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Spirit of 76'



These were the first men to fight for our country. Thanks to these men and others just like them in other counties and states we now live in the United States of America, with freedom. This page is dedicated to these men and all the others who fought with great courage against outstanding odds and against the King to earn us our country and our freedom. The miracle isn't that they won, though many people may think so, the miracle is these men themselves!

Della Perez


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NAME Date Submitted Transcribed by: Submitted by:
Hamblin, Daniel 03, July 2005 Images Della Perez
Porch, Henry 03, July 2005 Joyce Enochs Della Perez
Porch, Rebecca (wife of Henry) 03, July 2005 Joyce Enochs Della Perez
John/Sarah Anderson
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16, Dec. 2005   Cora Anderson
Pierce Dant Hamblin
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16, Dec. 2005   Janet Hamblin
Thomas/Elizabeth Laughlin
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16, Dec. 2005 Della Perez Della Perez
Joseph Moore
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16, Dec. 2005 Mary Lou Hudson Mary Lou Hudson
William/Elizabeth Rose
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16, Dec. 2005 Mary Lou Hudson Mary Lou Hudson


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