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1850 Lewis County, KY Census - Free Persons of Color

District HH# Name Sex Color Age Occupation Birth Place Remarks
1 38 Hall, Thomas M B 85 None PA  
    Hall, Rachel F B 85   PA  
1 56 Kane, Mary F B 110   VA Living in the home of John Carter, M, W, 56, Farmer, KY and family
1 116 Payne, John M B 45 Laborer KY Living in the home of P.C. Nunn, Physician, M, W, 32, PA and family.
1 157 Boggess, Lee M B 49 Laborer VA  
1 169 Clay, Billy F B 70   VA Living in the home of John Bruce, M, W, 71, Farmer, VA and family
1 368 McDowell, Robert M M 34   KY No color listed for other members of household
    McDowell, Ruth F   29   KY  
    Bash, John M   5   KY  
    Bash, Mary E. F   3   KY  
1 510 Boyd, Nancy F B 50   VA Living in the home of  John Morrison, M, W, 50, Farmer, OH and family.