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Register of signatures of depositors in branches of

Freedmen's Savings and Trust Company 1865 - 1874

Partial List extracted from National Archives Microfilm Publications - Micro Copy 816 - Roll 11

Lexington, KY Accounts 217 - 1974, March 21, 1870 - July 3, 1874

Louisville, KY Accounts 1 - 1928; 5122 - 7336, Sept. 15, 1865 - July 8, 1874


The information contained in many of the registers is as follows: account number, name of depositor, date of entry, place born, place brought up, residence, age, complexion, name of employer or occupation, wife or husband, children, father, mother, brothers and sisters, remarks, and signature. The early books sometimes contain the name of the former master or mistress and the name of the plantation. 

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#1884; Date: April 11, 1874; Born: Louisiana; Brought Up: Kentucky; Residence: Lexington, KY; Age: 20; Complexion: Med. Light; Occupation: House Girl; Works For: Lunatic Asylum; Father: John in the South; Mother: Milly Berry in Lexington; Brothers and Sisters: Jane, Washington, George, Wm Grandson?; Signature: Her Mark-Delia Arnold

BERRY, Nancy

#1158, Date: July 31, 1870?, Born: Lexington, KY, Brought Up: Lexington, KY, Residence: Lexington, KY, Age: 29, Complexion: M. B., Occupation: Housekeeper, Husband: Jackson, Children: Elizabeth, Minnie, Frances, Father: Henry, Mother: Mandy, Brothers & Sisters: Abner, Thomas, Sonnie, Henry, Belle, Frances, Victory?


#6422; Date: June 25, 1873; Born: Frankfort, KY; Brought Up: Frankfort, KY; Residence: 11 miles out ? of road; Age: 20 16th of May; Occupation: Farmer; Works For: Wm Pratt; Father: Nelson Berry; Mother: Sousi; Brothers & Sisters: 3 Bros and 5 sisters; Remarks: This deposit made by Nelson Berry for his brother.


#185; Date: Nov. 28, 18??; Master: Pree?; Height & Complexion: 5 ft 5, copper; Married-Wife: Elizabeth Butler; Children: James; Place of Birth: Boston, Mass; Residence: Louisville; Occupation: Minister; Remarks: Scar on right cheek; Signature: Wm F. Butler


#362, Date: Feb. 6, 1871, Born: Fayette Co., KY, Brought up: Fayette Co., KY, Residence: Unclear, Age: 32, Complexion: L. B., Occupation: Unclear, Works For: Fauquir, Wife: Eliza, Children: ?, ?, Willie, ?  Father: Henry, Mother: Letitia, Brothers & Sister: ?, Edward, William, John H., James?, Samuel, Richard, Horace?, Alpred, Austin?, Mary, Lettie  Signature: His Mark - Andrew Jackson


Partial Entry; #1890; Date: April 13, 1874; Born: Fayette Co.; Brought Up: Clark Co.; Residence: Limestone St.


#716, Date: Oct. 9, 1871, Born: Georgetown, KY, Brought up: Georgetown, KY, Residence: Paynes Depot, Age 34, Complexion: black, Occupation: Farmer, Works for: Saml Holly, Wife: Caroline, Children: None, Father: Sandy, Mother: Flora, Brothers & Sisters: Alex, Lizzie, Martha, Eliza  Remarks: None to draw but myself, Signature: Henry Jackson


#152; Date: Nov. 9, 1865; Name of Master: James? Jackson; Plantation: Lexington, KY; Height & Complexion: 5 ft 1, Blk; Father: Henry Jackson; Regiment and Company: 124 Regt. Co. K USCT; Place of Birth: Woodford Co., KY; Residence: Louisville; Occupation: Farmer; Remarks: Scar of thumb and middle finger left hand. $115; Signature: His Mark-James Jackson


#1506; Date: May 17, 1873; Born: Fayette Co., KY; Brought Up: Fayette Co., KY; Residence: Fayette Co., KY; Age: 39; Complexion: M. B.; Occupation: Carpenter; Works For: Money; Wife: Bettie; Children: John, Julia, Joe; Father: John; Mother: Julia; Brothers and Sisters: William; Signature: Don't ?


#589; Date: July 5, 1871; Born: Jessamine Co.; Brought Up: Missouri; Residence: Lexington; Age: 26; Complexion: Med. Dark; Occupation: Washer; Husband: Andrew Jackson (Dead); Children: Belle Jackson, George and Cary; Father: Harry Smithers in Lexington; Mother: Hannah; Brothers and Sisters: Cary Smithers, Harriett Williams, Lucy Brooks; Signature: Her Mark-Mary Jackson

JACKSON, Matilda

#6106; Date: Mch 14, 1873; Born: Spencer Co., KY; Brought Up: & Davies; Residence: Jeff ? 1st & Brook Str; Occupation: Wash and Iron; Works For: Any Person; Husband: Wm Henry Jackson; Father: Benj Jackson (Dead); Mother: Lucy Gynes; Brothers and Sisters: 2 Bros & 3 Sisters; Remarks: My sister Susan Wilson to have money when she brings the book.  $1.25; Signature: Her Mark-Matilda Jackson


#1061, Date: May 27, 187?, Born: Harrison Co., KY, Brought Up: Harrison Co., KY, Residence: Harrison Co., KY, Age: Don't Know, Complexion: M. B. Occupation: ? Work,  Husband: Burly Jackson, Children: Hanner, Nancy, Blyford, Father: Blyford McPhedus?, Mother: Minnie Robins; Signature: Her Mark - Nancy Jackson


#373; Date: Feb. 21, 1871; Born: Virginia; Brought Up: Kentucky; Residence: ?; Age: 55; Complexion: Black; Occupation: Carpenter; Works For: Self; Wife: Sidney; Children: Bettie, Julie, Harriett, Silrey, Martha; Father: David?; Mother: Silrey?; Signature: His Mark-Rueben Jackson


#6018; Date: Feb. 11, 1873; Born: Scott Co., KY; Brought Up: Scott Co., KY; Residence: Jeff, ?, Floyd & Preston; Age: 50; Occupation: Cook; Works For: Mrs. Frank Moore; Husband: Widow of Chas. Jackson; Children: Bettie Steward _ John Coleman; Father: Danl Wilson (Dead); Mother: Bettie Tarlton; Brothers & Sisters: 1 Bro. in Missouri; Remarks: My son or daughter to have money when they bring the book. $36; Signature: Her Mark - Sallie Jackson

JACKSON, Wallace

#1226; Date: Nov. 29, 1866; Master: Breckinridge; Married-Wife: Jane; Children: George, Thomas, David; Regiment and Company: D 117th USCT; Residence: Paris, KY; Occupation: Farmer; Remarks: Wife lives or did at ? Ohio

JACKSON, William

#1474; Date: April 19, 1873, Born: Lexington, KY; Brought Up: Lexington, KY; Residence: Lexington, KY; Age: 35; Complexion: M. B.; Occupation: hockler?; Works For: F. G. Gellmer; Wife: Julin; Children: Joseph, Hattie, John, Benj?; Father: John; Mother: Julin; Brothers & Sisters: Jao; Signature: Don't ?

JONES, Amanda

#1128; Date: May 23, 1873; Born: Madison Co., KY; Brought Up: Madison Co., KY; Residence: Lexington, KY; Age: 24; Occupation: ? House Work; Works For: Annie Malone; Father: Henry; Mother: Treacy; Brothers & Sisters: Benj, Howard, Ann, Mat, Mary; Remarks: No ? Draw but myself; Signature: Her Mark-Amanda Jones

JONES, Garrison

#259; Date: Dec. 8, 1874; Born: Scott Co., KY; Brought Up: Scott Co., KY; Residence: Fayette Co., KY; Age: 42; Complexion: L. B.; Occupation: Farmer; Works For: Self; Wife: Rachel; Children: Amanda, Parker, Pleasant, Matt, Garrison; Father: Shepp; Mother: Rachel; Brothers and Sisters: Mat, Nelson, Mary?, Hannah; Signature: His Mark-Garrison Jones


Partial Entry; #6110; Date: March 17, 1873; Born: Louisville, KY; Residence: Preston bet Chest & Gray Str; Age: 6 13th April; Complexion: Lt Brown


Partial Entry; #153; Date: Nov. 14, 1865; Name of Master: A. O. Brannon; Plantation: Louisville, KY; Height & Complexion: 5 ft 7, ? Yellow