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Black Horsemen Museum and Heritage Center

North Middletown, Bourbon County, Kentucky

By Michelle Butler


A small group of people from North Middletown are in the throes of renovating the 2nd Christian Church on 460 in NM to become a black horsemen museum, and heritage center. We hope to be operational by Aug 1, 2008. I am heading the effort, and am sort of on a "fishing expedition" to find other like-minded people who might be interested in being a part of it. I have attached a photo of the 2nd Christian from 1966. It really doesn't look much different today on the outside. Of course on the inside we are making some major improvements.


We hope to have a small family history center with computer stations in the Heritage Hall. We will also offer the facility for community events and possibly an after school program. We have great hopes for what it can, and will, be.


The American Saddlebred Horse Museum at the Ky Horse Park has had a year long exhibit on black horsemen, and have offered us the exhibit when it closes in January, so we're working hard to get things going quickly!


We hope to get the Incorporation and 501(c)(3) status asap and begin to solicit donations that will be tax-deductible for the donor. We are building a children's playground and picnic area on land right beside the church, and hope to find suitable land to purchase for a parking area, which is absolutely necessary.


The office for the Prescott Cemetery will be housed in the Heritage Center as well, and we will offer virtual tours as well as physical tours of the cemetery.