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Population: 8,286
Region: Jackson Purchase

County seat: Wickliffe

Named for Bland W. Ballard, Indian scout and state legislator

Ballard County Clerk -
PO Box 145
Wickliffe, KY 42087-0145
Phone: (502) 335-5168


Ballard County Courthouse, Wickliffe

After a fire in 1880 destroyed the county courthouse in Blandville, the county seat of government moved to Wickliffe. Here in 1905 the present courthouse was completed at a cost of $25,000. Sam Moore, the County Judge, took the railroad tax from one year to fund the building. The first date of court held in this building was on April 17, 1905. From the time of the government's move till this date the court met in City Hall.

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Ballard County

Ballard County Archives from Ky-USG

Ballard/Carlisle Historical-Genealogical Society PO Box 279 Wickliffe, KY 42087 502-335-5059

Kentucky Gazetteer- Ballard County

National Register of Historic Places- Ballard County

Political Graveyard





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