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1850 Whitley County, KY Census - Free Persons of Color

District HH# Name Sex Color Age Occupation Birth Place Remarks
1 28 Stevens, Hannah F B 67   VA Living in the home of Solomon Stevens, M, W, 29, Farmer, KY and family.
1 29 Stevens, Mary F M 18   SC Living in the home of Solomon Stevens, M, W, 69, Farmer, SC and family
    Stevens, Frank M M 55   SC
1 359 James M B 27   TN Listed as being in jail, with the only other occupant the jailer, Wm Cainken?
1 577 Briant, Seyard F M 35   KY  
    Briant, Brooks M M 17 Farmer KY  
    Briant, Solomon M M 12   KY  
    Briant, Eliza F M 10   KY  
    Briant, Lewis M M 8   KY  
    Briant, Emeline F M 6   KY  
    Briant, Vena F   4   KY  
    Briant, David M   2   KY  
1 578 Stevens, Frank M M 58 Farmer    
1 617 Brasfield, Isaac M B 80 Farmer SC Listed in the home of Milly Brasfield, 60, W, TN, No other persons living with them.
1 663 Ryan, Charles M M 58 Farmer NC  
    Ryan, Lavina F B 50   NC  
    Ryan, Sally F M 20   NC  
    Ryan, James M M 15   TN  
    Ryan, Charles M M 10   KY  
2 14 May, James M B 15 Farmer KY Listed in the home of Anthony Smith, 53, M, W, Farmer, Va and family.
2 72 Durken, Angeline F M 7   KY Living in the home of Porter Wilson, M, W, 45, Farmer, TN and Family.
    Durken, James M M 5   KY
2 155 Etten, Jeff M B 39 Farmer TN Listed in the home of Lewis Renfrow, 36, M, W, Silver Man, KY and family.
    Etten, Apa F M 34   TN