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Date: Thu Nov  9 19:44:24 2006
Submitter: Mary Bishop

Death Volume:  1926
Certificate Number:  27862

Surname:  Williams
Given Name:  Everett Thomas
Date of Death:  14 November 1926
Place of Death:  Green Co., Ky
Race or Color:  Colored
Sex:  Male
Marital Status:  single
Spouse's Name: 
Spouse's Age: 
Cause of Death:  Premature Birth
Place of Burial:  Home Cemetery
Date of Burial:  15 November 1926
Residence:  Summersville, Ky
Occupation:  None
Date of Birth:  14 November 1926
Birth Place:  Green Co., Ky
Father's Name:  Amos Williams
Father's Birth Place:  Green Co., Ky
Mother's Name:  Bertha Barnett
Mother's Birth Place:  Green Co., Ky

Informant:  Amos Williams
Undertaker:  None

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