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Meade County 1850 Free Persons of Color

District Household


Age Sex Color Occupation Birth Place


KY 31 Alexander, Hezekiah 58 M B   VA

1860 Meade Co., KY Census, Garnettsville PO, HH# 598-594,

Hezekiah Alexander, 67, M, B, Farmer, Va;

Sophia Alexander, 53, F, M, TN;

Hezekiah Alexander Jr., 19, M, M, KY

Scilla Alexander, 23, F, M, KY


1870 Meade Co., KY Census, Garnettsville Prec., HH# 311-301

Alexander, Hezekiah, 75, M, B, Farmer, VA (living alone)

    Alexander, Sophia 38 F M   TN
    Alexander, Mancy 15 F M   KY
    Alexander, Prisulla 13 F M   KY
    Alexander, Hezekiah 9 M M   KY
    Alexander, Mary 7 F M   KY
KY 63 Geoghagan, Charles 75 M B   MD Living in the household of Samuel Owings, 56, M, W, KY, Brick Maker and family
KY 145 Harrison, David 70 M B Farmer VA  
    Harrison, Hannah 65 F B   VA  
    Harrison, Alonzo 2 M B   KY  
KY 175 Moreman, Pleasant 70 M B Farmer VA

1860 Meade Co., KY Census, Garnettsville PO, HH# 818-814,

Moreman, Pleasant, 72, M, B, Farmer, KY

Moreman, Jemima, 70, F, B, VA

Moreman, Caty, 26, F, B, KY

    Moreman, Jemima 65 F B   VA
    Moreman, Catharine 22 F B   KY
KY 176 Stith, Adam 40 M B   KY

1860 Meade Co., KY Census, Garnettsville PO, HH# 816-812

Sheets, Roda V., 49, F, W, Farming, TN

Sheets, Sarah A., 16, F, W, KY

Stith, Adam H., 50, M, B, Farming, KY

Stith, Lucinda, 55, F, B, KY

Stith, Milton, 26, M, B, Farm Labor, KY

Stith, Jemima, 22, F, B, KY


    Stith, Lucinda 42 F B   VA
    Stith, Jemima 15 F B   KY
    Stith, Milton 18 M B   KY
KY 193 Green, Peter 60 M B laborer VA Living in the household of Benjamin North, M, W, 58, KY, Preacher and family.
    Green, Delsy 60 F B   VA
KY 473 Munday, Catharine 84 F B   VA Appears to be living with her husband Robert Munday, 74, M, W, VA