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African American

World War I Draft Registration

Green County, Kentucky

Contributed by Mary Bishop,, 2/20/2006



Letcher, King Allen age 20, born April 4, 1898, nearest relative George Allen, Homeless.


Ament, Sam Coakley, age 39, b. January --, 1879, nearest relative Louvenia Ament, Greensburg. Ky.

Anderson, Aultmon, age 18, b. January 31, 1900, nearest relative Mary Anderson, Miami, Ky.

Anderson, Earnest (X.) Olen, age 34, b. July 16, 1884, nearest relative Mary Anderson, Miami, Ky.

Anderson, Elwood W., age 27, b. January 15, 1889, Green Co., married w/wife & child. Camp Knox, Ky.

Anderson, Felix (X.) Robert, age 45, born June 11,1873, nearest relative Mynorah Jane Anderson, Maimi, Ky.

Anderson, Fred, age 30, b. November 8, 1887, married w/wife and child, Camp Knox, Ky.

Anderson, Joseph Frank, age 30, born January 18, 1886, Green Co., married w/wife & child. Camp Knox, Ky.

Anderson, Percy (X), age 28, b. July 6, 1889, Green Co., married w/wife & child, Camp Knox, Ky.

Anderson, Robert Wilson, age 39, b. December 28, 1879, nearest relative Maud Anderson, Sister, Gresham, Ky.,

Anderson, Thomas age 23, b. October 8, 1893, Green Co., single, Camp Knox, Ky.,

Anderson, William Simon, age 41, b. August 2,1877, nearest relative, Mattie S. Anderson, Miami, Ky.,

Anderson, Thomas, age 21 years, b. March 24, 1896, Taylor Co. single, no dependents, Camp Knox, Ky.,

Anderson, Tomie, age 23, b. October 8, 1893, Green Co., single, no dependents, Camp Knox, Ky.,


Baker, Sam (X), age 35, born May 6, 1883, nearest relative Bertha Cox Baker, Greensburg, Ky.,

Barnett, Eddie W. age 26, born April 15, 1891, Green County, widower w/2 children as dependants, Summersville Ky.,

Barnett, Edward L.(X), age 27, b. October 20, 1889, Gabe, Ky., married w/wife & 3 children, Gabe, Ky.,

Barnett, Ezra (X), age 27, b. May 13, 1889, Summersville, single, no dependants,

Barnett, Henry Green, age 35, b. September 9, 1883, Summersville,

Barnett, James, age 21, b. March 2, 1896, Green Co., single, with sister as dependant.

Barnett, Omar, age 28, b. there about 1893, Green Co., no dependants, Summersville. Ky.,

Barnett, Oscar, age 28, b. February 15, 1889, Gabe, Ky., married wife & brother & sisters as dependants,

Barnett, Richard (X), age 34, b. February 10, 1884, nearest relative Alice Barnett, Bengal, Ky.,

Barnett, Sam, age 37, b. February 21, 1881, nearest relative, Mary Barnett.

Barnett, William (X), age 45, b. December 25, 1872, Greensburg, nearest relative, Eliza Barnett.

Blakeman, George Washington, age 37, b. December 25, 1881, Exie, Ky.,

Bridgewater, Ezra, age 24, b. May 4, 1872, w/wife & children Camp Knox, Ky.,

Bridgewater, Otte, age 20, born December 4, 1872, nearest relative, Tom Bridgewater, Gresham, Ky.,

Brumfield, John, age 44, b. March 22, 1873, nearest relative, Florence Brumfield, Greensburg, Ky.,

Buckner, Ben, age 24, b. January 17 or 11, 1893, Green Co., w/wife & 3 children. Exie, Ky.,

Buckner George Robert, age 26, b. August 28, 1893, w/wife and 1 child, Liletown, Ky.,

Buckner, Lewis, age 19, b. July 25, 1899, nearest relative, William Buckner.

Buckner, Oliver, age 19, b. February 23,1894, mother not named.

Buckner, Raymond, age 20, b. April 7, 1898, mother not names, Summersville, Ky.,

Buckner, Richard Archie, age 45, b. May 19, 1873, nearest relative Georgie Ann Buckner, Summersville, Ky.,

Buckner, Sam Frank, age 45, b. December 5, 1872, nearest relative Nannie E. Buckner, Summersville, Ky.

Buckner, Wood (X), age 18, born May 1900, nearest relative, Joe Buckner, Greensburg, Ky.,

Burress, Charlie Ed, age 37, b. August 1881, nearest relative, Berta Burress, Exie, Ky


Colwell, Tom, age 22, b. July 29, 1895, married with dependents not names, Colburg, Ky.,

Calhoun, Benjamin, age 29, b. October 18, 1887, nearest relative, O. F. Calhoun, Greensburg, Ky.,

Calhoun, Granville, age 22, b. June 1, 1895, Gabe Ky.,

Calhoun, James Frank, age 22, b. June 1, 1895, nearest relative Mary Calhoun, Greensburg, Ky.,

Calhoun, Richard F., age 27, born October 18,1890, Nearest relative Rhilley Williams, No dependants

Coward, Evert, age 21, b. September 6, 1897, Bloyd, Ky.,

Coward, Bill Leslie, age 25, b. 1892, no dependants, Summersville, Ky.,

Cowherd, George R., age 25, b. July 7, 1892, married 2 children, Green Co.,

Cowherd, Isaiah, age 43, b. June 4, 1875, nearest relative Jane Cowherd, Bloyd, Ky.,

Cowherd, John Joseph, age 23, born August 13,1894 single, Green County, Ky.,

Cowherd, Spauldon, age 23, b. August 13, 1894, nearest relative Frank Gaddie, Green County, Ky.,

Cox, Otho, age 23, b. August 15,1874, nearest relative Betty Cox, Gresham, Ky.,

Curry, Ezra Letters, age 37, b. January 13,1881, nearest relative Katie Curry, Ote, Ky.,

Curry, Shelton Forest, age 35, b. November 24,1882, Gresham, Ky.,

Curry, Walter wade, age 24, b. October 8, 1892, Camp Knox, Ky.,


Denton, Sam, age 26, b. May 20,1891, Green Co., Whitewood, Ky.,

Denton, Will (X), age 41, b. June 5, 1877, nearest relative Mary Denton, Greensburg, Ky.


Edwards, Bay Owen, age 18, b. September 8, 1900, Liletown, Ky.,

Edwards, Elmer (X), age 21, b. 1896, Exie, Ky.

Edwards, Elonzo, age 26, b. July 2,1891, Liletown, Ky.,

Edwards, Liss, age 35, b. July7, 1883, Gresham, Ky.


Fisher, Chester (X), age 26, b. December 10, 1890, Taylor Co., Hatcher ,Ky

Ford, James Wesley, age 24, b. December 28, 1892, Coakley, Ky

Ford, Luther Milton, age 22, b, August 27, 1894, Coakley, Ky.,

Ford, William Chalmous, age 27, b. July 21, 1889, Coakley, Ky.,


Gaddie, John Lewis, age 35, b. 1883, Coakley, Ky.,

Gaddie, Walter (X), age 23, b. 1894, Green Co., Ky.

Colder, Isaac (X), age 42, b.1876, Gresham, Ky.

Graves, Archie, age 21, b, February 28, 1894, Bengal, Ky.,

Graves, Henry A., age 26, b. May 9, 1891, Green Co., Ky.,

Graves, Mat, age 24, b. May 4, 1893, Green County, Ky.,

Grove, Clarence, age 26, b. January 9, 1891, Green Co., Ky.,

Grove, Elza (X), age 33, b. March 18, 1885, Gresham, Ky


Hamilton, Joseph W.(X), age 27, b. February 13,1890, Washington Co., Greensburg, Ky.,

Haskins, Charlie Ed, age 35, b. April 15, 1883, Rollingsburg, Ky.,

Haskins, Edward, age 36, b. February 2, 1882, Greensburg, Ky.,

Haskins, Jim David, age 45, b. September 5, 1872, nearest relative Fanny Haskins, Rollingsburg, Ky.,

Haskins, John Allen, age 32, b. February 1886, nearest relative, Paralee Haskins, Rollingsburg,

Haskins, Shed, age 25, b. October 8, 1880. Camp Knox, Ky. Hazel, Lewis, age 20, b. April 15,1898, Greensburg, Ky.,

Hazelwood, Charlie Matt, age 20, b. October 10, 1889, nearest relative, Alfred Hazelwood,

Hazelwood, William, age 21, b. not given, Bloyd, Ky.,

Hedgepeth, Foster Ary, age 30, born October 26, 1884, Bloyd, Ky

Hodges, James (X), age 21, b. April 1, 1896, Summersville, Ky.,

Hodges, Less (X), age 34, b. March 13, 1884, Summersville, Ky.,

Hodges, William Thornton (X), age 21, b. May 20, 1897, Summersville Ky.,

Hunter, Hobert , age29, b. October 3, 1887, Adair Co., Res. Greensburg, Ky.

Hunter, Omar, age 21, b. July 27, 1897, Columbia, nearest relative Mary Hunter, Greensburg, Ky.,


Johnson, James Henry, age 19,b. June 29, 1899, Miami, Ky.,

Johnson, Rufus Earnest, age 28, 1893, w/wife & 3 children, Taylor Co., Ky.,

Johnston, Will (X), age 24, b. February 1882, Green Co., Miami, Ky

Jones, Preston Willie, age 37, born February 23,1882, Taylor Co., Ky.,


Lasley, Charles Ed, age 36, b. February 27,1882, Ote, Ky.


Marshall, Edward V. age 21, b. May 15, 1896, in Green Co., farmer single Greensburg, Ky.

Marshall, William, age 40, b. January 31, 1878, employed as janitor, nearest relative Maggie Marshall, Greensburg, Ky.,

Massie, James H. age 25, b. December 7, 1891, Hart Co., Ky. w/ wife as dependant Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller, Charley M. (X), age 21, b. February 12, 1896, Green Co., farmer single no dependants. Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller, Elam Leslie (X), age 18, b. December 28, 1900, farmer, nearest relative Stant Miller, Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller, Ezra, age 21, b. July 6, 1897, Green Co., nearest relative Augusta Miller, Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller, John (X), age 23, b. November 1890, Green Co., farmer by I.W. Coakley single no dependents, Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller, Mose (X), age 27, b. 1890, Green Co., farming, married Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller, Rual age 27, b. 1890 Green Co., Railroad, w/wife and 5 children Whitewood, Ky.

Miller, Oliver Chester, age 18, b. May 9, 1900, Rail Road nearest relative Jerry White, Whitewood, Ky.,

Miller, Sam, age 23, b. December 3, 1898 farmer by Elliot Akin, nearest relative Stant Miller, Greensburg, Ky.,

Miller William L. (X), age 27, b. March 24, 1890, Green Co., teamster, by Durham and Durham, married w/wife & child, Greensburg, Ky., Mills, Ephraim, age 33, born February 14, 1895, farmer, nearest relative Mary M. Mills, Gresham, Ky.,

Mills, Hardin Curtis, age 21, b. December 19, 1896, Gresham, farmer by Tom Mills, nearest relative Pearl Mills, Gresham, Ky.,

Mills, Lewis Elmer, age 19, b. February 16, 1894, farmer, nearest relative Tom Mills, Gresham Ky.,

Mitchell, Bud, age 35, b. March 15, 1883, farming by Sallie Mitchell, nearest relative Maggie Mitchell, Greensburg, Ky.,

Motley, Quincy, age 38, b. July 14,1880, farmer by W. W. Cornelious, nearest relative Jane Motley, Miami, Ky.,

Motley, Idoth, age 45, b. November 14, 1872, farming by Florence Cabell, nearest relative Cora Motley, Miami, Ky.,

Motley, Sam, age 30, b. October 12,1886, Green Co., farmer by Fred Cabell, married w/ child under 12, Miami, Ky.,

Murrell, Will, age 29, b. April 10, 1888 Adair Co., laborer by Woodson Lewis single w/ girl child as dependant, Greensburg, Ky.,


Owens, Richard Franklin, age 38, b. February 7, 1888, employed by Jim Warren, nearest relative Katie Owens Bloyd, Ky.,


Paris, Dave, age 21, b. July 12, 1897, Monticello. Ky, employed by Alvin Akin, , nearest relative Jo Herschell Paris, Greensburg, Ky.,

Parks, Edd, age unknown, Judged to be about 21, farmer by Robert Williams, nearest relative Janie Parks, Greensburg, Ky.,

Patterson, Ed, age 29, b. March 27, 1888, farmer, married w/wife Ote, Ky.,

Patterson, Robert Owen, age 25, b. November 7, 1891, Green Co., Ky., farmer by J.J. Craddock, w/mother as dependant, Newt, Ky., Penick, Frank Irviel, age 18, b. March 22, 1900, farmer by Fred Cowherd, Nearest relative John Penick, Taylor Co., Ky. Gresham Ky., Penick, Leonard age 26, b. May 22 1889, Green Co., Ky., married w/wife and child as dependant, Camp Knox, Ky.,

Penick, Nathan, age 34, b, April 10, 1884, nearest relative Frances Penick, Greensburg, Ky.,

Penick, Sam Ed, age 27, b. January 28, 1890, Green Co., married w/wife and child, Camp Knox, Ky.,


Richardson, George, age 42, b. May 20, 1876, nearest relative Lou Ellen Richardson, Summersville, Ky.,

Roach, Henry Junious, age 38, b. May 14, 1880, farmer by J. A. Hobson, nearest relative Sarah Wilson, Greensburg, Ky.,

Robinson, David Colston, age 22, b. November 21, 1894, Adair Co., Ky., farmer by J. T. Sublett, married w/wife and child, Coburg, Ky.,


Scott, George (X), age 24, b. April 4, 1893, farmer, by C. C. Christie, w/wife and 2 children, Camp Knox, Ky.,

Sharp, Walter (X) age 21, b. 1897 or 1896, Gabe, Ky., nearest relative, Carl Sharp, Gabe,Ky., Summersville, Ky.,

Shivley, Ben (X), age 37, born July 15, 1881, farmer, by F. H. Blakeman, nearest relative Lena Shivley, Greensburg, Ky.,

Shivley, James (X), age 23, b. February 13,1894, Green CO., Ky., laborer by E. T. Rogers, W/wife as dependant, Greensburg, Ky.,

Shivley, Omar, age 21, b. June 15, 1896, Green Co., laborer by Pete Barden, married w/1 child, Greensburg, Ky.,

Smith, Emmitt Lee, age 23, b August 15, 1885, farmer, nearest relative Mattie Smith, Greensburg, Ky.,

Shivley, Worth, age 20, b. April 1891, Green Co., public works, by -------Wilson, nearest relative Jesse Shivley, Greensburg, Ky.,

Smith, Henry (X) age 37, b. March 1, 1881, farmer by Tom Mills, single, w/no dependats, Gresham, Ky.,

Strange, Anthony Ekert, age 21, b. February 15, 1896, Green Co., single, no dependants, Gresham ,Ky.,

Strange, Ben (X), age33, b.February 16, 1895, farming, by J. A. Mitchell, nearest relative Flora Strange Liletown, Ky.,


Taylor, Ben (X), age 28, b. March 1, 1889, Adair Co., Ky., farmer by Tom Bridgewater, single no dependants, Camp Knox, Ky.,

Taylor, George Albert, age 33, b. May 15, 1885, laborer by Woodson Lewis, nearest relative Mary Alice Taylor, Greensburg, Ky.

Taylor, John Ed, age 39, b. April 3, 1879, L&N Railroad, nearest relative Louvada Taylor, Greensburg, Ky.,

Taylor, Luther, age 18, b. September 5, 1900, farmer nearest relative W. H. Taylor, Greensburg, Ky.,

Taylor, Thornton, (X). age 38, b. 1879, public work, by J. F. Pendleton, nearest relative Anna Bell Taylor, Greensburg, Ky.,

Taylor, William Archie, age 42, b. 1876, farmer by Jim Anderson, nearest relative Hattie Taylor, Greensburg, Ky.,

Taylor, Willie Wood, age 21, b. February 1, 1897, Green Co., father born Green Co., employed by A. Shivley nearest relative Linnie Taylor, Greensburg, Ky.,

Thompson, John age 24, b. October 28, 1892, Crail Hope, married w/wife and 3 children, Crail Hope, Ky.,

Thornton, Dewey, age 19, October 9, 1898, nearest relative Bird Thornton, Summersville, Ky.,

Thornton, Edwin, age 21, b. October 10, 1891, Summersville, Ky., nearest relative George Thornton, Summersville, Ky.,

Thornton, George (X), age 21, b. July 6, `895, Gabe, Ky., nearest relative father George Thornton, Gabe, Ky.,

Thornton, George, age 23, b. July 6, 1896, Summersville, Ky., farmer by Antie Milby, single with no dependants. Summersville, Ky., Thornton, Hobart (X), age 21, b. October 6, 1896, Summersville, Ky., father born Elizabethtown, Ky., nearest relative John Thornton, Bloyd, Ky.,

Thornton, John (X), age 24, born 1893, Gabe, Ky., farmer by J. M. Henderson, married w/wife and 2 children, Summersville, Ky., Thornton, Willie (X), age 32, b. June 5, 1886, nearest relative Katie Thornton, Summersville, Ky.,

Tresenriter, James (X), age 21, b. January 9, 1896, Summersville, Ky., farmer by J. W. Coakley, , nearest relative married w/wife and child, Gabe, Ky.,

Tresenriter, George Willis, age 20, b. August 9, 1896, farmer by A. C. Webster, nearest relative Mallie Tresenriter, Coakley ,Ky.,


Vaughn, Clarence, age 18, b. May 23, 1900, nearest relative Jim Vaughn, Greensburg, Ky.,

Vaughn, Cowherd (X), age 26, b. 1891, Green Co., Ky. married w/wife and child as dependant, Greensburg, Ky., Vaughn,

Jacob Thornton, age 41, b. June 26, 1877, farmer by Nathan Gumm, nearest relative Fannie Agness Vaughn, Summersville, Ky.,

Vaughn, John Robert, age 34, b. January 29, 1884, nearest relative Logan Bridgewater, Coburg, Ky.,

Vaughn, William Hobart, age 21, b. April 15, 1896, Summersville, Ky., farmer by Lige Milby, Summersville, Ky.,

Vaughn, Willie Waller, age 19, b. February 28, 1899, nearest relative father J. T. Vaughn, Summersville, Ky.,

Vaughn, Willie D.(X), age 28, b. April 29, 1889, Green Co., Ky., married w/ wife & one child Summersville, Ky.,


Workfield, Clarence, age 23, b. May 22,1894, Green Co., married w/wife and grandmother, Bengal, Ky.,

Wakefield, Daniel (X), age 21, b, June 20, 1895, Green Co., marries w/wife and child, Blind in both eyes, Greensburg, Ky.,

Warren, Henry Douglas, age 19, b. February 20, 1899, Bloyd, Ky., marries w/wife and 2 children, Bloyd, Ky.,

Wooldridge, Oliver Leslie, age 27, b. March 24, 1890, nearest relative James K. Wooldridge, Greensburg, Ky.,

Wooldridge, George H. age 24, b. March 26, 1893, Green Co., farmer by Virgil Coakley, single no dependants, Greensburg, Ky., Wooldridge, Charles, age 27, b. June 3, 1890, Green Co., single, no dependants, Greensburg, Ky.,

Woodard, Clarence, age 23, b. November --, 1893, Green Co., concrete worker married w/wife as dependant, Greensburg, Ky.,

Wilson, Robert Walker, age 22, b. January 3, 1895, Basa Wells, Ky., single w/no dependants, Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, Walter age 21, b. March 12, 1896, Green Co., single with no dependants, Green Co.,Ky.,

Williams, Robert, age 20, b. June 15, 1899, nearest relative Dick Oren Williams, Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, Richard Archie, age 40, b. May 1, 1878, nearest relative mother Mrs. Fannie Chandler Bluff Boom, Ky.,

William, Lee, age 42, b. February 9, 1876, w/wife Nora Williams, Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, John Milton (X) age24, b. December 17, 1892, Summersville, Ky., married w/wife and 4 children dependants, Bloyd, Ky., Williams, James Ellet, age 38, b. February 28, 1880, nearest relatve Rachel Hazelwood, Coakley, Ky.,

Williams, James Arthur, age 40, b. April 4, 1877, wife Hester Williams, Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, Earnest Lee, age 40, b. December 25, 1877, nearest relative Nannie Williams, Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, Henry, (X), age 37, b. not given, nearest relative, Mary Lizzie Williams, Bloyd, Ky.,

Williams, Ellis, age 29, b. August 22,1887, married no dependants,. Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, Ellis, age 29, b. August 22, 1887, Green County, married no dependants, Greensburg, Ky.,

Williams, Amos (X), age 29, b. August 22,1887, Green Co., married no dependants, Gabe, Ky.,

Williams, Richard White, (X) age 44, b. October 10, 1873, nearest relative Luetta White, Greensburg, Ky.,

White, Ulysses Grant (X), age 40, b. July 28, 1878, nearest relative Will White, Chicago, Ill. , Greensburg, Ky.,

White, Levi H., age 27, b. June 14, 1889, Green Co., Ky. Barber by Joe Marshall, married w/wife and 1 child, Greensburg, Ky.,

White, Alvia Henry Lewis, age 18, b. April 11,1900, nearest relative not names, Gresham, Ky.,

White, Charles Edward, age 21, b. April 22,1897, Bluff Boom, Ky., nearest relative Dora White, Whitewood, Ky.,