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Early Virginia Religious Petitions
June 3, 1782, District of Kentucky, Due to shortage of ministers, to declare marriages already performed by civil officers legal.

To the Honorable the Representatives of the Freemen of the Commonwealth of Virginia in General Assembly met.

The Representation and Petition of our numbers of Inhabitants of the Frontiers on the Western Waters Humbley shewth that your petitioners being settled in that large extensice Country, and by reason of the present war have been oblig'd to make their respective settlements at considerable distance from each other on which account and the want of Ministers of the Gospel amonst them, some of the Magistrates and principal inhabitants of the Country have ( after the reason of Pennsylvania and other states ) at diver times undertaken though (nessfsity of the case ) to celebrate marriages in different parts of the Country which marriages as the Law now stands are declared to be illegal by reason whereas much contention may arise amongst the people and tend to heart of the ifsue of such marriages unlefs some remedy is provided for the same

Your Petitioners therefore pray that such marriages as have been celebrated in the aforesaid form, mabe be declared good and valid inlaw.

And your Petitioners as in duly bound will ever pray

Louisville, Jefferson County April 2 ~1782

JoT M Keap? (Kemp? ) John Cline
do-Vaseady cos John Hume
John Williamsom James Q ?Zirtermous
James Hoagland John Handley
George Conery George ?Crearenson
James Galloway Arthur Parks
John Vorhees W. Pope
Merith Price Daniel Sullivan
Ben Tope Leon Helm
Isaac Keller T.S. Archer
John ?Tuede Samuel Wells
Thos Curry Robert Tyler
Thos M Clark Ric'd ?Chinquith
William Galloway  



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