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Surname County Time period E Mail address Misc
Alcorn All All spelling variations
Amburgey knott/-floyd/-perry   Donald Givens  
Benton Graves 1900-  
Berry Southern KY 1700's-Present Lynda Rowe  
Blanton Johnson & Magoffin All  
Blizzard All All spelling variations
Brooks Woodford 1780-1860  
Brown Johnson All  
Chappell SE KY All spelling variations
CLICK Sandy Hook Plez and Corabell. Cherokee
Clifford Harrison & Bourbon All spelling variations
Cline Fleming   Darrell Warner  
Cochran Lyons 1800-1895  
Compton Pike Co ALL Kris Clow <>  
Conn Floyd none listed  
Cornett Clay 1850-1950   
Cotton All -1860

Ky-Mo-TX bef 1860
Courtney All All spelling variations
Creech SE KY All spelling variations
Dennington Lyons 1860-1920  
Dixon All All spelling variations
Eads/Eades    Russell, Casey, & Pulaski 1830-present  
Edwards Casey Co 1806-1890  
Fallis Lee & Franklin  1824 -  
Farley Allen 1800-  
FLAKE Marion or Washington Counties 1795 to 1840 Peg Bastin
Fouch Elliott 1900-  
Gaines Fayette 1790-1835 to MO by 1833
Gosser  Russell, Casey, & Pulaski      1830-present  
Hardin   1792 - 1875 Terry A. Hardin <>  
Heffington Logan, Warren & Simpson 1819-  
Henderson Carter   Darrell Warner  
Henderson Bracken and Robertson Co <>  
Hesler All all Regina Williams  spelling variations
Hestand Barren, Monroe, Bourbon All Katy Hestand spellings vary
Honore Jefferson 1810-  
Horsley Greenup, Carter, & Lewis 1800 to 1900  
Houp All All spelling variations
House Clay 1850-1950   
HUNDLEY McCreary & Surrounding Counties  
Isaacs Hart 1825-  
Jackson Magoffin All  
Jeffries Grayson 1810-1830   
Johnson Elliott 1900-  
Johnson Estill   Rosie Johnson <>
Keller Lee & Franklin  1824 -  
Keller Grayson 1810-1830   
Klump Bourbon 1900-1920  
1847 Married Lydia Doak, IL, 1883; died MO 1931
Letcher none listed unknown  
Logsdon Hart 1819-2002  
Lunsford to Lunce Rockcaste 1820 to 1840 Cora  
Lynam Nicholas mid 1800 to mid 1900  
MAGGARD All Counties All dates  
Mercer Grayson, Wayne and Breckinridge   Nina Alemao <>  
Minton Pulaski all  
Moore Estill up to 1900 Karen Anderson <>  
Nance   1800-current Deborah Hall <> Variation - Nantz
NASH All 1800 - 1830 Joyce Wafford <>  
Owens McCreary 1900-1935   
Owsley Floyd and Johnson 1850-1900 Ousley, Housley
Owsley Bowling, Burton, Marshall, Thomas ALL Lindsey Newman <>  
Pelfrey Rowan Co 1800's to present  
Perkins Fleming   Darrell Warner  
Perkins Bracken & Pendleton All spelling variations
Price Hart & Taylor 1803-1880  
Price Harrison Co.      
Rigg Robertson Co <>  
Ruth Jefferson 1850's  
Salyer(s) Johnson Co   Kris Clow <>  
Schepker Kenton 1840-1860  
Setzer Hardin 1790-1850     Mary Ann Setzer spelling variations
Setzer/Setser/ SE KY 1860- spelling variations
Shell ALL 1800-current Deborah Hall <>  
Shouse Lee & Franklin  1824 -  
Sills Lyons 1850-1920  
Smeathers Daviess 1762-now  
Smitson Bracken Co <>  
Stanley Johnson, Pike, Boyd Co   Kris Clow <>  
Stewart Simpson 1819-  
Tackett Pike Co ALL Kris Clow <>  
Tarr Bourbon and Bracken Co <>  
Taylor Madison/Estill All Karen Anderson <>  
Thompson Rockcastle late 1700's to present Ken Thompson  
Toadvine All All spelling variations
Waggoner Hart & Green 1825-  
Warner Bath   Darrell Warner  
 Woolum All All spelling variations
 York All All  

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