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Owned by Phyllis (Werst) Young, Everett, Washington

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)

Holy Bible containing the New & Old Testamnts translatd our of the Original Tongues and with th former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

New York       Amrican Bible Society 1880

Miss Lunetta K. Fitzsimmons Werst was born July 16th 1861
Lewis Werst was born Septmber 10th 1856
Mary J. Werst was born Nov. 18th AD 1861
Cecil Oscar Werst was born march 16th AD 1900
Guy Alfred Werst was born April 14th AD 1895
Maude Elmina Werst on the 29th of August AD 1897 in Ozawka Township Kansas
Alvin Edgar Werst was born in Garfield Co., Wash. Dec 24th 1902
Jasper L. Werst was born A.D. March 28th 1880
George Frank Werst was born march 10, 1882
Forest Dan Werst was born February 6th A.D. 1884
Clarence Eugene Werst was born August 5th 1886
Willard Clem Werst was born August 13th AD 1888
Leslie Ray Werst was born Dc. 18th A.D. 1890
Thomas Theodore Werst was born December 27 AD 1892

Oskaloosa, KS July 31st AD 1879
Lewis Werst was married to Miss Lunette Fitzsimmons July 31th A.D. 1879

Mrs. Lunette Werst Died April 5th in the year of our Lord AD 1884
Guy Alfred Werst died Nov 24 in the year of our Lord 1905
Lewis Werst Died November 23 in the year of our Lord 1916
Cecil Oscar Werst died Oct 23rd 1927 A.D.
Alvin Edgar Werst died Dec 3rd 1971 A.D.