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Bourbon News, 1906 & 1907
Submitted by Rene Austin, 11/22/2007
1/6/1906 Bourbon News

On Monday , February 5, 1906, In front of the court house in Paris, 
Ky about the hour of noon, I will expose to public sale for delinquent 
sales and county tax for the year 1905, the following described real estate or so much 
thereof as many necessary to satisfy said tax with penalty and cost of sale. 
                                        E.P Clarke-Sheriff of Bourbon County
James Arnold 	3lots	High Street	       $13.42
Eliza Batts	1lot	Newtown	            	$4.60
George Brown	 1lot	Newtown	            	$4.46
Fannie Brooks	1lot	Lylesville	    	$1.90
Chas &Sherman Coleman	3, Brooks, add&Ruck 	$8.18
Russ Corbin	1lot	Cypress			$7.16
Ann Craig	1lot	Newtown			$2.70
Lucy J. Craig	1lot	Newtown			$2.22
Dr. C.A. Conrad 1lot Brook Add.			$1.64
Sherman Coleman 1lot Winchester 		$4.10
Leah Darnell 1lot	Newtown			$3.24
Lyda Fields, est. lot,    Marshall		$2.06
Ann Ferguson est. lot Marshall 			$2.60
Jim French	lot, Lilleston			$3.60
Ellen Fields lot, Newtown                	$2.34
Lucinda Humble, lot Wm				$1.90
Jeff Hayden, lot, Higgins			$4.92
Francis Harris, lot, Seventh			$2.36
Alfred Johnson, lot, Thomas			$3.58
Mary Johnson, Newtown, lot, Wm			$1.66
George Johnson, lot, Wm				$4.28
Tom Johnson, lot , Wm				$4.48
Lindsey heirs, lot, Lylesville			$1.90
Martin Murray, est. lot 8			$2.22
Miller Morin, lot , Brooks add.			$1.90
Sid McAfee, lot , Paris 			$2.98
Wm. Norris, lot, Newtown			$3.88
Ed. Redmon, lot, Wm				$3.12
James Reese, lot, Wm				$4.02
Polly Riley, heirs, lot, Newtown		$1.90
Dave Redmon, lot, Newtown			$3.80
Nathan Steele, lot, Newtown			$4.36
Riley Thomas, lot Wm.				$3.58
Jane Turner, lot, Eighth			$4.60
Horace Turner, lot Eighth			$5.36
Tom Willis, lot Marshall			$4.26
Henry Williams, lot Marshall			$4.29
Bettie & Wm. Watts, lot Marshall		$4.28
Tom Wheeler, lot Pearl				$2.58
Bell Wheeler, lot Newtown			$1.90
Eliza Wilson, lot Thomas			$1.90
Margaret Armstead, est. lot M&LPike 		$3.70
Silas Amos, lot					$1.50
Mollie Allen, lot, Shiptown			$2.60
Sam Baker, lot, Shiptown			$5.36
Walter Baker, lot, Shiptown			$5.36
Ezek Breckinridge, lot, Millersburg		$2.98
Maria Brown, lot, Millersburg			$2.12
Esther Buchanan, lot, Millersburg		$1.90
Mary Burl, lot, Millersburg			$1.68
Jordan Conway, lot, Millersburg			$3.80
Lena Clarke, lot, Millersburg			$1.46
Lida Clarke, lot, Millersburg			$1.46
Martha Ford, lot, Millersburg			$1.90
Evelyn Griggs, lot, Shiptown			$1.90
Bob Glenn, lot, Millersburg			$3.12
Lizzie Hughes, 3 lots, Millersburg		$2.80
Thomas Lawson, lot, Millersburg			$4.92
George Mock, lot, Millersburg			$4.48
Chas. Purdell, lot, Shiptown			$2.82
George Robinson,4aT.McClintock			$7.20
Ada Thomas, lot, M&L Pike			$2.78
Jim Wilson, lot, Shiptown			$4.92
John Wilson, lot, Shiptown			$4.48
Henry Wilson, lot, Millersburg			$4.02
Little Rock-Colored
Howe Allen, 28a, B&R			       $11.15
Gano Bramblett lot,L.R				$2.70
A.J. Green, a, A.P. Bryan			$6.93
James Holton,lot, Cane Ridge 			$5.20
Scott Hillman,  2 a. B&R			$5.10
Phil Lee 3a, W.F. Horton			$3.81
U.B. Lodge, lot L.R				$1.90
Elisha G. Lewis, 5a, T.J. Redmon		$6.07
Jane Mark, ¼ a Trans				$2.24
Robert Neal, lot Stone				$3.88
J.Ann &Lizzie Thornton 3a Thompson 		$7.04
Chris Williams, lot L. Rock			$3.89
Mary E. Wilson. Lot, L.  Rock			$1.68
North Middletown-Colored
Dave Allen, lot N.M				$2.12
Howard Brown, 2a, George Childs			$5.34
Pauline Breckinridge, lot. N.M.			$2.36
Jim Booker, 2 lots Claysville			$4.02
Susan Bush, est. ,lot Claysville		$1.46
James Burton, lot N.M.				$3.58
John Coleman, lot, Claysville			$3.58
Belle Current, lot, Claysville			$1.90
Lottie Campbell, heirs, lot Claysville 		$2.66
James Denton, lot, A. Kerns			$8.62
Mary Dickson, heirs, lot C’ville       		$1.90
Henry Fisher, lot A.W.				$4.56
George Fields, lot Claysville			$3.12
James French, 2 lots, Wm add&Lil Ave. 		$4.94
Howard Gibbs, 5a , bob  Mack			$5.52
Mary Green, lot Claysville			$1.90
Tom Green, lot Claysville			$4.04
Lizzie Holmes, 2a, Kerr				$2.43
Marg. Jackson, lot, N.M.			$2.80
Dave Keys, lot Wm add				$2.50
Frank Lee, lot N.M.				$4.94
Frank McClure, ¼ a 		       $3.42 or $8.42
Bob Mack, 2 i/2 a, H. Gibbs			$5.52
Lott McClure, lot Kerr				$3.42
Ann Nuter, lot Claysville			$1.68
Caroline Oldham 3 lots c’ville			$2.80
John Rice, lot Evans				$1.58
Jim Reed, 4a Kerrville				$5.53
Mollie Richardson, est. lot Wm. Add		$1.68
Jim Schooler, 4 lots, N.M.			$8.04
Mary Stevenson, 2 ¾ Evans			$3.87
Will Williams, lot, Kerrville			$3.62
Judy Agreeable, lot ,Clintonville 		$2,26
Henry Biddle, 2a Kerr, 18 N. Cunningham, 1 Sidville $37.48
Isabella Blackwell, lot , Sidville		$2.36
John Brock, lot Clintonville			$5.29
Chas. Evans Sr., lot Sidville			$4.04
Manda Fields, lot, Claysville			$1.46
Charlotte Graves, lot , Clintonville 		$1.70
Floyd Jones, lot, Clintonville			$2.96
Mary Jones, lot Claysville			$1.46
Molly Lawson, lot, Claysville			$3.86
Eliza Myers, lot, Claysville			$3.50
Henry Miles, lot, Sidville			$4.28
Chas Moore, lot, Clintonville			$4.04
Ed Parker, lot, Clintonville			$5.38
Allen Thomas, lot, Claysville			$3.12
Lewis Thompson, lot, Claysville sold to Brauman $6.26
Ella McCann, lot, Dudley 			$2.30
Chas. Armstrong, lot, Centerville		$2.48
George Brent Sr. 7a, B’ville			$6.97
Hannah Brown, lot, J’ville			$2.36
Ike Coleman lot, C’ville			$4.12
Henry Lewis, lot C’ville			$3.11
Lewis Hall, lot, C’ville			$3.58
Samuel Johnson, lot C’ville			$4.92
Nathan Johnson, lot C’ville			$4.04
George Johnson, lot B’ville			$3.88
Zack Kellis, lot, Daugherty			$4.04
John Porter, heirs 3a B’ville			$2.70
Clara Sparks, ¾ Shrop. 				$4.22
Hop Tibbs, lot, Jacksville			$3.58
Will Wash					$3.12
Rose Wilson, lot Centerville			$2.58
Ruddles Mill-colored
Rachel Fauntleroy, lot Ruckersville 		$1.96
David Davis, lot Redmon		 		$3.86
Anderson  Hayden, lot Ruckersville ,Dud Ewing 	$5.02
Warder Johnson, est. lot R. Hill   		$3.24
Newt Kenney lot, R. Mills			$3.80
Fannie Parker, lot Ruckersville			$1.82
Ed Rusk, lot Ruckersville			$3.50
Turner and Mason, lot Ruckersville 		$1.70
Alf. Talbott, 24 a T. Munson		       $10.08
Minnie Wilson, lot Coulfhard  Mills 		$1.50

Bourbon News-1907


January 1, 1907

In Justice Howell’s court, Ed and Will Henderson, the two Negroes arrested at Clintonville for disorderly celebration of the holidays were each given a fine of $25.00 which they paid and were released.


Mrs. Hattie Kenney, aged 60 years old widow of the late Matt Kearney, known as Black Matt” formerly of near Bourbon and Fayette Line died in Kansas City Monday. She has a number of relatives in this section.


January 4, 1907

Policeman James Burke was assaulted by known Negro desperado Albert Clay. James Burke was escorting as unknown Negro, when Clay sneaked up behind him and assaulted him with a pair of brass knucks, inflicting a severe scalp wound and second blow breaking him nose. Both Negroes made their escape. A posse was looking for him as we go to press.


January 8, 1907

Jim Mack, a Negro residence of Winchester was arrested and brought to Paris by Deputy Sheriff John Bedford of Clark County. Mack is charged with selling liquor without a license at Clintonville. Upon being arraigned Friday Mack plead not guilty and his case was set for trial this morning at 10:00 am. The prisoner was unable to give bond and sent to jail.


Will Harvey, a Negro was hanged at Mayersville Mississippi, three minutes before notice that his sentence had been commuted reached the Sheriff of Issaquena County.


January 15, 2007

Wilson Batts, a Negro was caught stealing form the main Street Salon, owned by Mr. T. F. Brannon. Police man J.C. Elgin waited inside the saloon after closing and caught Wilson Batts in the act. Batts went to the cash register to take the change and poured him a drink. Batts examining trial was held yesterday morning before Judge E.T. Hinton and Batts was held in the sum of $500 bail to appear at the March term of Bourbon Circuit Court.


Tecumseh King, a Negro man who has been smuggling whiskey into Millersburg since the local option law went into effect there on January 1st was caught with the goods on him Saturday evening as he got off the train from Paris. Judge Waddell on yesterday fined Tecumseh $100 and costs. He is boarding with jailer George Judy until he settles his fine or works it out.


Millersburg-Cumpsie King, colored was arrested Saturday evening as he stepped from 645 train by Constable J. H. Linville on suspicion of dispensing whiskey. He carried a sack which was searched and found to contain three quarts and two pint bottles. It is claimed that King had been going to Paris for several afternoons, returning on the evening train loaded with booze bottles. His trial was set for Monday.


January 18, 1907

Millersburg-Sunday evening a free for all fight was indulged by some of the colored people in the restaurant on James Maddon, colored, Monday afternoon. Willie Chevis, Amelia Mitchell, Will Cray and Charles Rufus were tried in Judge Waddell’s court. Rufus, Mitchell and Cray were given $5.00 dollars and costs and Willie Chevis $10.00 and costs.


Cards were found on the door of several stores and trees Wednesday morning, which read this: We won’t stand a hundred dollars fine. We are going to sell whiskey. Don’t hunt us down, if you do, look out, signed Negroes.


In Judge Dundon’s court Tuesday, Corbin Miller, colored was given thirty days in jail on charge of petit larceny. After the trial, Policeman Elgin read a warrant to Miller charging him with carrying concealed deadly weapons, a pair of brass knucks on the latter charge. He will be tried before Judge Hinton as soon as the thirty days is served out.


“Possum” Macon one of the best known colored men in this community , died Wednesday night at his home in Claysville of consumption


January 22, 1907

Millersburg-Lou Taylor, a highly respected colored woman, an old fashion cook of the old school died Monday.


January 29, 1907

Sheriff E. P. Clark and Deputy sheriff W. P. Talbott went to Hutchinson Wednesday and arrested a number of Negroes charged with crap shooting, they gave their names as Governor Jenkins, Bud Scott and Bus Buckner, Jerry Morton, John Williams and Sid Johnson all who gave bonds signed by M.R. Jacoby, except Scott who brought by the officers and landed in jail.


Sid Johnson, Negro was given six months in jail at hard labor for the theft of a hat. A few weeks ago Officer James Burke of the Paris Police force, while on his way to jail with Albert Clay, a Negro whom he had arrested was assaulted by Clay and knocked senseless with a pair of brass knucks. Johnson was seen to approach the prostrate officer and picking up his hat made away with it. He was arrested and placed in jail the case being transferred from the police court to the county court with the above assault.


Albert Clay, the negro desperado who made a murderous attack on Policeman James Burke in this city, several weeks ago while Burke was on his way to jail with him was landed behind bars of the Paris jail yesterday about noon, having arrived here in charge of Chief of Police Hill, Ex-Chief of Police R.O. Hughes of Somerset, from Lexington. Mr. Hughes arrested Clay in a dance hall near Winnville, Tennessee. He was with a gang of Negroes working the Q & C railroad. Mr. Hughes informed us that Clay was hired by an old Negro man who goes after men for the railroad that he passed through Lexington on route to Tennessee by locking himself in a closet of the coach. He excited the suspicion of the Negro who hired him and he told Mr. Hughes his old friend of his suspicions. Mr. Hughes had a description of Clay and rounded him up. Clay stated he did not strike Burke, that it was another Negro who came up from behind him, but as there are two witnesses who saw him make the murderous attack his story won’t work. Mr. Hughes will get the $50 reward offered by the city for Clay’s arrest. (This story also appeared in the 2/1/1907 issue)


February 1, 2007


Meeting of local option people held their second meeting Tuesday evening in the office of Secretary J.S. Wilson in this Wilson Building. The meeting was for the purpose of effecting an organization among the colored people. They were in consultation with the committee composed of colored citizen. Petitions to be presented to the county judge for the calling of election are being circulated in every precinct in the county. They expect to have the required number of signatures by Feb.15.


Lawson Holman, a Negro residing near Hutchinson who several weeks ago emptied a double barrel shotgun loaded with bird shot into the back of Henry Johnson, colored was acquitted at examining trial before Judge Dundon yesterday. The testimony showed that Johnson had broken into the room of the aged mother of Holman and had assaulted her. The judge thought he had just cause for using his shotgun and turned him loose. Johnson is now in jail under $1000 bond awaiting the grand jury at March Term of Court charged with rape.


“I ain’t got nothing agin the Judge or Jury but these niggers and poor white trash who have testified agin me had better be in heaven or hell when I get out or I’ll send ‘em there” was the startling threat made by John Mallory, a negro who was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary by Judge Stout at Frankfort Saturday, for high way robbery. He had just been asked by the court if he had anything to say or why sentence should not be passed upon him.



Auctioneer M.F. Kerney sold yester for Judge Hamon Stitt, agent of Wm. Pollock heirs, colored house and lot on Winnie Street to J.W. Bacon for $610.



Albert Clay, colored who assaulted Officer James Burke and nearly killed him was tried before Judge Dundon Tuesday and held to the circuit court on $1500 bond in default of which he was remanded to jail.


Sister Cook, a Negro woman was shot in the back of the head at Frankfort, Wednesday with a 38 caliber pistol ball and it fattened against her skill without even knocking her down or renders her unconscious. The shot was fired by John Shelton at another Negro, named Ward and it accidentally hit Sister Cook.



D. Mitchell, alas Powell, said to be the leader of an organized band of horse thieves, who have been operating in the surrounding counties for several years, was shot in the head Saturday evening by Chief of Police Hughes at Cynthiana. Though almost white, the man was mulatto and is identified as a former convict having served a term at Frankfort.



The grocery stock of the late C. M. Mason, colored, in Millersburg, deceased was sold at public auction Monday and Tuesday. He ran a department house and was well stocked. Everything brought fair price. It is not yet over and will resume Saturday evening promptly at 6 o’clock. There are yet good bargains to be secured and this is a rare opportunity that does not come often.



Homer Wilson and Ed “Pink” Macom, both colored  became involved in a difficulty Saturday evening about 7:30 on main Street between seventh and eighth resulting in Wilson drawing his gun and firing five times at Macom, inflicting a fatal wound. One ball entered Macom’s abdomen, perforating his bowels and one grazed the back of his neck, three went through M.J. Woods show window, breaking a number of bottles of liquor, and the one that grazed his neck was lodged in M. Woods’s front door. Macom was carried to Dr. Brown’s office nearby and shortly afterwards taken to his home in a buggy where he was operated by Drs. Kenney and Brown. He lingered until yesterday afternoon about 4 o’clock when he died. It is said that Wilson approached Macom and said,” If you beat up my aunt again, you will have to beat me up”. Macom replied “I can do that easily enough and made demonstrations like he was going to proceed to do that, when Wilson fired 5 times in rapid succession. Chief of Police Hill was nearby and grabbed Wilson where he made no attempt to escape and took him to jail. Wilson is employed at the Link grocery Company and it is said he took the pistol he used a 44 caliber from the showcase at the Link grocery company where it was kept by Mr. Link. The street at this point was as usual on Saturday nights, crowded with Negroes and it is a great wonder some bystander was not shot. In the scramble of the crowd trying to get out the way of the bullets , someone dropped an alarm clock and the owner can get same by calling on Chief Hill/



Brice Howard, a Negro resident of Claysville, our colored suburb, was arrested in Lexington a few days ago on charge of horse stealing. Detective Jackson of Cincinnati, escorted him to that city yesterday. He is well known here as a court day horse trader.


The examining trial of Homer Wilson, colored, charged with the killing of Ed. Macom, colored was called in Judge Dundon’s court Wednesday morning and was continued until Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. Wilson is represented by Attorney N.C. Fisher.



Phil Botts, the negro assailant of Miss Mary Prewitt at Mt. Sterling several weeks ago, was taken from the Paris jail to Mt. Sterling, Wednesday morning and presented in court where after a short but impartial trial he was given the limit of seven years imprisonment Botts made a confession upon which the jury found him guilty and he was hurried to Frankfort as soon as sentence was pronounced.  Botts had been confined in the Paris Jail owing to the strong feelings against him at Mt. Sterling.



Elder W.P. Richards, pastor of the Negro Christian Church at Henryville, a Negro suburb of Carlisle who was called to door and shot three times Saturday night died Sunday evening at 7 o’clock from his injuries. Jessed Merchant and Edmonia Twyman, the Louisville Negroes are accused of the crime and must now face the charge of murder. They are in jail at Carlisle. Richards identifies Merchant who is a pharmacist in Louisville as the man that shot him, but the Twyman woman declared that she had done the shooting herself. The preacher’s action while on a visit to her boarding house in Louisville some time ago are said to have figured in the tragedy. As soon as the members of Elder Richards congregation and other negroes of Henryville hard that Richards had breathed his last , threats were made against the murderers . Inflammatory speeches were made by the Negro leaders and crowd of Negroes formed themselves a mob and swore they would take the prisoners from the jail and lynch them. When the Negroes learned that Sheriff Donnell was prepared to meet them with bullets the mob dispersed.



Ray Boardman and a young boy by the name of Hunt became involved in a difficulty Sunday afternoon with a Negro named Ollie Hall at Little Rock, this county resulting in the two white boys shooting Hall through the bowels. The wound was considered fatal.



Galloway Ford, colored aged 50 years was found dead Sunday Morning in a cornfield on the farm of Mr. Jesses Leach, near Centerville. Four teeth were missing from Ford’s mouth, one ear bore a split and a bruise was observed on one side of his head. At the inquest held by Dr. Wm. Kenney, coroner, a verdict was rendered by the jury that Ford came to his death from unknown causes.



During a thunderstorm, Sunday at noon a steeple of the colored Christian Church at Henryville, near Carlisle was struck by lightning. Fire originating from the lightning damaged the church $500 which was covered by insurance. The fire was put out by a bucket brigade. The church seems ill fated as its pastor Rev. Alexander Richards was assassinated within its shadow less than a month ago. Jesse Merchant and Edmonia Twyman charged with killing him are in the Carlisle jail awaiting trial as they were indicted by a special grand jury.


Police man John Ballard of Winchester; early Sunday morning shot and instantly killed Low Mason, colored and wounded Rob Mack and Bev. Morris both colored in the recurrent of D. Rash in Pack town a colored portion of Winchester.



The case of the Commonwealth vs. Green Jackson for the murder of John Alex Rice was then called. The evidence showed mitigating circumstances and a verdict for involuntary manslaughter fixing his punishment at a fine of $240 and costs which he paid.



Within a week from the time it is claimed they robbed a store at Cave City, Harvey Thurman and Charlie Lewis colored will be wearing stripes in the penitentiary. They were convicted at Glasgow and given 3 years each.



 John Anderson, colored of Claysville was Saturday adjudged insane and sent to the Lexington asylum.


Deputy A.S. Thompson will take the following prisoners to the penitentiary; Julian Throckmorton, eight years, Albert Clay, five years, Henry Johnson two years, Homer Wilson, 15 years, Nat Gay, 90 years.


In its decision yesterday, the Interstate Commission declared the “Jim Crow Law” constitutional



Deputy Sheriff A.S. Thompson made an important arrest Friday when he landed in jail  Al Phillips, a negro who had been in the employ of Dr. Wm. Kenney as a hostler and who is believed to be leader of an organized band of thieves. He had secreted in his bed clothes 2 new sets of harnesses, the property of Mrs. Bertha Hosea and J. Walter Payne both residents of Mt. Airy. An old Negro with whom Phillips boarded made the discovery and informed Dr. Kenney who in turned notified the officer. Phillips confessed his crime but refused to divulge the name of his confederates.



Tallow Dick, while walking a trestle near Georgetown whither he had been summoned as a witness in the Powers case. Tallow Dick Combs, colored barber-feudist, was run down and killed by a train. In addition to be implicated in the Goebel murder cases, Combs was a figure in the notorious French-Ebersole feud.


Mark Richardson, a well known aged colored man was found dead in bed by the side of his wife Wednesday night. His wife heard her husband make a peculiar noise and got up and lighted a lamp. When she returns to the bed she found him dead. They resided on Williams Street.



Rev. S.E. Smith, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, colored at Lexington is dead. Rev. Smith was one of the best known colored preachers in the state and had just been called to Columbus, Ohio.


Harrison Alexander, who brutally assaulted a half witted white girl near Greenville and nearly tore her tongue out to prevent her from testifying against him be hanged today.



In Judge Dundon’s court James Kirley, of near Jacksonville this county and Tecumseh King of Millersburg were adjudged lunatics and order taken to the Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum at Lexington. King who is a Negro was recently convicted of a violation of the local option law at Millersburg and given a heavy fine and jail sentence.



The Negro who dropped dead on North Limestone Street in Lexington late Monday afternoon was identified Tuesday night at Wiehl and Son’s undertaking establishment by C. H. Bishop of Lexington, formerly of Paris as Lawson Butler, who was employed by R.B. Huthcraft of Paris. He was a faithful servant and had been with Mr. Hutchcraft for a number of years. Jim Corbin, the colored undertaker went to Lexington Wednesday morning and returned to Paris with the body where the burial will take place.



Claude Brown colored was tried before Judge Waddell Friday morning for the unlawful sale of intoxicating liquors and was fined #100 and costs. As he could not pay or give bond he was sent to jail to board it out with Mr. George Judy. He will return just in time for the Christmas trade.


George Grayson, colored who accidentally shot Carrie Henderson, colored on Saturday, Aug.30 was arrested last week in Maysville and was brought her Friday by Officer Sentecey of that city and was put under bond, his case being set for trial next Thursday.



The funeral of Rev. Carey Smothers colored at Versailles Sunday is said to have been the largest funeral ever held in the section. A big tent had been erected for the occasion and the assemblage is estimated at 2,500 people. Reverend Smothers was pastor or the Colored Baptist Church at Versailles for nearly 40 years. 75 attended from Paris in a special interurban car.



Speck Helvey, Andrew Dale and John Henry Rankin, 3 Negroes indicted by the last grand jury for falsely registering at the special registration for the local option election in April were arrested Thursday by Deputy Sheriffs A.S. Thompson and W.F. Talbott and landed in jail. At the trial before Judge Dundon Saturday Rankin was dismissed. Dale however confessed to a charge of assault and battery and was fined $25 and ten days in jail. Helvey has not asked for trial and is still in jail


A Negro named Charles Baley formerly porter at the Fordham hotel in this city was run over and killed in a tunnel near Knoxville, Tennessee Thursday on the L&N railroad. His body was literally cut to pieces. He had but recently received an appointment as porter on the Louisville and Nashville.



Robert Hocker, the negro who shot down Newton Drummond Neal at his front gate last spring in Fayette County shall pay for his crime with his life says the jury that tried him at Lexington  yesterday. After deliberating for an hour and forty minutes.



Chief of Police Hill and Officer James Burke arrested Harrison Elmore, a negro banjoist in Millard and Curry’s saloon, corner of tenth and pleasant streets this city on Wednesday. Elmore is wanted at Campbellsville, Ky on the charge of murder. When arrested Elmore made no denial of his guilt. He is in charge of Detective Thomas Helm of the Detective Department of the Southern Railroad. He was taken to lexington on an interurban car and from there he will be taken to Campbellsville for trial.



Sheriff E.P. Clark and Policeman Ben Bishop arrested  Highway Robbers George Tiffy, a Claysville negro and Mag Clay, also of Claysville as his accomplice. Deputy Sheriff Jones of Whitley county arrested Richard Wade, alias “Cricket” a bad negro from Cynthiana and Sam Smith Colred at Corbin, Sunday Night and brought them to Paris on the early train yeaterday morning . Their trial was set for this morning at 10 o’clock



Sam Smith and George Tiffy, charge with robbing M. J. t. Hill in the L& N yards last week, were tried before Squire Howell yesterday afternoon and held in Circuit Court in the sum of $250 each. Mag Clay, with being an accessory was dismissed but held on charge of larcency. Richard Wade, alias “Cricket” was also held to grand jury under $250 bond for receiving stolen property. All parties are Negroes.


John Henry Trigg, a negro, charged with maliciously striking and wounding with intent to kill Dow Green, negro, residing in Millersburg, this county had his examining trial before Judge Dundon and was held to the grand jury in the sum of $100 in default of which he was sent to jail. It is alleged that Trigg struck Green with a pair of brass knucks at the corner of Main and Tenth streets which Green came near to dying.



Cary B. Lewis, colored special representative of the Courier Journal and Louisville Daily Times was in the city yesterday. He is very polite and intelligent young Negro.


Prominent Negro Bud Logan, aged about 45 years, was a well known colored barber of this city died at S. Joseph Hospitla Lexington Sunday Night of gangrene. He was out buggy riding about a week ago when his buggy broke down and he received a severe scratch and bruise on one of his limbs. Gangrene set in and he was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon for treatment and died in a few hours after arriving there.



the funeral of Bud Logan, the colored barber, Wednedsay was the biggest colored funeral ever seen in Paris. The procession was several squares in length.



 mamie Coleman, a negress was up before Judge E.T. hintion in Police Court yesterday charged with drunkness. It appeared from the evidence that Mamie’s troubles wre more due to the habit of using dope than liquor and she wa given 24 hours to take up her permanent abode in some other place.


A negro Charles (son) Piper who has for several days been acting queerly, was before his honoer and it appearing that his mind was seriously affected, his case was transferred to the county court.



Will Letton, a negro charged with destruction of property not his own, was fined #300 and cost.

The following indictment returned

James Sousley-House breaking, Otis Evans-housebreaking, Will Warfield-arson, Maggie Brown-arson, Dan Anderson-malicious cutting and wounding, George Tiffy and Sam Smith-robbery, the later was also indicted for carrying concealed weapon. Richard Wade, alias Cricket, receiving stolen property and Mary Nelson, a negro girl –grand larcency.


Julius Cook, a thirteen year old colored by, who was shot at Lexington some weeks ago by Mrs. Emma Gilbert, a white woman for skating on the side walk in front of her house, died Saturday moring form the effects of his wounds. Mrs. Gilbert who has been under bond since the shooting occurred has been arrested , charged with murder.



Jesse Murray, a 16 year old negro boy, who escaped from a guard while serving sixty days jail sentence for petit larcency, robbing the house of his benefactor A..J. Skillman was captured at Winchester yesterday and will probably be sent to the reform school by Judge Dundon.



Mary Nelson , 15 years old, plead guilty of stealing jewelry from Mrs. Dan Peed and was sent to  the reform school at Greendale for two years.


Newton Allen, the negro who cut Ike Fretwell, colored several months ago was given 2 years in the penintentary .


Will Warfield, colored charged with burning the barn of D. G. Taylor was found not guilty



French Clay- charged with robbery received 4 years

Richard Wade alias Cricket charged with stolen property received 1 year



Bob Thomas, colored was shot and killed by French Brooks, colored on Christmas day at Bunker Hill, a small negro settlement in the Little Rock neighborhood this county. Thomas was shot three times and died a few minutes after the shooting. It was a result of a quarrel between a number of drunken negroes. Brooks was arrested by Deputy Sheriff W.f. Talbott and is now in the care of Jailer Judy.



Rick Brooks, the negro, charged with the murder of Bob Thomas also a negro near Little Rock on Christmas day was brought before Judge Dundon and arraigned Saturday. Brooks entered a plea of not guilty. The case was set for hearing today at 10:00 am