. Allen               Ollie Vinson

July 19            Elijah Richardson             Maggie Jeter

July 22            C. W. Berry                   Nannie F. Biddle       

          This was Charles W.ís second marriage. His first was to Prudie Wilkerson in 1910.



Dec 5              Thomas Canaday                Lula Butler



Oct 26             Garnett Wilson                Nannie May Palmer

May 15             Sherman Stout                 Prudie Wilkerson



Dec 9              Brutus Price                  Leona Berry

Jan. 7             William Allen                 Annie Jackson



Nov. 20            Chester Stout                 Nanny May Palmer Wilson



Mar 4              Hornsby Berry                 Eunice Lacey