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Leslie County was formed in 1878 from Clay, Harlan, and Perry Counties, one of the last Kentucky counties to be formed being the 117th county. Named for Governor Preston Hopkins Leslie. The county seat of Hyden was named for Senator John Hyden. Most of the 404 square miles that is Leslie County is comprised of Daniel Boone National Forest area, a mountainous area with very little agriculture. The population of the county is 12, 401.

Leslie County is probably best known for being the home of the Frontier Nursing Service which is headquartered at Wendover. The county has a local hospital named after Mary Breckinridge, (Mary Breckinridge Hospital, 130 Kate Ireland Dr, Hyden, KY 41749) one of the most influential women in medicine and the founder of the Frontier Nursing Service. Ms. Breckinridge was born in 1881 and died in 1965. During her lifetime she traveled all over Eastern Kentucky helping people everywhere. She probably delivered more babies than anyone will ever know. Ms. Breckinridge made the concept of Nursing-Midwifery famous.

The county is also known for Sgt. Willie Sandlin, a marker is set up on the Hyden courthouse lawn in his honor. Sgt. Sandlin was the only Kentuckian that is known to have recieved the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in WW1. He was born Jan. 1, 1891, enlisted in the service in 1917 and serving in the 132nd infantry. Sgt. Willie earned his medal in France on Sept. 26, 1918 for bravery, for knocking out three German machine gun nests. His home is a historical site in the county today, and the Kentucky Legislature voted $10,000 to build his home. Sgt. Willie Sandlin died May 29, 1949.

The oldest home in Leslie County today is the home of John Shell who lived on the Laurel Fork of Creasey Creek. His log home was constructed in 1830. Mr. Shell is believed to have lived to be over 100 years old.



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